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5 Jun. 2005
Ha Heder Ha-Agol
One day before school starts, a top secret project featuring 6 talented students is about to go underway. In the last moment 2 new students join the project- Aya and Nini. Their cover story is that they came from America, but in fact they are 10 years old twins whose father, the scientist Amos, put inside a time machine, to make them look 5 years older.
6 Jun. 2005
Ha-Yom Ha-Rishon
School starts. Aya and Nini come to the class, trying to get used to their new age. Roberto keeps plotting diabolical plans. Avner shows Dganit the class she is going to work with this year, but doesn't reveal all details about the project.
7 Jun. 2005
The Eight starts working. Aya and Nini meet Asia, who took care of them when they were small children. It appears that Amos asked her to take care of them now too. Adam and Natasha decide not to tell anyone about their romantic past. Avi moves to live with Mika and her parents. Roberto fails in his attempts to find Amos and the kids.
9 Jun. 2005
The Separation
The four couples are lecturing. Roni is saving Nini from mistaking in-front of the entire class. The newspapers are slaying Doron's mistakes. Avner is caught braking to Aya and Nini's house, trying to figure where are Maya, Yonatan and Amos. Asia is planning to tell Aya and Nini the real story about their father - Amos.
14 Jun. 2005
Aya and Nini deal with the death of their father. Ben Ben gets math lessons from Roberto, who pretend to be a private teacher. Mika apologizes to her father. Doron starts working with a physiotherapist after his fall. Ilan gets to Roni's house, makes her a surprise breakfast, and bumps into her sister Eli, who tells him Roni is lying about her true age.
15 Jun. 2005
Ilan gets to school to look for Roni. Natasha tells him that year 12 is on a trip, and he leaves. Roni tells Natasha the truth about her relationship with Ilan. Rotem asks Aya to bring a letter to Maya. The relationships between Doron and Eli tighten, and Avi thinks they have an affair. Rohale discovers the truth about "The Eight", after receiving photographs from a photographer she hired, that show the hidden screens in the class. She threatens to close the project.
16 Jun. 2005
Rohale finds out that the owner of the project is a government minister, and toadies him. Eli is angry that Roni is lying to Ilan about her age, and threatens to tell Ilan herself. Avi suspects that Doron has an affair, and tells Mika about that. Adam picks on Nini and insults him for vomiting during a 2,000 meters run in P.E. class. Aya talks with Rotem at ICQ. Roni prepares to tell Ilan to truth.
19 Jun. 2005
Avner tells Dganit the truth about the project. Roberto stays alone with Ben Ben, after Dganit is called to Avner's house to meet the minister. Aya tells Nini that she talked with Rotem at ICQ. Natasha's bag is torn, and Dori plans to fix it for her. The children of The Eight receive new and mysterious equipment, and are dealing with an especially hard challenge. Avi and Mika are worried about the relationships of Doron and Eli. Ilan is rushed into the hospital unconscious after his army force got on explosives.
6 Oct. 2005
HaShminiya BiF'ula
A group of eight kids discover that each one of them has a super mind, and has special powers.