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Clever Writing ....
Vic_max21 December 2008
Although the subject matter wasn't really appealing to me, the critics and general audience reviews are right: this is a very well made movie. The acting is great, the plot fast-paced, the characters believable and the dialog witty and clever. It reminds me of Superbad - another movie that I would never normally see, but one which wins you over by it's sheer (albeit crude) brilliance.

The basic premise is simple: a young TV reporter celebrates a promotion by getting drunk and inadvertently pregnant. The father-to-be is a good natured, pot-head slacker who has no money. When she decides to have the baby, she's not sure what her relationship with the father should be... and the movie progresses from there.

It's a simple plot but the dialog is what makes this movie shine. No matter the scene, it was always fun to hear what the characters were going to say. Even though most of them were one-dimensional, the dialog made them seem human and easy to relate to. A fast-movie plot also kept the movie moving along - something was always happening and there was never a dull moment.

While there is a certain level of crudity throughout, the movie is generally lighthearted and innocent. It's a fun movie to see.
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Vulgar, Sure, But Certainly Not Stupid.
RabidED99022 October 2007
I've noticed a lot of the negative comments about this title tend to focus on this movie's vulgar, 'stupid' humor. Now let's get one thing straight. Knocked Up is vulgar, absolutely it is, but is is not stupid. Stupid humor is crap like "Mr. Woodcock" and "Good Luck Chuck," movies with no real craft to any of their jokes.

"Jessica Alba fell down!!! Ahahahahahaha!"

"He yelled 'sex' really loud!!! Pssshhahahahahaaheheheheeee!"

No. Die.

Knocked Up, on the other hand, is actually pretty clever most of the time. And even the movie's vulgarity isn't done in an over-the-top, simply-for-gross-out way (cite the fat bitch from Good Luck Chuck). It's what I guess you could call 'relevant vulgarity.' Anyway, the movie is extremely funny. Every joke is naturalistic, but not expected. The movie's characters are all convincing and multi-dimensional, and above all likable. Seth Rogan really does make the movie, though. He is hilarious, but he comes off more like a real nice, frank, down-to-Earth guy. Just the kind of guy you'd like to sit down and have a beer with. The kind of guy you'd more than like to get smashed with. The kind of guy you'd really like to have ill advised unprotected sex with. The kind of guy you'd love to raise a bastard child with. Needless to say, he's the reason the movie works.
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A simple story is made into a very entertaining comedy
se7en18715 April 2007
Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) meets Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) at a bar, they get drunk and have a little fun afterward, then they part ways. That is, until a few weeks later, Alison discovers she's pregnant and Ben is the father. This simple story makes up the hilarious film Knocked Up. I really enjoyed this, it has a lot of great laughs and it also has a lot of heart spread throughout.

Seth Rogen does an excellent job, I'm glad he's been given the chance to be the lead in such a big film. And Katherine Heigl is equally entertaining. The two of them are so great together, they're just so much fun to watch on screen. The supporting actors are also wonderful. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd are perfect together. And I think Kristen Wiig steals the show with her small yet hysterical role as one of the workers at E!.

When people go to see this they'll want to compare it with 40 Year Old Virgin. Though I'm not a big fan of comparing movies to other movies, I guess I'll have to go through with it. For me, 40 Year Old Virgin is a funnier movie, but Knocked Up is a better written film and it has more heart to it. Both films based their story on a simple premise (a nerdy 40 year old hasn't had sex, a guy has a one night stand and gets the woman pregnant), but it seems like 40 Year Old Virgin used its idea to just get laughs. Knocked Up, on the other hand, uses its set up and continues the story throughout the film, developing its characters.

So, Knocked Up is a very enjoyable film, it has some big laughs (I particularly love the side story with the bearded roommate) but its also very sweet at times. I'm sure people will love it. See the movie and you'll get more than just laughs.
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Decent, but I don't see what all of the fuss is about.
B_D12 June 2007
I went into the theater not knowing what to expect, not having seen the trailer, and two hours later I felt I had seen a decent movie, quite funny at times, but I couldn't figure out what everyone was making such a big deal about. Compared to a lot of what passes for comedy in the cinema these days, Knocked Up is great, but it's hardly the "instant classic" that I've seen it called in many professional and IMDb reviews. It's certainly worth seeing, but maybe at a discount matinée instead of a full-price evening show.

