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VERY funny -- a very pleasant surprise!
nanvan10823 March 2013
I was talked into seeing this, and I have to shout it out, because it is a RIOT! I don't write many reviews, but when I love a film, I have to. If I have any complaint on this one, it's the title. I expected gross-out humor ("crude"). There isn't any, really. It's actually extremely unpredictable, subtle and extremely smart humor.

It has a story arc that you begin to somewhat anticipate, but you don't feel you're being patronized. Instead, you're left feeling that very intelligent people put this thing together in hopes that everyone would find something to love about it.

The cast is great, the animation is fun, and it's non-dizzying 3-D.

When I saw it, the entire audience clapped at the end, because we were entertained throughout, and found the ending really satisfying.

What else? Sweet emotions crop up because we can all relate to the family dynamics. Every family has the screw-up, the salt of the earth, the rebel, and the stubborn one. And it has one of the funniest babies ever put on film. A baby unlike any baby you'll ever see anywhere.

Very, very funny. Definitely recommend.
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Joyous fun
susan worden24 March 2013
In my life as a parent of a 10 and 12 year old, I have been to see a lot of animated kids movies, some of them quite painful to sit through. This one ranks at the top. The action, the humor, the characters, the plot, all rolled up in to a big ball of fun. I was belly laughing with my kids the whole way through it. And the message is lovely to boot. Excellent casting...the chemistry between the characters stood out in a way I never thought a cartoon could, no doubt due to the talent of the actors and standout animation (not something that I'm usually all that dazzled by.) It was the interaction, along with thoughtful humor of what is important in life, that really put this over the top for me. The complete implausibility of the plot didn't even mildly annoy me, the way stories of this genre sometimes do.

I could actually stand to watch this a second time. Well done Hollywood, please put this level of thought in to more children's movies.
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Excellent movie for the whole family to enjoy!
marshaandjon17 March 2013
I saw this movie at a sneak preview this afternoon. This was a very enjoyable movie for our whole family. Me and my husband sat there and laughed frequently, being completely enthralled with the story and graphics. Meanwhile, my daughter and my 7 year-old grandson sat with us, and they also were laughing throughout most of the movie. It has something for people of all ages to enjoy. It was heartwarming, and at times, it totally pulls on your heartstrings, too. The characters were appealing, and the type you find yourself rooting for as time goes by, and the animals that interact with the humans frequently stole the show! I know that some critics will have issues with some of the fantastic creatures that are seen, and they may take issue with the extraordinary things that The Croods are able to do physically. I knew going into this movie that this movie was a work of fiction, though, and therefore I was able to suspend my expectations of reality, and go on the ride that Dreamworks wanted to take me on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and took this movie for what it was - a lighthearted comedy about a family going through changes, and how they deal with those changes. I would definitely recommend this as a great movie to see!!
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Slapstick Heavy Family Fun
freemantle_uk21 March 2013
From DreamWorks studios comes its latest animated adventure, the prehistoric family comedy The Croods. It is a slapstick-heavy family movie that should delight young children and keep parents entertained.

The Croods are the last remaining family in an arid desert landscape. They have survived by following family patriarch Grug's (Nicolas Cage) rules to the letter, including staying in the cave after dark and fearing anything that seems new (new is BAAAD). Despite this, teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone) wants to break free and rebels against her father, which results in a chance meeting with the highly inventive Guy (Ryan Reynolds), who warns her that the end of the world is nigh. When the Croods' cave is destroyed, the family is forced on a journey into a strange new world where Grug's rules clash with Guy's techniques for survival.

The Croods is a formulaic movie that sticks to a traditional hero's journey and relies on typical archetypes, but it's elevated by the writing and direction of Kirk DeMicco and How to Train Your Dragon's Chris Sanders. Like Sanders' previous work, The Croods focuses on a family's dynamic and relationships. This time, the focus is on a protective father who wants to protect his family physically and protect his daughter from a member of the opposite sex who suddenly challenges his position as the alpha male. While the trailers and first half of the movie made is seem Eep was the main character, it's actually Grug who goes through the greatest change and learns the biggest lessons.

