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Great romance/comedy flick
dj_stv5 February 2008
I don't know about you, but when I saw this movie I knew what to expect of it. I mean, what more can u expect from a movie that stars Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher and it's called "Wedding Daze" except another romance flick where two people run over some bumps, but in the end they straighten all up? And that's what this film has to offer: one hour and almost thirty minutes of pure relaxation and some laughs. By saying this I address all you uptight "movie critics" that take it way too seriously.

The plot isn't that very original, the acting is bearable, the funny situations that pop during the film are quite decent, Isla Fisher is great and it all ends well. To really have a treat out of it, see it with someone you care about, trust me, it'll do the job.
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The Pleasure of This Film
Chrysanthepop6 January 2008
I didn't know what to expect from 'Wedding Daze' aka 'The Pleasure of Your Company'. Then I saw that it starred Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher and I thought why not give it a go. At first I thought it was another American comedy with the usual toilet humour. It also started off real slow but soon it picks up and gets funnier. I ended up laughing a lot as I quite enjoyed the film.

Of course the story is a typical romantic comedy and all but the comedy is very situational and most of the jokes are funny. I personally enjoyed the sequence where the whole cast is in jail. You've got the sentimental fluffy humour and the sex comedy which mingle quite well. Perhaps some of the jokes could have been a little toned down, especially the sexual humour. Also a few of the jokes just aren't funny and some situations look forced. Some of the punchlines just miss the mark.

Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher form quite a likable fresh pair. There is a sweet chemistry and the actors blend quite well. However Biggs is a little in his 'American Pie' mode. From the supporting cast, I loved Joanna Gleeson. She was absolutely hilarious in the jail scene. The rest of the cast work well too.

This is quite an enjoyable flick and works well for a rainy day or as a date movie.
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Surprisingly Funny
simonparker199030 May 2007
Wedding Daze was a movie I wasn't sure what to expect over, I wasn't really sure if this movie was going to be an American Pie rip off, or a cheesy romantic comedy that would have me throwing up for half the movie at the sheer horror of it all. My hopes were strictly average for the movie, I thought it might be a funny little movie, but by tomorrow I wouldn't remember it at all. Added to that my hopes wren't raised when it turned out the movie was only showing in a run down little screen in my cinema, while Pirates of the Caribbean took up nearly every other screen in the cinema. Anyway while watching Wedding Daze, and about an hour in I suddenly realised I was really enjoying the movie. Actually more than that, I was loving the movie! Shortly after that the movie hit a little dip and made my opinion lower a bit, but by the end I realised I had seen a movie that genuinely entertained me and I'm highly unlikely to forget it for a long time. The movie is your typical rom-com, and of course as tradition with rom-coms it has to have its overly sentimental moments dropped here and there. But the movie also contains the sexual humour from movies such as American Pie. The two blend perfectly and leaves the movie feeling fresh and funny. The lead characters played by Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher are brilliant. The pair have great chemistry, and one of the scenes between the pair, and involving tooth paste had me crying for about five minutes afterwards. I won't spoil the scene but it is just one of many great moments to be found in this surprisingly funny little movie.

As I've just said the lead pair are brilliant. I have never been the biggest fan of Jason Biggs. He was pretty good in American Pie, but after that movie I always felt he was recycling the same role over and over again. In this movie he has moments when he's essentially playing the same character as from American Pie, but thankfully his character does have notable changes along the way. The opening scene with him is very well performed and its a truly funny set piece, it was also surprising as well. Isla Fisher is one of the actresses who is very much upcoming in terms of popularity. Wedding Crashers obviously made her noticeable, and in her first leading role she does a great job. I think she might also be a great dramatic actress given the right material, but until that time comedy suits her just fine. What surprised me in Wedding Dze was the fact that nearly all the supporting cast worked very well. A couple start to grate very much after a while, especially Katue's friend Matador, who while being funny at first ends up just being plain odd by the end. The pairs parents are probably the best supporting characters. Katie's mum and dad, played by Joanna Gleason and Jon Pantoliano are brilliant, Pantoliano makes a brilliant character and his scenes towards the end are pure genius. Anderson's sex crazed parents are also welcome additions, the scene we meet them is another laugh out loud moment involving cream, its odd, sick and nasty, but brilliant all the same.