Much of what is wrong with Knocked Up is simply an over-reliance on Seth Rogen to deliver the laughs. To be sure, Rogen is a funny guy - he handled the jump from second-tier supporting actor (a la 40 Year Old Virgin) to leading man surprisingly well, appearing confident and charismatic. The problem is that as the film goes on, he just doesn't get a whole lot to work with from his supporting cast. Rogen doesn't have enough in him at this point to carry an entire film on his shoulders, but often he is forced into that role, providing the only humor in many scenes (especially in the second half of the movie). At times it almost seems as if Rogen has landed in the wrong film, delivering clever quips and laughs while the barely-likable characters around him remain too serious. Paul Rudd manages to break this up, taking some of the burden off Rogen, but Katherine Heigl and Leslie Mann's unfunny and quasi-sympathetic characters drag them down.

To be sure, the first half of Knocked Up is great, but by the second half the script becomes mired in slow, cliché drama. Marital dissatisfaction and the loss of youth are interesting themes to explore, but in doing so, Knocked Up fails to establish a consistent tone. As the film trudges past the 90-minute mark, it is sometimes humorous, sometimes dour, often clichéd, all resulting in an awkward mix of styles.

Overall, Knocked Up was a good effort, but a little more editing of the script would have helped a lot. I don't mind long movies at all, but 20 minutes could have been trimmed from this film to good effect.
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Young America In The Eternal City
claudiaeilcinema21 October 2007
As I lived part of my life in the US, both coasts. I was able to read between the lines of the dubbed-into-Italian breakthrough Judd Apatow comedy and laugh. Most people dismissed it at the movie theater in Rome where I saw it. Thought it was vulgar and old hat. Vulgar? The Italians of the Massimo Boldi comedies thought it was vulgar?! "Knocked Up", besides making me laugh out loud and amusing me no end taught me a really important cultural lesson. We, in Italy, ride a very high (non existent) horse. I think the time has come for us to get off the horse and start looking at ourselves for what we really are - like we used to in Dino Risi, Pietro Germi and Mario Monicelli's films. "Knocked Up" is ultra sophisticated and yet, it reached a vast audience in the States because the sophistication is so amazingly smart. Seth Rogen is a real find. His eyes when he realizes Katherinre Heigl is going to stay with him that first and fatal night made me fall in love with his unlikely character. Katherine Heigl is another incredible discovery. Superb and stunning and classy to boot. Now, all this praise and I haven't even seen it in its original English version. I can't wait.
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No Pregnant Pauses in A Sharp, Often Hilarious Character-Driven Comedy with Loads of Heart
EUyeshima2 June 2007
Probably because there is something fundamentally poignant about watching people you deem hopeless stumbling toward responsibility, this movie reminds me of the old Natalie Wood/Steve McQueen dramedy, 1963's "Love With the Proper Stranger", about a Macy's salesgirl who gets impregnated by a ne'er-do-well jazz musician during a one-night stand and then tracks what happens afterward. However, this is the 21st century, and the girl is now an interviewer on E!, and the guy is a very non-McQueen-like slacker in this uproarious and quite humane 2007 comedy, the latest work from writer/director Judd Apatow ("The 40-Year-Old Virgin"). In both comedies, he manages an amazing balancing act between a raunchy, post-frat hilarity and a shrewdly observed social commentary. Yet, there is no discernible fluctuation in the humor or the genuinely good spirit the films generate. Blessedly free of exhausting crescendo moments, the dialogue has a nice ramshackle feel and so do the characters. You really feel you want to know what happens to them after the film ends.

The story looks at the outset like your standard Hollywood opposites-attract rom-com as it centers on the burgeoning relationship between Ben Stone, the perfectly named definition of a slacker, and Alison Scott, the beautiful entertainment reporter. They meet at a trendy LA bar where she is celebrating her promotion to on-air personality. Ben buys her a beer, and she is impressed enough by his unexpected chivalry to keep him company. One thing leads to another, and you can guess the rest. But what you can't guess so easily is how these characters respond to the situation and to each other. There is also a surrounding gallery of characters offering their own opinions about what is developing, in particular, Alison's acerbic older sister Debbie, who is facing a crisis of her own as the control-freak wife of passively dissatisfied husband Pete. Their story intertwines nicely with the main plot line to the point where each makes the other more resonant.

