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Oh God, the horror...
addledsam4 January 2008
Awful, absolutely awful. Had free tickets, but still, I knew better. Of course, all the clichés you'd expect, dumb young adults, scares that come from someone jumping into the screen and sound effects that go "boom" simultaneously, and the build up to when suddenly the main character is the one in eminent danger. Quick cuts of "scary" images. Did I mention the "creepy" music that lets you know when the mood should be tense? Now, add to that a premise that goes beyond the bad premises of other movies in the genre. Possessed cell phones? Or is it possessed ghosts that have to travel through cell lines? Oh man. The crowd I saw it with erupted with laughter numerous times at crucial plot points.

Download that game "snake" for your cellphone, it's a lot scarier.
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One Positive Review (ok, middle of the road)
plumberguy6628 April 2008
Facts: As of 4.27.08 the rating for this movie is 2.9

Nearly EVERY review is negative. The accusations leveled over and over are: worst movie ever, terrible, trash, stupid and the like.

Here's my sad story about One Missed Call:

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon (I live in Seattle) so I went to the local video store looking for a mindless movie to watch while laying about. While perusing the selections I saw IT – not the Stephen King movie but the most vilified movie in recent memory: One Missed Call, staring at me from the shelf. I almost felt it call to me and for a fraction of a second my hand, with a mind of its own, started to reach out for it. Needless to say, I retrieved my composure and hurried away. Having read the reviews on IMDb, and so KNOWING it was something to avoid at all costs, I felt shameful and dirty at having let my guard down as I did.

As I walked a little further down the aisle I spotted another movie: Reservation Road. Thank goodness! Redemption!, I thought as I picked up a copy; feeling once again like sensible individual. As I headed for the front counter, reading the back of the box, it said Reservation Road was something to the effect of being a deep, emotional story. Not exactly the mindless fare for a rainy Sunday! So, completely loosing my mind and throwing caution to the wind, I snuck back and returned the copy of Reservation Road. Then, making certain no one else was around, grabbed a copy One Missed Call. I quickly tucked THE movie under my arm so that no passers-by could read the title and know the poor decision I had just made.

As I made my way to the counter, I made sure no line of happy movie renters were there so as to avoid their judging eyes. Safely at the counter, to throw-off some of my guilt, I made a joke with the clerk about how I was going to regret my selection but am a die-hard horror fan and therefore excused. He looked completely unaffected. I hurriedly paid and headed out the door with my guilty secret.

Once home, I popped the disc in, settled onto my couch and readied myself for disappointment. Funny thing though: About half way through the feature I started thinking about how similar this movie was to another movie I had seen - The Ring.

The Ring, when it hit the theaters and ultimately DVD, got huge, rave reviews. Strangely though, once I, personally, saw The Ring - and after all the hype - was ultimately disappointed. The Ring wasn't a bad movie, in my opinion, but it also was not deserving of all the accolades either – again, in my opinion.

So, here I am watching One Missed Call, comparing it to The Ring and now thinking the end has got to be the reason everyone is calling this a stinker. Well, I got to the end and was sitting there with furrowed brow thinking: What did I miss? Where is the movie that everyone hates so much? I don't feel ripped-off or violated. I don't even feel as if I was condescended to. What happened?

I suspect this was a case of jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. I thought we had are OWN opinions and shared them, here on IMDb, honestly. I have a very hard time believing that the same demographic gave The Ring 7.3, AVP: Requiem 5.1 (which SUUUUCKED) and One Missed Call 2.9. There is a serious disturbance in the force here. I used to trust the opinions and ratings on here. Ultimately this single incident has shaken my confidence in IMDb and the people casting their votes (much like the general elections of 2000 & 2004).

I hope one day I will once again be able to enter IMDb with the belief that I will be able to take away from it the knowledge needed to make a sensible movie renting choice. Until then, I will have to stumble through the video store alone, unarmed and destined to fall into the crags of bad movie selections.

A sad story indeed.

I fear I will run out of room soon so, I'll end here.

Cheers! Thanks for reading.
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So, you are telling me not to receive my voice mails!! Still liked it though.
GirishGowda20 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge horror genre fan and this was coming on TV the other day and I thought it wouldn't hurt to give this a try, not knowing it had a rating of 3.5 here on IMDb. After watching it, I felt it was an OK movie and the plot was very interesting. This is a remake of a Japanese film. I think it would have been even more wonderful to see it in the original version. Also, seeing this film in a crowd makes it into a comedy. So, watch it alone in the dark and get creeped out.

