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Top 5 ‘Recent’ Jackie Chan Films Actually Worth Watching

Time takes its toll on all of us … even Jackie

Jackie Chan is arguably one of the most important action /martial arts stars to ever grace our screens. As happens to us all … time takes it’s toll and sadly over the years the quality of his films has degraded.

But whilst the quality of his output my have decreased , it’s not difficult to spot moments of brilliance in even his most recent movies (i.e final fight scene in Chinese Zodiac ).

2016 is a very busy year for Jackie Chan

This year is going to be a very busy one of Jackie Chan, soon we will see the release of Skiptrace followed by another 3 confirmed releases (Railroad Tigers, The Foreigner, Kung Fu Yoga) and even more films which have either been announced or are currently in production (Rush Hour 4, The Karate Kid 2, Shanghai Noon Sequel).

Unfortunately none
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‘Robin-b-Hood’ is serviceable when it comes to its action, lacklustre when in comes to its comedy

Robin-b-Hood (also known as Rob B Hood)

Written by Jackie Chand, Alan Yuen, and Benny Chan

Directed by Benny Chan

Hong Kong, 2006

Thongs (Jackie Chan) and Octopus (Louis Koo) are thieves working under the auspices of their long standing mentor Landlord (Michael Hui), who also happens to be the actual landlord of the apartment complex they dwell in. Their most recent assignment takes them to a hospital to snatch a bounty of costly drugs to be sold on the black market, but they aren’t the only souls trying to steal something: a crazed man nearly gets away with a newborn baby. Shunned for his former lover, the unstable fellow perishes in a dramatic fall from a high floor with the baby coming an inch from losing its life as well were it not for Thongs’ heroics. Shortly thereafter Thongs, Octopus and Landlord find themselves dragged into another heist operation,
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DVD Review - Shaolin (2011)

Shaolin (Xin shao lin si), 2011.

Directed by Benny Chan.

Starring Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Xin Xin Xiong, Yu Xing, Jacky Wu, Hai Yu and Xiaohong Shi.


A brutal warlord is double crossed by his deputy and seeks refuge among the peace-loving monks at the fabled Shaolin Temple. When his enemies discover his location, the former warlord must stand with his new brothers to protect the Temple and complete his redemption…

Glancing briefly at the cover for Benny Chan’s Shaolin - a loose remake of Jet Li’s 1982 feature film debut, Shaolin Temple – I rather hastily made two presumptions, both of which proved to be inaccurate. The first was that Shaolin was the latest in a seemingly never-ending line of ‘historical martial arts epics’ set the in period of the Three Kingdoms and secondly, that the ‘special appearance’ by martial arts superstar Jackie Chan would
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DVD Giveaway - Andy Lau and Jackie Chan in Shaolin

Historical martial arts epic Shaolin arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on September 12th, and to celebrate Flickering Myth have two copies of the film to give away to our lovely readers courtesy of the fine folk at Cine-Asia.

Read on for the synopsis, trailer and full details of how to enter...

China's last imperial dynasty has fallen and a ruthless warlord (Andy Lau - House of Flying Daggers, Detective Dee: Mystery of the Phantom Flame) amasses a vast fortune through the violent subjugation of his people. Faced with a brutal betrayal he runs for his life, seeking redemption in the fabled Shaolin Temple. When his enemies discover his location, he must stand with his new brothers and fight his life's greatest battle.

Shaolin also stars Nicholas Tse (New Police Story, Bodyguards and Assassins) and Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, The Karate Kid) with direction from Benny Chan (New Police Story, Robin-b-Hood
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This Week In Trailers: Weekend, To Live & Ride In L.A., Mozart’s Sister, Death In Arizona, Shaolin

