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Salted cake
Vincentiu28 November 2011
Charming, crazy, naive, easy comedy. Nothing remarkable. A French movie with a very old recipes, without any spice but with mountains of cream. A poor noble family and its financial problems, a ridiculous bad guy and grotesque characters, few drops of love and cool idea. And crumbs of a nice film about nothing. A ironic view about clash between old and new, a caricature of France , a game, childish and almost foolish, a slice of self irony and the end. Not deep memories and nothing more than a form of exploitation of loisir. And a final as incrimination of society. The seeds are of a drama. But the gardener - director is fan of a basic solution. So, the cake is salted and its colors - strange. But the intention is not to make a masterpiece.
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French comedy
Kirpianuscus11 March 2017
from many others. no surprises, no revelations. only a simple story about the clash between old world and modern society. and an ironic portrait of France. it is one of films useful after a long hard work day. nothing memorable and the story seems be a mix of improvisation and pretext for the humor. family, golden past covered by the need of money, a love story and the war between generations, a castle and extravagant plans about it, lies and the delicate truth, solutions and the pink end. a film like a party. full of guests and gifts and music. but nothing more, in essence, than a soap ball. a virtue - not the most inspired but real nice reference to the aristocrats against the pressure of contemporary challenges.
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