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Gave a great overview
Barrett5 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This "movie" gave a great overview of "Everybody Loves Raymond" over the years and gave us a little bit of insight into the cast. It also explains why they expected to end Raymond twice before: I think once in 1998, and once in 2000, but failed both times. It was a great way to lead up into the final episode for its TV debut. Some people may think it was a little repetitive, but I think it needed to be. It's not something you want to watch as a whole: bits and pieces will do for this show. I think this was just for a one-time only TV debut for a preparation towards the last episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond", but it may show up on TBS again, sort of like the equivalent of "The Seinfeld Story". So in conclusion, it was perfect for what it was made to do: put the viewer into a sorrow and giving position for the bitter-sweet ending of "Everybody Loves Raymond".
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A nice tribute with a big flaw
studioAT2 January 2011
As a send off for the sitcom starring Ray Romano this film is lovely. It's warm and includes nice interviews with the crew and the cast. There are some great clips from the shows nine seasons and the footage of the taping of the last episode shows what a family the cast became off stage as well as on it.

The only flaw as others have pointed out is that Doris Roberts is missing from the whole thing which seems strange when you consider what a huge part of the show she was and how many awards she won for her performance during its run. We never actually get a reason why she doesn't appear but her absence does reduce the quality of this film.

I have to admit that the shot of Peter Boyle waving farewell is especially poignant now that the great man has passed away. He was also a great part of making this show the hit that it was. To see him looking so frail and waving farewell makes it feel like he is waving to you personally.

Farewell to Raymond - we still love you.
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jacklmauro23 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
As much as I liked this behind-the-scenes show, has no one else noticed that Doris Roberts is in NONE of it, except for the clips? All the other actors are interviewed, obviously over a period of time. All the writers discuss the other actors as well as the characters, with (I think) only one reference to Marie. All are seen backstage, fooling around, except Doris. Even at the end, when Romano hugs each star one by one at the end of the taping of the last episode, no Roberts. I just find this so bizarre. Heaton, Garret, etc., all talk about each other admiringly and lovingly. No one mentions Roberts, who won 4 Emmys for the show and, along with Ray himself, appeared in every episode. What happened?
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