Familiar faces from "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" return in this movie beginning with Seth Rogen, who proves he can carry a movie as Ben. Despite outward appearances to the contrary, his shaggy-dog demeanor and sometimes piercing self-deprecation provide much of the heart in the picture. As a last-minute substitute for Anne Hathaway, Katherine Heigl proves she can translate her natural likability on "Grey's Anatomy" to the big screen with ease. As Alison, she shows herself to be the rare actress who can be drop-dead gorgeous, smartly aware and genuinely non-judgmental. Apatow's wife Leslie Mann, who memorably demanded French toast while driving drunkenly through LA in "Virgin", is terrific as Debbie, an often-irritating mass of neuroses whom you somehow like despite herself. She has a great self-revelatory scene with a bouncer outside the same bar we see at the beginning. Paul Rudd plays Pete in his deceptively casual manner with a standout scene stoned in a Vegas hotel room.

Harold Ramis has a nice small scene as Ben's proud dad, while Ben's friends are an assortment of slacker-types played out like a well-tuned improv troupe. My one complaint about the film is just some of the sluggish pacing toward the last third of the film, the same problem I had with "Virgin". A running time of 129 minutes seems a bit long for the story being told here, though the birthing scene is hilariously executed, in particular, a scene-stealing bit by Ken Jeong as the passive-aggressive gynecologist called on to deliver the baby at the last minute. One other minor irritant are the deliberate references to "Virgin" in some of the dialogue between Ben and Pete. Regardless, this is one smart, heartfelt character-driven farce that far exceeded my expectations.
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Best Judd Apatow work since Freaks & Geeks
kenyaspacey-120 April 2007
I saw this recently and left with a stomach ache from laughing so hard. I watched 40 Year Old Virgin again to make a fair assessment, and i found this to be funnier. Don't get me wrong, I love all of Judd Apatow's work, but this to me was the best thing since Freaks & Geeks. Apatow has a brilliant way of letting the audience get to know all of the characters(anyone who has seen his stuff will know that it is a lot and usually the same people)which gives you the feeling that you are a part of what's going on, and makes you interested. By now, I am sure everyone is familiar with the plot summary. Couple meets, hooks up and surprise she's pregnant. I find it amusing that some of the previous comments mention that it it such an unbelievable concept. Well of course it is, it's a movie!!! But come on, is it not entirely true that someone would hook up on a celebratory night out with someone they normally wouldn't? Of course they would! Thus, the meeting of Alison( Ketherine Heigl) and Ben (Seth Rogen)seems so genuine and awkward. The aftermath is the best part though. Since this is a movie, trying to make the best out of a bad situation is a given. The getting to know someone AFTER they have gotten you pregnant, meeting family and friends, realizing the many differences you have, etc. All of this is explored is very realistic fashion, especially the emotion and the trying to have sex while six months along!! Of course the whole thing can't be comedy. With so many other characters to help take the focus off the main two, there will be parts of the story that are more "serious". True is the case towards the end with Alison's sister (Leslie Mann) and her husband (Paul Rudd) having a falling out. This is a very nice, but what seems eternally long, scene about the importance of understanding in a relationship. Could that be the moral of our story Alison and Ben, understanding and acceptance? I think so. Naturally the only thing left is birth and the happily ever after. The hospital scene is definitely NOT for the squeamish. I really hope those parts are not cut from the movie, because they received some of the most reactions. I found this whole seen to be painfully realistic, more so than any other movie has dared to be. Finally, the happy ending is upon us and the closing credits are filled with family snapshots and even childhood photos of cast and crew, very cute. So to you the potential viewer I say that this is an exceptional comedy. It is definitely the funniest thing I have seen this year. I will definitely be seeing it again to see all the parts I missed while laughing. And I must say I was absolutely delighted to see both Martin Starr (do NOT leave the theater during the scenes with his girlfriend) and Loudon Wainwright. Put one more in the win column for Judd Apatow.
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snow0r20 August 2007
Knocked Up is a comedy about pregnancy, love, and marriage, that has far more intelligence and emotional depth to it than somewhat its flippant title would suggest. Ben (Rogen) is a layabout bum who lives with his stoner friends, "working" on a celebrity porn movie website. Alison (Heigl) has just been promoted at E!, and when she heads out to celebrate, their worlds collide with disastrous and of course hilarious consequences.

