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Paul Rudd: Scott Lang, Ant-Man



  • Scott Lang : [Surrounded by police]  Wait I didn't steal anything! I was returning something I stole!

  • Scott Lang : [Demonstrating his Ant-Man suit to his crew for the first time]  Now, look. This is gonna get weird, all right? It's pretty freaky, but it's safe. There's no reason to be scared.

    Luis : Oh, no no. Daddy don't get scared.

    Scott Lang : Really?

    Luis : Yeah.

    Scott Lang : Good.

    [Closes his helmet and pushes the button that shrinks him] 

    Kurt : [Gasps, jumps out of chair]  This is the work of gypsies!

    Dave : That's witchcraft!

    Luis : [Keeping his cool]  That's amazing. That's like some David Copperfield shit!

    Dave : That's wizardry!

    Kurt : Sorcery!

    Luis : How'd you do that, bro?

    Scott Lang : Don't freak out, look at your shoulder.

    Luis : [Looks at his shoulder, starts screaming, and runs out of the room]  Get if off! Get it off!

    Scott Lang : I thought Daddy didn't get scared!

  • Scott Lang : My days of breaking into places and stealing shit are over! What do you need me to do?

    Hank Pym : ...I want you to break into a place and steal some shit.

    Scott Lang : ...makes sense.

  • [from trailer] 

    Hank Pym : Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man.

    Scott Lang : One question... Is it too late to change the name?

  • Scott Lang : [to Hank and Hope]  Don't worry, he can't see me.

    Sam Wilson : I can see you!

    Scott Lang : He can see me...

    [scales up, and unlatches helmet] 

    Scott Lang : Hi, I'm Scott.

    Hope Van Dyne : [shocked]  Did he just say "Hi, I'm Scott."?

  • Scott Lang : Sorry I'm late, I was saving the world. You know how it is.

  • [Scott shrinks himself] 

    Hank Pym : The world sure seems different from down here, doesn't it, Scott?

    Scott Lang : Who said that?

  • Hank Pym : Scott?

    Scott Lang : Yeah?

    Hank Pym : You're full of shit.

    Scott Lang : Oh yeah.

  • Scott Lang : [raises hand]  Excuse me, Dr. Pym?

    Hank Pym : You don't have to raise your hand Scott.

    Scott Lang : [lowers hand]  Okay. I just have one question... Who are you, who is she, what the hell is going on here, and can I go back to jail now?

  • [last lines] 

    Luis : Yeah, this dude sounds like a bad-ass, man. Like he comes up to him and he says, y'know: I'm looking for this dude who's mo' unseen, who's flashing this fresh tat, who's got, like, bomb moves, right? Who you got? She's like: Well, we got everything nowadays. We got a guy who jumps, we got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up the walls, you gotta be more specific. And he's like: I'm looking for a guy who shrinks. And I'm like: Daaamn! I got all nervous, 'cause I keep mad secrets for you, bro. So I asked Ignacio: Did bad-ass tell the stupid fine writer chick, to tell you, to tell me, because I'm tight with that man that he's looking for him?

    Scott Lang : And? What'd he say?

    Luis : He said yes.

  • Scott Lang : Hey, how's your girl, man?

    Luis : Ah, she left me.

    Scott Lang : Oh.

    Luis : And my mom died too. And my dad got deported.

    [Scott just stares in awkward silence] 

    Luis : [Suddenly enthused]  But I got the van!

  • Scott Lang : [Scott breaks into a house and reaches the safe]  Oh man.

    Luis : What is it?

    Scott Lang : Well, they weren't kidding. This safe is serious.

    Luis : How serious are we talkin', Scotty?

    Scott Lang : It's a Carbondale. It's from 1910. Made from the same steel as the Titanic.

    Luis : Wow. Can you crack it?

    Scott Lang : Well, here's the thing. It doesn't do so well in the cold. Remember what that iceberg did?

    Luis : Yeah, man, it killed DiCaprio.

    Dave : Killed everyone.

    Kurt : Did not kill the old lady. She still throw the jewel into the oceans.

  • Scott Lang : [after going through the key hole successfully]  Nailed it!

  • Hank Pym : [Hank walks in on Scott and Hope kissing]  When did this happen?

