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Premonition - Through My Eyes
cheers-219 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I feel as though I perhaps see more into movies than either: a) what may actually be meant or b) what others may see in the film. This could be true with this movie as well, but I think it is the latter. With many movies it is difficult to give a real review without giving away much of what needs to be experienced first hand. That is definitely the case with Premonition. So, first I will say that the exhausting but powerful performance by Bullock was commendable. She was in every single scene and the toll must have been heavy. She pulled it off with gold stars. The story was very unique. The dialogue did not stand out as incredible, but you have to understand that this is almost a one woman show. So far I see no flaws in the writing. I will watch it again, but I think that most of the common confusions with the stories lines can be explained. The movie goes back and forth and you really need to pay attention and have a great sense of time. It can be tricky to figure out if what is happening is past, present or future. But if I could figure it out…I am sure anyone can. Now, I want to discuss what this movie said to me. It may however be a gateway to spoilers. So, if you plan on watching this movie and want to do so with a fresh head…do not read any further. Just know that it is a movie worth watching, you need to pay attention and definitely open your mind. Bullock's character in the film was a housewife with a husband and 2 daughters. She was a stay at home mom and it was clear that she had been experiencing some depression prior to the news of her husband's death. Through out the movie you go back and forth through moments when her husband is dead and alive. After she learns of his death, she experiences lapses in time when she seems to jump through timelines in her life changing little experiences here and there that impact the next timeline. Does that make sense? Anyway. She learns he was about to have an affair and for a moment, decides she prefers him dead and that even though she thinks she MAY be able to help avoid his death, she wonders if she should even do that. We learn during these times that their relationship was on its last breaths. They seem almost resentful and bitter towards one another. She then has a conversation with a clergyman and asks his opinion on what she can/should do. He basically tells her that she needs to find something to fight for…something to be hopeful about. She finally decides that she wants to not only save her husband, but their marriage. The night before she thinks he is going to die she explains to him (in very little words – mostly tasteful and romantic actions) that she wants their marriage to survive. They end up making love. The next day she wakes up and it is the day he is to die. She does what she can to stop it. She finally gets in touch with him on his cell phone and tells him that she knows all about the affair and that she doesn't care – she loves him. They exchange 'I loves yous' a few times and she sees his car ahead of hers right at the spot he was suppose to die. She tells him to turn around – thinking that will change the course and he would survive. But when he does this, a gas tanker hits his car – obviously killing him. She wakes at the end, you know it is months later and she has a pregnant belly. She was able to changes the details in her life. She was able to forgive her husband before he died; instead of him dying while they both lived in contempt of one another. She was able to come to terms with the possibility of his death; instead of the sudden shock. She was able to allow him to spend some quality time with his children; knowing she may not be able to stop his demise. And of course, she was able to create another child – one that would have never existed otherwise. But she was not able to change his ultimate fate. She was not able to stop his death. This is how the film spoke to me, being a depressed housewife and mother whose marriage has seen better days… We can change how we behave and react in our lives right now. We can decide to make our lives better for the moments we are in presently. We can make little changes that can affect us forever. But we truly have little control over our ultimate fate. And when it comes down to it – we all have the same fate; death. It can come when we least expect it. It can come after a long, hideous illness. But it will come. What we need to do is live our lives for the happiness and love that sit in our paths right now. RIGHT NOW. Not a new theory. Nothing I am saying hasn't been heard a million times before. But perhaps this needs to be drilled into our heads – though movies, music, books, news…we need to start living the way we deep down know we should. You want to know the meaning of life? This is it, my friends. As simple as that. Life is short. Live, love, give and appreciate. Period. Most of us won't have the opportunities the characters had in this movie. We need to take those opportunities now because instead of waking up to yesterday…we may not wake up at all.
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Piecing the Puzzle Together
gradyharp26 August 2007
Relative newcomers, writer Bill Kelly and director Mennan Yapo, have concocted a testy little conundrum of a movie titled PREMONITION: whether the audience decides to step into their little nightmare or reject the premise that powerful emotions can drive the brain to peculiar directions of functioning will be the divisive break in acceptance of the film's premise. It is a fairly well done, thought provoking experience and is carried by some better than average performances by a strong cast.