The story begins by the accidental burning up of a hospital and a little girl, along with her teddy bear, is staring forlornly towards the raging inferno. She has been rescued by the firefighters, but she doesn't say a word to them. Many people are dead due to that fire and the girl's sister is also a victim. After that, a girl drowns in her own backyard pool along with her cat. But the thing is, she didn't commit suicide as everybody thinks. Something dragged her into the water and killed her. Her cellphone starts acting weirdly then. Then the director introduces us to the main character in the film, Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) and her friend Leann Cole (Azura Skye) who gets a weird phone call in her own future voice and the date of the call is also in the future. In that she finds out the exact time of her death and a free treat to her own freaked out voice during the death. She thinks nothing of it until she sees ghosts, ghouls, weird insects on other people and reapers all around her. Beth starts to believe in this weird 'miss call - death time' theory after she watches Leann die in front of her and phone is dialling another number in Leann's contacts after Leann is dead. She notifies the authorities about this enigma, but they dismiss her theory. Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns) is in homicide and his sister had also died under strange circumstances (see the drowning girl). They team up together after similarly ominous deaths happen to Beth's friends. They find a common factor among the dead and it was that they all were in the phone contacts of each other and they all had an orange candy in their mouth after their deaths. Somehow, all this is connected to the mother of the girl who was saved from the burning hospital. Can Beth save herself from the 'phone curse'?

I am frankly quite shocked at this rating. Sure the film isn't great, but it isn't trash as many of you are making it out to be. Other than the fact that most of the actors who played college kids in the movie looked way older, I actually enjoyed this. And also the ending kind of bummed me out. You will see what I mean after you watch the movie. The background score was overbearing sometimes and it was like, 'here comes a scary moment, jump out of your seats!' The reason for the hauntings of the phone is quite scary actually. This film reminded me a lot of Final Destination movies, without all the cool deaths and much more fleshed out story. The acting for the most part is OK, not too great nor dumb. They could have just thrown out the mobile or not picked up the call when it rang. But, that wouldn't have made it a movie, would it? So, don't hate it for that and don't watch this with a gang of friends and you will probably enjoy this.

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Bad Remake
alexnader789 January 2008
This is just one of those films based on a good film (the original is wicked), that Hollywood sees as an opportunity to remake and make a load of money off. Please do not help accomplish this ! The Japanese version was based on "what you can't see is scarier than what you can see !", and played out as a highly decent scary movie. But then came along the Americans (no offense, i'm one) which bases a movie nowadays on "how much money can we inject into explosions, shattered glass,blowing up cars,... that we won't have to pay to get decent actors ?". And voilà you get this turd of a remake. Get the Japanese version and stick to it, in it the actors at least look like teenagers, in the American version they all look over thirty. I mean come on, how dumb are we ? (or how many years in a row have they flunked class)
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Not deserving of such a low rating - Worth a watch!
demon-monkey5 August 2008
I know that many people have given this a low rating but I believe that is mostly because many people had preconceptions before watching the movie because of the original Japanese version/origin and the fact that it was a remake. O.k granted it isn't the best movie of all time but far from the worst if you watch it as I did with an open mind and give it a chance under it's own merits. There were several parts in the movie where it does get you guessing and thinking that you know who is behind it but you may guess wrong - I know that I did, o.k it wasn't overly scary but a few moments where it does make you think now that would be freaky, you can see a few holes in the plot but then again you can with most movies.

All in all worth a watch with an open mind if you don't really expect anything from it and give the movie a chance!

My rating 7/10
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I can't believe I thought this wouldn't suck
Ken1234567894 January 2008
***Please, if you have not seen this movie don't vote no on it just because its a bad review.

This movie was so bad. It makes OK movies like The Grudge look like masterpieces. First, the one and only good thing about this movie was it built decent suspense in some parts. That being said, the pay off was horrible. We would always get some bad CGI, a copy off of something that was in another movie(1408 is a clue), or an average death that is filmed horribly just so that the movie won't be R. The character development is THE WORST I have seen in any movie, and thats including all the very low budget horror movies. The detective doesn't have a personality, he's just kind of a machine that spits out dialog. The main character is so stupid, its unbelievable. There have been unintentionally stupid characters throughout time, but none have been so stupid that I had to shake my head at them. The side characters are worse. You just remember them as hot Latin chick, guy friend, and the other friend. Of course, that means you don't care for their deaths. The plot was pretty stupid, they just shove some random crap in their so they could have an ending. When the film ends, it made me mad because they took too long to show credits, so you think something else will happen, but then the credits just roll. And if the screenwriter had a brain, he would know that cell phones aren't scary, its the idea of hearing your own death. But of course, we just have to have a cell phone in every scene, and this ruins what could be some good scares. On one last note, there was a really embarrassing scene that we're supposed to take serious, but you just laugh your head off at the stupidity. Overall, a 3/10
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bunnysareevil4 January 2008
When I first saw the trailer for this film I thought "Oh great, another 'When a stranger calls' movie". I had nothing to do so I saw it with some friends. After I watched it I probably had the biggest headache in my entire life. The dialog was hilariously awful, The characters are very unlikable, the "Jump" moments didn't even phase me. And I hated how they tried so hard to make the whole feel of the film creepy and scary(Hence the 'Scary music').