The story is one about learning, exploring, and using one's intelligence. It also touches on the idea that it's unhealthy to live a sheltered life. But at times, the movie lays it on a bit too much with Guy and his "solutions" leaving Grug on the losing end.

Most of the humour used in The Croods is very physical and slapstick oriented. Characters have Loony Toons levels of invincibility as they endure intense physical pain. This type of humour obviously appeals to fairly young children, but I would be lying if I said I did not laugh at the film at all. The Croods avoids using crude toilet humour to generate cheap laughs. There is not much in the way of verbal humour, but there are some running gags, and modernisms are kept to a minimum. They are still there but they are more putting modern products in a Stone Age setting, a little like The Flintstones, so they serve more as pop-cultural winks to adults.

As expected from a DreamsWork movie the animation is fantastic. It's quick and fluid, and the camera flows nicely as it follows the action. The Croods themselves have a seemingly unpleasant, bulky design to them but it actually works in the context of the film because the characters live in the wild, so big and broad makes sense. It is a little refreshing to see the main female character is not made out to be a stunning beauty, but rather someone who has been shaped by her environment. The beginning of the movie starts with in dry, mono-coloured landscapes before we get to see the bright colours of the jungle and continually seeing the weird creature reminiscence of designs of Sanders' previous works.

Like other animated movies these days, The Croods has a big name voice cast and they also do a decent, if standard job. No one disgraces themselves. Cage is an unusual choice, but he gives a strong performance. There is only one time when Cage is let off the handle; Unfortunately, that is when we are experiencing the most modernism the movie has to offer.

The Croods is not going to match the heights of DreamsWorks major hits of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon. But it certainly does not belong with the dregs the studio has to offer. It does what it sets out to do: make a movie that will please children while attempting to give a positive message and some heart. It has an old-fashioned sense of humour that leads to a surprisingly enjoyable animated movie.