The comedy is clever and insightful, loaded with little self-referential moments and pop culture references (the Munich one is particularly awesome), and while it occasionally veers toward the puerile, the movie's subject matter ensures that the humour remains considered and intelligent for the most part. The performances are outstanding, but not just in terms of comic timing. Rogen appears built for this sort of balanced role as he realises that he has to grow up to meet the challenges of relationships and parenthood, and Heigl is just as effective as she learns to accommodate Ben's lifestyle and releases her grip on her career. The support from Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann is also brilliant. While their conflict-ridden marriage doesn't make them the greatest of role models for Ben and Alison, it certainly provides lots of laughs, and the clashes between Mann's overly paranoid Debbie and Rudd's laid-back Pete provide an interesting projection of how Ben & Alison's relationship could turn out.

The Rudd & Rogen moments make for some of the movie's better lines, but their humour is finely balanced with that emotional depth that I mentioned before, making the characters far more than punchline machines, which benefits the movie immeasurably. The awkward intimacy of Ben & Alison's almost-forced relationship also provides touching and comic moments, as Apatow examines what happens "when life doesn't care about your plan". Even the serious, emotional scenes are laced with a sort of ironic, bittersweet humour, which again gives the characters a sense of realism but also makes the movie that bit more comfortable and reassuring.

A subject that could have been treated with a crass touch, Apatow remains in tune with his previous effort, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and chooses to focus on the impact the pregnancy has on the lives of the characters, allowing their actions and interactions to create the comedy as they come to terms with their new situation. His light touch makes Knocked Up touching, insightful, and very, very, funny.
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Repugnant in Every Sense of the Word
Casablanca37844 June 2007
Absolutely disgusting. It has to be one of the lousiest movies I ever saw. Maybe the teens dig it as well as the early '20s crowd and why not? Doesn't their lexicon demand the noun F--- or the adjective F-----G in every sentence?

The gist of this mess is that a guy who needs a shave throughout the entire torture--a guy who doesn't work but instead hangs out with a group of potheads working on developing a raunchy website--a guy named Ben Stone played by Seth Rogen is lucky enough to have a one night stand with a most attractive TV personality called Alison Scott played by Katherine Heigl and an ACCIDENTAL pregnancy develops. Now what in the world Alison sees in Ben is beyond comprehension but too much liquor does odd things.

The rest of this abomination for a film centers around the pregnancy and the interaction of Ben's bum friends as well as Alison's classy gal pals. And the payoff is a few perfect shots of Alison's bare genitalia in less than comfortable circumstances.

The premise of the film is raunchy. The language is filthy. The whole drug scene is abominable. I estimate the picture is 30 minutes too long. Newspaper columnists are giving this excuse for a movie four stars? It's impossible to believe yet I must because there wasn't an empty seat in the entire theater. There would have been one in a half hour had I been able to get a refund.
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I can see what people admire and praise about it - but I think some are going too far.
MovieAddict20169 August 2007
"Knocked Up" is a well-made, enjoyable comedy about the consequences of an unprotected one-night stand. It has dual lessons for its lead characters: Seth Rogen has to learn to grow up and accept responsibility and Katherine Heigl has to choose between a professional life as a television interviewer or a possibly less rewarding (as she sees it) life as a stay-at-home mom.

And because it's Judd Apatow, he handles the sex gags carefully and with enough maturity that it doesn't become another stale sex comedy. But I think some people jumping on the Apatow bandwagon are so eager to praise him as the "Savior" of the sex-comedy genre that they are overlooking some of the film's flaws.

First of all, if we're going to be picky, the comedy isn't very consistent. Which is OK - I'd prefer it that way - but when you see reviews touting it as "the funniest movie of the year," expectations can't help but build.

I didn't think the acting was as good as in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." Seth Rogen is a great supporting actor - but I find him rather irritating as a lead character. His revelation at the end of the film, too, isn't very believable - they spend so much time focusing on his life as a slacker that the transition between him being a man-child and accepting responsibility is as realistic as a "Rocky" training montage; he has a heartfelt talk with his dad (Harold Ramis) and suddenly he's 100% willing to become committed. Okay.

I'm not a big Heigl fan, but she fit the role well here. Paul Rudd was the real scene-stealer, though. But he's thrown off-balance by the casting of Apatow's wife - can he PLEASE stop putting her in all his movies? She can't act.