It takes brains to make a good horror movie, and this one has no brains at all. It looks like were not going to be able to fight off any stupid remakes or boring horror movies anytime soon... If your looking for a good laugh or a bad headache, this film might be the one for you.

2/10 stars.
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I'm dying for a good horror movie!
jaddison3836 January 2008
Of all the atrocities I've seen on the big screen, this flick just might be the worst. Combining poor story-telling, bad characters, and laughable special effects, One Missed Call is pure crap. As much as I hate to slam something with the lovely Shannyn Sossamon in it, I can't stop myself with this. Poor choice, Ms. Sossamon.

The only thing the film does decently is building up suspense, and there are some intense moments. But then the pay-off is so cheesy I found myself laughing. And the story doesn't even make sense, especially with an ending that kills any possibility of reality.

Horror has really seen a downfall in recent years, but this film is the worst. It seems that intelligent thrillers/horror films have completely left the market. With torture porn films like the Saw franchise taking over the marketplace, wonderful movies like 2006's The Descent are rare triumphs. I want more of those. 2/10 stars.

Jay Addison
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One missed call, one stupid movie
keiichi734 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Some tips on how to write a horror movie...

All you need is a young hero or heroine who discovers some kind of cursed device is killing off all of their friends. The device may be anything, just as long as it's something we use everyday like a computer or something. After a group of the hero's faceless and underdeveloped friends die (The depiction of said deaths will depend on whether or not your film is PG-13 or R.), the hero must then team up with a second hero, and try to discover what's going on. After going through old files and visiting creepy old buildings that hold secrets of the past, the lead characters must discover that the cursed object is tied into some tragic past event, usually revolving around a spooky little girl. As the clock ticks down to the hero's own death, they must race to right the wrongs of the past. After the past has seemingly been corrected, the characters breathe a sigh of relief, only to discover that they were wrong, and that someone or something else is responsible for the evil.

It is a formula that has been employed by numerous films, many originating in Japan or some other Asian country. One Missed Call follows this formula to the letter, right down to the originating in Japan part. The only problem is that it seems to know we've seen it all before. The actors sleepwalk through their dialogue, and many times the hero of the story - a college student named Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon), forgets to even react to the deaths of her friends. You see, all of Beth's friends are being killed off by a cursed cell phone voice mail message. It appears on your phone, and when you play it back, you hear the exact moment of your death. The friends are haunted by spooky visions of ghouls and decaying people walking around in broad daylight, until the character suddenly meets an untimely end in some sort of "accident" that makes me think the evil ghost in this movie took lessons from the ghastly spirit in the Final Destination films, as its method of killing people is somewhat similar. The Final Destination villain is much more flashier and complex in its killings, but you have to remember, the ghost in this movie is working under a much more restricted PG-13 rating, so you can't really blame it if its kills are not as bloody or grand.

Now, let me ask you something here. If you knew that people were dying because of a mysterious voice message that appears on your cell phone, wouldn't you just try not listening to the voice message in the first place? This never dawns on Beth or her friends. They try smashing their cell phones to pieces, but this doesn't seem to halt the killer spirit's advances. I don't know if not listening to the message would save your life or not, but I figure if all of my friends were being killed after listening to it, I'd be willing to give it a shot. The movie continues down the expected path, and introduces our second hero, a police detective named Jack Andrews (Edward Burns). He's the only person who believes Beth's story about the cursed voice mail message, because his sister was a victim of it, too. They join forces to discover the truth behind the curse, and the clues fall right into place, leading them to a hospital that burned down a while ago. Everything that we saw happen in films like The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, and the like happens, and not even the characters don't seem to be all that surprised. They go through the expected motions, and so does the movie itself.

