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This is a must see for those who like plots & gore !
guestar5723 June 2011
So,The government trained this guy and then let him go…As a civilian ?

Incredible tortures,deaths and clues up the wazoo.

Whoever this actor (Steve Furedy) is,He definitely does killer well …Looks kind of like Willie Nelson and Jerry Garcia -ish. The detectives are the case bring new meaning to Good Cop & Bad Cop. Grisly special effects that make you wince and yet,Cannot wait to see what the Bad Guy will do next. All principals have many credits and it shows all true professionals and believe in their craft.

Ending made one long for "Good Guys Wear Black" with Chuck Norris in his debut performance.
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This is what you get
nogodnomasters18 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film without knowing what the first 10 aggressions are or if there are any aggressions beyond 11. The film claims to be based upon real police stories and is intended to show the frustration that law enforcement encounter in solving crime, especially one where the killer leaves his name at the scene. Garrett (Lanny Rethaber) is tasked to solve the crime. He is hampered by a bad home life (Patti Tindall) and a partner Davidson (Patrick Adam) who is being evaluated because he is basically a lousy detective with bad manners.

This is not a who-dun-it. We see the killings. We know who and why. The sad violin music played during the investigation is suppose to create sympathy for the poor crime investigators who must witness crime scenes. Davidson is so disagreeable and has such lousy lines that I couldn't help but dislike this film.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Davina Joy)
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