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  • Partly, yes. According to Kristin Chenoweth, in "The New York Dog Magazine," "Some parts are verbatim me...Some parts are totally not. There is one part where [Harriet] is against gay rights and I'm totally the opposite of that....there's an argument [in the pilot that is] pretty much verbatim."

    Just like Harriet, Kristin went on the 700 Club to promote her CD of contemporary Christian music and, apparently, she had an argument with [link]nm0815070[/link] about that. Also like Harriet, Kristin was offered the chance to pose in lingerie for a men's magazine. While Harriet turned the offer down, Kristin did pose for FHM. Also unlike this show, Kristin didn't work with Sorkin when she was on [link]tt0200276/[/link].

    On December 3rd, 2006, the New York Times stated that Sorkin approached Chenoweth post-breakup and asked her permission for the creation of the character. "I said O.K. I was happy to give him that gift. And I watch every week because I'm supportive of Aaron; whether were together or not, I love him always. I think its a genius show. But ... It is weird when I see her behaving in ways that are different from me. I'm really not that judgmental girl. But you have to let artists go where they go." Edit (Coming Soon)


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