Overall, this is an OK comedy - better than most of its genre - and the drama is more realistic than most sex comedies, but some people were so willing to jump on it as a "masterpiece" of its genre before it even came out that the hype just killed it for me.
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cannot stand this movie
nayoungthegem21 July 2007
This was one of the most annoying movie that i ever saw. Couldn't stand the ill written plots and lines. very cliché and unrealistic and not even very funny after fifteen minutes. too many f*** words and after the movie, i think the title should be 'f***ed up. This girl has the same face with the same kinda whining & innocent look during the whole movie. The movie was way too long and the flow doesn't go very smoothly. It has a mixture of little bits of things. What I don't get it is why this gorgeous girl with a shiny future will go for this guy. and the situation of the sister didn't get blended very well either. Please do not waste a dime on this movie.
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Just hit 60 minutes.....I haven't laughed yet
LoveGoodFlicks13 September 2007
I'm obviously getting old and wise....

Love Heigl, but sorry these two have no chemistry and there's just no laughs!! While the Stone character is a nice guy I can't see Heigl falling in love with him because he's sweet...and the premise that falling preggers and the guy will do the right thing is not really based in this day and age.

I don't know who did the marketing on this one but they were worth every penny...because the movie certainly doesn't deliver.

If you haven't seen this wait for it to be on's not worth buying the DVD.
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Judd Apatow is simply a genius
kirk-24613 May 2009
I liked Judd Apatow's first comedy,'The 40-Year Old Virgin'.When it comes to comedy,Judd knows exactly how to make people laugh until they beg him to make another movie.'Knocked Up'isn't just funny.It's a smart and refreshing movie that actually teaches a lesson:make sure you wear a condom when you have sex with a woman.But if you want a child,then do whatever that floats in your mind.The one thing that I probably dislike about the movie is it's running time.Even you probably wouldn't want to watch a really funny movie that lasts 129 minutes.But its definitely worth it when it comes to 'Knocked Up' and Judd Apatow.Grab some popcorn,get some friends,and laugh your butt off at this funny and brilliant comedy if you haven't already.
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Sickening, Grotesque, Awful, and Disgusting Waste of Time and Money!!!
JeepJefe28 June 2007
Do not spend your $8 or $10 on this movie. Save it for gas money. Do not rent it. Do not add it to your Netflix or Blockbuster queues. Do not buy it at a yard sale for 50 cents. Do not even acknowledge that it exists. Be ashamed that you are even looking it up on here because this movie is hideous. It is one of the worst movies I have seen in many, many years.

After hearing how "outrageously funny" this movie was both from acquaintances and on the Ellen Degeneres show, I was at least curious to see it -- to find out about all the hype for myself. I (stupidly) invited some co-workers to see this movie and sat in horror for seemingly never-ending minutes watching an essential soft-core porn flick slap me in my face with vulgarity, obscenity, and sexual insult.

I was absolutely mortified to watch this movie with my friends on either side. I was made so uncomfortable by the never-ending use of the F*** word, the totally tasteless, not at all held back sex scenes, and the nauseating dialogue used to insult people or to refer to body parts. I am no idiot. I know these words exist -- I know people use them -- I know it is Hollywood -- I know some people just don't care or don't let it bother them -- I know some would say I should lighten up and just stay at home reading my Bible or something -- but this was ridiculous. I can tolerate cursing. I can tolerate sex scenes. I do plenty of both of those things myself in my life. But this movie was constant, extreme cases of both to the point that I was breaking out in cold sweats and wanting to leave the theater. I have never been this uncomfortable in a film... never.

And the "outrageous funny" parts... well, let's just say I am still wondering where they were. Two... that's right... only two one-minute scenes tops made me chuckle. I was almost embarrassed to even find them funny considering how horrendous the rest of the movie was.

If you are a parent, do not (do not) (do not) (do not) let your teenage child watch this movie if you can help it. It is nothing I even wanted to see myself -- I would never want it to influence a minor. It's awful. It's awful. And, while I'm at it, it's awful.

Please do me a favor and go see "The Waitress" with Felicity or I mean Kerri Russell for a much better movie experience.
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Funniest Movie of the Year
mz15 March 2007
I was non-stop laughing the entire movie. I saw one of the first advanced screenings, so hopefully they don't take too many good scenes out. There were tons of established actors in the film, who each added their own special something to the film. It is a great piece of screen writing. If you are looking for a serious drama look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a great comedy similar to Happy Gilmore, Old School or 40 year old virgin, look no further. Sure the plot line may be a little bit of a stretch, but no more than any of the movies mentioned above, and those were all classics. I highly recommend the film. If you like comedies, you'll love it!
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A daily comment from Midget Emma: Knocked Up (2007)
I went into this movie thinking it was going to be another teen movie. But it wasn't this was more for the adults. It was funny, it was heartwarming and it had great performances.

