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edwagreen28 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Simply dreadful 2011 film with Owen Wilson and his pal given a hall pass by their wives. This simply means that for one week, they can act as single guys and cavort with whomever they choose to do so.

The movie then goes into their various experiences during the week. The wives also go into hall pass mode so that both the men and women are cheating on one another.

The situations are ridiculous just like the film. There is a chase by the police, a guy jumping all over their car with a gun whose mother, played by Joy Behar, is the one delight of the film.

After seeing this wreck, they would have been better off if they never returned from their honeymoon.
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Typical Farrelly fare.
mariondowning-427-46934431 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe these brothers are wealthy purely based on toilet humor and breasts (possessed by girls who look like models while the male leads look like old men) - yeah realistic...NOT! This movie was once again aimed at men who don't need a realistic plot. Just cheap laughs, stick material and an excuse to use next time they want to stray...

"Yeah Honey, I need a Hall Pass for a week. It's the done thing nowadays, a movie said so". Then at the end the guys are made out to be loving husbands while one wife is made out to be a slut - after her husband was (as he said) kissing another woman's genitals and in the middle of masturbating her when told his wife was in a car accident. Yeah the only reason he stopped is because his friend turned up to tell him his wife was in an accident- yet men are still on here calling his wife a slut (that's rich).

You better believe men will think it's OK to use words such as "faux job" etc and giggle like girls and ask for hall passes because once again the Farrelly brothers have told them they can get a hot Australian girl - just because they looked at her in a creepy way and got a "Week off".
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Do you hate males? You'll love Hall Pass!
Chris3 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Do you think men are all bumbling incompetents who can barely dress themselves? If so do yourself a favor and check out this gem!

***SPOILERS!!!!*** Did you know that married men BLATANTLY check out other women CONSTANTLY!!!??? ME NEITHER!!! This information had NEVER come up on my radar and thus the fact that this was pointed out several times in this movie was absolutely hysterical! I'm so glad that JB Smoove & Stephen Merchant found time away from those AWFUL television projects that they're involved in! I just don't understand why Larry David & Ricky Gervais continue to hold these guys back! They should totally continue down this road where they FINALLY have some good writing behind their performances!

This this the best Farrelly brothers movie since Stuck on You!!!!!!!!!
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I'll Pass
Jin Maruhashi25 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
One week, no rules, no fun. "Hall Pass" details the golden opportunity that two married men- Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis)- have to wreak havoc and enjoy themselves in any shape or form possible for a full week, and above all, these fortunate individuals have their wives' approvals. What seems to be a once in a lifetime chance is tediously squandered by a morally-abiding storyline that ruthlessly eviscerates any hopes of laughing at the mischief these two vacuously avoided. Even the events leading up to the granting of the hall pass are a torturously slow and painful wait devoid of laughter. When the long-awaited time comes, the build up of expectations for a hilarious ride back into bachelor life climaxes to a loud and noisy sigh of sheer disappointment. It is however, a difficult job to create a comedy that aims to entertain under the promise of showing the wildest seven days known to mankind while attempting to somehow squeeze in a lesson of morality here and there. But if you can vicariously derive any pleasure from quotidian activities like playing videogames, golf and eating at Applebee's with close friends then by all means this is the perfect film for it. Otherwise, save yourself the time and money and discard the hall pass.
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tstrike200013 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't mind movies with some language or some shock value. That's just the times we live in: remakes of recently made movies, prequels, and movies that will do just about anything for a laugh. Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis have some funny moments, but besides that, the male nudity and masturbating scene are nothing original and really not all that funny. There are a couple of other scenes like that, so you get the idea. The standard sexual comments and jokes are around, too. To me, this is just rehashed garbage that's been done a million times over in better movies than this one. These two guys try to have sex with women, but in the end it turns increasing stupid, and a little disgusting more than it was funny as they go on their quest. Again, just rehashed garbage.
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Yet Another Putrid "Comedy"
donjeffries1 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I must sound like a broken record, but once again this horrid film proves that Hollywood simply cannot make a decent comedy anymore. This one has the same things they all do now- tons of juvenile potty humor, gratuitous male nudity (and in a rarity, a brief topless female), and a predictable, disastrous message. The male nudity, by the way, includes a close up view of a male's penis.

As usual, the males in the film are made out to be the bad guys. Two hapless husbands, who are guilty of nothing more than ogling women here and there, are granted a "hall pass" by their wives. This idea comes from their friend, played by the odious Joy Behar, who is no actress and can barely recite her lines. The men are told that for one week, they can do whatever they want, and pretend they aren't married, while the wives take the kids out of town.

