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How it begins
KTreeguardian10 November 2005
The story takes place in Japan, apparently where Syaoran and Sakura live. Syaoran and Sakura were in Clamp's very popular anime "Cardcaptors." However in this story, they are different. Sakura is a princess and Syaoran is her childhood friend. They met long ago, and won't admit yet to each other that they could possibly have fallen in love. But a last confession, suddenly takes a sudden turn of events and Sakura ends up losing her memory. To save her, Syaoran bargains their relationship to bring her back, and must journey to many worlds with companions to retrieve her wings (tsubasa) that have taken flight. No matter how painful it might be.
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Excellent and Stunning Work
arorashadow_20038 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A Fantastical Adventure from the hit Manga series.

So after reading through the manga, getting impatient waiting for the dub, I watched the series on Youtube. And I'm duly impressed. I had high expectations of this series, and so I when I heard about it I was skeptical (as my deep dark fantasy desire was to personally make this show my self) Of course being a fan-boy to Koichi Mashimo and and Yuki Kajiura It boosted my confidence more.

The plot is well adapted. Anime has the double edge sword when it comes to adaptation, either it's a very very loyal adaption nearly 100%, or it's so different that you wonder, did the writers just read the summary on the back of the book? But this is adapted in both differently while playing true to the Manga. The occasional sub-plots provide for some dramatic moments. Such as the plot of Chu'Nyan's (manga spelling) reunitment with her mother (I must admit I was crying during that point) and well other moments that proved to be not useless. Sub plots are tricky, you can milk them too much if you are not careful. Fortunaltley the play these out nicely.


I'd have to say, at first I read some criticism about Kajiura's music score. But I have to say this is one of her finest yet. She has some very powerful, unique, and interesting melodies. Especially the opening piece. The opening scene is so powerful with visuals, and the music choice. I don't know Yuki to work a lot with bigger instrumental styles, but I do hear a lot. She seems to have a lot more orchestral than she does songs. Not like her usual motif. I'm impressed, very impressed.

I love the opening theme. While this wasn't a Kajiura composition (Also unusual for a Mashimo-Kajiura work) It's an awesome theme. Though I can't say I like the closing theme.

Animation Quality:

Now many might complain about the long limbs. Frnakley I don't care. It's the same way in the manga, as it is in the Anime. As long as the Animation doesn't look like paper cut outs, I don't have any complaints.


One of the biggest flaws is the constant flash back usage of previous episodes. I find my self fast forwarding through the episode as it slowly recaps what happened. And in these flash backs, they have real continuity problems.

And that's all I can think of.


Great acting from the Japanese cast. Paticullary Sakura. As for the U.S. cast I feel Monica Rial was the worst. She simply was not for this role, so I'll stick to Yui Makino as Sakura. Other than that the English cast is an all star knock out. Though I would have had some preferences for other characters.

I say see this series. If you are a CCS fan. Manga Fan, see this Anime.
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Tsubasa Chronicles
knuckleslover123 October 2006
Tsubasa Chronicles has many characters from CLAMP. Including, Syaoran and Sakura. Syaoran lives in the kingdom of Clow, ruled by King Toya. (Fans of Cardcaptor Sakura will know that this is Sakura's brother) After his father died (who actually was Sakura's father in CCS) he still carried on his father's and his dream to uncover the mysterious ruins of Clow. Princess Sakura, of Clow, comes to see Syaoran when he returns from a dig. Later on she tries to tell Syaoran her true feelings, about how she loves him but many things get in the way. That same night Sakura was drawn to the ruins of Clow by a mysterious force. Syaoran was there, examining the ruins, when Sakura came and that's when everything changed. Sakura's feathers, her heart which are her memories, disappeared to many worlds and if they are not found then Princess Sakura will die. Yukito, the head priest, sent Syaoran with Sakura to the space time witch who many fans of CLAMP will know is Yuuko. In other worlds, Kurogane is sent away from Princess Tomoyo's kingdom to Yuuko since he is too violent and she wants him to find more to life. Fai, in another world, just sealed off his enemy and now, leaving Chi in charge of guarding, flees from his world and goes to Yuuko. Each now travels many worlds together, using Mokona to travel to worlds at random. But in order to travel they must all give up something in return. Kurogane gave up his sword, Fai the symbols on his back which is his magic and Syaoran has to give up his relationship with Sakura. Even if Syaoran does success to retrieve Sakura's feathers, she won't be able to remember him. Syaoran still goes through with it since he doesn't want the most important person to him to die. Now, the five of them are traveling to different worlds meeting people they once knew and finding new friends.
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Simply ingenious story, frustratingly slow
loiscat12 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Tsubasa is simply, a genius that is troubled by slow storytelling and a bad pace. There are lots of good things about this show:for once, the main character isn't a jerk with a heart of gold, he's actually a fairly nice guy who's dedicated to his girlfriend, the princess who accidentally loses her memories in a freak accident.

As a result, he is forced to go to different worlds with other strangers who all have their own mysterious pasts to unravel as time goes on.... The great thing about this story is its characters. They lift the story above its flaws, and deliver an appealing and entertaining story, the only problem being...the story takes forever to go anywhere.

Fortunately, the music and OST's are all great, and add to the suspense in this treat of an anime.
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Romance and Fantasy and NINJA together ^^
melpear-11 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Tsubasa Chronicles is a crossover anime with many of CLAMP's work. So far, this is the best (I've seen CCS by the way). It is one of the few animes out there that provides has a very clear/serious plot line but with little dabs of comedy here and there. Well I heard about this anime from a friend I thought it was going to be terrible but hey, I'm writing this review aren't I? The characters are what keep me on edge most of the time. They are so unique and they somehow you can actually 'feel' what they maybe feeling (I cried so much on Kurogane's episode when Syoroan cried). The animation is done very well, the fighting scenes are absolutely marvelous. Well done to Bee Train. The openings of the anime are also good, very strong. I absolutely the closing song done by Maaya Sakamoto, the music is real good (clap to Yokko Kanno) and my favourite part of the anime is the background music. Really good pieces that gets you involved in the anime. Voice overs are very good too my favourite being Fai's voice, the airy voice suits him extremely well.

Overall it is a must-watch
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