When I say One Missed Call follows a rigid path, I am dead serious. There's not one single moment we haven't seen in similar-themed movies. I have not seen the Japanese movie that inspired this remake, so I don't know if the original was as uninspired as this. I will give the original the benefit of the doubt that it had a lot more life and energy than this. The characters all seem to be walking a pre-determined path, and what's worse, they seem to know it. There's nothing worse than when the characters seem to be smarter than the movie they're in, but they're forced to act like idiots, because it's expected of them to do so. The movie doesn't even do a good job of explaining itself from time to time. I'm trying hard not to go into spoilers here, but should you see this movie (not that I'm recommending you do), ask yourself why the corpse they discover in the tunnels underneath the burnt hospital was there in the first place? Also ask yourself how many reality TV shows are filmed live? And wouldn't having someone die on your show live on national television kind of cause more attention than it seems to in this movie? My personal favorite moment of the movie actually comes early on, when the film's first victim meets an untimely end. The ghost then decides to not only kill her, but comes back for the victim's pet cat moments later. Did the cat get an eerie voice mail too? One Missed Call is the very definition of an early January release, a time of the year when the studios usually unload their stinkers that they don't know what to do with. The fact that it's the only new movie opening this weekend in wide release means that it will most likely find an audience with kids and teens looking for a cheap thrill. If you're bored this weekend, and actually consider this movie, please don't. This movie does not alleviate boredom, it only causes it.
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I don't care what they all say, it's got a creepy vibe to it.
Spikeopath3 October 2008
It's not very good, but it isn't nearly as bad as some reviewers here are making out. Personally i found it far more entertaining than drek like Stay Alive and Cry-Wolf, whilst tagging it the worst film of the year when the likes of Untraceable are on the market, beggars belief. Remaking Japanese horror is getting stale, if it was ever really fresh that is, so with that in mind i feel the hatred and backlash for this latest American remake has a touch of "stop remaking already". One Missed Call {Japanese original Chakushin Ari} is creepy enough, from little eerie dolls and grotesque figures to a seriously unnerving ring tone, it works as the most basic of chillers when watched alone in the dark. You will find that Final Destination and The Ring will come springing to mind as you watch this one unfold, so no great prizes for originality for sure. The acting of course is sub-standard, even Ray Wise seems to be the bread part of a camp and ham sandwich, the directing is sloppy and the ending frustrates as much as it intrigues, but the picture is creepy, and for that alone it's far more entertaining than the ream of gorno slashers that dumb the screens every other week. 5/10
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Great Comedy
residentofarea519 April 2008
Yes I know it's supposed to be a horror but it isn't. There are some parts that had me rolling around on the floor. Seriously, there are so many clichés and parts that make absolutely no sense. There's also parts where you think "why are they doing that?" or "why don't they just do this?" Then there's the ending which seems to think that it makes the rest of the film make perfect sense when it's just stupid. Nothing in the film adds up at all and it's just generally very inconsistent. I haven't seen the Japanese version but I heard that it's a lot better if you actually want a horror film. Otherwise, be on the look out for a guy with an umbrella at the end - priceless!
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Remake with unsettling images, horror, tension and eerie murders
ma-cortes6 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The film starts with the strange death of Shelley(Meagan Good) after a phone call. Her friend named Cole(Azura Skye) receives a missed call with a horrible shout which sounds like her voice. Posteriorly she's attacked by a supernatural entity . Beth(Shannyn Sossamon) encounters Cole's sweetheart, Brian(Johnny Lewis) who also receives a weird call. A strange calls are causing a criminal rampage among young people. Beth befriends Det. Jack(Edward Burns) when is investigating the death her roommate(Ana Claudia Talancon), he tells her that his sister was also murdered by a call. Meanwhile a magician named Purvis (Jason Beghe)is practicing magic shows to discover the rare events , being shot by a filmmaker(Ray Wise). Beth and Jack investigate the deeds which lead to Marie Layton(Rhoda Giffiths) who allegedly abused her children.

This spooky picture contains terror,shocks, suspense, grisly killings and numerous creepy scenes. The film packs terrifying and hair-raising frames and a little bit of blood and gore. Dark and shaded cinematography by Glen McPerson(Rambo, 16 blocks). The movie is regularly directed by Eric Valette(Malefique)though displays a sinister and mysterious atmosphere. While the look is suitable eerie and frightening, the argument spreads to the breaking point and the ending turns out to be a little frustrating.

