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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violence, and sexual content including partial nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • The MIT gamblers regroup on several occasions in a strip club.
  • While never fully nude, the club's waitresses and pole dancers hide little.
  • At least one wears only pasties and a g-string, and several are seen from a number of sexually salacious angles
  • Waitresses give men lap dances.
  • And the camera relishes close-ups of patrons slipping money and poker chips into the girls' barely there bras and panties.
  • The hotel pools also feature scores of women wearing revealing bikinis.
  • Ben and his nerdy friends are used to ogling pretty girls from a distance at a local bar.
  • During one such foray, two girls dance together and kiss (to whooping cheers from the male patrons).
  • The friends also carry their slack-jawed drooling over to the school gym, and they make jokes about masturbation.
  • Ben and Jill push past flirtation and end up kissing passionately and stripping each other's clothes off. (We see Jill in bra and skirt, and then the two "pose" in a naked but strategically covered embrace.)
  • A Harvard administrator has a statuette of a reclining nude that we see from the rear.
  • Ben stuffs large wads of cash into his underwear.
  • Even the average non-pool, non-strip club female attire in Las Vegas (including Jill's) is cleavage-baring and form-fitting.
  • The main characters hang out at a strip clubs several times.
  • Women in lingerie are briefly seen in the background. There is no nudity.
  • 1 reference to sex.
  • 2 Sex Related Jokes.
  • 1 woman is seen in a bra for a moment.
  • A man and a woman have sex.
  • a strip club scene with a lot of strippers , thongs , sensuality

Violence & Gore

  • A man sits in a chair, and another man punches him in the face and then in the stomach (substantial blood flows from the man's mouth).
  • In a dark basement, two men threaten a college student: one of the men hits him in the face (we see a little blood from the corner of his mouth) and the stomach, and one man places heavy rings on his hand, makes a fist and hits the student in the face (we do not see this punch land); he then threatens to kill him (we see the student with a slightly swollen face and lip and later a black eye).
  • Two men put a burlap bag over a young man's head and kidnap him while he screams (he ends up OK).
  • There is a fistfight in a casino between two sets of men, one man pulls out a gun and fires it into the air, chairs are tipped over, beer bottles and glasses break and chips go flying, security men break up the fight and lead the gun-shooter away while the other participants flee.
  • A young man slams another young man into a dining room booth and yells at him.
  • In a casino, four men in suits run toward a blackjack table and a young man yells, grabs his chips, and runs from the table. In a flashback scene, several men run from the shadows through a casino toward a blackjack table where a man looks up with a shocked expression and leaves the table quickly.
  • In a college lecture hall, a professor throws a piece of chalk and hits a student's arm (the student yells, "Ouch").
  • A college student in a casino hotel steals as much as he can fit into his luggage, including Bibles, ashtrays, many things from maids' carts, and similar items; his professor yells at him twice about stealing.
  • A male and female college students tell each other that their fathers are gone, implying that they are dead. A professor yells at a college student loudly and the student yells back.
  • A man hides behind a slot machine, watches four colleges students cheat at blackjack, calls security, one of the students is caught and the scene cuts to the student in a dark basement.
  • A young man runs through a loading dock and kitchen with a young woman, chased by security, they run outside, and they are threatened by a security guard with a gun.
  • In a dark basement, a man threatens a second man tied to a chair and says he will turn the second man over to the IRS.


  • 3 scatological references, 5 anatomical references, 12 mild obscenities, 1 religious profanity, 1 religious exclamation, name-calling (crazy, stupid, infant, donkey-boy, retard), 1 derogatory remark about women and 1 derogatory remark about Asians.
  • NO F-WORDS. Words include: Sh**, damn, hell, bitch, goddamn

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several bar scenes show bottles and glasses of beer on dining tables and the bar, and a few people sip briefly from glasses of beer, several casino scenes show beer bottles, wine and highball glasses, and a few people drink, a man pours liquor from a bottle into a glass and drinks, and three college students pour whiskey into glasses and one drinks. Several scenes show one person smoking a cigarette, two scenes show a smoky underground gambling room with several people smoking cigarettes, and several scenes in an exotic dance club show a few people smoking briefly. A professor instructs college students in a casino to order non-alcoholic drinks, but to act a little drunk. Two male friends confront a third about the possibility of him taking recreational drugs (he denies the accusation).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Goes with the violence

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