The Hanson family is introduced as the husband Jim (Julian McMahon) and wife Linda (Sandra Bullock) buy their new home. Jump forward after the credits to a family that now includes two young schoolgirls (Shyann McClure and Courtney Taylor Burness), a seemingly mildly depressed Linda and a workaholic Jim. Abruptly, Linda is informed by a police officer that Jim has died in an auto accident and her close friend (Nia Long) and mother (Irene Ziegler) help Linda through the early moments of the tragedy. Yet Linda continues to 'relive' moments: one day Jim is dead the next he is alive, and all of the pieces of the puzzle that erode Linda's mind become clues to investigate information she doesn't want to know. She encounters a warped psychiatrist (Peter Stormare) and a possible 'other woman' in Jim's life (Amber Valletta), and as she attempts to mold the puzzle pieces to make sense, she learns about the possible 'why' of the mental state in which she is trapped.

The film has problems holding credibility, but then the premise is a novel enough to allow such missteps. Sandra Bullock takes over this role completely, gains our empathy, and in the end the film works because of her. She is becoming an actress who is learning the value of understatement and that aspect of her craft serves her well. No, this is not a great movie, but it is a well-produced little mystery that asks the audience to engage both mind and imagination, and that is a good thing! Grady Harp
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Much better than some reviewers have suggested
barrycreamer23 March 2007
I read some negative reviews of this movie before I went to see it. They were completely misguided! The movie is both intelligent and emotionally appealing. The actors are excellent. The literary symbols are consistent and right on the mark for the destination of this very well-made film. It is important to keep in mind that the movie is made on a time-line of contingencies, so that what would otherwise be inconsistent actually can make sense in light of changes introduced by the non-sequential experiences of Sandra Bullock's character. I suppose those looking for some kind of horror movie or brain-blank thriller (both of which can be enjoyable in their own light) might not have enjoyed it. But those looking for a narrative worth following, a message with some significance, and a generally well-made movie ought to see it.
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Awful, awful, awful movie
gearoidmm29 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The plot holes in this movie were so annoying that it just left a bad taste in the mouth. Yes, I understand that she lived the days of that week out of sequence and as a result she was a bit confused about what was going on. But why was everyone else confused? Why was her mother asking what happened to her daughter's face when it had happened 4 days previously and she had been with her since the accident? Why had she no scars in the first scene of the movie - that through me off completely. I gave the movie more credit than it deserved for the first half hour because of this - I thought that she might somehow be influencing the events of the movie but no - she makes absolutely no attempt to change anything until it is too late. Why not tell her husband to avoid that highway? No that would both be too simple and intelligent. And of course, it makes the seemingly obligatory reference to the fact that if you don't believe in Jesus, your life is empty and you have no soul.

Avoid, avoid
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Problems with time consistency and consistency of "message"
pmacdonell-116 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Since others have already mentioned the numerous plot holes in this mess, I don't feel it's necessary to repeat them here. I will add, however, that plot consistency is crucial when a viewer is given the task to try and figure out what is happening. I love movies like Memento and Butterfly Kiss that screw around with time. I am good at keeping track of the time (immediately noticing the time problem with the daughter's face cuts) and enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out what's happening. The lack of consistency in this movie was incompetent and lazy.

Another problem with the movie was its feeble attempt to present a deep message without providing it. Although there was a pretense about the importance of love and faith, it was her decision to honor her love for her husband that led her to attempt to save her husband's life. Ultimately, this love resulted in his death. The decision to honor this love was partly influenced by a discussion about faith with her priest. So her faith caused his death. If what happened to her happened to me, I'd throw faith out the window and never set foot in a church again.