This is an inferior version of the classic Japanese based on novel by Akimoto and filmed in 1993 by cult director Takashi Miike. And is followed by ¨One missed call 2(2005)¨by Tsukamoto and ¨One missed call final(2006)¨ by Manabu Abou and TV series(2005).
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'One Missed Call' missed the mark
texrangers315 January 2008
I am a fan or horror movies. I get scared by almost anything, and I will admit that once I read the plot summary for 'One Missed Call' I was intrigued. My friend and I both thought it had potential. Than I saw the trailer, and was almost as disappointed as I was I saw 'The Land Before Time 16'. I went to see this movie expecting it to be comically ridiculous, and I wasn't disappointed. If you want a good laugh, go see it. If you are frightened by a missed call on your cell phone than you may want to sleep with the lights on, otherwise you should be fine. The worst part about this movie is that it isn't quite corny enough to be considered entertaining. It simply leaves you constantly turning to the person next to you to say "What was that?" because of how childish the plot becomes.
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Has Its Moments, But Overall A Very Poor Horror Remake.
drownnnsoda4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"One Missed Call" follows a college coed named Beth (Shannyn Sossamon), whose friend, Leann (Azura Skye) dies in a freak accident after receiving a strange phone message that seems to be a recording of her death that followed two days after it was received. Not only that, but another one of Leann's friends, Shelley (Meagan Good) had a similar incident before her bizarre death. When Beth meets detective Andrews (Edward Burns), who believes there is truth to the strange events, the two team up to try and discover the source of the murderous chain of phone messages. And when Beth receives one herself, it becomes a race against time before she meets her predetermined fate as well.

To get things clear in the beginning, I have not seen the original Japanese version of this film, so I cannot make a comparison between the two. However, I can say that this remake was quite a mess of a movie, regardless of whether or not the original was a good film. For one, the writing is pretty lousy. The story begins kind of all over the place before focusing on one central character, and that initial opening scare scene was flat-out ridiculous. There are dozens of plot holes scattered throughout the film, and many things that simply do not add up. It's pretty clichéd as well, relying on a never ending slew of "jump" scares to get a reaction from the audience - problem is, most of them are so much expected that few are even minorly effective. There is little to no suspense as well, and I felt this could have been a fairly suspenseful movie.

The second area where the script fails is in the characters. We get their names, but that's about all. They have no depth, little personality, and are really overall bland, even the protagonists that we are supposed to be caring about. The acting was average, but I have a feeling the reason some of the performances lack is because the script was poorly written to begin with, and the performers had little to go on. Shannyn Sossamon leads the cast and does decent with what she has, as does Edward Burns, but neither are anything remarkable. The rest of the more minor characters are even more bland, and have even less to go on. Azura Skye is notable in her performance as Sossamon's friend, but she suffers from a poorly-written character as well. I also had a bit of a problem with the chemistry between the characters/the actors, because sometimes things just did not feel 'right'.

There is some good to be found in this movie though, however little it may be. While some may bash it for it's PG-13 rating, I don't have a problem with that, because it's not a movie that needs to be gory to begin with. I also thought that the general premise was interesting, even though it is a remake. It's a neat idea, but the execution of it was horrible. I will give it the benefit of the doubt though when it comes to some of the visuals and images - there are a few creepy visuals in this movie, and the 'villians', for lack of a better term, were pretty spooky, as was the sinister "warning" ringtone. I thought the hospital sequence towards the end was fairly creepy - that is until we are shown a grinning monster-infant playing with a cell phone in a crib, which was not only ridiculous, but was supposed to be taken seriously. That bit ruined the good that I saw in that scene to say the least, even during that semi-scary attack by a reanimated corpse. The ending was a letdown as well, and I was really disappointed.

Overall, "One Missed Call" is one of the worst horror films I've seen at the theater in awhile. The script is messy, the characters are bland, the scares are ineffective, there is little to no suspense - and the entire film felt like it was carelessly thrown together. It's a shame too, because the premise is interesting and this could have been a decent movie, but the filmmakers' execution of it was poor. Besides a few creepy visuals, I can't recommend much here. You'll probably want to skip this one, or wait till it comes to video. 3/10.
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The Bottom Has Been Scraped
DirectedByBrian11 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Like many lousy horror films, the premise to "One Missed Call" isn't half bad, though perhaps a bit recycled. In this one, Leann Cole (Azura Skye) receives a strange voice-mail message: Her own voice, panicked, terrified, and screaming. Two days later, she dies in a freak accident, uttering the same words and screams that she heard on her cell phone.

One by one, the members of Leann's circle of friends receive phone messages of themselves moments before death – only to end up dying exactly as indicated. Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) witnesses all this but can't explain it. And when her own phone rings, Beth hears her coming demise and has barely a day to discover who is placing the calls and why.