This Week In Trailers: Weekend, To Live & Ride In L.A., Mozart’s Sister, Death In Arizona, Shaolin
Trailers are an under-appreciated art form insofar that many times they’re seen as vehicles for showing footage, explaining films away, or showing their hand about what moviegoers can expect. Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: I celebrate all levels of trailers and hopefully this column will satisfactorily give you a baseline of what beta wave I’m operating on, because what better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? Some of the best authors will tell you that writing a short story is a lot harder than writing a long one, that you have to weigh every sentence. What better medium to see how this theory plays itself out beyond that than with movie trailers? Shaolin Trailer Even directors like Benny Chan deserve a break. Seeing how Jackie Chan's Who Am I? and Robin-b-Hood had about as much punch
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‘Shaolin’ Trailer: Betrayal, Redemption, & Butt-Kickin’ Shaolin Monks

Jackie Chan will be back on the big screen and playing a deadly Shaolin monk in this year’s foreign-language martial arts epic, Shaolin. Well, sort of.

Although Chan makes a prominent appearance in the Shaolin trailer, the real star of the film is Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs) as the Chinese warlord General Hou. All the same, it’s another good move on Chan’s part after his appearance in last year’s Karate Kid remake and his upcoming role in the historical drama 1911 (we’ll pretend The Spy Next Door never happened).

Shaolin (a.k.a. The New Shaolin Temple) is actually an “updated” version (remake?) of Jet Li’s 1982 film debut, The Shaolin Temple. Benny Chan (New Police Story, Robin-b-Hood) served as director on Shaolin, which takes place during the Warlord Era (1916-1928) of early Republican China.

Here is the official synopsis for Shaolin:

As feuding ...

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Us Trailer For ‘Shaolin’ – Starring Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing & Jackie Chan

Variance Films have unveiled this fantastic Us trailer for ‘Shaolin,’ director Benny Chan’s (New Police Story, Robin-b-Hood) action adventure flick which stars the likes of Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing and Jackie Chan. ‘Shaolin,’ originally known as ‘Xin Shao Lin Si’ in Mandarin, is hitting cinemas September 9th. I really like the look of this film, definitely a film I’ll be giving
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Trailer for the Martial Arts film Shaolin with Andy Lau & Jackie Chan

Check out this new trailer for a great looking martial arts drama called Shaolin, which was directed by Benny Chan (New Police Story, Robin-b-Hood). It stars Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing and of course Jackie Chan.

I wish I could do some of this stuff for real, I've always enjoyed martial arts films, but I'm really heavily involved with the genre right now. I'm watching a ton of martial arts films that I haven't seen yet, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I wish many of these films would go mainstream because there's no doubt they would blow audiences away. I can't wait to see this new flick.

Here's the synopsis for the film:

As feuding warlords fight to expand their power, the noble monks of the Shaolin Temple clean up the mess left behind, tending to the injured while trying their best to protect the poor and weak.
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Watch: Awesome Trailer for 'Shaolin' Starring Andy Lau & Jackie Chan

Protect the Temple! Well Go USA & Variance Films have debuted the official Us trailer for Shaolin, a kung fu action drama from director Benny Chan (New Police Story, Robin-b-Hood) starring quite a kick ass cast: Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing and even Jackie Chan. The rather expansive story follows a ruthless General Hou (Lau) who must take shelter at a Shaolin temple, then begins to learn their ways, but of course the past inevitably always catches up. I honestly hadn't heard of this before, but it kicks ass and I really want to see it! Just looks like an awesome film with some great action, I need to see it! Check this out. Watch the official Us trailer for Benny Chan's Shaolin, also available in HD over on Apple: In a land torn by strife, the righteous Shaolin monks stand as a beacon of hope for the oppressed masses.
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A Chinese Ghost Story to be Remade for North America by Wilson Yip

*Written by Ed Sum.

A classic of Asian horror cinema, A Chinese Ghost Story, is also suffering from the Hollywood bug of being remade. And if early teasers are any indication, director Wilson Yip (Ip-Man, Dragon Tiger Gate, Bio-Zombie) is right on track with his own spin on the tale than a retelling as post-production begins this month.

The buzz began earlier this year with the announcement that Tony Ching Siu-tang's directorial opus would be re-imagined. There was some flak because some fans felt this product should be left alone. From what sources can gather, no one on the original production, including producer Tsui Hark, is involved.

