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Season 3

9 Aug. 2009
Sal oversleeps on Easter Sunday, as she is drinking heavily and with some reason. Tash and Spike are still living with her whilst they do up their van and a barn in the field at the end of her garden is to be converted into a trendy dwelling, taking away her view. Initially everybody is supportive of her opposition but they all change their minds when they believe that the new occupant is to be Charles Dance.
9 Aug. 2009
Working from Home
Sal runs a surgery from her house for elderly patients who don't want to go to the doctor. Jock, who is in charge of the building works, gets the idea, thanks to Rosie, that Sal is a prostitute because so many men are visiting her. He tells James, who fears it will ruin his chance of running for M.P. He is no happier when he learns that his mother is dispensing medicine, though Yasmeen takes it well. All is cleared up apart from the matter of the vicar, who came to Sal for sleeping pills, nodded off overnight and is discovered minus his trousers.
16 Aug. 2009
Dinner Party
Dinner Party:- Whilst Sal and Jock spar over the barn conversion, Caroline prepares for a dinner party for her husband's London friends, putting on a brave face over soldier son Christopher's posting to Afghanistan. Due to a misunderstanding Rosie and the vicar invite themselves and Caroline asks Sal along to mind Rosie. Other than Susie,the other guests are very late,due to rail delays, and Sal gets Caroline to watch her son's video message home, which produces tears all round, Rosie being the unexpected comforter.
16 Aug. 2009
Missing Persons
To Tash's annoyance Sal and Jock start to get on. Eileen organizes a fashion show in the church to save the local boutique, the House of Mary, from closure but the vicar goes off on the moors with the keys. Kate finds him having a crisis of faith over the deaths of boys like Christopher and,Kate having provided a much-appreciated listening ear, they kiss passionately. The fashion parade is a huge success with Kate's new beau cheering her on and Rosie, resplendent in red, and supported by Jock, the star of the show.
23 Aug. 2009
New Beginnings
New Beginnings. Tash and Spike are about to move when Tash's dozy friend Tish, who thinks that all vans are like horse-boxes where you use reverse gear to go forward, backs the van into Sal's house, causing some damage and injuring James. Jock, now good friends with Sal, is happy to do the repairs for her . Sal is impressed and goes to the gym to look her best for him at Tip's birthday party in the pub. Jock lets Tash and Spike park the van in the field.
23 Aug. 2009
Ladies in Lavender
Eileen is pleased to announce that Charles Dance will be addressing the Guild and hires a marquee for him. Everyone still believes that he is to be moving into the barn conversion but Jock tells Sal that it will be himself, he only allowed them to carry on with their assumption in order to get them off his back. Sal is very annoyed but relents when she learns that Jock has personally tracked down Charles Dance and is paying him so as not to let the ladies down. The famous actor duly arrives but is extremely boring, wittering on about almost everything in which he has ...

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