This had jokes that seem like they took along time to write. Some of them i was sitting and then i yelled "oh i get it".

The guys who played Ben stones friends were excellent. They had some of the funniest moments.

I have to give a mention to Apatows kids. They were hilarious.

There were some unexpected moments that made it even more hilarious. It is definitely worth seeing. I recommend.

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AWESOME MOVIE!!! If you are twelve
TheTwistedLiver3 November 2007
After my friends, who I consider moderately intelligent, raved about this movie for weeks, I decided to rent It, hey why not? I'd give it a shot. The movie was a total rip off, not funny, waste of time. The underlying premise is not believable, thus every thing that happens after the initial one night stand is pointless. I don't know what star system these characters live in, but I have been to many bars and have never seen a girl that looks like Kathryn Heigl go home with a guy who looks like Seth Rogen after just meeting him at a bar no matter how drunk or how much tic she has snorted previously that evening to have unprotected sex on a one night stand. How stupid and desperate is this girl? and on top of that we are supposed to believe she is an otherwise intelligent A-type personality who has it together who just made a mistake? For a guy who looks like Seth Rogen, knocking up that girl and having her keep the baby is the equivalent to winning countless scratch and win one dollar lotteries. On top of that, no women I know are dying to go out with fat, unemployed, pot heads, no matter how funny and how big their jew-fro is or how many stains they have on their shirts, I know this because that is what I look like. It's just a movie you may say, NO this was an insult to everyones intelligence involved in the film, watching the film or citizen of any country where this went to number one. On top of all this, we have a scene of Ryan Seacrest losing it off camera, like we are getting a glimpse into his non American Idol real personality, WHO THE $$$$ CARES ABOUT SEACREST? This was weird and not funny, edgy or smart. The scene with the bouncer was awkward and strange, I don't know what they were going for but in the world I live in you don't call someone a "Faggot" for doing their job and if you do you deserve to be pimp slapped. The only good thing about this film that I did enjoy was it strangely resembled watching a car wreck or trainwreck, it was mildly entertaining to see how low it would sink which too me I can go to a kindergarten class during recess and watch the kids play outside in the mud and get the same effect for free. His friends were lame and uninteresting, countless jokes about one of them having a beard, wow, lets think of how many times we can come up with different names to call a guy with a beard that is so funny! The Asian girl who was laughing at everything was unlike any stoner I ever knew, and I've know hundreds, The dialog which was supposed to pass for edgy or witty was just plain stupid and embarrassing, not embarrassing as in the Amish would blush, but embarrassing in the way that if you have more than a modula oblongata operating your bodily functions, and have conscious thought, you are sad and stunned that humans can pass this off as conversation. these are the types of people I have gone my entire life trying to avoid why would I want to watch a two hour movie with them? I'm amazed that this film made so much money, truly what passes for humor in this country is unbelievable. I'm moving to Canada as soon as I can find a time machine to take me back to 1977 when SCTV is just beginning and Saturday night Live is peaking. Truly we have lost our comedic way
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Knocked Up's score should be knocked down
markballa2312 September 2007
The sole reason I decided to see this movie was because of it's high score on IMDb, and to say I was disappointed after it's conclusion would be an understatement. I caught myself laughing only a few times in the movie, and the overall message the film sends to it's viewers is irresponsible to say the least.

There is no plot development or cleverness in the story and the constant bantering between Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl is the equivalent to third grade dialogue. The movie offers no general direction to Katherine's journey through pregnancy and continuity of the movie spirals into random scene after random scene. The only saving grace to the movie was that of Seth Green and Paul Rudd's ability to play off each other in what seemed to me to be natural chemistry, but still wasn't as good as how the tandem performed in 40 Year Old Virgin.

Finally, the believability of Katherine Haigl's character choosing to have the baby with such a loser as Seth Rogan's character is laughable to say the least. The option of abortion is downplayed in the movie, and the whole wild ride that these two strangers venture together is as improbable and disjointed as it gets. This is honestly the most over-rated movie I've ever seen.
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Terrible, Crude, Disgusting--waste of time
wagedave10 June 2007
Don't waste your time. The plot is very weak, most unlikely, every other word is a cuss word, distasteful, bad! Don't waste your time. The only good thing about the movie is there are many very good actors wasting their time! Too bad they didn't have a decent script! I wanted to walk out too but hoped that it would get better. It did a tiny bit at the end but not worth the long long wait. We loved the 40 Year Old Virgin but this stinks!! I just felt sick when I left the theater. What kind of a message does this send to our young viewers and people from out of this country. This is not the way people really are. These actors portrayed pretty much everyone was worthless, stupid, lazy and disgusting!
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Highly overrated.
mirkea16 June 2007
Based on it's rating I was expecting to see a good movie, if not a brilliant one.