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Behold... A Prehistoric Age Where Humans Still Live... Apparently For Now!
Raron Earthling22 March 2013
The Croods, a name most bizarre to be given as a title of a movie, but the content, just fantastic! I may even add to say that Dreamworks has lived up to its expectations in delivering exceptionally amazing animated movies and their latest release, The Croods is no exception. The story begins by introducing us to a rather diverse family of a couple, their three children and an old grandmother(who just wouldn't die) and setting is a prehistoric age where they are supposedly the only living humans. The movie then goes on to bring an extra character just named "Guy" and his sidekick Belt(an animal) who goes on to proclaim that the end of the world is near and their only hope for survival was to aim for the mountains far ahead. A simple plot it seems no doubt, but the way the movie was crafted was just fantastic and if that wasn't enough, you might actually find yourself laughing a couple of times no matter what age you might be of. There might be many movies out there to be watched but "The Croods" is a film which is guaranteed to be enjoyed. It might not be the best film out there, but it certainly is a great one which has its own comedic and adventurous moments, a movie for the whole family out there and to all those who prefer watching it in 3-D, the effects are seriously good in this film and your choice would be a valid one. All in all, no matter what age you may be, "The Croods" might just bring back a smile or a few memories of those old childhood fantasies where anything was possible.
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Beautiful on so many levels
ishouldsay22 March 2013
Take a child to see this beautifully made, thoughtful, animated feature. I went by myself, but the theater was full of children, and their laughter at the myriad slapstick humor added so much to the experience. Which is better;staying safe or taking risks? This is the premise of "The Croods" as the Crood family and Guy, a newcomer, experience tectonic plate shifts and other violent geologic events together. Interspersed with these big changes, though, are Eden-like ecosystems where the colors are vibrant and inviting. Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage, and Ryan Reynolds are perfectly cast. I will be buying this movie when it comes to DVD.
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Cavemen to Hunter/Gatherers Now Makes Sense
westwindsjc22 March 2013
I took my 3 yr old Grandson and he sat on the edge of his seat the whole movie. We tried catching fire and flowers and once got hit in the face by a bird. The 3d seems to be on a new level of excellence. I'm a teacher and I totally now understand what scientists mean from cavemen to hunterers/gatherers and I think it will help children see it too and introduce them to tar pits, saber tooth tigers, earthquakes, and a lot of science stuff. The story was great, the characters were realistic to a family, and although sometimes the dad didn't get any respect, in the end it was apparent his love for his family and theirs for him. I highly recommend this to adults and children.
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Saw it, loved it, nuff said.
bbizzle23 March 2013
I was of course hoping that Dreamworks would have a hit here after the unfortunate demise of Rise of the Guardians (I actually enjoyed the first ROTG book but couldn't get through the second book) which killed that franchise. I saw The Croods on opening day at a matinée and I loved it. I laughed, I cried (yes, just a bit) and I had so much fun that I didn't want it to end (Dun Dun Daaaaa). I've been reading the early message boards and prior mixed buzz so I was a little worried here and it's unfortunate that folks are so quick to try and tear something down based on a trailer or someone else's opinion. Go see it for yourself and have fun! I give this 10 big stars and can't wait to add it to my collection. My only regret is that I went to the first showing rather than wait for the 3D screening. I'm a little jealous by some of the great 3D comments. Even in 2D, the animators create a wonderful world, make us feel good and really get us excited to get out and have an adventure.
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Loved it!!!
Sam Song24 March 2013
I have never written a review on a movie before no matter how good or bad. But this movie really deserves high praise! I had brought the kids to see a few other animated movies before this like Wreck-it Ralph and Rise of the Guardian, but they turned out to be somewhat boring and unengaged. So I went into this not expecting much, it was more for the kids. To my surprise, I LOVED IT! It's different, funny, smart, and adventurous. I found myself giggling through most of the movies and at other times astounded by the visual effects. I also see my kids and other kids sitting at the edge of their seats at times. It is great for all ages. The picture was stunning and saturated with imagination. Dreamworks has outdone themselves with this one. I highly recommend taking your family to see this!
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Zany Ideas
Mek Torres25 March 2013
The Croods seems like it's gonna be just another Dreamworks Animated film that has crazy little characters messing around with their antics on a preposterous world. Well, these kinds of films are remarkably fun and has impressive technical achievements but there's nothing else to merit in the end. The Crood is almost one of those simple crazy films if not because of the philosophy that was displayed on the premise. Basically, it's about a zany version of the prehistoric times and a survival on the continental drift. The conflict of this plot is the titular family's choices if they would choose to follow their overprotective father or a stranger who makes daring ideas to survive from the natural condition. Disappointingly, the conclusion goes to the easy way. It doesn't go beyond the comfort zone, but the visuals transcend. The animation is getting better and better. It's totally fun but there are things that could have been more complex.

Everything is ought to be silly and hilarious. The beginning gives a set of ridiculous sequences to easily get to know about these characters. When it finally proceeds to the actual plot, it tells something sophisticated. It's an opposition between safety and getting away from your comfort zone. It ends up being obvious when it is suppose to be complex. But that is what the film wants, be simple and delightful all the way. The film doesn't necessarily need to be deep or emotional, but there is something clever to its concept that could have been smarter.

The best thing about the film is the characters. The performances simply brought them to life. Emma Stone perfectly gives her role a fitting personality. It sounds perfect for Nicolas Cage to play a caveman. He yells at a monkey in one scene which is a usual pleasure from him, but there is more to the Grug character than just yelling. While Cage is having fun, he brings a strong emotional depth to the rest of his scenes. The characters of Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman provide most of the laughs and they effectively show off its joy.

The visual effects are even more spectacular than the rest of the studio's films. Just like their recent films, it's snappy and energetic. The film's world looks amazingly eye candy and imaginative. The prehistoric characters and animals are wonderfully designed. The animal designs are meant to be ironic, like some of them got their food chain reversed eventually or their hybrid will some day become their fear. It's a slick joke. And for the 3D, you know it's great as long as it's from Dreamworks Animation.