The comedy of Wedding Dze ranges from two sorts, the subtle, clever dialogue kind, and the other in your face sex antics kind. Usually sex jokes in a movie start to get very irritating after a while, sure they're funny at first but after you've had five jokes on ejaculation you start to roll your eyes. Thankfully the sex jokes are never constantly in your face in this movie. The scene that had me laughing most isn't really a sex joke at all, its not really a dialogue one either but its still brilliant. But this movie is not all about the comedy, and there are genuinely touching moments. Anderson's best friend has a very well written moment where he tells Katie not to hurt him, its small, its not funny, but for some reason its very well written and you can't help but be a bit touched by it. The movie has great pieces of humour and it very rarely misses, only Katie's friend Matador is the weak link for comedy, as I've said he's too odd to be really funny.

So what are the weaknesses of the movie? Well like all rom-coms it loves a good but of sentimentality, and apart from the good scenes that aren't funny, it does feel a bit forced at times. The ending is also as predictable as can be, I already knew the ending before the film began, and it didn't disappoint. Generally the comedy hits, but some stuff misses. But all in all its still a very funny and well written movie that I do highly recommend for people. Its a 9/10 movie, and I genuinely hope this gets a broader release over the world. I'm amazed to see it isn't actually out in America yet, nice to see us Brits get it first.
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Pretty Funny
Iguano15 September 2006
I saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival the other night and I have to say it was pretty funny. Different than I expected, and not really similar to Stella. Jason Biggs is exactly the character you expect him to be from his previous films, but he does it well. The rest of the cast is solid and Isla Fisher from the Wedding Crashers shows she can be a pretty good comic female lead. All the peripheral characters add something, especially the parents of Biggs and Fisher.

That being said, most of the film is pretty predictable and nothing terribly new is done here, but if you just want to sit back and laugh it does the job. Worth seeing.
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Sort of Funny
britwrit3 June 2007
This is one of those movies where a lot depends on how you feel going in. If you're in a good mood and aren't looking for anything great, Wedding Daze will happily fill up an hour and a half. If you're looking for another American Pie or Clerks, though, I'd give this a miss.

Really, there are about a dozen hilarious moments scattered about this movie. Unfortunately, they're surrounded by underwritten characters, mediocre acting and a cookie-cutter plot. Jason Biggs is still playing the same character he did in American Pie. Isla Fisher has an extremely convincing American accent but that's about it. And despite flashes of brilliance, everyone else seems to be a little embarrassed to be here. Really, I'd say wait for the DVD.

(Oh, and for you dirty old men out there, there's a truly delightful scene of Isla Fisher early on parading around in her underwear. It makes absolutely no sense plot-wise but six months from now, a bunch of 13-year-old boys with cable are going to be very, very happy.)
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Pretty good...
schrammbledeggs19 April 2009
I saw this movie on Netflix Instant Queue and saw Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher on the cover...two actors who I've never I gave this movie a shot. I walked in expecting a pretty terrible movie but I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, the movie is about how Jason Biggs randomly proposes to Isla Fisher on the basis of how spontaneous and romantic it is and Isla Fisher says yes. The rest of the movie is the "getting to know each other and falling in love" story. Now, in no way was this movie what I would call "amazing"; the plot was predictable, the acting was mediocre, and there was no evidence of outstanding direction, musical composition, or cinematography. But there's just a certain special magic present in the awkward, teen-oriented romantic comedy. Jason Biggs is just perfect at playing the role that made him famous...the awkward, embarrassing guy. Isla Fisher is gorgeous and funny...but mainly gorgeous and fills out her role well. Even Joey Pants (Joe Pantoliano) is in this movie. All in all, Wedding Daze is a fun romp that's worth 90 minutes of time you planned on wasting anyway.
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A Nutshell Review: Wedding Daze
DICK STEEL19 July 2008
It seems that the success of the American Pie trilogy which starred Jason Biggs and spawned a franchise of spin off movies bearing the American Pie branding, had somewhat slapped an unfortunate tag on actor Biggs. Of all the movies to date that I recall him in, they inevitably revolve around teenagers, sex, or romantic comedies. He can't shake off this tag, and I will be curious to see him take a big leap out of this unwarranted comfort zone, unless of course these are roles that appeal to him, and pays his bills anyway. What makes it ideal for him in roles as these, is his average everyday man looks and attitude.

