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spasticaxe21 January 2013
finally something worth watching.huge Knievel fan since the 70s.Robbie kicks ass...Knievel's wild ride was great i wish i could find it on DVD.i have all of evel Knievel's DVD,s,movies jumps and talk show appearances an they sure bring back memories i especially liked the vidio my way that was made after evels death. RIP evel..i cant wait to see Robbie jump 16 buses in england and the snake river jump, he will make it. well back to Knievel's wild ride. i had my wife record it while i was at work, it really shows the planning and preparation for the jumps he made.balls of steel,i am the same age as Robbie and tried my hand at jumping motor cycles as a kid, broken bones really hurt. but i would'not change the fact that i got it from the Knievel's for anything.
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