It leaves a great amount of heart and fun, but its enlightenment theme results as being underwhelming and somewhat contrived. It would have made this more than just a typical Dreamworks film, but it doesn't matter because the movie is definitely suppose to be delightful for the entire family. It still takes some clever points. It's also great to see a load of spectacular animation. It is indeed truly enjoyable and full of life. The Croods is far from classic but this is kind of film that would enjoy anytime.
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The Old and the New
Claudio Carvalho30 January 2014
The Neanderthal family the Croods lives in a cave, protected by the father Grug in accordance with the rules of survival that he has learned. His teenage daughter Eep is rebel and questions why the family lives in the dark. One night, Eep sees light and she finds the Homosapiens Guy that can control fire and is intelligent and tells that their world will end. When their cave collapses, Eep seeks out Guy to follow him to the new world. But the stubborn Grug does not accept the change of rules and wants to find another cave to protect his family.

"The Croods" is a funny animation with the eternal theme of acceptance of what is new. Grug is a good caveman that based on the experience of his former neighbors, believes that he can protect his family locking them inside a cave. When he meets Guy with new ideas, there is a hilarious friction and competition. But the conclusion is well resolved and his family aggregates a new member and several pets. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Os Croods" ("The Croods")
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'The Croods' is a fresh tale that invigorates and entertains
Vishal Verma21 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
'The Croods' is an enticing tale about an emotionally bonded family living in the cave of a mountain. Grug,the head of the family is a loving but overprotective father with one fierce motto-Survival and that anything new is dangerous.At night he narrates stories to his children that teach them not to indulge in their curiosities.His daughter Eep however is a naturally inquisitive being who likes to discover things for herself,a trait that her father doesn't appreciate.Their cave gets destroyed and soon after they meet Guy,a young laid back fellow who is a somewhat opposite of Grug .Guy is fun and adventurous and has an uncanny ability to pop ideas out of nowhere and do miraculous things like light a fire.The movie is all about how the family along with or in many ways led by Guy embark on a journey to find a better home,a better tomorrow.

There are many likable things about 'The Croods'.For one the plot is atypical and fresh.There are no villains here,just characters playing their roles.You can feel a separate connection with each of these characters.Even though for most he is against the idea,you know all Grug is trying to do is keep his family safe.Nor can u fault Eep for her natural curiosity or Guy for his inventive fun approach-There are no bad guys here.The pace of the movie is fine.The animation and effects aptly done and commendable.Nothing over the top or in your face.The voice actors are an all star cast comprising of Nicolas Cage(Grug),Emma Stone(Eep),Ryan Reynods(Guy) and others.They do a good job.The characters are unique,intriguing and lovable at the same time.What else? The animals.You will love them.The movie is also packed with genuine humor that makes you laugh a lot.The animation captures the emotions of the characters well.The background score is cool too.

In all 'The Croods' is a happy feel good movie with plenty of boisterous moments.An enjoyable watch.Go for it!
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A Very Entertaining Family Movie
ivanfgautama21 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
this movie is a good example of how an animated movie could do what Live action couldn't.

lately i think animated movie are trying so hard to look real, visually its okay to be real, but stories and effects should reach far more and that is why they made it animated instead right?

try comparing Brave and Wreck it Ralph, one story is simple and realistic while the later is completely a fantasy.

and The Croods follow the fantasy, the real story is about a family and how it survive through changes in their world.

i read some other people's review here in IMDb and it shocked me, there's one woman who said the movie is unreal because it shows a baby that could run like a wolf! well lady if you go into an animated movie about cavemen who could speak English and expect logic, maybe you haven't heard about a company named Disney that made duck and mouse talk like human.

its not that all animated are unreal, but thats the essence of animated, it could reach beyond live action, where else director can put in all their fantasy and made magical movie.

if you watch this with family, i bet all your little ones will enjoy it through out the film.
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Clear family relationship traveling through a changing earth
dalydj-918-25517524 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Personally I'm not a fan of the Ice Age movies and Dreamworks trying their version of prehistoric times with the Crood family that are both funny as well as creating some sweet family moments between all the characters"

Prehistoric history has never really been told well for me (I do not care for the Ice Age movies no matter how many of them there are). The Croods is about the cavemen family of the same name which include Grug (Nicholas Cage), Eep (Emma Stone), Ugga (Catherine Keener), Gran (Cloris Leachman) and Thunk (Clark Duke). The family meet Guy (Ryan Reynolds) a modern man who try's to help them get through life as they make their way to safety. The family and Guy must change and adapt throughout.