In an utterly foreseen twist, the guys turn out to not even be capable of talking to girls, let alone sleeping with them, while their wives are partying up a storm with hot younger athletes. Meanwhile, we are treated to a running gag that could have been penned by most third graders, of the guys' fat friend constantly uttering "I have to poo." In a truly artistic scene, we are treated to this man's fat bare bottom taking a dump in a sand trap on a golf course. Talk about hilarious!

Owen Wilson eventually turns down the hot 21 year old who had been his children's babysitter, her hot 40 something aunt, and the gorgeous blonde Australian chick who had been the object of his fantasies. He doesn't even get to kiss any of them. His hapless friend is similarly unlucky. Meanwhile, Christina Appelegate, as the other husband's wife, does sleep with a younger guy. Afterwards, she says "this can't happen again- I love my husband."

This is the message that has been coming out of Hollywood for some time now- a wife can have an extramarital affair, but the husband cannot, or at least if he does, the marriage is over. We saw this even in Family Guy, when Lois slept with Bill Clinton, but Peter inexplicably backed out of sleeping with his date, so the writers solved that by having Peter sleep with Bill Clinton, too. Ugh.

When the hapless other husband reunites with Christina Applegate, he gets down on his knees and apologizes. "For what?" the audience might ask. He didn't really do anything wrong. But his wife sure did. And does she admit this, or apologize herself? Nope. Guess again- she accepts his ridiculous apology with a canary-that-ate-the-kitten smile. Nice message there for everyone.

This movie was not as awful as the Judd Apatow stuff, or quite as unfunny as most of Adam Sandler's and Will Ferrell's "gems," but it is still thoroughly offensive.
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Truly disgusting
rsol5517 December 2011
The authors are apparently incapable of coming up with anything generally amusing, so they instead substitute a serious of gross out, shock scenes. The piece in the main is a female revenge fantasy - the male characters are depicted as stupid and insensitive enough to ask for a license to cheat, the women with complete unrealism grant it, and in turn the women are successful and the men are spectactularly unsuccessfully. Perhaps he Farelly slobs and their friends are like that, but even if so they shouldn't tar all men that way.

Unsatisfied with vicious sexism against men, they also have to include a scene in graphic detail that states black men have large penises and white men tiny ones, and thus extend to the worst kind of racism. Most likely the Farrelly slobs have a complex about their tiny penises, but that's no reason to inflict this on the public.

To summarize, a disgusting piece of sexism and racism. Unfortunately, since it is left-wing sexism against men and racism against white people, this filth gets to be a Hollywood produced and backed movie.
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Put a pass on hall pass
jtwcnr3 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
These types of movies you can expect a certain level of humor and just chalk it up to funny and put in the rotation to watch down the road. I knew this movie would be middle of the road funny going in, but I didn't realize that it would be this bad going out. The whole compilation of the movie was lazy and looked like a rip-off of a Farrelly Brothers movie. They took a good idea and just ran it into the ground. The movie just looked like it was made up as they went along and with the credentials of some of the actors you would think that they would help but they just made it worse to watch. I thought it was way to long and was hoping it would end soon just to find that there were 30 minuets left and they still haven't begin to build up to the conclusion. The only thing that I found funny in this movie though is that you see more wiener than breast.
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Truly dire
willdotcom794 January 2012
I've never felt so repulsed by a film (and I've seen my fair share of festering turd piles) that I've had to create a movie review profile to warn the rest of human existence about this cinematic nightmare. The title for me, being from the UK, was misleading, the premise is woeful and the characters despicable. The only thing worse is the human, no cretin, who dreamt up this schizophrenic abomination.

This movie doesn't know what it wants to be on an epic level. On one hand it's an "American Pie" type comedy, where you're laughing at how bad the situation has become for a character, and then it's attempting to be all grown up, emitting a deep emotive, heartfelt message about life, love and loss. It simply doesn't work.