Isla Fisher on the other hand, I've got to admit, despite being in a similar boat as Biggs, has got that exuberant charm that I can't get enough of. I guess it was her infectious smile and laughter in The Wedding Crashers as the psycho babe Gloria stalking Vaughn's Jeremy that made me take notice, and her turn as the carefree, free-spirited April in Definitely, Maybe, had placed the movie as a contender for one of my favourites this year. Perhaps it is her relatively small frame that can always pass her off as a young adult, that she gets saddled with such roles, and again she repeats another rather conventional performance for Wedding Daze, but I'm not complaining.

Biggs stars as Anderson, a man in between jobs and who still cannot get over the death of his fiancé (who actually hasn't said yes), spending twice as long a duration to mourn her, than the time spent with her. On his good friend Ted's (Michael Weston) advice to go out there and meet people. In a spur of a moment during a dare, Anderson proposes to the waitress serving his table, and surprise, Katie (Fisher) says yes. But of course things are never smooth sailing, as the couple soon discovers what they should have discovered during courtship, thus putting numerous spins and surprises that made this comedy go way out of control in the last 30 minutes, reminiscent of some of 80s styled comedies in this film written and directed by Michael Ian Black.

Sometimes you wonder what it would like to just take that leap of faith and plunge into deep waters. Our forefathers probably did that with matchmaking being the requisite way in which to find a mate. They had no say and everything's arranged through parents and parental contacts when a suitable age is reached. While in this case it's not matchmaking, but you just wonder if it'll work out should two people eye each other across a crowded room, like who they see on the surface of course, and decide that's it, he/she's the one? It's a fantasy proposition, but one which becomes key in love at first sight stories. Either that, or the usual courtship route would likely be a journey where flaws surface, and you start to question if you could live with them. Nobody's perfect, but the former way already bound you to an institution, versus a fairly constant probe where you can opt out at any time.

While the supporting characters specifically are present to provide laughter, they do somehow epitomize different aspects of relationships. Katie's mom personifies the typical indecisive woman who flits toward who currently can provide her certain advantages, while her real dad (Joe Pantoliano) and stepdad provide some laughs with the jokes on the latter seemingly a little culturally insensitive at times. But political correctness usually goes out of the window these days (unlike those of old) as it is possibly the quickest way to elicit laughs from an audience, and even sexual deviant acts come courtesy of Anderson's parents. Supporting characters also involve the maligned fiancé of Katie's (but she didn't say yes too), and his finding of his soulmate, best friends of Katie who are into circus tricks, and the very perfect fiancé of Anderson, who would inspire Anderson to have one of the best, honest lines toward the end of the movie, no matter how sappy it sounded, but made a lot of sense.