The best part of the film was the animation of areas the family visited from the beginning desert seeming area to the bright and colourful new world that seemed like an animated version of Pandora from the flying animals to the big ones with teeth but most of the animals in this film where more cute and adorable versions. The family dynamic was nice because most of the characters were different from Eep the dreamer to the old funny grandmother which made for a relateable family even if they were in times before modern humans. The film never felt too long but some weaknesses to the film where repetitiveness of scenes even though some great one liners went well. The character relationship between Eep and Grug was very developed but characters such as Ugga and Thunk felt undeveloped and somehow wasted.

Nicholas Cage has become an non present actor for me and it was fun to hear him play Grug because he was playing the character of himself but not to the big extent which was enjoyable to watch. Emma Stone played the disobeying daughter Eep and she was also enjoyable in the film and I did like how the two actors handled the father/daughter relationship making it a part of the film to care about. Ryan Reynolds is also an actor I do not care for but like Cage in the film he was also nice making some good funny moments which mostly seemed to come from the animation. Other actors who where funny in the film include Leachman and Duke.

An enjoyable film that was funny as well as memorable for it's sweet relationship moments. With good voice-over work and a nice script the film was more then a film for young children.

MOVIE GRADE: B- (MVP: Emma Stone)
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What a great memories you brought back to me by this
Salah Anwar29 March 2013
I usually don't write reviews here, but this movie brought me back a feeling that I didn't think I would have it again. It was a great experience that made me decide to write a review about this movie.

Like any other child I used to watch animation. It comes to this part of your life when either you ignore animation and watch it only because you're with a child, or you keep watching it and ignore what some other people say that it's "cartoons". I used to laugh, smile, dream and even cry watching animation. I got busy in the last couple of years with school and work that I didn't watch animation for a couple of years. The couple of times I watched animation after that, it was not comparable of course to the moments I had when I was a child. You would think these feelings and moments are gone forever.

I came across "The Croods" trailer online and just by watching the trailer I had the thought that this might be a good movie. I went with a friend to watch it and that was a big surprise, beyond my imagination.

I laughed almost half of the movie. I had these great moments that I thought I'll not get it ever again. I just melted inside that movie. I should not call it a movie anymore, its a great experience. The effort of designing each character is right there clear in every frame. The dialogue is awesome, so natural and funny. The main concept is great and made me think about a lot of ideas I had and still having in my mind on a daily basis. I just had a wonderful experience that I thought for some reason I will never get again. This is my first time to write a review at least about an animation, but this movie brought back a lot of moments I had and that is what moved to write this. To all the team and people behind this masterpiece, thank you.
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This was a awful movie
Kreme12 December 2013
Predictable, unimaginative, boring, and just dumb. It was very difficult to sit through this film, and even the kids hated it. High production values and good 3D animation don't count for anything with a story as dull as this one.

There are a lot of 'jokes' in the movie that feel like they came out of one of those 1970s Hannah-Babara cartoons.