I would say it was aimed at teenagers, but what teen wants to watch middle aged guys hitting on young girls? It's cringe worthy beyond the extreme. I'm sad that I've watched this film and have found a new all time worst movie ever.
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The premise is immature an annoying (left-wing nonsense)
the___force5 January 2012
If these guys are so desperate for sex, and if their wives are morons who don't care who they sleep with, why not just go and find some prostitutes to sleep with? They don't even have a enough time to develop a relationship. I am so glad to see that the sense of commitment to marriage is alive and well in Hollywood. Apparently, the point of the movie is to show that people don't really want to be married. Casual sexual or childish teenage infatuation are more compelling than a committed marriage where the wife and husband have remained faithful to each other. If a husband is so immature that he goes around like a teenager dreaming about sleeping with younger women, then he should never have gotten married in the first place. He is a fool who has no clue what marriage is about.
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ooo, a turd gun
bdubington1 October 2011
in an era of burgeoning comedic genius, this is and pair of wrinkled testes floating in a bowl of warm corona light. uninspired and disastrous. everyone involved should be embarrassed. because i need 10 lines for a review, i will talk about something better than this "movie". like being cut with a belt sander, rubbing a homeless man's feet, diarrhea Popsicles, very small parachutes, foot binding, water boarding, being stranded in a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic, being clawed in the anus by a bear. and that is about it. I'm sure some people think its really funny. but its not. if you think I'm way off watch it and tell me. but then you will look really dumb.
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Gratuitous, Full-Frontal Male Porn. It's sad.
ivxoxvi12 December 2012
This movie rates an "F" for Full Frontal male nudity on several occasions that had nothing to do with the movie or plot. I believe they were trying to see how far they could push the envelope. It was offensive and disgusting for an R-rated film; it would've been appropriate for X-rated porn. I am sad that the talented and hilarious Farrelly Brothers lowered themselves into the sewer.

Other than that, however, the rest of the plot was also highly offensive -- two "poor husbands," who want nothing more than to cheat on their wives, who are portrayed more like mothers and guardians than partners. This is hardly the typical middle-class family in my experience, and hardly a theme for a comedy.

They Failed, big-time.
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Mediocre vehicle for pushing porn
lawrence134 June 2011
The film itself was passable entertainment from the Hollywood McDonalds style menu of mediocrity however the thing that absolute gob smacked me was the unnecessary and lets call a spade a spade, porn scenes although this film had 15 rating. The one particular scene that I never in my whole life would have thought I would see passed of as entertainment was the Jacuzzi scene. This is where two naked men black and white rush in to save Owen Wilson who'd fallen asleep in the tub. The gratuitous close up of the black fellers penis -which looked partially erect, made me feel saddened and sick that this stuff now gets past the censors without batting an eyelid.

I mean how can you watch this filth with your kids or parents . I have no doubt as witnessed by the Glenn Beck radio interview with Ben Shapiro

who is an author of a new book about the left liberal strangle hold on Hollywood and this film clearly shows that.

Let me elaborate: Ben Shapiro talks about the director of desperate housewives making same sex neighbours the norm. We have the same in England where the BBC is dominated by left, liberal self interest groups. I'm convinced that members of the production team or the director have an agenda to make pornography acceptable everywhere in our society. The Farrelly brothers should be absolutely ashamed of their contribution to the breakdown of the moral glue of our society. When lovingly shown shots of an half erect penis is passed of for 15 year old entertainment then you really feel we are entering the final age of Babylon.

Lawrence Jenkins London
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Total rot.
thebitterend198118 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This thing is just awful, pointless and dull. It doesn't even have the wit to crazy combo of the Hangover. The premise is insipid, the writers have obviously got no idea of how actual, adult relationships work. Nothing more than another in a long line of mass produced, dopey, incredulous 'comedy' produced for the lowest common denominator. if this is the future of what our comedies are, no thanks. Take my advice;skip this movie. Walk past it on store shelves. If it's Telly, unplug the set and go out for a pint. It's not funny. Not even remotely. It's groan inducing. If you like other brainless rot like Napoleon Dynamite, Mama's Boy, Or anything of that 'style' , a term which I use in the loosest conceivable terms, you may get something out of this. If you've never actually been with a Woman, then the concept of this film may actually hold some sort of allure.
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Highly Disappointing
bob-rutzel-115 June 2011
Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) are given Hall Passes by their wives for one week to do whatever they want with whoever they want. Their thinking is that this will get their husbands to appreciate them more. Is this a good idea?

When I was in High School, a Hall Pass did not mean I could do whatever I wanted for a day or a week. It just allowed me to go from one classroom to another place within a very short period of time. But, this kind of Hall Pass is different.

