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(I) (2007)

Sienna Miller: Katya



  • Katya : Do you like fishnet stockings, Pierre? Wait. Let me rephrase. Why do you think it is that men like fishnet stockings so much?

    Pierre Peders : They look good on women.

    Katya : Fishnet stockings are a net, and the woman is imprisoned in this net like a fish. Do you get it?

    Pierre Peders : Yeah, and what about high heels?

    Katya : Well, high heels make walking very, very difficult. So you see, nothing would be more attractive to a man than a woman wearing fishnet stockings and high heels because she has trouble walking and she's imprisoned within this net and therefore he thinks she's easy prey. I know everything.

  • Katya : [answering his question]  What makes a man attractive? A scar.

    Pierre Peders : Why?

    Katya : Because... most women have one too.

  • Katya : [angry]  It's been very nice wasting time with you, Peter Peders.

    [she leaves restaurant table] 

    Pierre Peders : [louder, so she could still hear him]  You, too, Cunt-ya.

  • Katya : Do you realize how many men would kill to be standing as close as you are now?

    Pierre Peders : [takes out the recorder]  How many?

    Katya : Most.

  • Pierre Peders : I don't fuck celebrities.

    Katya : Well, I don't fuck nobodies.

  • Pierre Peders : [she's laughing uncontrollably]  What the hell is wrong with you? You on drugs or something?

    Katya : You have to feel sorry for me. I mean, I probably have silicone for brains.

    Pierre Peders : Yeah.

    Katya : You know that bastard of a surgeon must have transferred some in there from my tits.

  • Pierre Peders : Do you want to be taken seriously as an actress? Is that why you had your breasts reduced?

    Katya : You miss my tits, is that it?

    Pierre Peders : Well, don't you?

    Katya : They weren't even mine to begin with.

  • Katya : And in the end, he was a gentleman.

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