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Interview : The Belko Experiment – Vr Escape Room With David Yarovesky

Have you ever found yourself suddenly enveloped in a nightmare? You must be dreaming, right? Either that, or you’re in an immersive Vr escape room, trying to save your own life while a friend fucks with you from the sidelines! That was the fun, panicked predicament I found myself in when I headed to The Microsoft Lounge to play The Belko Experiment – Vr Escape Room Experience created by my talented friend, David Yarovesky.

The game, co-created by Dan Clifton, is an interactive puzzle which puts you in the middle of The Belko Experiment. You have fifteen minutes to solve the clues in order to save your own life. It’s designed for the Htc Vive and Oculus Rift headsets through the Steam Platform, so you have a bit of a choice. Did I mention that it is Free? As someone who has experience with both headsets, I was glad
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6 Things With Da7e [9/28]

Good Evening. I don't like this writing a column during the weekday stuff. It's not meshing with my Mojo. Also, I closed Twitter to try to edit this baby down to a readable length, then I sign back on and everyone is saying someone has been cast as Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2. I just can't get a break! A lot of us critic/blogger/columnists were at the Toronto Film Festival or Fantastic Fest or the New York Film Festival. Me? I stopped by the New York Television Festival for a bit, but otherwise had a festival-less week. The day job put some pressure on me and I was surprised I didn't crack the day after I watched A Serbian Film and had horrible images burned into my brain. What else happened that was film related? Um? I watched Dave Chen from /Film eat a Shake Shack Burger? Whatever.
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