    Hope Van Dyne : Nothing's happening.

    Scott Lang : Whoa, hold on. Something's kind of happening.

    Hank Pym : Well if that's the case, shoot me again.

  • Yellowjacket : You think you can stop the future? You're just a thief!

    Scott Lang : No, I'm the Ant-Man!... I know, it wasn't my idea.

  • Scott Lang : I think our first move should be calling the Avengers.

    Hank Pym : I spent thirty years protecting that technology from a Stark, I sure as hell don't intend to give it to another! This isn't cute technology like the Iron Man suit! This could change the techs of reality! Besides, they must already have their hands busy throwing cities out of the sky...

  • Scott Lang : Pick on someone your own size!

  • Cassie Lang : Daddy, is that you?

    Scott Lang : Hi, peanut!

  • Luis : You know what? I was thinking of a tactic. Like when I go undercover. Like a whistling. You know what I am saying? To like blend in.

    Scott Lang : No. Do not whistle. No whistling. It is not The Andy Griffith Show. No whistling.

    [cut to Luis whistling] 

  • Scott Lang : I love you, Cassie.

    [sabotages the Yellowjacket regulator in a kamikaze move] 

  • [Hank tells Hope the truth about her mother's death and she comes to terms with it, then Scott interrupts] 

    Scott Lang : This is awesome. It's awesome. You know, you guys are breaking down walls, you're healing, it's important.

    [Hank and Hope stare at Scott] 

    Scott Lang : I ruined the moment, didn't I?

    Hank Pym : Yes, you did, yes.

    Scott Lang : [Smiles and points at the kitchen]  I'm gonna make some tea.

  • Scott Lang : We're trapped, now what do we do?

    Hank Pym : Do you think that's a toy tank on my key-ring?

  • Hank Pym : You're throwing 247 off balance.

    Scott Lang : Wait, his name is 247?

    Hank Pym : He doesn't have a name, he has a number, Scott. Do you have any idea how many ants there are?

  • Scott Lang : We need a fake security guard on the inside, somebody else to hack into the power supply, and a getaway guy.

    Hank Pym : No, no, no, not those three wombats!

  • Luis : We're the good guys right?

    Scott Lang : Yeah, we're the good guys.

    Luis : Feels kinda, kinda weird, y'know.

    Scott Lang : Yeah. But we're not done yet...

  • Hank Pym : Do not screw with the regulator. If that regulator is compromised you would go sub-atomic.

    Scott Lang : What does that mean?

    Hank Pym : It means that you would enter a quantum realm.

    Scott Lang : What does that mean?

    Hank Pym : It means that you would enter a reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant as you shrink for all eternity. Everything that you know, and love, gone forever.

    Scott Lang : Cool. Yeah. I'm... If it ain't broke...

  • Hank Pym : I took on a young protégé called Darren Cross.

    Scott Lang : Darren Cross. He's a big deal.

    Hank Pym : But before he was a big deal he was my assistant. I thought I saw something in him, a son I never had perhaps. He was brilliant, but as we became close he began to suspect that I wasn't telling him everything. He heard rumors about what was called the Pym Particles, and he became obsessed with recreating my formula. But I wouldn't help him so he conspired against me and he voted me out of my own company.

    Scott Lang : How could he do that?

    Hank Pym : The board's chairman is my daughter, Hope. She was the deciding vote.

  • Scott Lang : [serves a teenager customer at Baskin-Robbins]  Welcome to Baskin-Robbins. Would you like to try our Mango Fruit Blast?

    Ice Cream Store Customer : Uh, no thanks. Um... I will have, I'll have a burger, please.

    Scott Lang : Oh, we don't, we don't make that.

    Ice Cream Store Customer : Pretzel. Hot pretzel, like mustard... do you have mustard dip?

    Scott Lang : It's ice cream! Baskin-Robbins.

    Ice Cream Store Customer : [becoming exasperated]  I'll just do, like, whatever's hot and fresh.

    Scott Lang : Dude.

    Dale : [to Scott from his office]  Can I see you in the back, chief? Pronto.

    Scott Lang : Sure thing, Dale. Darby, could you just, uh, take care of this idiot? Thanks.

