Far Cry Instincts (Video Game 2005) Poster

(2005 Video Game)

Stephen Dorff: Jack Carver


  • Jack Carver : You'd better have a really good reason for not telling me about the apeshit circus freak with the giant fucking arm!

  • Jack Carver : [When animal speed is discovered]  No fuckin' way!

  • Jack Carver : [pulls dart out]  Awww, shhiiit

    Crowe : Hunters here swear by toad venom. Me, I'd force ya to drink nerve gas, but my employer's got a soft spot for dumb animals.

    Jack Carver : Explains. Hiring. Practices.

    Additional Voices : SHUT YOUR MOUTH, BITCH!

    Crowe : You're quick with those setups, aren't you, Carver? Bet you didn't see this one coming.

    [hits Jack with rifle butt] 

    Crowe : Naptime's over, sailor.

    Jack Carver : [grunts, vomits] 

    Crowe : Evening, Doctor.

    Krieger : Colonel, I was clear. I need Mr. Carver in good health. Looks to me like you indulged in your usual overzealousness.

    Jack Carver : What is this?


    Krieger : Jack? I'm Dr. Kreiger. I know you've had a rough day, so I'll keep this brief. I've been following your feud with Colonel Crowe, here. You've proved to be a clever and tenacious thorn in his side. That's why you're still alive.

    Jack Carver : Hear that, Crowe?

    Krieger : I'm a biochemist. I've studied primitive medicine my whole career searching for a way to roll back a millennia of atrophy and decadence that's weakened humankind. You see, Jacutan's indigenous shamans used their craft to empower their tribe's warriors and hunters.

    Jack Carver : Okay. Hang on one fucking second. What is this shit?

    Krieger : It's taken a long time, and many failures. But, I've been able to improve on these folk practices. A suitable test subject can access physical abilities that have been lost to humans for thousands of years. You'll feel a little prick.

    Jack Carver : [Screams] 

    Krieger : Process him for observation. In the meantime, Colonel, I suggest you start making some progress in your search for the woman. Mr. Carver turned out to be a lucky find, but I won't tolerate any more costly disruptions.

  • Jack Carver : Boo.

    Doyle : Guess we didn't need to worry about you finding the place.

    Jack Carver : "We?"

    Val Cortez : Carver, Doyle. Doyle, Carver. You don't look happy to see me, Jack. I wanted to be here for you. Figured I owed you that.

    Jack Carver : You owe me a boat.

    Doyle : Val, make sure Doctor Radic's ready to earn his retainer. I'll get our patient prepped. The clock's ticking, Carver. You'd better get on the table. Listen. When we're done here, there's not going to be much time for recovery. You and Val will head down the hall to the pelagics lab, then swim out of the facility.

    Jack Carver : Wait. You're not coming with us?

    Doyle : I'm still on the job.

    [pulls out injection needle] 

    Doyle : I'm giving you an anesthetic. It's going to be one hell of a dose, but it shouldn't put you under.

    Jack Carver : Wait. What about W - What - W.

    [Blacks out] 

    Doyle : [fades in]  Have to move your gear, skipper. Not sterile.

    [fades out again] 

    Val Cortez : [fades in]  This is a huge opportunity for you. That's worth a little risk, isn't it?

    Additional Voices : Just make sure the funds are in my acount.

    [fades out again] 

    Doyle : [fades in]  Where are you, my little silicon friend?

    Additional Voices : Subclavian junction, embedded point-oh-four millimeters into the endothilium.

    Doyle : Nice work, Doctor. Let's get it out. Jack, I have to warn you. This implant's been regulating the pace of your evolution. Removing it may have some unpredictable effects.

    Jack Carver : Do your worst.

    Doyle : Here goes nothing.

    [places surgical tool under Carver's field of view and Carver blacks out again] 

    Jack Carver : [Carver wakes up again to the sound of bone crunching punching]  Much better.

    [Vision returns as he finishes punching someone's face to a bloody pulp. shocked, he looks at his hands] 

    Jack Carver : Oh God! What did I do?

  • Doyle : [Inside a House attacked by Merc]  Shit!, I'll get her out of here

    [talking bout Jacks girl] 

    Jack Carver : Screw her, Get me outa here!

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