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A great low budget horror movie by a promising young director
Mario Xavier8 January 2007
This movie received a very positive review on, so I decided to buy a copy.

I have to say, for a group of mostly kids, this movie was very impressive. It combines aspects of some very popular and funny horror movies, and at the same time has some very original moments.

Of course the technical aspects are limited, however, I have seen movies from larger companies that have a lower production value (I'm looking at you "Ax'em").

Find a copy of the DVD, and keep an eye on the career of Miss Emily M. Hagins.

-Mario Xavier
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A fun first effort from a promising teen director
angafea3 January 2007
I just finished watching my copy of "Pathogen" and I have to say I loved it. The excitement, love, and fun that was put on the screen entertained me way beyond the typical mega-budged blockbuster. Congrats on a wonderful creation. Emily, please keep 'em coming! You are a very talented young lady, and also very blessed to have such supportive parents and friends.

As much as I loved the movie, I found the commentaries joyful as well. The actors obviously had great respect for you, and with good reason. The amount of work this took is staggering to myself, an adult. Heck, even taking the time to post this little note is about all I find myself having time for.

The whole cast turned in really fun performances, but the stand out actor is young Tiger Darrow. If she's not in either a major motion picture or a buzz-worth indy film (whichever she chooses) before she's 18, I'll eat my keyboard.

As for other people trying to decide if they should order the DVD, if you like encouraging the next generation, if you enjoy stories told across a dinner table, if you like zombie movies, or if you think you'd like to see a young talent on the ground floor this is the DVD for you. And it's really cheap, too! No price gouging here, no artiste pricing. Best of all, when Emily is a big name director, you will have the sweetest privilege ever...being able to say "Oh yah, I've know about her for years" to your out of touch friends.

This project is truly a testament to the wonders of the modern age, not the showy ones, but the personal ones, and Emily M. Hagins is showing us the world inside our door.
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Technically terrible, but entertaining overall
Mauricio Silva Barrios17 November 2009
I watched this movie in Fantaspoa/2009, together with the documentary "Zombie Girl" (read my review on that movie). It was a very good experience, mainly because of the documentary. After the movie session the audience had a very enlightening talk with 3 horror-movies specialists.

Technically speaking, this movie is terrible. It is full of continuity problems, including sequences where the time of the day changes from one scene to the other, with a dialog starting in daylight and continuing in a night-dark environment, then going back to a daylight environment, all in the same conversation of the characters. The sound is sometimes inaudible, but most of the time it's just bad. The actors are completely amateur, being a group of Emily's school colleagues. If you are into "B" movies for the fun of its mistakes, you'll love this movie.

There are 2 good things about this movie. The script, that even though is not exactly an innovation, is well written. And the different camera takes, that also have nothing new to it, but Emily managed to make the movie very dynamic, keeping it at a good pace. Of course taking care of every detail in a movie is a huge task for a single person, specially an inexperienced 12 years old child. But the fact is, this film is entertaining. It's not boring, which is more than can be said of some Hollywood professional works.
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Just what you'd expect from a precocious 14 year old zombie fan
Sandy Petersen26 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The novelty interest in the film is mainly that it was put together by a 14 year old girl. She obviously had some help, in that she got to film in what I assume is her school, and a few other similar sites.

I have to say, it's just what you'd expect from such a film. Emily Hagins "gets" zombie movies. She knows what it's supposed to be like, but on the other hand she's only 14, so she has only limited tools to strut her stuff.

The main characters are all mid-teen kids, and, sadly, their dialog is pretty accurate for children in that age range. So I guess you could argue that it is "good" in that it is "semi-realistic" but on the other hand it is annoying and boring (at the same time!) to listen to.

She doesn't have any skills at cinematography or lighting or sound work, but sometimes, in mimicking other more experienced directors, she gets things right. Her zombies are erratic as well. Sometimes they're (supposedly) terrifying destroyers, other times the kids can chop their way easily through them. But of course this is a flaw of more experienced movie-makers as well.

In the end, there is a big "revelation" which I won't blow, but which makes absolutely no sense for a kid to have had as a secret. And the revelation keeps going on and on in a breathless "isn't this cool" idea which is just like what you'd expect from a teenage girl.

I applaud her effort even if it is mostly just a curiosity! Plus it's WAY more entertaining and competent than ERAGON. So atta girl!
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