  • Scott Lang : Scott Lang: Hank, didn't you say this was some old warehouse? Its not! You son of a bitch!

  • Luis : [Scott is just released from prison]  Scotty! What's up, man? Dang, hey!

    Scott Lang : Ha ha! Hey, man!

    Luis : Hey, what's up with your eye?

    Scott Lang : Oh. Well, what do you think? Peachy. It's a going-away present.

    Luis : Oh, yeah. I still got my scar from a year ago!

    Scott Lang : Oh, yeah.

    Luis : Yeah. You know what? I'm still the only one who knocked him out.

    Scott Lang : Well, I definitely didn't.

  • Scott Lang : Hey, look what I have for you.

    [Hands Cassie a gift] 

    Cassie Lang : Can I open it now?

    Paxton : Of course sweetheart, it's your birthday.

    [Cassie pulls out a Hideous Rabbit] 

    Hideous Rabbit : You're my bestest friend!

    Paxton : What is that thing?

    Cassie Lang : He's so ugly! I love him! Can I go show my friends?

  • Hope Van Dyne : [to Scott]  When you're small, energy's compressed, so you have the force of a 200-pound man behind a fist a 100th of an inch wide. You're like a bullet. You punch too hard, you kill someone, too soft, it's a love tap. In other words, you have to know how to punch.

    Scott Lang : I was in prison for three years, I know how to punch.

    Hope Van Dyne : Show me.

    [Scott punches her hand] 

    Hope Van Dyne : Terrible.

    Scott Lang : You wanna show me how to punch?

    [lifts his hand up] 

    Scott Lang : Show me...

    Hope Van Dyne : [punches Scott in the face, knocking him down]  That's how you punch.

  • Hank Pym : [watching Ant-Man on the monitor]  Abort, Scott! Abort now!

    Scott Lang : It's okay. He can't see me.

    Sam Wilson : I can see you!

    Scott Lang : He can see me.

  • Hank Pym : [after Hope trains and punches Scott in the face]  She's been looking forward to this.

    Scott Lang : No kidding.

    Hank Pym : Hope trained in martial arts at a difficult time.

    Hope Van Dyne : Oh, by "difficult time," he means when my mother died.

    Hank Pym : We lost her in a plane crash.

    Hope Van Dyne : It's bad enough you won't tell me how she died, could you please stop telling me that lie? We're working here.

    [to Scott] 

    Hope Van Dyne : Alright, princess, let's get back to work.

    Scott Lang : Were you going for the hand?

  • Hank Pym : That was completely irresponsible and dangerous! You jeopardized everything!

    Hope Van Dyne : [Scott sets the signal decoy on the counter]  You got it.

    Hank Pym : Well done.

    Scott Lang : Wait a minute. Did you just compliment me? He did, didn't he?

    Hope Van Dyne : Kinda sounded like he did.

    Hank Pym : I was good, wasn't I?

    Scott Lang : Hey, how about the fact that I fought an Avenger and didn't die?

  • Hank Pym : The final phase of your training will be a stealth incursion.

    Ant-Man : It's freezing! You couldn't make a suit with a flannel lining?

  • Scott Lang : [in a prison fight]  You didn't even move.

    Peachy : Nah.

    Scott Lang : Okay, what if I come in on the left side, right? Just down here. You see this right here?

    [he slugs Peachy in the face; wiping blood from his lip, Peachy grins] 

    Peachy : I'm gonna miss you, Scott.

    Scott Lang : I'm gonna miss you, too, Peachy. Man, you guys got the weirdest goodbye rituals.

  • Scott Lang : Thanks for the hook-up, too. I needed a place to stay.

    Luis : You wait 'till you see this couch. You're gonna be really happy. You're gonna be on your feet in no time. Watch.

    Scott Lang : I hope so.

    Luis : Yeah. And I gotta introduce you to some people. Some really skilled people.

    Scott Lang : Not interested.

    Luis : Yeah, right.

    Scott Lang : No, I'm serious, man. I'm not going back. I got a daughter to take care of.

    Luis : You know that jobs don't come easy for ex-cons, right?

    Scott Lang : Look, man, I got a master's in electrical engineering, all right? I'm gonna be fine.

