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MPAA Rated PG for mild action, language and brief rude humor

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • A group of Huns tries to tear the arms and legs off of a man, but are quickly stopped. A character reads from a history book describing and illustrating this act (without blood).
  • A hockey puck accidentally hits Larry on the head, knocking him to the ice (he's a spectator).
  • Larry falls from his chair to the floor when he dozes off (slapstick style).
  • Attila and his men chase after Larry with their swords. Larry ducks into an elevator to escape, but Attila gets his head between the closing doors. However, the elevator then moves, causing Attila's head to go "up" and hit the top of the door (slapstick style).
  • Dexter the monkey bites Larry on the nose through a gate, but there's no blood.
  • Tiny museum figures fire equally tiny arrows into Larry's face and then hand, causing him some temporary numbness.
  • Tiny museum figures trip Larry who falls into the Old West diorama where cowboys and other figures tie him to the ground like Gulliver. Jed then calls for a train to ram Larry and it does so in the face, but it's so small it bounces off him and derails.
  • Larry flicks a small diorama figurine off his shoulder (we don't see where it lands).
  • Octavius calls for flaming arrows and catapults to be fired at Larry, but they're so small they don't do him any harm as Teddy Roosevelt then arrives and gives him a ride away from the chaos.
  • Tiny Mayan warriors fire arrows at Larry, but he blocks them with something he's holding and then closes a glass partition that blocks more arrows.
  • Larry reads that Attila likes to tear the limbs off others and there's a drawing of him and/or his men pulling a man by all four limbs (that are still attached to his body).
  • During a museum melee, we briefly see a big sword fight among various figures while Jed and Octavius spar.
  • Larry finds that one of the Neanderthals has set his head on fire, so he puts him out with a fire extinguisher. Another caveman tastes the foam and then flings some onto Larry.
  • Huge Egyptian guard figures (15 to 20 feet tall) try to strike Larry with their huge spears as he and Nick race into the museum's Egyptian wing.
  • A man blows a fire extinguisher at a set after cavemen catches it on fire and the cavemen throws the bluff from the extinguisher. He then goes on the set where the a monkey with the keys slap each other back and forth after the monkey slaps him. They continue to slap each other until they break up.
  • Jed slams his rifle butt down to Octavius' foot, prompting him to whack Jed on the leg with something.
  • Miniature figurines let the tire out of a getaway vehicle, but the resultant blast of air blows many of them away.
  • A museum whale exhibit uses its blowhole to blast a bad security guard backwards with water.
  • A bad security guard tries to escape on a horse drawn carriage, with Teddy Roosevelt knocking Sacajawea out of the way just in time. However, we see then see that the wagon's wheel cut Teddy Roosevelt in half (top and bottom), but since he's a wax figure, he's okay (no blood and he's later reassembled with hot wax).
  • A Neanderthal exhibit sees a trash fire and goes outside disintegrating when it turns morning.
  • All of the following is played for comedy and/or fantasy action & adventure rather than graphic realism (the rating of "heavy" comes from the quantity rather than the degree of what's present).
  • Three men attack a man, one throws him, one punches him, one kicks him in the face, and one kicks him and does a pile driver on his back knocking him to the floor. A horse drawn carriage runs out of control, going toward a woman, and a man pushes her out of the way, she is knocked to the ground, and turns back and sees that the man has been run over and cut in half (we see his two pieces severed at the waist); the man is still talking and explains that he is fine because he is made of wax and the woman drips hot candle wax on him in order to put him back together.
  • A T-Rex skeleton in a museum drinks water from a fountain, a man sees it and runs, the T-Rex roars and chases him, snapping, the man hides under a desk, and the T-Rex picks up the desk in his teeth and throws it.
  • A Civil War re-enactment shows explosions, and soldiers fighting with bayonets (we don't see any injuries but do see soldiers falling to the ground). A man walks past two large statues with human bodies and jackal heads; they become animated and stab at him with their spears (they miss), the man opens a sarcophagus, a mummy thrashes and struggles to get out, and it unwraps itself to show a young man.
  • Larry and various museum figures (including the T-Rex skeleton) chase a fleeing bad security guard (on a horse drawn carriage) through a snowy park at night. Larry then gives the signal for the horses to stop and that sends the crook flying through the air until he lands in the snow. Attila's men then grab and pick him up, with Larry giving the okay for them to do a little limb pulling with him.


  • At one point in the movie, a character gets shot in the lip and says, "Oh, thit." (He is actually saying "Oh, s**t.")
  • Name calling like "cupcake," "wierdy," "lunch box," "snack shack," "butterscotch," etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It is revealed that if anyone brought to life by the tablet is outside the museum when the sun rises, they will turn into dust. In one scene, this happens to a caveman, and the dust falls straight down before a street sweeper cleans it up.
  • A tyrannosaurus comes to life, and it appears at first to be trying to eat the main character (he only wants to play fetch).
  • A wax human attempts to tear a mans limbs off which might scare younger viewers.
  • The whole prospect of wax humans and statues coming to life might scare younger viewers.
  • A scene where Larry locks up the lions might scare younger viewers. (They're not actually attacking him. They're just standing there rawring and acting like pet cats and dogs; even the male was standing at the locked gate acting like a dog whining when a person locks the door; however, Larry is earlier given a list of instructions saying "lock up the lions or they'll eat you.")


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.


  • One use of Kiss-Ass
  • Larry gets hit with a paralysis dart by the Indian miniatures and he has a lisp.When he sees that the Indians have more, he says "oh thit"

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