The "action" sequences—and there are many of them—are long, loud, and still very dull because they are entirely predictable, even down to the final, predictable and forced 'joke' at the end. One follows upon the other with a very thin sheen of story to connect them.
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You Had Me At Tomorrow...
LobotomousMonk5 March 2013
The Croods opens with voice-over narration that introduces the Crood family. The animated sequence is minimalist and emulates cave drawings (a theme running through the film) while it also felt like an homage to Dusan Vukotic, The Zagreb School and other 'reduction' animators of the 1950s and 60s. The story has a monomyth structure that integrates family roles in at the critical spots (future husband as herald, villain as co-paternal figure, etc.). The first scenes have a specular quality and with a minimalist mise-en-scene it might have been regarded that these directorial choices were purely exploitative to the 3-D gimmick. Good fun action establishes the quirks of a 'pre-nuclear' family experiencing 'cave-in fever'. Father Crood (voiced by Cage) has all the qualities and clichés of a responsible father. In fact, the characters and the story are quite cliché - but it isn't exploitative. Freshness is retained through moments of self-reflexivity (the popcorn pile, Guignol shows) and clever situational puns. The minimalist elements of the staging and mise-en-scene are banished like darkness in light once the family are forced to venture out into the more majestic parts of a fantasy world. It is a fantasy world - with dozens of original creatures and hybrids that make one think of Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Some of these creatures provide strong character 'support' such as 'Belt' and 'Duggie'. Even 'villains' are appropriated as pets in this dangerous and threatening but awe-inspiring and enlightening world. The threats are ominous but not frightening. The Croods are cute animated characters and the animation itself is of top quality and exemplar of technical sheen (the luscious fur was the most enticing and tantalizingly tactile lure in the 3-D quality of the film). The cave-family is physically atavistic in appearance, but jovial and comically gentle in demeanor. The diastema creates warm smiles and helps forge loving moments. The ending is a happy one and there is no Bambi trauma moment in the entire film. One of the advantages of digital rendering is the open possibilities that lie outside the more rigid film medium (the 180 flip dive into the water is mesmerizing). There are great moral lessons about growth and acceptance that are convivial and not preachy. My favorite part of the film is a sequence where Father Crood makes his first effort at personal growth by adorning himself in 'modern' innovations like the 'Pre-Funk' George Clinton coif. His ideas backfire into a laugh-out-loud homage to Looney Tunes mayhem. One other homage stood out in the genial portrayal of a quest for paradise - that is Wil Vinton's Adventures of Mark Twain and the Adam and Eve story that Vinton retells within that film. You can't tell me there aren't Biblical allusions either - with the Noah's Ark moments at the end, paradise lost theme and Adam-Eve procreation imperative underlying a more overt father-daughter relationship of trust, growth and acceptance. The relationship of minimalism and magnitude play well for a sophisticated viewer while the genial takes on humanism and family entertain universally.
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Nothing But Stupid, Overblown Slapstick.
michaelhirakida21 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Dreamworks is a company that has had its ups and downs. Their recent movies have been very uneven in story and originality. The Croods is their next film and without a doubt is Dreamworks worst film. It has basically little to no story and... well you will see.

Basically its about a cavemen family who have been living in a cave and never get out unless they need food. Our first joke in the movie is a fast forward gag. I didn't think about it at first but I wish they could had done that the whole way through. Nicholas Cage plays the farther of the cavemen children. Basically they get trapped outside of their cave and have to survive in the wild and on their way we meet a character called Guy played by Ryan Reynolds who is the inventive person. The farther tries to compete with him for attention.

This movie has one big problem. THERE IS TO MUCH SLAPSTICK! It might entertain your 3 year old but you will be stuck in a painfully redundant rinse and repeat slapstick movie. I don't mind slapstick, its good for parody films and old cartoons but this went to far with it. There is also a disturbing joke where the dad wants the grandma to die. ................ Yeah... I would stay away from him for as long as you can. There is also a joke about starvation. HAHAHAHHA STARVING TO DEATH IS FUNNY! Oh and there is this stupid running gag where this monkey says DUN DUN DUN! For like 5 times in the movie. It gets very annoying very fast.

Oh and this movie is so original! It is Ice Age and The First Toy Story all in one! WOW! SO ORIGINAL! NOT! This 'Story' If you can call it that is so unoriginal I think the bad story was a excuse to have more slapstick in.

Now the animation is great. Its eye candy. Everything looks good. Even the colorful giant tiger. But that is just covering the horrid story and slapstick! The Croods is something I wish never existed. We never needed this. But its here... Anyways! Might be OK for 5 year old kids but anyone over the age of 10 will find this movie stupid.
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Great family entertainer with awesome 3D effects
praveen-shukla18 March 2013
This movie is very entertaining for viewers of all age groups. 3D effects are awesome. Kids will love it and so will parents.