    [cut to him working at Baskin Robbins] 

  • Hank Pym : The process is highly volatile. If one isn't protected by a specialized helmet, it can affect the brain's chemistry. I don't think Darren realizes this, and, you know, he's not the most stable guy to begin with.

    Scott Lang : So, what do you want from me?

    Hank Pym : Scott, I believe that everyone deserves a shot at redemption. Do you?

    Scott Lang : I do.

    Hank Pym : If you can help me, I promise I can help you be with your daughter again. Now, are you ready to redeem yourself?

  • Scott Lang : Alright, just so we're clear, everyone here knows their role, right? Dave?

    Dave : Wheels on the ground.

    Scott Lang : Kurt?

    Kurt : Eyes in the sky.

    Scott Lang : Luis?

    Luis : Aw, man, you know it. You know what, I get to wear a uniform, that's what's up.

    Scott Lang : Luis.

    Luis : I'm sorry, I mean, I'm good, I'm good. I'm just excited, and plus you're girlfriend's really hot, so you know that makes me nervous too.

    [to Hope] 

    Luis : And you are very beautiful, ma'am.

    Hank Pym : Oh, my lord.

    Scott Lang : She's not my...

    Luis : Hey, you know what? I was thinking of a tactic, like when I go undercover, like a whistling, you know I'm saying? To like, blend in.

    Scott Lang : No, don't whistle. No whistling. It's not the Andy Griffith Show. No whistling.

  • Scott Lang : Maggie, I tell you this as a friend, and as the first love of my life, your fiancé is an ass-hat.

    Maggie Lang : He's not an ass-hat.

    Paxton : Hey, watch your language. Okay?

    Scott Lang : Oh, what language? I said hat.

  • Scott Lang : Yeah, I don't know what you're doing grabbing me and kissing me like that. I was a little surprised myself. I have to get somewhere. I'll see you later, Hank. Really, Hope.

    Hank Pym : Scott.

    Scott Lang : Yeah?

    Hank Pym : You're full of shit.

    Scott Lang : Oh, yeah.

  • Darren Cross : Did you think you could stop the future with a heist?

    Ant-Man : It was never just a heist!

  • Scott Lang : Welcome to Baskin-Robbins, would you like to try our Mango Fruit Blast?

  • Hank Pym : You can stop this, Darren. It's not too late.

    Darren Cross : It's been too late for a long time now.

    [his HYDRA buyers turn their guns on Pym] 

    Hope Van Dyne : Darren! What are you doing?

    Darren Cross : He wasn't any more capable of caring for you than he was for me.

    Hope Van Dyne : This is not who you are. It's the particles altering your brain chemistry.

    Darren Cross : [HYDRA is about to shoot Pym; lunges in front of them]  Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait. You're right. I have to be the one to do it.

    [turns his gun on Pym] 

    Hope Van Dyne : [elbows a HYDRA buyer and grabs his gun, pointing it at Cross as the HYDRA buyers turn their guns on her] 

    Mitchell Carson : Here we go.

    Hope Van Dyne : [to Cross]  Drop... your... gun.

    Darren Cross : You know, I came to the house the other night to kill him. But you were there!

    Hope Van Dyne : You're sick and I can help you, just put the gun - down.

    Darren Cross : I wasn't ready to kill you then. But I think I am now!

    Hope Van Dyne : DROP YOUR GUN NOW!

    Darren Cross : You picked the wrong side, Hope!

    Scott Lang : [smashes through his "prison" and knocks down all the HYDRA buyers] 

  • Luis : Hey, if the job goes bad, you know I got your back, right?

    Scott Lang : Don't worry. It's not gonna happen.

    Luis : [snickering with Dave as Scott leaves]  I love it when he gets cocky.

  • Dave : Looks like Pym's getting arrested.

    Kurt : Scott, we have problem.

    Scott Lang : Problem? What's the problem?

    Kurt : [Dave gets out of the van]  Dave! Dave, that's not part of plan!

    Hank Pym : [talking to Paxton and Gale]  Listen to me. If I don't get into this building, people will die.

    Gale : That's awfully dramatic.