Simply put, this movie shows a lack of respect for the intelligence of audiences.
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Bullock Stands Out In A Below Average Thriller
Chrysanthepop28 March 2008
Even though 'Premonition' is a remake, it starts off quite well by creating the suspense but as the story proceeds, we are presented with more plot holes (the scar on the daughter's face was absent on Wednesday but she crashed into glass on Tuesday) and towards the end it all becomes ridiculously messy. It is quite well shot and Sandra Bullock does a commendable job carrying the whole film. However the writing is a letdown and the background score acts as a spoiler. The supporting cast does not stand out much as they are not given much to do. Julian McMahon is quite okay. 'Premonition' pretty much turns out just to be another one of those thrillers that one can watch once and then forget. Towards the end, the writer throws in the religious angle (Bullock's character was not portrayed as someone religious or one who lost faith, thus this does not quite fit) which looks forced and of course the usual Hollywood ending. It is not exactly a boring film as one would sit through it till the end. Mostly because we are interested to know what happens to Linda (Bullock makes us care about her). Other than that, the film creates a mood that keeps the viewer somewhat involved.
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Don't believe the bad critics and definitely not the low rating on IMDb.
Chrivhec23 September 2007
I went to see Premonition yesterday and I enjoyed it very much, so I can't understand why people say that this is a bad film. It's a good psychological drama with top acting and good directing. It's a movie on which you have to focus, but that goes automatically and it's not so hard to follow when you don't think "What the hell is going on" during the film.

Sandra Bullock is very convincing, as always, and we also get some good performances by Kate Nelligan, Nia Long and Julian McMahon.

So please, don't listen to the critics, they don't know what they're talking about. And as for the rating on IMDb: the only explanation I can think of is that a lot of people don't get this film because it's too complicated (although it's not), or because they didn't like the ending, or maybe because they expected too much. But this is definitely a very good drama, and it's one of those movies that make you think about how important life is.

Everyone who wants to see this movie: see it without any expectations and prejudices, you won't be disappointed.
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Was an 8/10 until the ending came around... what a letdown
Surecure14 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Premonition" is one of the few films I recall seeing where I left the theatre infuriated. Not because the movie was bad. Rather, the movie was very good until the utterly annoying ending.

This film had it all. The script for the most part was mature and well paced. The direction was superb. The score was excellent. And Sandra Bullock held herself quite nicely throughout the film, putting forward one of her better performances.

That being said, the entire film comes to a screeching halt with one of the sloppiest endings I have ever seen. It was bad enough that I could see the crux of the finale from a mile away. But what pounded it in further was that this crux comprised the entirety of the conclusion. Not only is it not enough to be the ending, but it resolves nothing. When the screen faded to black and credits began to roll, the entire audience where I was began to chuckle and I could hear a chorus of, "Is that it? That's the ending?"

This is one of those films that could be enjoyable so long as the viewer stopped before the final scene. Even that might leave the viewer feeling let down, but not nearly so as having to watch what is surely the sorriest excuse for a finale I've seen in a professional film in a long time. "Premonition" showed lots of promise and delivered throughout, but collapses just before the finish line. A wasted opportunity for all those involved, and sadly so.
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Very glad to have seen it, will see it again ASAP.
ladyinterference18 March 2007
Here's a clue on how to watch this movie: If you're looking to be disappointed based on any inconsistencies, pay closer attention to the movie. The so-called "inconsistencies" are actually based on a series of events that combine to actually change many of the things you end up seeing happening early on in the movie. Remember: The events that you see happening on the screen aren't happening linearly. The calendar hops all over the place throughout the movie, so it is possible for events that transpire one day to effect what ends up happening in future days. There are two days that are especially noteworthy in terms of what would change the events of the future and they happen toward the end of the movie. Think of how these events will affect the other events that happen in the future and remember that as you see what happens at the end of the movie.

I think the reason this movie hasn't been garnering a lot of critical praise is because movie critics don't really want to have to utilize logic while watching a movie. Another poorly reviewed film starring Sandra Bullock, the truly brilliant The Lake House, was an even bigger victim of movie critics' pathetically anemic logic processing skills. In watching both movies, you really have to keep your faculties alert and not lull yourself into a sense of "okay, I can just turn my brain off now." And really, even though this movie isn't as good as The Lake House, it is equally blessed with the beautiful, talented Ms. Bullock, on top of featuring the beautiful, talented Nia Long, the totally likable Julian McMahon, and some very good acting by the child actors. And the film is very beautiful to look at, too; I now understand why Bullock was raving about the cinematography and direction.

