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Season 1

14 Aug. 2005
The Underground
A missing train full of foreign athletes lead Delilah and Julius to Ms. Deeds and her plot to annihilate the planet and start an underground civilization.
1 Sep. 2005
Fun for All
It starts off innocently enough: all D&J have to do is catch Dr. Dismay in the act of an illegal exchange. But the plot thickens when the scientist involved has possible ties to the disappearance of Delilah's parents. Can D&J stop the good Doctor from spreading a virus among the innocent?
Ice, Ice, Baby
When the world's power grid is rerouted, D&J are off to the North to find the source of the problem. There, they find Ice, planning to melt the polar ice caps with a giant ice diamond, so she build a new resort chain. As Delilah says, "A crazy resort owner? That's a first!"
Delilah Identity
Almost every Academy agent has gone missing! When Delilah finds she's the top suspect, she runs off, with Julius in pursuit. Can the two of them stop the Conman before he takes over the world with zombie spies?
22 Sep. 2005
Mayans Ruined
When D&J investigate the disappearance of a famed archaeologist, Julius finds himself sidetracked by the missing man's pretty assistant, Pria, and Delilah finds herself jealous! After finding a familiar villain sniffing around, Julius finds out the real truth about Pria.
All You Need Is Love
Delilah is contacted by a mysterious person claiming to know about her parents' disappearance. But will meeting with this person help her find them, or kill Delilah herself?
A Dreamer Never Dies
Julius investigates a high number of comas in a hospital, and discovers that Dr. Dismay is stealing people's dreams while about to get his dreams taking away, he starts to dream himself, about Delilah.

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