Its success will depend on what Yip has in store. Yip stressed that the tale will reflect more of a modern day contemporary worldview while shrouded in the landscape of Ancient China’s past.

The CGI treatment will be unlike the early films,
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Robin-b-hood Blu-ray Review

Old age catches up with everyone, as any NFL fan watching Brett Favre these days can attest to. Rarely has that truth appeared more painful than in the latter-day efforts of Jackie Chan. His spirit remains willing, but the death-defying acrobatics that made him an international superstar have slowly slipped out of his grasp… regardless of how hard films like Robin-b-Hood try to convince us otherwise. Hit the jump for my full review.

If you haven’t heard of the film, that’s no surprise. Released in 2006, it has operated largely below the radar, and only Chan’s biggest fans know about it. A quick look at the film makes it easy to see why. This time around, Jackie plays an expert thief and safecracker who lands big scores only to blow them all at the local gambling dens. Salvation appears when he and his partners kidnap a baby at
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Comic book fantasy whirls into action in The Storm Warriors

Award-winning sword and sorcery action whirls on to DVD and Blu-ray today, July 12, in The Storm Warriors.

Released in cinemas in Hong Kong and Australia back in December, it's the first Chinese language film to be made using bluescreen technology.

Based on the popular comic book series Fung Wan, by writer, illustrator and publisher Ma Wing-Shing (Black Leopard; Chinese Hero), The Storm Warriors is directed by the Pang brothers (Bangkok Dangerous; The Eye trilogy), Oxide and Danny.

The movie takes its visual cues from Zack Snyder's adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel 300 and is a sequel to Andrew Lau's 1998 action-fantasy film The Storm Riders.

It sees Asian stars Ekin Cheng (Kamui; Divergence) and Aaron Kwok (The Detective; Divergence) reprising their roles as Wind and Cloud, two legendary warriors with the power to control the elements.

The Storm Warriors was winner of the Best Visual Effects Award at
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Chan Injured On Set - Again

  • WENN
Chan Injured On Set - Again
Action star Jackie Chan has injured his chest while shooting movie sequel Rush Hour 3. The Hong Kong actor was hit with a steel-reinforced wooden table, just months after he was kicked in the same place while shooting Rob-B-Hood. No bones were broken and Chan fought through the pain with the help of medication and by strapping a stunt belt across his upper chest. He says, "I was in a lot of pain because it was in the same spot where I had gotten hurt during the filming of Rob-B-Hood."

Sales up, profits not at Splendid Medien

Sales up, profits not at Splendid Medien
COLOGNE, Germany -- German rights group Splendid Medien boosted sales but not profits in the first quarter as price-cutting in the DVD sell-through market cut into its bottom line. The Cologne-based group booked sales of €5.6 million ($7.2 million) in the first quarter, a 16% jump from the same period last year. Home entertainment accounted for 82% of the company's revenue. Profits, however, slipped to €100,000 ($130,000) from €200,000 in the first quarter of 2005. But Splendid will actually have more in-pocket this year as last year's payment to Gold Circle Films -- over disputed revenues for My Big Fat Greek Wedding -- meant Splendid booked a net loss of €200,000 in the first quarter. Splendid had a quiet Cannes this year, but did pick up a number of video titles, most prominently Jackie Chan's Rob-B-Hood from Emperor Motion Pictures.

Chan Struggles with Injury

  • WENN
Chan Struggles with Injury
Kung Fu king Jackie Chan is struggling to complete filming of his new film Rob-B-Hood, because he is still in pain from chest injuries he sustained after a stunt went wrong last week. The 51-year-old Rush Hour star was hurt when a stuntman wearing incorrect shoes kicked him in the chest. Chan was checked over by doctors and was given an x-ray which showed a damaged cartilage although no bones had been broken. He says, "It's still swollen. It really hurts. Breathing hurts. It hurts to draw my fist. It's been hard filming fight scenes these past two days."

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