This has a lot of crude, rude and out-of-place sexual humor. Nothing in here is funny. Nothing. There is male frontal nudity, female nudity and a masturbation scene by Fred. Is this what so-called comedies are coming to these days? Seems so. It's bad enough that these so-called comedies are never funny, but now we dip into almost x-rated dialogue and scenes. There is a place for things of this nature, but in a comedy? I need to find my home planet and go there. This is becoming way too much for me.

A lot of funny stuff is funny by implication, but in here, it's all spelled out for you, spoken, and shown. If you do see this, ask yourself: would you watch it again with your parents, children, grandparents? I think not.

Violence: Yes. Sex: Yes. Nudity: Yes, male and female. Language: Yes.
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One of the worst movies ever
Yonatan Galili6 January 2012
pointlessly crude, unfunny, insulting to any thinking person - this is a total vulgar piece of crap. One of the worst flicks I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Do yourself a favor and skip this.

There's something about "Hall Pass" that feels grosser than the usual Farrelly brothers comedy. There is a joke involving an explosion of human diarrhea, but it's not nearly as off-putting as the film's unlikable characters.

Everything feels forced. Nothing kills laughter faster than trying too hard.

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The same old jokes we have been seeing for the past few years
fortwenty25 May 2011
I really would not waste any money on this movie. I wish I had not watched the movie because I will never get the time I spent watching this garbage back and should sue the idiot directors This is a non stop penis joke and awkwardly explicit male nudity type of movie that fails to deliver anything original tries to force its jokes to happen.

This movie is pretty much for females and bi/gay males as with many comedy that have been coming out in the last decade and a half. Its a cop-out to producing anything of substance just to flip a quick buck. The entertainment industry knows that if they make movies for the girls their boyfriends will pay for it even if they do not care to see the movie because of the roles society has in place for men. However if they make movies with lots of female nudity and vagina jokes the movie will flop because women flip out and call men disgusting perverts for wanting to see the movie. Got to love double standards.

A trendy flop of a bad time. This movie was terrible. Watch if you are masochistic.
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Save your money
chronic_elite1 March 2011
This movie has 2 shocker scenes. And in my opinion, they just put these in to get people to talk about the film. Other than these 2 shocker scenes, the film lacks any real funny moments. It's all toilet humor and dragged on scenes that never go anywhere. I honestly thought they could have done a much better job with this film, but instead, they probably won't even make all their money back. The picture quality is poor, and the story line was lack luster. Save your money and rent it on DVD. The best moments in this movie were in the previews, and while these directors have had successful films in the past, they failed with this one.
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saleemmakhoul9 July 2016
This's my first review here so you can guess how much I hated this movie to write one! This movie starts in a good way, few laughs, smooth jokes but oh boy, it goes down south after just about the first 30 minutes. Cheesy acting, sloppy screen writing, poor characters development and silly silly story. It feels really bad when a movie, like this one, had the potentials to be a decent film but they just screw everything up! And by the way, someone should pay Owen Wilson to STOP ACTING.

I have one and only one advice for you about this movie.. DON'T WATCH IT!
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Review: Hall Pass
Raymond Melendez25 February 2011
Hall Pass is the latest "boys never grow up" comedy to come out of the Ferrelly Brothers. Being the creative minds behind Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary, one can expect a riotous situational comedy with a dash of lewd exposure all while managing to keep a heartwarming undertone that makes it all worth it. Unfortunately, Hall Pass keeps the lewd with a dash of comical instances of brilliance while managing to keep the audience wondering when the movie will finally just... stop playing.

Rick (Owen Wilson, the blonde one who's not Luke Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis of SNL fame) are best buds happily married to wonderful women Maggie (Jenna Fischer of The Office) and Grace (Christina Applegate of Anchorman, Married with Children). But things have gotten a little stale in the bedroom and the guys are helpless but to gawk at all the young "talent" that surrounds them. Darn it, if only they weren't married! The wives take note of this behavior and after a lengthy dialogue with a minor character literally detailing the title of the film, they pave the way for a wild week of orgies and freedom by issuing their husbands a "hall pass" a.k.a. a week free from marriage in which they can sow their wild oats. The boys are instantly excited and embrace the idea without any concern for how bad things must be in their marriage to have brought their wives to this point, but never mind. Free sex! Except they find that it isn't as easy as they remember to meet women leading to failed attempt after attempt to not only fulfill their fantasies, but to even function without the guidance of their wives. Reminiscent of moving out of the house for the first time and instead of mom's meatloaf, you're eating Cup o' Noodles for 3 weeks straight. The ladies, on the other hand, go Maggie's father's summer home for the week and party with a visiting Minor League baseball team and play volley ball and shotgun beer and are flirted with constantly and... well, you get the point.

