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MPAA Rated PG for mild action, language and brief rude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman kiss each other on the cheek.
  • No nudity, but a monkey does urinate in a short scene.

Violence & Gore

  • A group of Huns tries to tear the arms and legs off of a man, but are quickly stopped. A character reads from a history book describing and illustrating this act (without blood).
  • A mild amount of violence. One fist fight shows a cut with a small amount of blood.
  • Three men attack a man, one throws him, one punches him, one kicks him in the face, and one kicks him and does a pile driver on his back knocking him to the floor. A horse drawn carriage runs out of control, going toward a woman, and a man pushes her out of the way, she is knocked to the ground, and turns back and sees that the man has been run over and cut in half (we see his two pieces severed at the waist); the man is still talking and explains that he is fine because he is made of wax and the woman drips hot candle wax on him in order to put him back together.
  • A T-Rex skeleton in a museum drinks water from a fountain, a man sees it and runs, the T-Rex roars and chases him, snapping, the man hides under a desk, and the T-Rex picks up the desk in his teeth and throws it.
  • A Civil War re-enactment shows explosions, and soldiers fighting with bayonets (we don't see any injuries but do see soldiers falling to the ground). A man walks past two large statues with human bodies and jackal heads; they become animated and stab at him with their spears (they miss), the man opens a sarcophagus, a mummy thrashes and struggles to get out, and it unwraps itself to show a young man.
  • A T-Rex skeleton chases a horse-drawn carriage, a remote control car slips and explodes after running over a snow drift (we are led to believe that the two men inside the car have died), and a man is thrown off the carriage and into snow when the horses stop short.


  • One use of "freakin'"
  • 1 use of God's sake
  • 1 use of tit (which would of been shit if the main character did not get shot in the mouth by a small splinter), 1 use of hell, 1 use of kiss-ass. name-calling (weirdie, lunchbox, snackshack, hopscotch, dumb dumb, cracker jack, blondie, butterscotch, fathead, gigantor, freak, teenie, baby, hot dog, old man, cupcake, hotshot), 2 exclamations (dang, geez, bobycock,bully), 1 religious exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A tyrannosaurus comes to life, and it appears at first to be trying to eat the main character (he only wants to play fetch).
  • A wax human attempts to tear a mans limbs off which might scare younger viewers.
  • The whole prospect of wax humans and statues coming to life might scare younger viewers.
  • A scene where Larry locks up the lions might scare younger viewers. (They're not actually attacking him. They're just standing there rawring and acting like pet cats and dogs; even the male was standing at the locked gate acting like a dog whining when a person locks the door.)

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