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Brilliant jokes very badly executed i laugh when i think of them but didn't when i saw them
kooleshwar19 January 2006
This movie is a great example of how even some very funny jokes can go terribly wrong. i really expected at least something from this movie after seeing the add which was funny as hell but the movie wasn't half as good.

The weird part is that the jokes are actually funny, the spoofs of the smoking ban, Jo Bole... etc. are genuinely good jokes but i don't know whom to blame this movie flop on.

The prime candidates may be:- 1) The hammers ( actors) and hammeresses (actresses) and not even the funny kind 2) The director 3)The guy who cast the actors and/or the director Anyway if you are really really bored and i mean really see this movie, or else get a copy of each and every ad or teaser of this movie and laugh your butt of because those will be far funnier than the film.

p.s the only saving grace of this film is mahesh manjrekar and the funny chappu bhai
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A pathetic movie....with fantastic songs
Unknown Person22 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
lets start off by saying that "JAWANI DIWANI" is just a pathetic movie. I agree with the last person who said "I missed the joyride". lol.

The jokes were just terrible. Performances were average. Something went terribly wrong with the film. Emraan totally deserved something better. All CELINA JAITLEY did was expose. Hrishitta bhatt was OK. Emraan hashmi was OK too.

MANN (EMRAAN HASHMI)is a desperate guy who wants to become famous. therefore, he uses RADHA and pretends he loves her, only because her father is a music director and could help him become famous (since, the father obeys everything his daughter says). One day, MANN and his friends go to GOA to have some fun. There he meets ROMA (CELINA JAITLEY) and totally falls for her looks and tries to flirt with her BLA BLA BLA.

Then, that night ROMA cannot open the door to her room, and MANN decides to help her. Seeing that he cannot as well, ROMA goes to ask for help. While she is gone, MANN is able to open the door and decides to come inside and sits on her bed BLA BLA BLA. ROMA comes in and they have a one night stand. However, in that one night- stand ROMA falls in love with him. That morning, they spot the underworld don (MAHESH)who sees it all. The don loves ROMA and couldn't stand what he saw. He orders them to get married, and being frightened, MANN obeys the order and Merry's ROMA. Then, their marriage news ends up in the newspaper. MANN is later finds out that he loves ROMA after they do a music video together. He is now trapped between love and fame. BLA BLA BLA.

the movie is horrible. The songs "SINI NE SINI NE" is fantastic the remix version is even better. "DIL DIWANA" is also great. The title track is also awesome. GUYS, AVOID WATCHING THIS MOVIE.
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Missed the joyride
AishFan21 February 2006
This movie was absolutely pathetic. A pitiful screenplay and lack of any story just left me watching three losers drool over bikini babes. At times I felt like I was watching an episode of Beavis and Butthead. I couldn't even sit through the whole movie. Emran Hashmi disappoints, and Hrshitta Bhatt is not impressive at all. Celina Jaitley was not bad. The only worthwhile part of the film is the spoof on Anu Malik and his obsession of shayaris. It was pretty hilarious. The songs "Sini Ne" and its remix version were really good. You can always count on Emran lip-locking and lip-synching a chartbuster. All in all, it seems Emran doesn't have a good script from the Bhatts to back him up this time.
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silvan-desouza22 December 2009
Okay the promos promised a comedy and people(few) went to watch it Being the first release of 2006 is not a bad thing, or for that matter of any year, because the first and last films mostly flop except GHAJINI and some more

Okay coming to JAWANI DIWANI

Review in short The film is about Emraan Hashmi doing his usual stuff sadly it's annoying this time after repetitions It has an irritating Hrishita Bhatt and a flop Celina Jaitley

Cringeworthy dialogues, comedy scenes and badly handled drama and lots of loopholes

Direction is bad Emraan Hashmi is annoying here, luckily now he is coming of age But post FOOTPATH and MURDER and some decent work in some more films the actor in him took a backseat and directors focused on his kisses and womaniser image which sadly lost it's touch after repetitions Hrishita and Celina are bad Mahesh is horrible
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Dream_Woman6 January 2008
God this film was just so boring apart from the music which i really loved, i mean what was the point in actually making this movie please anyone who reads this review do not watch this film, it is a waste of time.

Emraan can act but was really pathetic In this film, i am actually ashamed to be one of his fans especially in this movie, it was just really bad.

Celina is just another pretty face with no lack of talent what so ever, she can't act at all, and there was no point of her being in this film, as for the other girl Radha she was okay i guess but could have done better.

what a waste of time. please buy the great music and don't watch this movie.
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Youth truly is insane! How else can you explain this film?
Sherazade31 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Jawani Diwani is a film that doesn't hope to be taken too seriously. It stars Emran Hashmi as yet another yeah "you guessed it" Casanova whom we are introduced to his character in a scene in which he lusts after a drag queen Janet Jackson wanna-be lookalike who lives lives next door. He has a morning ritual of spying on her fake boobs every morning when she comes out to get her newspaper. But that's just to introduce you to the character Hashmi plays, because as soon as you get to know that he is an aspiring singer, the Janet Jackson wannabe bimbo disappears until the end of the film where she makes yet another uncredited and pointless cameo. So anyways, back to Hashmi who can't seem to get his act together, one day gets an invite to an exclusive party where he meets the daughter (played by Hrishitaa Bhatt) of a music executive. Bhatt who can neither dance nor hold her wardrobe together on her tiny almost invisible frame, manages to add some Jennifer Love Hewitt like zest to the film with that dead ringer for Alyssa Milano face of hers. Hashmi's character, once he spots the lovely girl Bhatt plays, plans on conning her into marriage just to secure a music career and it works for while. Things go awry when Hashmi's character decides to go to Goa to prematurely celebrate his early success and there he meets a smashing bombshell (played by Celina Jaitley) with whom he falls in love with and is forced to marry after one night stand.

The selling point of the film are the quick one-liners which will help you get through the corny scenes that never fail to drag on. Watch out for the references to other movies, which are good for a laugh. Like when a receptionist introduces herself as Mallika Sherawat and Hashmi briefly flashes back to a song number he did with the real life actress in Murder. A gunshot sound snaps him back to reality and he quickly bails away from the receptionist. Glad to see it would rather not relive what happened to him in Murder. Haha! There is another funny scene in which references are made to the songs: Dhoom Machale from Dhoom, No Entry from No Entry, and Salaam Namaste from Salaam Namaste. Or the rhyme time lines like: Roma you will put me in a coma (An underworld admirer of Roma (Jaitley) suggests this to Hashmi). Things will get risky after this whiskey (Hashmi thinks this as Roma (Jaitley) serves him a drink in her bedroom) etc. etc.

I have one question though, why is that Celina Jaitley's characters are almost always Latin-Indian or Spanish Indian in her films? Also, why didn't they hire a dance coach for both Jaitley and Bhatt? Neither one of these two actress could dance to save their lives in this film. They just wasted the great songs that accompanied the film.
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