Unfortunately the movie was awful...

The story is simple yet it lacks credibility on some points, the main characters have no chemistry, and to top it all up it doesn't have any really funny moments.

The actors seemed fit for this movie but they didn't pull it off. Or maybe it was the story behind the movie. Or the script lacked any depth. Or maybe all of the above are the reasons why this movie is such a failure...

All I know is that Knocked Up is bad as a comedy and even worse as a romantic movie.

So do yourself a favor and skip this one...

You won't regret it
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just not as funny as I thought it would be
Ed-901 July 2007
I just don't find people constantly screaming "f--- you!" (or at times, omitting the "you") very funny in itself. The characters' intensity was very draining, directed at each other, at those they loved, at perfect strangers, or at themselves. The characters had no obvious means of support, nor did they have any jobs or occupation, or family commitments. They seemed to caricature the oldest California stereotypes.

But to me, what was most discomforting was the anti-Muslim "banter" early in the film by the group of boys (men?) who had been clearly identified as being Jewish several times in the film. Maybe that was to give it a certain "edginess" that unrelenting sexual references no longer provide? Anyway, I found the movie to be unbelievable and tedious, and I waited out the last 10 minutes in the lobby.
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WARNING: Walk Out Early -- It Only Get's Worse
x_file20007 July 2007
If you are trying to get out of a bad relationship, or find humor in masturbation and doping, or enjoy throwing up on yourself, this is a must movie to see. Have a few beers or some hits ahead of time, and it will be even funnier. Go with your college buddies, your ex-best friend, an acquaintance working his way through the criminal justice system, anyone, just someone who will turn a blind eye to all reality and laugh at any gross image and remark and I swear (you'll hear a lot by the way!) you'll have a wonderful time. I won't give you the story line, as others already have. A funny premise, sure, but horrible execution. If this is one of American's best 250 movies of all time, then we are truly the bottom feeders of civilization.
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Don't believe the hype
pthompson-1223 June 2007
This movie is dreadful. It is not funny. It is just what I thought The 40 Year Old Version would be - but that movie was surprisingly clever. This movie is not. This movie is unbelievable and ridiculous throughout without any clever humor whatsoever. There is nothing likable about the Ben character. Nothing. He is a complete loser. I think that this is just a fantasy movie for loser guys and how they could end up with a "perfect" girl. There would never be a movie with the opposite premise - i.e., how a really put together gorgeous guy ends up with a dumpy loser of a girl. The 40 Year Old Virgin was clever, funny and sweet. Knocked Up is just gross and stupid.
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The most over rated movie in the 21st Century
atari-1425 August 2007
OK I gave it a 3 because I thought as a documentary on pregnancy it may be worthwhile. A comedy it is not. I cannot classify this film. They had dozens of opportunities to make you giggle but the script is beyond poor, it's diabolical. I cannot comprehend how anyone could give this film 8 out of 10- my wife even hated it. I had to talk her into watching the last 20 minutes!!!

Anyway, if you like it....please explain's not a comedy if you don't laugh, what is this supposed to be? I know a lot of you are probably thinking I am being harsh here but please...before you watch this film, take heed. This IS NOT A COMEDY. I cannot understand why it has got the score it has. It's a nice story of a perfect world but not a funny one!
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Mostly inane
dkncd28 August 2007
"Knocked Up" follows a painfully simple premise as its title suggests. A respectable woman and an irresponsible man meet at a bar and after alcohol consumption there is an unexpected pregnancy. Apparently there's supposed to be humor in the fact that he didn't bother to use a condom and she didn't bother to check whether or not he used a condom.

The "hilarity" is supposed to ensue from there. However, it does not and the jokes are mostly inane with a lot of low-brow humor, profanity and random unfunny movie references mixed in. I found the characters in the movie to be simply irritating rather than amusing as was intended. The only exception was Harold Ramis' character, who has a decent cameo appearance.

I was unfortunate enough to be subjected to "Knocked Up". Hopefully you will be more fortunate and avoid seeing this movie.
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