So please do see this movie and don't be dissuaded by the negative remarks. You really do have to pay attention to this film in order to enjoy it, but once you do pay attention, you will be richly rewarded. I'm glad I went to see it and so should you.
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above average assembly line thriller
Roland E. Zwick9 April 2007
Despite the rather thorough drubbing it suffered at the hands of some of the nation's most prestigious critics, "Premonition" is actually a pretty well-thought-out and tightly wound thriller, given emotion and heart by its star, Sandra Bullock. It's not a movie I would be wiling to go to the mat for, but as throwaway thrillers go, this one is really not half bad.

Bullock plays Linda Quinn Hanson, a suburban mother of two, who receives the shattering news that her husband has been killed in an auto accident. However, when she wakes up the next morning, she finds him, strangely, sitting in the kitchen, suddenly alive and well, benignly sipping coffee before heading off to work. The question quickly arises, did she dream the story of his death, is she dreaming now, or is she undergoing some sort of mental crisis precipitated by the shock of her loss? Or is she caught in some sort of bizarre time warp that allows her to jump back and forth between the periods before and after his "death," and, if so, might she be able to step in and alter the course of events to prevent the accident from happening in the first place?

In both concept and form, "Premonition" is pretty much an assembly-line thriller designed to tweak the audience's brain cells for a couple of hours before sending everyone home with not a whole heck of a lot left to think about once it's over. Still, it's intriguing enough while it lasts and only the true nitpickers among us will feel compelled to put its twists and turns in logic under the scrutiny of a critical microscope. Despite a few weak moments in her performance, Bullock actually makes us care about the character and the very strange thing that is happening to her.

"The Premonition" is by no means a classic - or even first rate - chiller, but those with a few spare hours on their hands and a penchant for brain-puzzlers could do worse than check it out.
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Pointless Waste of Time!
swilson155 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a movie about several very stupid people, with a main character who knows the future but is too dumb to do anything WITH her foreknowledge. Not surprising, as her mother as a callous ratbag who has her daughter hauled off to an asylum in front of her grandchildren. What chance did she have? But seriously, you've lived through Tuesday, the day on which your daughter ran through a glass slider. Then it's Sunday, and you still know what's coming. So wouldn't you put stickers on the door? Or break out all the glass THEN, so it's not there Tuesday? You KNOW your husband is going to DIE at mile marker 220 on the highway, so, on the date of his death, when you see him parked at mile marker 220 and you're ON THE PHONE WITH HIM, you tell him to TURN THE CAR AROUND ON A BLIND HILL ON THE INTERSTATE? And, of course, his car stalls, and, rather than get OUT when there's a semi coming, the idiot KEEPS TRYING TO START HIS CAR. DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. I've no doubt the writer thought he/she was making some deep point about accepting fate, but all he/she really said was "my characters are too stupid to live." Don't waste your time.
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Man this movie is so bad.
aeo20 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Let me first start out that the premise of the story is interesting but the script and the execution of it was off and in some scenes, waaaay off. This is about a woman, played by Sandra Bullock, who gets a strange phone call and then she gets a knock on the door and a policeman informs her that her husband was killed in an auto accident.

That night, she sleeps and wakes up to find that her husband is alive and nothing bad has happened. She keeps going forward and then backward in time. This is all causing her to question her sanity. On top of that, she suspects that her husband is cheating which is causing her conflicted emotions.

Now this seems interesting and it was to a degree but the execution and certain scenes just made this movie suck big time. For instance, there was a scene where she could not believe that her husband's body was in the coffin that was inside a hearse. As the pallbearers were taking the coffin out, she grabs at the coffin to see who is in the coffin. Well, this causes the coffin to be dropped and the top half of the coffin to be ripped out of the coffin where a head pops out and rolls around the ground. I can tell you that I busted out laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face. I mean what kind of coffin is it that the top half just falls apart and then like a scene from Jackass, the head starts rolling around on the ground? I mention Jackass because there was a scene where Johnny Knoxville was driving a hearse up a hill and the coffin slid out and a body burst out causing people to gasp in horror. The creators of the movie must of thought of that when they made this scene.

