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Kambei Shimada: How does it look?

Heihachi Hayashida: I think she'll fly for us.

Kambei Shimada: Good. As soon as the repairs are done, we'll head for the Capital.

Heihachi Hayashida: All right.

Shichiroji: Well, it might not be much of a warship, but it certainly is faster than that old wagon. It's too bad we don't have time to find something with defenses.

Kambei Shimada: The Capital isn't going to wait for us.

Kikuchiyo: So we're finally gonna strike?

Shichiroji: How many years has it been since we've taken on one of those airships? I'd say I'm nervous, but I keep thinking of what Gorobei-san would say if he were here.

Kikuchiyo: Yeah! He'd say, "Nervous? You gotta be kidding? Get out there and die with honor!"

[Komachi starts bawling]

Kirara Mikumari: Komachi, what's the matter?

Komachi Mikumari: I don't want Kiku to die with honor!

Kikuchiyo: Oh! W-w-listen, I- I was just- well... this is tough guy talk! Who could ever die and leave you behind, sprout?

Komachi Mikumari: Really, promise?

Kikuchiyo: Here, I'll tell you what. I want you to hang onto this for me. It's my proof that I'm a samurai.

Komachi Mikumari: The scroll that you stole?

Kikuchiyo: I didn't steal it, I found it! Anyway, it doesn't matter. You're the first person who ever accepted me as a samurai, who believed in me. So I want you to have my most valuable possession. Keep it safe for me and I'll be back for it. Promise.

Komachi Mikumari: It's a deal. But you have to promise me something even more important.

Kikuchiyo: Alright. Lay it on me.

Komachi Mikumari: 'kay, don't laugh, but when I grow up, I want you to be my husband.

Kikuchiyo: [Kikuchiyo gasps and is moved to tears] In this heap of metal? I can't even farm rice!

Komachi Mikumari: Well, I love you just the way you are, Kiku. I'll even cook for you!

Kikuchiyo: Oh, I'm so happy! Are you even sure about this, sprout?

Komachi Mikumari: I'm sure!

Kikuchiyo: Oh, if I get older, Komachi, I'm gonna be your husband! You don't know how happy you've made me!

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