Some scenes may remind of the beauty of Pandora in Avatar. Overall a great movie that will make you laugh and make you fall in love with characters.

The animals are out of the world and scenes are very colorful. Its a story of survival in midst of danger. It shows the emotions and challenges that families face today in cave man's life.

The movie shows the life of prehistoric humans. The movie also sheds light on relationships and bonds in family ties.
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For the whole family, entertaining
David Maldonado21 March 2013
A prehistoric adventure full of beautiful animated landscapes and constant laugh that makes it perfect for the whole family.

The publicity of this movie makes you think that the main character is Eep (Emma Stone), but actually her father Grug (Nicolas Cage), is also a main character. The plot of the story go around this two, everything one of them do affects the other to the point that at a time Grug is more a protagonist than Eep. The fact that this is so makes a different approach on certain themes, like that the message is more for adult parents than for the young audience, which is odd on animated movies.

Of course, the story is not complicated and either deep, but Dreamworks is not known for making that kind of movies. It doesn't have anything special either, except for the final approach to adults than to kids. But it is fun, full of physic and verbal jokes, which keep the audience laughing all the time. Regularly I wouldn't say that physical jokes (like punching), are well used and effective, but in this case we are talking about cavemen, brutal force is suppose to be the principal characteristic. So in this movie all the "punch to laugh" is justified and proper to the setting.

The dynamic between the members of the family is very close to a reality. None of us need to go out hunting to survive, but we often fight with our relative. Imagine that you are in a trip with your whole family. Well, all the talking, arguing and everything that drive you crazy about the guy next to you is in this movie. So there are plenty of elements that make this family of the Stone Age similar to modern families. Like the fact that you can fight all you want with your mom, dad, brother or grandma, but in the end you will protect them and give everything for them.

The world where this movie takes place is beautiful and unique. All the things that you encounter aren't real, the animals, the plants, everything has been invented by the creators with references of real creatures. That puts you in the same spot that the Croods. As they will discover new creatures and explore new worlds, the audience will know the world too. So the audience can't muck of the fact that the Croods don't know what kind of animals live on the earth, because they don't know either what are the species living on that world.

This is a good movie to go and enjoy with the whole family. Kids will love the graphics, the colors, some of them the 3D, and the jokes. Adults will laugh too with the jokes and will have a nice time with the ones they love.
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"The Croods" Review
"The Croods" has a simple story about old vs. new and family. The family must move when disaster strikes and learn to adapt to new ways of doing things. Resistant at first, they meet a boy named Guy, who helps them rediscover the ever changing world. The film tells us to embrace new things with open arms and enjoy all the wonders life has to offer. Not everything new is evil or makes you any less of a person than your ancestors. Family is a pretty central part of the film as we can see them bonding and doing a lot of things together.

The film is a little light on heart and emotions, but more than makes up for it with its unique sense of humor. The punches keep rolling with slap stick, sight gags and jokes about cavemen and their primitive ways. I was literally laughing from beginning to end. The sheer amount of creativity in the film is commendable and I was constantly thinking where do they come up with some of these ideas.

Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco do a pretty good job of directing the film. They give a good amount of attention to the family and each individual character. I really like how certain things introduced earlier in the film serve a purpose later on. If any animated movie ever deserved to get nominated at The Oscars for Cinematography, it would be this one. The shots and angles are so unique and filled with so much energy. The sweeping shots of the landscape and the skies are beautiful to the eyes. The hunting scene early in the film is really where most of this is apparent.

The characters are good, especially Grug. He's funny and a really devoted father, but incredibly stubborn. Nicolas Cage brings the right amount of crazy caveman and caring father to his character. Emma Stone as Eep is also a solid character. She's curious and her design is way better than what the trailers make it out to be. I like how she isn't the typical perfect figured woman. She has messed up teeth, she has a full figure, and overall is not bounded by gender roles. The rest of the cast is okay as they don't do much. The mom is kinda bland, Thunk and Gran provide some of the comic relief, and Guy is just the cool kid that has the crazy new ideas that shake up the family.

