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Cute Show
Nicky Lee10 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really like this show, it's fun and it's cute. The plots and animation are simple, but effective. It kind of reminds me of a Mr. and Mrs.Smith for the younger set. The characters are all unique and interesting, and are all fun to watch. And not to forget the romantic tension between Delilah and Julius that always makes you smile at the end of every episode. I guess my only criticism would be that it needs stronger villains. The "bad guy" characters are a little weak, and they don't stand out very much. The villains need more of an impact on the audience, they don't give you a big feeling of tension when something bad happens to one of the heroes. For example in one episode they make you think that Julius dies, but when watching it you know he's going to be okay. I don't know, that's just my opinion though. But all in all, I love this show.If you like 6 Teen, then you'll probably like this show.
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Great Show, absolutely fantastic
TobeyForEver7 September 2006
Great show, absolutely amazingly done. Sometimes the flash can be a little iffy, but the dialogue, that constant romantical tension between the characters and the high stepping music is all well worth it. If you don't mind slightly better than 6teen graphics (Some argue the other way, I personally believe D & J has better artists than 6teen.) and appreciate a good spy series, you'll at least enjoy this show.

The characters are all brilliantly designed, from the hippie boss Al, to the bumbling Nosey, from the handsome, charming Julius to the beautiful, intelligent Delilah, to the many dastardly villains, there is not a character that goes wrong. Some villains are a little on the less enjoyable side. I never really enjoyed the Ms Deedz episodes, but only because I found the bad guy was not quite up to standards. Most of the plots were genius, but she didn't really seem up to it.

All and all, very indictable and lovable. Sometimes you end up wishing the characters were truly alive and human.
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More like the X-files
Jeanne Chabot14 April 2006
I would personally describe the romantic tension between Julius and Delilah to that between Mulder and Scully in the X-files, where both are attracted to each other, but neither dares let the other know. Mr and Mrs Smith are actually married, so I can't imagine that the tension would be quite the same, although I have not seen that movie. The action is probably more the Mr and Mrs Smith style however, as in the "Mission Impossible" style, whereas the X-files was not so much action as intellectual (and paranormal). I watch this with my 12 year old son sometimes and I agree, it is kind of cute. It is one of the better animated series for kids out there.
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This show seems like it was written by a bisexual 11 year old boy. Not Recommended.
asbngbgbdk19 October 2016
This show is badly written, plain and simple.

there are too many potholes, the time-line is a mess, the ending is hurried and the combat is just bad.

the show is supposed to be a SPY show but WILL NOT SHOW OR USE A SINGLE GUN, USING BOMBS IS OK BUT NOT GUNS! what kind of retarded logic is that?

truly stupid, could have been tolerable but the messed it up too much.

i thought the show would be good since it had a very high rating on IMDb but for the first time i have been disappointing. it seems like most of the people rating this 8 and 9 stars are viewing it through nostalgia glasses.

this show is the definition of garbage public toilet hobo writing. a complete waste of time.

you would be learning more and using your time more productively if you decided to throw dog sh1t onto oncoming traffic on a highway than watching this show.
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