Another laughable scene was where the daughter runs around the house and manages to burst through the glass door to the patio and her face is all cut from the broken glass. Can such a thing happen? Possibly but this kid was not going full tilt straight to the glass door but rather was lazily running to the glass door. Now, I don't know about you guys but I have a glass door myself that leads to back of the house and I have had kids hit the glass door and nothing like that has happened.

There were some CGI's in this movie that seem poorly done such as the bird and the bees scene.

Overall, a dumb movie.
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Disjointed time used as a cover-up for a weak script
atliel27 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I like movies that have a redeeming factor in them. It doesn't matter if it ends on a down note, I just want a reason for having watched it in the first place. Why the events take place the way they do in this film is not clear: Time travel? Psychic visions? And to what avail? So she can get an opportunity to have her husband change his mind about cheating on her and have it end with her getting pregnant to a bastard child...yaaay for that kid. Maybe the concept isn't bad (for a good one check out "The Jacket") but how it's handled is pretty lacking. It throws a number of disjointed events at you as if there was some profound mystery to solve. Unfortunately, when you do put it together, it turns out that the screenwriter basically took a weak story of a happy couple going down the drain and simply rearranged the scenes and figured "hey, if Chris Nolan can do this with "Memento" maybe I can get away with it too" and disguised it as a paranormal thriller. There's nothing paranormal or supernatural about it.

Oh yeah, and all the characters in the film suck. Her own mother wants to give her up to the authorities without a second thought because her grandkids face is all scratched up even though we later find out why and it's blatantly obvious that the other characters know very well how it happened! Speaking of that...her kids are retards! What's with the oldest one running into the glass door? What's worse, she smashes right through it even though she was barely running fast enough to break the damn thing! And why does the husband want to cheat on her? Have things gotten that bad? If so show me! Instead what we get is a lot of dirty looks as if we missed something but what? I know what I missed, the events that took place involving me renting this, taking it out of it's protective sleeve and placing it into my DVD player and then watching it. How did I allow it to happen will remain a mystery more profound than this piece of crap.
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Plot holes, bad acting, and one bad ending
rharsin-115 March 2007
I had expectations for what this film was going to be like. It fell short horribly. Maybe I had too great of expectations.

The movie starts out really well and is strong for a while. As it progresses, there are plot holes. It goes through all the days in a week, and there are inconsistencies between the days. A lot of the occurrences work out as the days progress, but some of them don't, and just leave you wondering "why did they think that? they knew what really happened." Even if Sandra doesn't know what happened in the previous days, everyone else does and at points they blatantly don't seem to know about things they should. Also, Sandra will do things on a later day of the week because of something that happened earlier in the week. Why is she doing those activities if she does not know about the earlier events yet? It's tough when dealing with time, to work out all the kinks. At some points it seems like the movie works out, but then some things don't.

I thought Sandra's acting was solid, she gave a good performance. The daughters were also good little actresses. McMahon's performance was bad. He puts out nothing until the very end where it looks like he is actually showing emotion. I don't think he was well suited to the role.

The ending seemed to negate the entire point of the movie. It's the only ending that could make sense I guess, and yet it did not fit. It left all of us in the theater wondering "Is that it? That's how it ends?!" It resolves nothing and leaves you with a bad taste. The very end of the movie is also a huge cliché that I wish the movie would just have avoided.

Over all, I thought the movie was entertaining for a while. Then it lost its steam. I will probably not see it again, once is enough. It's a good movie if you don't analyze things. If you simply want to watch a movie, then maybe you'll enjoy it. However, if you prefer to also think about what you've seen, this probably isn't the movie for you.
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I wish i had Premonition's so i could've avoided this
Alex Osborne5 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The film is bad. Worse than bad.

Firstly if you have seen the trailer then you already know the plot of the entire film, so you don't have to bother watching the whole film. Also the film is very predictable, you can probably watch the trailer and guess how it will end.

