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Sometimes interesting Korean comedy-drama
Wizard-810 February 2019
Korean movies often take a genre and put their own unique twists to it. However, "Mr. Housewife" goes more for a conventional formula that wouldn't be out of place in a Hollywood movie. Actually, that's not necessarily a bad thing as long as the formula is executed well enough, and I think in this case it is. It is by no means a perfect movie. With it following a formula, it's pretty predictable in its plot turns, and it stretches out the formula for a longer time than it should. Also, the humor for the most part isn't of a laugh-out-loud funny manner. But the humor does provoke a lot of smiles all the same. And it's pretty interesting to see how male and female roles in Korea society are depicted and what Korean society's expectations are for people. This Is not a movie that I am going to remember for a long time after watching it - it's kind of fluff - but it is pleasing enough for the 107 or so minutes it takes to unfold, and you'll be in an upbeat mood once the end credits start to roll.
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Not a single missed cliché
edchin200629 December 2009
It seemed a lot longer than the stated 107min run time. When it was a choice of developing the story and enhancing the flow and continuity of the movie, it lost out to the seemingly compulsive need to slip in a well worn cliché.

They didn't slouch on preserving existing stereotypes either! Mom, dad, et al. were presented as accepting and approving the role reversal in the end, but the sense was that – hey, it's a movie! It's a comedy! Mom is mom again at the very end.

It's a light-hearted film with attractive principals, but a tad too long.
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Deja-Vue somewhere in Holly Wood!!
luke-3511 December 2005
Mild comedy about family unity and love. A self-esteemed male-housekeeper wants to prove himself as an acknowledged profession in the modern Korean society.

How-ever!! Even if Robin Williams' "Mrs. Doubtfire" should erase his/her make-up and live in Korea, we can expect almost same contextual result and very cold response of audiences. What rescues this mundane comedy from the group of total busts is veteran actor Suk-kyu Han's seasoned and balanced performance.

A voice for the collapse of traditional family code in Korea is abruptly mitigated at the end and failed in transmitting its own message originally intended. No originality of themes is responsible for no plausibility of social issues in a soft-toned komedie(Korean screwball comedy which is still trendy and popular among many Asian nations now).
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