Ultimately, the film slumps along from one scene to the next, segmented together in a shrewd manner. The film's crippling weakness isn't that a majority of the jokes are asinine for even a Farrelly Brother film or that the plot is overly contrived but that the characters we're meant to invest in just aren't interesting or agreeable or worth a $10 admission. Being a fan of Wilson and especially of Sudeikis, the characters they played were severely underwritten for their talents. They didn't seem to capture the bumbling 40-year-old thinking he could still be a 20-year-old effect and just came across as bumbling 40-year- olds pretending to be 60-year-olds thinking they could be 20-year-olds. Fischer and Applegate were also underwritten and thus made it hard to really invest in their characters as well.

While there are a few memorable moments involving a hipster troll working at a coffee shop and Stephen Merchant being Stephen Merchant for 5 minutes, Hall Pass just does not deserve to be excused from its poor execution.

1.5 Hawaiian shirts out of 5

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Why all the haters?
doomsyer7 March 2011
I don't understand all the haters on here about this movie? I thought it was funny and laughed all the way through, and so did my wife. It is a lot funnier than Little Fockers was, and that is not saying much. It is a great movie to go and watch and just sit back and laugh and forget your troubles. What is wrong with some crude humor? I guess since I am in my 40s, and have friends that talk and act like the ones in the movie, it just was funnier to me...who knows....

I guess to each their own......

For me, I wish they would put out more funny movies like this. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time....
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Its own worst enemy
dsalouk12 February 2017
Hall Pass is first and foremost meant to be a comedy, and that is exactly where it fails. With little to no moments of true genuinely funny moments, it attempts to provide comedic commentary on the married lifestyle and accepted adultery. It however loses itself in this message by getting lost with who in fact wants the pass, the real motif behind it, and in the end, glosses over Applegate's terrible character. The movie has few redeemable features, glossing over unfunny crude moments, blending a cliché trope of characters, and an embarrassment for the key actors. Hall Pass can be easily passed over for anything better.
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Moderately entertaining, but still very far from the Farrelly bros' best times
Argemaluco15 April 2011
I remember that there was a time in which I was enthusiastic to see the phrase "A new movie from co-directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly!", but that was 10 years ago. The Farrelly bros. made four brilliant comedies in a row (Dumb and Dumber; Kingpin; There's Something About Mary; and Me, Myself and Irene), and back in that time, many people (including me) considered them as the kings of the modern cinematographic comedy. However, it seems that the time diluted the sense of humor they showed in those four movies, or maybe, the commercial success impulsed them to "evolute" to a less coarse and more emotional style (which would eventually be usurped by director Judd Apatow and his imitators). Anyway, I found the films they made after Me, Myself and Irene to be insipid comedies with trite scatological humor and cloying emotions. Now, Hall Pass is another mediocre comedy in their filmography, but I found it to be much better than their two previous films (Fever Pitch -2005- and The Heartbreak Kid -2007-).

The screenplay from Hall Pass is too predictable and a bit weak, but that is partially redeemed by some good moments of reflexive comedy. On the other side of the coin, we also have too many apparatus scenes of slapstick and vulgarity which feel too forced. Something which was done well by the Farrelly bros. in Hall Pass was filling some supporting roles with exaggerated characters which satirize very particular strata from North American society. I have to say that the absurd version of the perfect suburban family led by the characters Ed and Britney made me to have some laughs, something which is also a merit of the competent performances from Rob Moran and Lauren Bowles; and I also liked the character of the classic old-young man, which is well interpreted by Richard Jenkins.

I think it would have been more interesting to see an interpretation of the story told by Hall Pass made with the style of films like Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice or An Unmarried Woman, but well, I guess that the political correction has became more important for the Farrelly bros. than the narrative irreverence, so we can expect in here the trite moral lessons, various illogical jokes and forced comic rudeness which already characterize the work from these filmmakers. At least, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis managed to take the maximum advantage out of the mediocre screenplay by bringing good performances, something which also applies to Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate as their characters' wives. In summary, I did not like Hall Pass very much, but at least it did not bore me and it occasionally made me laugh, something which makes it worthy of a slight recommendation.
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Go Get Your "Hall Pass"
jgregg4225 February 2011
Have you ever wondered what happened to the crew of guys from the first "American Pie" movie? After they lost "it" I often wonder what happened after they got married and had kids and moved out to the suburbs. What happened 20 years later when they were no longer the "Big Men on Campus"?