Also for time travel films of this nature continuity is so important. It must all add up so that there are no plot holes but half way through the film the writers and director drop the ball and make a large continuity error which ruined the film, from there on in a lost more interest as the film went on.

The characters were also not likable and you really don't care what happens to them, i had no vested emotions in anyone...except maybe the husband who i felt sorry, because he was married to such a wet blanket.

In the end you are left feeling depressed and wonder why they bothered to even make the film. Avoid this film.
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Surprised and Happy.
Kyle Peppers19 March 2007
Well I walked into "Premonition" today expecting the worst based on the low rating here on IMDb, but throughout the course of the movie I felt my smile growing bigger and bigger.

It started off smoothly and nicely, and had some of the best directing I've seen in a while. The suspense was held together well, and all of the acting was great. There were a few good scares even.

The moment I saw the title on the poster a few months back, I thought to myself, 'How can this do anything different that the Final Destination series hasn't?' Well I was proved wrong. This movie was put together amazingly and seemed very original to me.

The only flaws I see with this movie is that you seen the end coming from 3/4 through the movie, and I sympathized more at the beginning of the film rather then the end. But all in all, PREMONITION is a must see. 8/10.
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hated it
wendis3530 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I hated the whole movie. I hated the lame swearing attempts by Sandra Bullock. I've loved here in everything shes ever done but even when shes swears in the the movie "The Web". its lame. I think Sandra and everyone else was wasted in this movie. I think they are all talented and they deserved a better script. The headless scene was lame, the dead crow in the yard lame.The running after your kid, telling her to get the laundry that is already wet and out of her reach and then yelling at her to stop, causing her to turn and run through a door. He says I thought you were going to put up stickers, I mean how long had they lived there anyway? Plus it made me mad that he still bought the farm because she was too stupid to say pull over right now, instead of talking and driving. she should have said pull over get out and walk back to my car. or top the hill. him turning around in the road without looking was lame. him not getting out of his non starting car when he sees a jacknife truck coming at him, lame. shes yelling for him to get out the car when the roof is crushing in and then it blows up. she didn't know what was important? but in the end shes having another child, alone. I hated that I wasted my money on it. it should have been called destiny because everything came out the same unless the child wouldn't have been born or the fact that he decided not to have the affair was done. but was he really going to the interview or was that just an excuse to meet that other woman? it was like if shed left things along , he would have lived, but she didn't know that. because he had already died. i keep expecting her to wake up in a mental ward and the doc to be telling her that she had been in shock for 5 years after finding out that her husband and his mistress were in a car accident and that she caused the accident and that was why her daughters face was scarred and that she had found out that she was pregnant the day of the accident and had gone to see him and that she caused him to be hit by a truck by ramming him from behind because she caught up to him on the road and saw him kissing his mistress. but no it was a lame story.
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stupid storyline and silly characters -- BAD
tallguy6224 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Being a great fan of Sandra Bullock, I had high hopes for this movie. Part of the big letdown is that the trailer made out the movie to be a thriller or a mystery, but the psychotic jumble of out-of-sequence of scenes became tedious instead of interesting.

The husband's character was lame and shallow. I kept thinking, why is she even married to this oaf? He had no personality whatsoever, partly because he had very few lines in the movie. I blame this on whomever wrote the script. Did we even believe for a second that the husband cares for her? The husband was such a jerk, by the time the movie ended, I actually WANTED him to die.

Also, after the accident with the sliding glass door, the husband says, "why didn't you put stickers up?". He was accusing his wife of being guilty for his own daughter's stupidity. How dumb was that? Having grown up with sliding glass doors my whole life, we never put stickers on ours and little kids didn't try to run through the glass. That scene was very unrealistic.

The ending was just plain stupid. The husband turns his car around on the WRONG side of a hill -- if he got killed, he deserved to for being such an idiot. If Sandra's character really wanted to save him, she should have told him to get out of the car and run up the hill. You wouldn't tell him to turn around and block traffic. Once again, stupid and unrealistic!! Finally, my main complaint is that the movie itself has lots of "dramatic" moments that you make a mental note of and then they are never explained. You find out at the end that none of them mean anything. I don't like being "highjacked" at the end by being told that the whole film had been meaningless.

