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MPAA Rated R for sexual content/nudity and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • Several strong sex scenes. There's some female nudity throughout the movie.
  • Florentino as an old man is shown in bed naked with a young woman after sleeping with her. Her bare breasts are visible.
  • Fermina, the female lead character, is shown in a spa pool with her friend (no nudity in this scene). They discuss their romantic relationships; Fermina's friend says she is in love and having sex with a married man.
  • There is a brothel scene, where prostitutes on a balcony are enticing men on the ground below. Bare breasts are visible; one prostitute is leaning over the balcony cupping her breasts to allure the men. Florentino's boss encourages Florentino to sleep with the prostitutes, but Florentino says he intends to remain faithful to Fermina.
  • While on a boat, a woman seizes Florentino outside her cabin, pulls him inside and proceeds to roughly have sex with him. No nudity is shown - it is a fairly dark scene and both characters are fully clothed - but there is very vigorous thrusting. Florentino comes away bewildered; this having been his first sexual encounter. He is shown on another occasion waiting hopefully outside the same woman's cabin in case it will happen again, but it does not. The encounter, however, serves to set Florentino up to have appetite for promiscuous sex and seducing women.
  • Fermina has a medical examination by a doctor. She is made to open her shirt, exposing her breasts, so he can listen to her chest with his stethoscope. She is shown to be very embarrassed and uncomfortable with this.
  • The doctor marries Fermina. There is a scene of them in bed together on their wedding night. No nudity is shown in this scene, but her husband takes her hand and puts it on a part of his body under the covers; it is assumed he is putting her hand on his erect penis.
  • Florentino has an affair with a married woman, and there is a scene of them having just had sex (her bare breasts are visible). He writes on her stomach "this is mine" with an arrow pointing down in the direction of her pubic area. Later, when the woman is back at home and about to get into bed with her husband, she has evidently forgotten the writing is there when she removes her clothes. Her husband sees what is written as she desperately tries to scrub the writing off her skin, and he slits her throat with a knife for being unfaithful to him.
  • Florentino, as an old man, is sitting behind Laura and he drops her top dress and kisses her neck. Laura is very excited with this and she drops her dress further revealing her big breasts. Then she turns and kisses him hard and they roll down on the floor. Then it is implied that he has entered her from front. A cat drops on the bare buttocks of Florentino and scratches him, resulting into him thrusting very hard into Laura and she cries due to deeper penetration.
  • Fermina suspects her husband of having an affair, and demands he admit it and tell her who the other woman is.
  • Florentino and Fermina have sex when they are both elderly. There is a scene of them getting into bed together; Fermina is at first ashamed of her body and does not want to undress and let Florentino see her naked, telling him "you won't like it". But she comes around and allows him to see her body; her breasts are visible. A sex scene follows, primarily focusing on the pleasure and ecstasy on Florentino's face as he thrusts her, in finally getting to make love with the woman he has loved and waited for all his life.
  • Some talk about sex and sex organs.

Violence & Gore

  • A man kills his wife by slitting her throat, after discovering she has been unfaithful to him.


  • A few "f" words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Casual drinking and casual smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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