You might think that you've seen a number of similar movies already like What Happens in Vegas and Just Married, but those seemed a little more polished than the raw, indie treatment that is Wedding Daze, where jokes fly rather fast and furious, employing a whole repertoire of methods to deliver its punch lines, from sight gags to my personal preferences of extreme wit in dialogue where you really have to be at attention to catch them all. It might not be a big budgeted movie, but its charm more compensates for everything else.
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Cute in an awkward sort of way...
electrofunk13816 July 2008
Finally! Something I don't more or less *hate* Jason Biggs in!! I was actually quite surprised at how funny this was. You never know what you're going to get when it comes to the "romantic comedy", and this is a breath of fresh air for the genre. Is the formula that new? Not really - but the off color humor, performances of the actors and actresses, and Michael Ian Black's writing more than make up for any flaws the movie might have. This is just the type of flick to see if you need a good laugh and don't mind your humor on the lowbrow side of things. If you're looking for a blockbuster, this movie won't be for you - but honestly, who needs anything that masterful when it comes to entertainment for entertainment's sake? Give it a watch...unless you've got no sense of humor, you'll at least get some good laughs out of it.
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sportilo13 September 2006
this movie was funny i just saw it last weekend at a private screening and thought it was lacking something i cant tell what but maybe its the way the movie was edited. i do recommend people to go see this movie you'll get a great laugh out of it and there's some real funny parts that almost make you cry you laugh so hard Jason Biggs is a comedy genius and Isla fisher is so fine that they make the whole movie a comedy classic i would recommend this movie to anyone who likes dumb,silly, stupid comedy and just enjoy the movie and try not to judge it because its a nice movie and its real funny so please go see this movie when it comes out
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Great movie
debofly24 February 2008
This was one of the best overall fun movies I have seen in a good while. Good story, funny on all levels, good soundtrack, litte out there sometimes but good stories should be. There are plenty of evenly spread out laughs and humor if you have a sense of humor that is. I have seen some decent movies in the last few years and I'm including big azz budget movies and I'll can honestly say at least for me I had more fun with this movie than most of the stuff I have seen in the past few years. Sometimes all it takes is a good story and a little fun and the right tunes to have something to enjoy and this one hits the nail on the head. Some thought it was only cute but if something is cute the whole damn time then that is just as good as awesome.
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Don't listen to the other users on here (This movie is hilarious!)
favfallenidol8 January 2008
I watched this is the other night having no clue of Michael Ian Black's involvement in the film (till i saw the opening credits). And from then on I knew what to expect. This movie I thought was funnier than anything Apatow (Superbad/Knocked up etc..)has put out. but you have to enjoy MIB's humor to fully appreciate this film . Having been a fan since The State through Viva Variety to Stella this was right up my alley. It seems other users on here we're expecting an Oscar contender for 2008. *IT'S A FRIGGIN COMEDY FOR FEKS SAKE, NOT Shakespeare.* I've no idea what is so far up their butts to trash this movie. Maybe people just really have too much free time and like to bitch about whatever they can. So don't listen to them, go see this. I promise you'll laugh your ass off. ----Jewnicorn.
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Terrible movie.
shelbylynn75-120 December 2007
If I could give zero stars I would. This movie was not funny at all. The performances were lacking terribly. Although who can blame them with this script? A good movie will make ridiculous situations believable...this movie failed miserably at doing so. All of the "funny" moments were merely stupid.

Isla Fisher's acting was terrible in this movie. It was like watching a bad junior high play performance. It was very disappointing.

I didn't laugh once during this movie, and I can usually find a laugh in even the worst comedies. The only thing this movie succeeded in doing was wasting my time, as well as the time of everyone involved.
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poorly written movie
trustgodprov35619 February 2008
Isla Fisher was great in this, but the movie itself, was simply not very good. What had the potential to be a nice romantic comedy storyline gets ruined with some really bizarre character developments. Though the movie had moments that were very funny, for the most part it was full of "humor" that was way too stupid to be funny. (juvenile humor -- some of it only "funny" because of the gross-out factor -- and if you're over 15 that kind of stuff isn't funny anymore.) It was hard to sit through to the end. It's worth watching if you're a fan of Fisher but otherwise, this one you can skip and you won't be missing much.
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Awful - total waste of time
snd200026 September 2009
Another movie I saw on a 15 hour flight - only reason to consider was Jason Biggs who was quite funny in American Pie series. The premise (that of a impromptu proposal and acceptance leading to a series of fights resulting in the eventual wedding), though beaten to death can be golden in the hands of a good director. But this movie was a complete disappointment. Where was the story/screenplay?

Jason Biggs plays a do-nothing loser (he is playing the same role over and over - Saving Silverman, Loser, Wedding Daze - all variations on a theme). Isla Fisher was nice in 'Confessions of a Shopaholic', and no doubt she looked hot (especially in lingerie) but that was about it. The families are shown as absurdly kooky. His parents are oversexed and her three parents are kooks in their own way - dad a convict-fugitive, step- dad a Jewish bore and mom a emotional shrew.

Do not waste your time.
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Is it supposed to be funny or even romantic?
dvpumas13 January 2008
First, it seems that "the Next Girl I see", "The Pleasure of Your Company" and "Wedding Daze" are the same movie. It was quite boring and not really funny. I first thought it was going to be quite funny because they would have make this movie very unrealistic. I was wrong.

It wasn't funny and wasn't realistic. You don't get caught in the "romance" or drama at all and the jokes are quite lame; except if you are 12. Please accept my apologies if you are 12 and feel offended. I don't really know how to explain that but it's not tangible therefore you expect the rest of the movie to follow that idea. Then, at some point they tried to be serious. They tried to make the romance credible. But it doesn't work.