The animation is quite gorgeous especially the hand-drawn opening sequence. The desert scenes are desolate and feel very isolated. A great juxtapose to it are the lush and vibrant forest locations. The directors do a lot visually with the film and make everything the characters see feel new to us as well. When they see stars for the first time, it really feels like you're really seeing stars for the first time. The character designs are unique and highly creative. Every creature is completely new and never before seen. Score for this film is actually quite good. It feels very prehistoric, but with a modern flare. It gets really exciting and emotional when the film takes a slight dramatic turn.

Overall "The Croods" is a pretty good film. It has probably the best cinematography I've ever seen in an animated feature. It's highly creative, and the animation is quite beautiful. The main characters are well rounded and the side characters serve their purpose. The story is a little simple and lacks an emotional punch, well at least until the end, but it is effective. Humor is top notch and will keep you laughing all the way through. I give it 4/5, creative, hilarious, and a fun time for families of all ages.
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Not very good.
Laura Sinclair5 May 2013
I was highly disappointed by this movie. Although the Animation itself was flawless. The storyline lacked punch and edge. Litrally all the good parts of the film was in the trailer. The storyline was completely predictable, with the whole, boy meets girl, line flowing through. Even my partner who isn't even trained in Media found it dull. The trailer makes the film out to be an Epic Rom-com. Although there is a theme of romance running through out the script, it was not as funny as the traliers had made it out to be.

On a positive note, there was some good use of causality and a couple of heart warming scenes between Eep and her Father. Emma Stone and Ryan Renolds played excellent role's and sounded completely natural.

The Animation itself was flawless, I just felt that there were too many trailers, which ruined a lot of scene's and made the film very predictable.
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I'm not that jaded but...
tavives25 March 2013
The Croods is a new Dreamworks animated film that takes its cues from the Flintstones, Ice Age, and The Gogs, and tries to be oh so hip and with-it and falls flat at nearly every attempt.

OK. I get that it's just an animated film and is not trying to really emulate the lives of early humans, but I found the modern societal references (and the sheer volume of them) to be extremely distracting, annoying, and just frankly misplaced. A few modern references, maybe, but the amount in The Croods was overkill and didn't work.

Secondly, I didn't know that cavemen had what seem to be superhuman powers. I'm not talking about running from predators at ridiculous speeds (that happens in all animated films) There is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief that is expected.

No, I'm talking about climbing sheer cliffs and and upside down cliffs, and falling (not just once but many, many times) from tremendous heights without getting hurt or injured or showing any sign of doing so. Yet needing "shoes" to walk over a bed of sharp seashell-like thorn.

You expect things like this in a Road-Runner/Coyote type slapstick movie. Here, again, it is out of place and doesn't work.

While the 10 and under set may not be bothered by all this, it made for an extremely unpleasant movie for me.
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Dull, horribly boring film.
xobrittanyrose8 April 2013
I was really disappointed by this film. After viewing the trailer (which looked great) and reading other user reviews, I was really excited about this film. I'd read one review that had called it 'The new Shrek', so I had very high hopes for this film. I'd honestly give it 0/10 if I could, I was bored throughout, barely laughed and felt like leaving halfway through. I went with a 4 and a 9 year old, they fairly enjoyed it but weren't blown away, and by the lack of laughs in the almost full cinema, I'd say that most (if not all) of the parents and kids there were bored and disappointed too. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, there are far better animated movies out there! An incredibly disappointing and forgettable film.
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Exciting, Interesting and can watch with family !
Md Muntaseer Rahman2 June 2014
Watched It yesterday. Liked it very much. I just love how the film showed the evolution from cavemen to gatherer, hunter. funny too. Now, it is hard to find any movie that we can see with family. Adult Materials is every where. I find it more useful that it doesn't contain any of that stuff and safe for children.The story comes out to be more interesting eventually. I really feel pity for the brother. I saw that is's been nominated for Oscar too. Good choice. I am eagerly waiting to see The Croods 2.Hope, it will me as enjoyable as the first one. This type of films will encourage the youngsters to know about history and ancestors form where we came.

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