Whether you liked "The Ring" or not, there was a certain novelty to it at the time. Then came "The Grudge", "Dark Water", "The Skeleton Key", and a dozen others. With "One Missed Call", Hollywood isn't just scraping the bottom of the barrel, they're turning the barrel over and seeing if any residue is clinging to the underside.

Andrew Klavan wrote the screenplay, based on a Japanese novel and script. I can't speak for the quality of his source material, but Klavan does nothing to elevate the story to any level of class. If you thought the original Halloween was ridiculous for having Jamie Lee Curtis run upstairs(!) and hide in a closet(!) to escape her supernatural stalker, then Beth's foray into a hospital's air ducts will have you groaning in sheer disdain.

The acting is decidedly poor. But it's not the kind of lousy acting that speaks ill of the performers. Instead, it feels like director Eric Valette actually requested the delivery we see on-screen. It may have something to do with the fact that Valette is a native Frenchman, that his last film job was six years before, and that "One Missed Call" is his American debut. He's reaching across cultural and linguistic borders for the first time, and it shows.

But there's a bigger problem running through the entire film.

Every film creates its own universe. Some are worlds just like ours, some are complete fantasies. But all of them must create rules of operation, including how the spiritual elements function. Even if the audience isn't aware of the rules, the writer and director must have them in mind.

"One Missed Call" creates rules, and then inexplicably ignores them at random. For example, as the victims each get closer to death, they begin seeing strange apparitions. These apparitions are the same every time, and are actually clues to what is going on. But when one character dies in a Catholic church, in addition to the apparitions she also sees the icons of Mary and the Apostles begin distorting into gruesome figures. It may be a cool visual effect, but it breaks the rules and has nothing to do with anything before or after.

That same death illustrates another violation. All the previous deaths have been made to look like freak accidents, but the girl in the church is visibly strangled by a ghostly figure.

I would suggest the rule-breaking is because the director cared more about cool shots, cheap scares, and phony tension. Our evil spirit moves quickly behind frightened characters, heard only because the sound crew puts in an overused "whhht!" to get us to jump. But the spirit proves that it does not need to materialize at all in order to stalk and kill, so why bother whhht-ing around the place? And if time and space are no obstacle, why travel through the cell phone at all? Why bother warning people they are about to die? And why do all of Beth's friends get two days' warning when Beth only gets one? Why drag the apparitions into it? Why list one of the stars as Ed Burns in the opening credits, and Edward Burns in the end credits? – If they can't even get the credits congruent; what hope do we have of anything in between being any good? Instead of playing out the basic premise with care and consistency, Valette and Klavan mash various creepy ideas into the story until what's left horrifies us only because of its sheer stupidity.
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If only It had been one of the first.
Sam_Movie_Buff7 February 2008
One Missed Call does not deserve a 2.8 rating, - it just doesn't. I think most people had an opinion of this movie before they even seen it. Most likely because it was simply "another Japanese remake", but that's unfair. If One Missed Call had been released before, lets say "The Ring" - the movie would have had a higher rating - and better reviews. But because we have had "The Ring", "The Ring 2 ", "The Grudge", "The Grudge 2", "Pulse", etc.. (to name a few) people think they know what the're already gonna get from the film. I mean, I'm not gonna lie and say One Missed Call is really a lot different from those movies - cause it's not. But that doesn't mean to say it's not good or entertaining. I think If you get passed the whole Japanese thing - you will enjoy the movie for sure.