I give this movie a grade of "D minus".
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A woman wakes up to find that her husband has died, only to wake up again and realize that he is alive.
MoChAkIsSeS5309016 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Premonition was a great movie. Everyone is complaining that there are plot holes and the movie is confusing and it could never really happen. You guys, don't you realize that this movie isn't even really about the premonition it's what stems from the premonition.

Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) realizes that no matter how bad the situation may seem, there's always two sides to every story. Watching it you realize that we are all human, and we all make mistakes, and in the time watching the movie you feel what the character is feeling. You want to save Jim just so that things can go back to normal. And when you hear his heart felt apology and she realizes just how much she loves her husband only to have him ripped away from her you feel AWFUL. And then you realize that it was better for Jim to die with her knowing all of those things than it would be for him to die and her not know those things and never know what really happened to her husband.

Premonition isn't just a suspense... it's a romantic tragedy. And I think it was well worth my time and money to go see it. And I think that if you just stop thinking about all the stupid technicalities, you'll feel the same way, too.
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Very interesting premise combined with spooky mood and tone
tigergolf0621 March 2007
I just saw this in the cinema last night with my girlfriend. First of all, this movie was not even close to as bad as pretty much every review has said. This was a very interesting movie and worked upon an original idea and executed it in an above average manner. The only gripes I had with it were that the priest in the end and Dr. Roth were casted very poorly and detracted from the punch in the end. Speaking of the ending, it wasn't nearly as a let down as people say on here either. Not quite a movie I'd see more than once, but it kept me interested and entertained until the end- what more could you ask for? The scenery and cinematography were excellent and the whole movie seemed like it took place either at sunrise or at sunset, which added a serene and quiet backdrop to it, which I noticed right away. The soundtrack was fantastic and right up there with the Sixth Sense in terms of effectiveness; none of it got in the way of the action.

I highly recommend this movie to families and couples- it's a great way to forget about the outside world for an hour or so! Grade: B-
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Good idea, performed horribly
Stormhierta2 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Overall I thought this movie was going to be good, simply because I like these kinds of movies. I enjoyed Final Destination as well as The Lake House, both being part and parcel of the "see things before they happen" and "timeslip" genres (if they can be called genres).

Now, this movie (and here's a spoiler) makes some ENORMOUS mistakes in how it was put together. We learn that Jim dies on Wednesday, having left a message on the phone about how he meant what he said the day before (Tuesday) - but he is referring to what he said on Sunday (we learn in the movie) and his actions on Wednesday morning (tripling his life insurance) also stem from Sundays events. The catch here is that we as viewers view the days in the "wrong order" together with the main character. She comes to realize she loves Jim on the second to last day we watch (Sunday), but the movie continues on the next day we watch (Wednesday) as if it was Monday.

I know this might be confusing, but the way the movie is laid out it becomes important to keep track of what happens on what day. For example, the oldest girl runs through the glass door on Tuesday and gets cut up real bad, but on Thursday (the first day we view) the girl is unharmed and the glass door is untouched.

I'm very sorry to say that this movie badly bungled the entire concept they were trying to catch.
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Sandra needs an agent...
mkfellows17 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a script-driven movie which is to say that nothing the characters do or say or any of their motives make any sense at all.

The characters--Sandy and that guy from Nip/Tuck just walk through these convoluted scenes without even the most cursory explanation.

Never is the slightest hint given as to why their marriage has sort of devolved into this script-imposed hardship. They're hopelessly in love one moment and practically separated the next.

The homage to the pill bottle sequence in Sixth Sense just serves as a laughable backdrop to how bad this movie really is.

I know the actors read these things knowing they're probably gonna suck and that everyone needs a paycheck but jeepers Batman--is there any remaining hope for Bullock's career? Even the completely uneven "Two if by Sea" was better.