Thanks to the new release by the Farrelly brothers (Bobby and Peter who also brought us "Dumb and Dumber" and "Kingpin") we are now able to see the rest of the story. "Hall Pass" is by no means a sequel in the "American Pie" series but both films did remind me of how most men are wired for sexual conquests from puberty onward.

"Hall Pass" captured America's well known character - the middle age suburbanite male and gave him a hall pass. A hall pass is a weeklong excuse for married men to behave badly, drink to excess and sleep with whomever.

We start the movie with Rick (played by Owen Wilson) and Fred (played by Jason Sudeikis) attending an award banquet with their wives. They think they have the "scoping-chicks-out-in-secret" scheme down perfectly while their wives know what dogs they really have become over the years. It's not that Rick and Fred are totally miserable in their marriages but they think that they could be getting some serious action if they weren't tied down. Fred has even resorted to finding a way to relieve some of his sexual tensions in his car.

Their wives, Maggie (played by Jenna Fischer) and Grace (played by Christina Applegate), speak with a psychiatrist friend of theirs who gives them the idea of letting their husbands have a week off of their marriage so that they can carouse and let some of their male tendencies rule. At the end of the week they come back and have stronger marriages because of the freedom. Hey, I am sure it works in theory.

Once the guys are loose, they have some troubles getting back in the game. They are like two disoriented bulls in a china shop; they neither have any idea how they got there nor how to move around with any tact.

The week moves quickly with the guys bar hopping at family restaurants. They embark on a hilarious golf outing after eating some brownies laced with pot. By the third night they are called out on their manhood by their friends. Rick and Fred, like a lot of guys, talk a big game but have very little action to back up their smack talk.

While the boys are trying their hardest using tasteless pick-up lines and getting drunk to build their confidence, the wives are being themselves and living it up with a minor league baseball team in Cape Cod. As an indirect result to allowing the husbands go out, the wives are also permitted a hall pass. However, the wives aren't as shameless about their newfound freedom.

The movie moves on with many quotable one liners and quite a few shock moments. But, it wouldn't be a true Farrelly brothers' movie without one or two shock moments. Remember the hair gel scene in "There's Something About Mary?" The same goes with "Hall Pass," with a lot of big risks comes a lot of big rewards for the audience.

Should you see this movie? Yes. The actors played off of each with ease. Along with a well-written script, it all came together for several big laughs. However, if you are not comfortable with sexual references or outlandish sight gags, this might not be the film for you. If you are the type to laugh at "American Pie," "Superbad," "Step Brothers" or any other over the top comedy then this would definitely be a pick for you.
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I can't believe this was from the Farrelly Brothers.
scrapmetal722 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There used to be certain elements one could count on in the Farrelly Brothers' films. Of course, everybody knows about their gross-out moments, but their films were also genuinely funny and also had a lot of heart, they were able to get a lot out of their stars, and use unusual locations to great effect. Best of all, they had a kind of daring to create a slapstick comedy environment and then take it into a meaningful direction (KINGPIN being my favorite example). Judd Apatow movies do this now, but I still expect the Farrellys to continue making the kind of comedies they pioneered. THE HEARTBREAK KID had given me a lot of hope that they still have the touch, but in the case of HALL PASS, my expectations are definitely not met.

HALL PASS is lacking entirely in the qualities that made the Farrellys respectable. I had no idea this was even a Farrelly Brothers movie, because it doesn't have their way about it. Even when I saw Rob Moran show up, my only thought was "Hey, that guy's usually in the Farrelly Brothers' movies".

There's nothing about it that stands out from any of the other plastic comedic efforts of the past couple of years, like COUPLES RETREAT or FOUR CHRISTMASES or whatever other rom-coms you can think of. The plot is not unusual, the settings are entirely cobbled together from product placement deals (Applebees, Dave and Busters, "All that talk about arches makes me want to eat AHEM McDonalds!") The movie has a great cast of talented actors we all know and like, but they're given nothing interesting to do or say.

The script needed a lot of help. The jokes just aren't there. The interesting settings aren't there. The heart isn't there. There are some gross out surprises, but that's it. People who didn't get the Farrellys used to focus only on their gross-out humor, but this time, those people would be right because there isn't anything else to this movie.
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