The thing I like about these certain movies is, there is a lot of great suspense. There's no heads, legs, arms flying everywhere - it's better than that. These so called Hollywood "creators" now think a horror film can only be a horror if there is blood & guts splattered everywhere. That's not true. A great horror has great suspense, and One Missed Call delivers just that.
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Better than I had anticipated!
Clarinerd01029 January 2008
Prior to going to see this movie, my aunt and I had read several reviews bashing it. So, we went into the movie with considerably low expectations, which may be the reason why it managed to exceed them. Yes, the acting was mediocre, the effects were somewhat cheesy and we were left confused at times. But for what it was, it was actually pretty good. The nice thing about the movie is that aside from 5 or 6 inappropriate words, it is surprisingly fairly decent for pre-teens. There was no nudity or sex, just a little kissing. Another plus is that the detective is very pleasant to look at ;) Hardcore horror flick lovers probably wouldn't enjoy One Missed Call, but if you're just looking for a fun one to squeal through, this is it. It'd be great at a pre-teen/teenage(or older) Halloween sleepover.
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Tense, Atmospheric Chiller About Haunted Cell Phones
zardoz-137 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
No, cell phones don't kill people in the creepy new supernatural nail-biter "One Missed Call." Instead, a vengeful ghost with a cell phone kills people. French director Eric Valette, who helmed the 2002 occult chiller "Maléfique," makes his English-language film debut and shows strong visual flair with otherwise formulaic subject matter. Teaming up with scenarist Andrew Klavan, who penned the 1990 black comedy "A Shock to the System," Valette and he conjure up a veritable buffet of chills in their atmospheric, above-average rendition of Takashi Mike's scary 2003 Japanese ghoulfest "Chakushin Ari." The original Asian horror film—tame by Takashi Mike standards--ranks only a notch or two above Valette's sturdy remake. Valette's remake wraps things up about 30 minutes faster than Mike's original. A chilling cinematic experience in its own right, "One Missed Call" (*** out of ****) will give you more than enough goose bumps and make you dread the prospect of checking your cell phone voice-mail. Essentially, "One Missed Call" amounts to another of those damsels-in-distress epics, with Angelina Jolie look-a-like Shannyn Sossamon cringing as cell phones chime the same ringtone of death and the corpses stack up. "One Missed Call" opens with a great 'gotcha' moment. African-American babe Shelly (Meagan Good of "D.E.B.S.") and her pet cat are relaxing in their backyard near a Japanese-style, goldfish pond when something stirs up the water. Inquisitive Shelly leans over the tranquil waters to see what is creating the disturbance. WHAM!

She's toast! The kitty meows. WHAM!

It's gone!

Everything has to do with Shelly's cell phone. Like her friends Taylor (Ana Claudia Talancón of "Fast Food Nation"), Leann (Drew Barrymore look-a-like Azura Skye of "28 Days") and Brian (Johnny Lewis of "Underclassman"), Shelly received a voice-mail message that recorded the time of her impending death in the future. Grief-stricken Norton University psychology student Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon of "A Knight's Tale") finds herself up to her neck in dead bodies when she crosses paths with Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns of "Saving Private Ryan") who noses around the same crime scenes. Jack's sister, it seems, died under mysterious circumstances involving a cell phone. He discovered a red candy jaw-breaker in her mouth identical to similar candy extracted from the gullets of the other victims. Predictably, Beth demands that Jack let her accompany him on this occult outing. Things take a nasty turn in the last quarter-hour, and the conclusion leaves the film open to an inevitable sequel. Over the years, the cell phone has become the one virtually indispensable electronic gadget that everybody owns, so it was inevitable that horror movie makers would exploit this vulnerability with a haunted cell phone movie. In its weaker moments, "One Missed Call" imitates the "Final Destination" movies when the victims die. After a victim receives their voice-mail death message, they begin to hallucinate and see grey-face ghouls. "One Missed Call" qualifies as the kind of PG-13 rated suspense saga that scares the wits out of you rather than gross you out with gore.
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Hilarious movie...
bestrob2635 January 2008
This was without doubt the worst and most disappointing movie I have ever seen in the cinema. I'm not a big horror fan, but I figured I'd try this out since the previews made it actually look like a movie. This movie deserves to be on the top of the WORST MOVIES list and can easily be one of the worst movies of 2008. I'm not going to get deep into the storyline, but let's just say it was a funny movie. If you're looking for a comedy see this, because this was the most pathetic piece of trash. This is not in the least scary and the storyline was beyond awful. They get a call hearing their death. They wander randomly around the street seeing weird faces. They die. Repeat. The ending will make you laugh the hardest. I think I lauged harder in this movie than in Superbad. Biggest waste of 10 bucks ever. Stay home and watch SAW.
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A good horror movie rated PG-13
robertallenandersonjr10 April 2008
When I had first gone to see One Missed Call I didn't think it would be that good. I didn't think it would be all that good because I don't like movies like The grudge and The Ring. I had also kept hearing bad things about it. It turned out to be a very good horror movie. I thought that it kept me on the edge of my seat. It also had some great sudden scares. Some of the faces and weird ghost looking people were also pretty scary as well. For a pg-13 movie this was actually pretty scary. I don't get why people keep making fun of this movie. It was 10 times better than any of those movies like grudge or the ring. This movies story line was a little bit stupid but found a way to make it's way up toward the end. You end up finding out a lot more at the end, and why people were getting phone calls from dead people. The ending to this movie was really bad though. I think that it kind of dragged on toward the end. The visuals in this movie were pretty cool as well. the movie could have easily been solved by just not picking up your cell phone to see your new voicemails or by throwing your cell phone away. I did like a couple of the actors in it which helped out the movie for me. One of the good actors in it was Edward Burns, he played a great role. He played a detective who is trying to save a girl and her friends from the things that are killing them. The other awesome actor was Shannyn Sossamon who played the girl that was trying to protect all of her friends and stop the phone calls. It was so intense every time you saw that someone had a new voicemail it makes you wonder right away can they fight it and survive. This was a remake of the old One Missed Call which was a japan movie. This was a good remake and should be checked out if you like creepy edge of your seat horror movies. Overall this movie would get a 8 out of 10 rating. Go see it I think that you will enjoy this one more than some of those other dumb movies that have been out. Such as The Grudge and The Ring which are just flat out not even worth seeing.
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okay, but leaves you guessing.
harlequinladyy6 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When the movie first started out, I thought it'd honestly be the dumbest movie I've ever seen. As I started watching, I had mixed feelings. It was rushed in the beginning (I mean, almost three people died within the first thirty minute time period), and then when it got to the middle, it was so slow and stretched out. Then, towards the ending, it was so fast I couldn't even blink without missing a very big piece of information. The ending had everyone in a fit. Is there going to be a second one was the most commonly thought question, I can bet you. Also, the movie seems so much like another movie I've seen before. I can't recall the name but it was so similar that I thought I'd already seen it before. All in all, however, it was a nice thriller, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Go see it.
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10 out of 10 for hilarity
Feelmywrath069 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If you and your friends enjoy insanely laughing your heads off at cheesy horror flicks, One Missed Call is your film.