"Rescue Me" cameo comes next?
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Possibly the loosest script ever put on film... Atrocious!
baronmordo00113 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The major flaw of this movie is it's script. The idea's involved are not well thought out and at time's it feels as though there were parts of the movie that were written out. The character that Bullock plays is a tool of destiny, meaning that she receives this information (we'll get to why in a bit) and instead of trying to prevent it she takes every step she can to move towards it. For example, early on when she flashes to after her husband's death she finds she has been prescribed lithium and the doctor who prescribed it to her would in fact commit her. When she tries to find this doctor in the phone book she finds that the page with his name has been torn out. Now, flash forward to the past before the husband death and logic should dictate do not contact the doctor but of course this does not happen. Instead she immediately goes to the phone book and ~(mock)shock~ rips the page out goes to his office and tells him that her husband is going to die and that she knows this because she is living her life out of order and ~(mock)shock~ the doctor prescribes her lithium. This is about the time where a normal person would think maybe I should try to change this... Once again, no. In fact at no point does anyone try to discover if this can be prevented. Bullock, more or less, hurdles towards the end where ~(mock)shock~ she finds she is the reason behind the husbands accident and she can't save him because everything she has done was the cause of it. Now on to the truly ridiculous. The reasoning that we're giving for Bullock's problem is her loss of faith in god, however, we never see where she looses her faith. In fact other than the priest saying it's been a while since he's seen her we have no reason to think she even had faith in god.

The inconsistencies in the movie are even worse. The daughter of Bullock on Tuesday of this insane week. Runs through a pane of glass slashing her face up however on Wednesday when we first see the girl there is no sign of this at all. Also, Bullock is at the scene of the horrid accident when it occurs which begs the question why did the cops have to come and tell her. Finally the only person who believes her at all is in fact her husband proved by that fact that he triples his life insurance policy the day of his death... but he doesn't even ask how he dies!!! No one, not even the man who dies, tries to prevent this from happening until 5 minutes before it happens. The list does go on but I'm afraid I'd have to publish a book in order to list them all. Simply put the script was awful, the characters were beyond stupid, the camera work brought back thoughts of the Blair Witch and it was extremely predictable. This is basically a glorified Lifetime movie.
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It could have been good, but there were some flaws
Kristine22 March 2007
I really had no interest in seeing Premonition, the trailer in itself looked very confusing, but it was my friend's pick tonite, so her, me, and a few friends saw it and it pretty much lived up to our expectations. I mean, it was a little better, but the story just in some ways did not work and not to mention that the ending was a disappointment. Because I do not want to give any spoilers, I'm not going to give away anything, but there is a daughter who is injured in the movie and her injuries are a continuity problem throughout the film, like the first scene, but you'll see what I mean.

Linda is a mother and wife, pretty typical days that usually involve taking the kids to school, working out, and cleaning house. She is also involved in a marriage that has lost it's spark, but unfortunately one day she finds out that he was killed in a car accident. But the next day, she wakes up and he's alive! Day by day, it changes where he is dead, then alive, then dead, then alive; but slowly she puts the pieces together by writing herself a day by day diary and finds out truly what happened.

The acting was alright and the story just could have been better. The ending was a little off, you'll see what I mean. But the story just had some flaws that I couldn't get by, it was just an average thriller that you could figure out in the first hour if you are used to the "suspense thrillers". So, I would recommend you wait this one for a rental, it's nothing exciting, just an alright movie that you might enjoy at home.

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Crap,... Complete Crap
Kevin Sassaman24 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Five years later and I have just watched Premonition. Horrible stuff.

So, what happens to her in the hospital getting a shot from the Psychiatrist Doctor man? Yeah, lets just write that in the script for effect, and then never come back to it. The ending was completely forced. Hey, I love you, turn around. Oh, look out for the truck!! Oh no, I cant get out of the car. Its magically locked, and my Taurus's motor is flooded. Must be that carburetor you installed on that beast.

The original reel should be burned, so that this movie does not waste anyone's time.

There is nothing else to said about this movie, but I need a few more lines in order for me to submit my review. I was compelled to write it because of how awful the movie was. I have never written a review for anything else. That is how bad this one is.
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