Many people left the cinema and we should have done the same. I was so bored that I even found myself enjoying salty pop corn (the sweet ones were finished)
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Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher are funny together
SnoopyStyle4 May 2014
Anderson (Jason Biggs) is in love with love. He goes all out dressed as cupid to propose to girlfriend Vanessa in a restaurant. She is so shocked that she dies from a heart attack. He's left as a pathetic mess who can't get over Vanessa. His friend Ted tries to get him to try harder and he asks waitress Katie (Isla Fisher) to marry him. Katie's life isn't going so well. She's in a dead end job. Her father is in jail. Her boyfriend proposes and she can't take it. In exasperation, she accepts Anderson's proposal. It's a ridiculous idea at first, but after a lot of misadventures, they may have stumbled onto something real.

The setup is really awkward. Knowing Michael Ian Black's brand of comedy, it's not surprising that he goes so dark so soon. Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher are two of the most likable and funniest comedic actors around. They combine to have some really funny moments. Chris Diamantopoulos is ridiculous and funny. This is a case of really funny people with some really inappropriate jokes trying very hard with less than expert directions and editing.
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The excruciating pain of their company
from_christmas_past23 June 2008
The thing about romantic comedies is that most of them are not memorable. Which is good because you would want to forget movies like 'Wedding Daze' in a hurry. The good romantic comedies run a very predetermined script and yet are enjoyable because of some good acting and comedy. This movie lacks both. Trying to start off on an innovative note, the movie degrades into cesspool of bad jokes. The director has no direction for the movie. As a result, the movie crawls along from one labored scene to another in search of elusive humor. Some of the jokes are corny, some are plain stupid and some are put in there just because anything related sex can be passed off as comedy these days. There is no attempt made to explore any chemistry between the lead pair, something even bad romantic movies do. It is hard to believe, as the plot 'advances' that two people would ever fall in love with each other without having a single decent conversation. Halfway through the movie, I lost whatever little expectations I had and instead decided to enjoy the sheer ridiculousness that each passing scene unfailingly brought. Even though I watched on a drab Sunday evening with no hopes, I still ended feeling completely brain numb.
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Excellent Comedy
barbara-gentile12 September 2006
I was lucky enough to be invited to a free preview of this movie in New Yorks village! Being that I was able to take anyone, my sister accompanied me. This movie was extremely hilarious. One of the funniest movies in a very long time... They don't make them this funny anymore. my sister and I were so entertained; and listening to the laughter of the audience, so was everyone else!!!! However, when i was invited they said the movie was still untitled and I did notice "the pleasure of your company" titled in the theater.. After viewing the movie my sister and i didn't feel that name fits it! my sister likes "in three days" and she said something else but i forgot... But the movie is Definitely a HIT!
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Situations without characters
Boris_G3 June 2007
This is a fairly decent bunch of actors coping as best they can with a horrible mish-mash of a script. Absolutely none of the characters are even believable types, let alone genuine individuals who can carry a story. The result is a series of 'situations' - one imagines the script writers saying 'wouldn't it be funny if the main character dreads introducing his parents because they're psychotics into kinky sex' - without any thought of how that situation may affect or influence the nature of that character. And almost none of the situations actually drove the story. But even that might have been OK if the situations weren't all entirely at a brainless teenage level ('The Bridge to Terabithia', also in cinemas at the moment and supposedly aimed at younger (8 years old and upwards) viewers, is leagues ahead in intelligence and the way it involves its audience in the characters).

I enjoy fairly silly comedies like 'Gremlins' - even the character types in that film are consistent and are given a believable context (the way they live, their relationships with other people etc) - but I came out of 'Wedding Daze' (as it's been marketed in the UK) feeling I'd wasted a good hour and a half and the price of three tickets (I went with my wife and son).
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a_glister10 February 2008
Shockingly bad movie - daft plot; no development. Made it through 35mins before going to do the dishes (that seemed more enjoyable). Normally enjoy cheesy romantic comedies, but this one lacked romance or comedy- the timing, structured to allow for laughing, just results in long, uncomfortable silences. Has all the jokes from the last 3 American Pie movies but somehow forgets the humor. The penis jokes were funny the first 2 times, but you're out of high school now.... grow up.

Not Funny

Not Clever

Not worth Downloading via P2P, never mind paying good money for.
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Great Film!!!
roilp25 June 2007
If you really like comedies,you will enjoy this film.For me it was one of the best comedy film I have ever seen.Jason Biggs(I must say I am a big fan of Jason Biggs) as always is fantastic and Isla Fisher has also a great preforming.The film is very funny and there are a lot of funny situations that make the movie Excellent.