It is very hard to refrain from erupting with laughter during crucial plot points, yet the plot is so full of holes it is hard to help yourself.

The back story to the main point of the "Killer Cell Phone" is even more ridiculous than the killer messages themselves.

Also, one of the best lines that had the entire theatre (all 10 of us) rolling on the floor laughing was Beth's line of, "Maybe her spirit never left the hospital, what if she's still there traveling through the phones...(low whisper so the cab driver won't think she's nuts) attacking people!!!"

I laughed so hard I cried.

Awful movie, great laugh
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Another Unnecessary Remake of an Asian Horror Movie
claudio_carvalho5 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After the death of their friend Shelley (Meagan Good), the teenager Leann Cole (Azura Skye) receives a voice mail from the future telling the date and time when she would die. On the scheduled day, Leann sees weird things and in the precise informed hour, Leann is attacked by a supernatural force on a footbridge over a train station while talking to her friend Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) that witnesses her violent death. Beth meets Leann's boyfriend Brian (Johnny Lewis), who also received a call, and witnesses his death on the street. When her roommate Taylor Anthony (Ana Claudia Talancón) receives a call, Beth befriends Det. Jack Andrews (Ed Burns), who tells her that his sister was the first victim of the phone call. They decide to investigate the connections of Jack's sister and find the name of Marie Layton (Rhoda Griffis), who apparently abused of her daughters. Jack and Beth run against time trying to save Beth from her fate.

"One Missed Call" is another unnecessary remake of an Asian horror movie. However, like in the original "Chakushin Ari", this remake has a promising beginning and a disappointing conclusion. My expectation was that the screenplay writer could improve the confused conclusion of "Chakushin Ari", but he basically kept the same. Anyway this movie is not as bad as indicated in IMDb User Rating. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Uma Chamada Perdida" ("One Missed Call")
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It wasn't that bad.
iBeg_to_differ4 January 2008
First -- if you don't like The Grudge or Pulse or any other Asian horror remake, you won't really like this one either.

However, I have to say, it was entertaining through out. Yes, there are just the simple pop-up scares, but some of the scenes were very nicely done... a bit cliché... but still. Death scenes were an upgrade compared to recent remakes -- yes, they were still tame, but however slickly and stylishly done. There is a lot of creepy visuals and creepy atmosphere. The actors and actresses play their roles pretty good. The only negative I can think about this movie is the pop-up scares-a-second.

So all in all, the movie is pretty good. It is a lot better than some other Asian horror remakes and entertaining.
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Not too good of a movie
DDMesser5 January 2008
The problem I had with this movie of how cheesy and dumb everything was. There was a number of times when I debated if it was a kids movie because of the cheap, low budget thrills. The movie does do some good things because I did enjoy it and I was scared at a few times, but I was more scared watching the preview for the upcoming movie "The Eye". If you have not seen this yet, please do go watch it because I did not enjoy the grudge but it got good reviews and did gain a sequel but don't expect much. One of the scariest part of this movie was the acting. The first scene, was terrible. The only good actor, I thought, was the detective.
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