    Paxton : [their squad car peels out, siren blaring]  Are you kidding me?

    Kurt : Problem solved.

  • Scott Lang : Sir, I'm sorry I stole the suit. I don't even wanna know why you have it.

    Hank Pym : Maggie was right about you.

    Scott Lang : How do you know about...

    Hank Pym : No wonder she's trying to keep you away from Cassie. The moment things get hard, you turn right back to crime. The way I see it, you have a choice. You can either spend the rest of your life in prison, or go back to your cell and await further instructions.

    Scott Lang : I don't understand.

    Hank Pym : No, I don't expect you to. But you don't have many options right now, and quite frankly, neither do I. Why do you think I let you steal that suit in the first place?

    Scott Lang : What?

    [flashback showing Hank setting things in motion] 

    Hank Pym : Second chances don't come around all that much. So next time you think you might see one, I suggest you take a real close look at it.

  • Scott Lang : [after his boss learns about his criminal record]  Dale, look, it wasn't a violent crime. I mean, I'm a good worker.

    Dale : No, it wasn't a violent crime. It was a cool crime. I'll tell you what, though. This will be totally off the books, off the records, but, uh, if you want to grab one of those, uh, Mango Fruit Blasts on your way out the door, I'll just pretend I didn't see it.

  • Luis : That's Kurt. He was Folsom for five years. He's a wizard on that laptop.

    Kurt : Nice meet you.

    Scott Lang : Yeah, nice to meet you, too. Who are you?

    Dave : Dave. Nice work on the Vista job.

    Kurt : Vista job, yes. No, no. I have heard of this robbery.

    Scott Lang : Well, technically, I didn't rob them. Robbery involves threat. I hate violence. I burgled them. I'm a cat buglar.

    Dave : You mean you're a pussy.

    Scott Lang : Yeah.

  • Hope Van Dyne : [Scott gets into her car's passenger seat]  Oh, god.

    Scott Lang : You gotta lock your doors. I mean, really, there's some weird folks in this neighborhood.

    Hope Van Dyne : Do you think this is a joke? Do you have any idea what he's asking you to risk? You have a daughter.

    Scott Lang : I'm doing this for her.

    Hope Van Dyne : You know when my mother died, I didn't see him for two weeks.

    Scott Lang : He was in grief.

    Hope Van Dyne : Yeah, so was I, and I was seven. And he never came back. Not in any way that counted. He just sent me off to boarding school. You know, I thought, with all that's at stake, just maybe we might have a chance of making peace. But even now, he still wants to shut me out.

    Scott Lang : He doesn't want to shut you out. He trusts you.

    Hope Van Dyne : Then why are you here?

    Scott Lang : It proves that he loves you. Hope, look at me. I'm expendable. That's why I'm here. You must have realized that by now. I mean, it's why I'm in the suit and you're not. He'd rather lose this fight than lose you.

  • Luis : Okay. I was at a wine tasting with my cousin Ernesto, which was mainly reds, and you know I don't love reds man, you know? But there was a rosé that saved the day, it was delightful. And he tells me about this girl Emily that we used to kick it with, it was actually the first pair of boobs that I ever touched.

    Scott Lang : It's the wrong details. It's wrong... It has nothing to do with the story. Go!

    Luis : So, uh, he tells me that she's working as a housekeeper now, right? And she's dating this dude Carlos who's a shot caller from across the bay and she tells him about the dude that she's cleaning for. Right? That he's, like, this big-shot CEO that is all retired now but he's loaded. And so, Carlos and Ernesto are on the same softball team and they get to talking, right? And here comes the good part. Carlos says: "Yo, man. This guy's got a big-ass safe just sitting in the basement, just chillin'." Of course Ernesto comes to me cause he knows I've got mad thieving skills. Of course I ask him: "Did Emily tell Carlos to tell you to get to me what kind of safe it was? And he says: "Nah, dog. All she said is that it's, like, super legit, and whatever's in it has gotta be good!

    Scott Lang : What?

    Kurt : Old man have safe.

    Luis : And he's gone for a week.

    Scott Lang : Alright. There's an old man, he's got a safe, and he's gone for a week. Let's just work with that.

    Luis : Y'know what I'm sayin'?

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