There are other actors as Ebon Moss-Bachrach(Matador), Heather Goldenhersh (Jane) or Michael Weston (Ted) that also contribute to make the film even funnier.

Maybe is a not very common situation,but it what it makes the film different from the other Romantic Comedies.

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For Those Of You Who Think Great Teen Comedies Are A Dying Breed......Sorry To Disappoint You.
jdganner23 December 2007
Gone are the days it seems, when you can find a teen comedy which leaves you in stitches throughout. Wedding daze is yet another example of over-ally forced comedy & punch lines, which leave you feeling robbed of your time after watching it.

If you are looking for an American pie or road trip experience when watching this, prepare to be disappointed. There are some mildly funny scenes, but overall it feels as though the story has been rushed and the acting being almost sickly.

This is a movie to avoid like the plague, especially if you are male as the male humour like seen in the teen movie greats is lagging, this has more of a "Bridget Jones' diary" chick type feel to it.

to sum it up, if you want to take your girl to the movies she's going to like it, but this sure isn't one for the boys.
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Cedric_Catsuits3 July 2011
Jason Biggs definitely runs hot and cold in movie performances, and this one is freezing. Isla Fisher tries her best to lower the standard even further, but in truth neither of them has to work hard to drag this pile of dog poo into the gutter.

It's lazy, contrived and immature in the extreme. I dread to think how a bunch of adolescent morons managed to get this script accepted - presumably by another bunch of adolescent morons who stumbled across a pile of money and a drunk movie studio boss.

Tasteless and lame don't even begin to describe the level of humour. This is dumbed-down film making which makes me despair for the future, not just of the film industry, but for the human race.
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Wedding Daze
rajdoctor6 October 2007
Some good reviews, IMDb rating of 6.2 out of 10, and it is running for last 6 weeks in Amsterdam - were the factors that persuaded me to go and see this movie.

This is a love story about Anderson (Jason Biggs) after loosing his girlfriend Vanessa (Audra Blaser) - who dies on receiving Anderson's proposal for marriage – just for the sake of it, asks an unknown waitress Katie (Isla Fisher) to marry him. Both move together and try to find love while encountering their family's and their personal weirdness. In the end both get married after so called funny scenes and comedy.

This is the first feature film by Director Michael Ian Black. After seeing the movie I had thought that this must be a venture by a young immature person – I felt right after reading about Michael Ian Black.

This is a bad movie, badly made and I need not spend much of my review words on it. To tell you candidly, I slept for a while in this movie, and had to force myself to remain awake – in the end, I got a severe headache.

(Stars 1.5 out of 10)
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Weird and Wonderful
Darkside-Reviewer15 October 2020
I'm not usually one for romantic comedies but one quiet Friday night I happened to catch this movie on late night TV and to my surprise it actually made me laugh and made my night a little happier.

Wedding Daze stars (Jason Biggs) and (Isla Fisher) two random strangers who meet in a diner and decide to get married in the first minute of them meeting. The story follows the newly engaged couple as they both rush into this wild new relationship that sees them move in together on day one of meeting and within just a few days end up meeting each others parents and friends while they slowly and awkwardly get to know each other and discover each others weird past relationships with a few hidden secrets.

This movie definitely sets itself apart from the more typical romantic comedy's that usually focus more on the dating aspect of a new relationship that sees a new couple as they slowly begin to get to know one another often under unusual circumstances leading to some over the top escapades.

The relationship between (Jason Biggs) character Anderson and (Isla Fisher) character Katie is one I found to be a lot more down to earth with some genuinely romantic moments that capture the real feelings of a love at first sight romance. Their relationship begins as an engaged couple they look at each other and decide right then and there to marry each other putting aside the usual worries people have when meeting a partner like looks, money, jobs, religious beliefs, expectations, past relationships, sex, housing status and their compatibility as a couple. Instead of playing it safe they take a chance one another and decide they have the rest of their lives to get to know each other so why not get married.

This isn't by any means a serious love story this is primarily a comedy movie so it can often be a little silly with it's jokes and physical comedy but there are actually a lot of jokes and sexual references that are really meant for a more mature audience aswell as more than a few swear words.

I highly recommend giving this movie a chance it may not be Oscar worthy but it's definitely an interesting and unique take on modern day romances.
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