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Best Show on Much Music!
Elwood_Cooper4 March 2006
I absolutely love watching Video on Trial because it's so horribly truthful! This is definitely one of the best shows actually on Much Music, because it will make you laugh so hard you cry! My dream episode or if I could have these people on every episode, they would be Trevor Boris, Debra DiGiovanni, Ron Sparks and the ever sexy Fraser Young! These four are the best at making artists look like asses!

For anyone who has never seen the show before, or even heard of it, the basic concept is 5 videos are show and commented on by the jury members, who are mostly comedians, or random people, like from bands or people in the general music industry. Then they give their verdict of the video, and at the very end of the show, all the videos are sentenced. For example: Jesse McCarthy was sentenced to putting "may cause drowsiness" labels on all future records.

Truly a Canadian Show that all should watch! In fact, I sentence you to watch Video on Trial and laugh madly!
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My Verdict: Video on Trial Pleases all who would like a good laugh
femaleanimefan30 December 2006
This is definitely one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. The humor is very dry, sick minded, sarcastic, and hilarious. I am one of the only people who watch it in my class which I think is not good. More people should take their time to watch Video on Trial because it shows how stupid stars are and how funny people are. My favorites are: Dini Dimakos, Ron Sparks, Todd Shapiro, Jemini, Perry Perlmuter, and many more. I hate Anna Von Frances because she is not funny and she tries to be.

Video on Trial is a favorite of mine and I think it should go on for a while. Don't cancel it Much Music. It is VERY funny and entertaining. Break some legs people, you all rock.

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RoboGarrett29 April 2007
I love Video on Trial. I was thinking of giving up on Much Music when this show came out and I'm glad it did because it made Much Music worth watching again. It's great to watch the judges take the videos down, even if the videos aren't any good it doesn't matter because the judges cutting them are are so funny.

The best regular judges are Ron Sparks, Dave Kerr, Debra Digiovanni, Trevor Boris, Frasier Young, Alex Nussbaum and a few others. My favourites are Ron Sparks, Dave Kerr and Debra Digiovanni, any episode with one of them in it is guaranteed to be hilarious because their comments are always funny but they also know about the videos they are talking about. The spinoffs for this show usually use the best judges too so they are always great, such as the Christmas Specials, the 1980's music videos and Stars on Trial.

I hope they keep making new episodes since the one downer about this show is the reruns get overplayed way too much and sometimes they have bad judges. Still Video on Trial has to be the best show ever on Much Music.
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