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Amitabh Bachchan meets and hugs Priyanka Chopra

Last time it was Salman Khan and Tabu, who visited megastar Amitabh Bachchan while they were shooting in the same studio. And this time it is Bollywood's 'Exotic' actress Priyanka Chopra, who dropped by on the sets where Big B was shooting for an advertisement.Priyanka Chopra, who has worked with Amitabh Bachchan in Waqt - The Race Against Time and God Tussi Great Ho, hugged the legendary actor and was seen chatting with him on the sets.So did an ad shoot for a client and
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Amitabh Bachchan hugs Salman Khan; enquires about his nerve disorder

Our Bollywood stars know how to maintain their relations. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is shooting for his upcoming film Bhootnath Returns, sequel to Bhootnath, visited our 'Dabangg' actor Salman Khan and Tabu, who were shooting next to his studio.While Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan have worked together in films like Baghban, Baabul and God Tussi Great Ho, Tabu has been Big B's co-star in the hit film Cheeni Kum. Bachchan took time out and met the actors and they were see
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Rumi Jaffery to team up with Big B again

Rumi Jaffery to team up with Big B again
Having forgotten the fiasco that was God Tussi Great Ho, Big B, Amitabh Bachchan is all set to team up with writer-director Rumi Jaffrey again. This time Rumi will direct the Big B in a contemporary thriller of the kind the iconic star-actor has never attempted before. Says Rumi, "I've burnt my fingers once already with God Tussi Great Ho. I don't know what went wrong with that. It had everything going for it. It had a potent mix of Bachchan Saab, Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. (Producer) Sajid Nadiadwala told me he would've gone through the roof with a cast like that. Unfortunately, my producer was stuck with another film and my film just became a victim of so many circumstances beyond my control." This time, Rumi wants to make sure that his collaboration with Big B doesn't go wrong. Says the writer-turned-director, "It's very kind of Bachchan Saab
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Priyanka Chopra: 'I don't have a problem with Salman Khan'

Priyanka Chopra: 'I don't have a problem with Salman Khan'
Priyanka Chopra has claimed that she and Salman Khan are on friendly terms. The two actors starred opposite each other in the 2008 comedy God Tussi Great Ho. She told The Times of India: "I never had a problem with Salman. In fact I went to his house six times this year itself because I am good friends with his sister Arpita. "He is one of the first few co-actors I worked with and I have never received any animosity from him. He has in fact been very nice to me." Chopra also spoke about her ability to keep emotions in check, saying: "A lot of training goes into that but I have always been very (more)
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After Salman, Prabhu Deva to resurrect Akshay's career?

When Bollywood star Salman Khan was going through a rough patch holding a series of flops like Heroes, Yuvraaj, God Tussi Great Ho, etc it was actor-turned-filmmaker Prabhu Deva who gave a new lease of life to Salman's career by giving him a film like Wanted. With Wanted Salman Khan, who was mostly seen doing supportive roles in Partner, No Entry, Saawariya, Hello, not only regained his lost glory but also reinstated the solo-hero concept in Bollywood. Salman carried the hango
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Riteish-Genelia's wedding snapshots

One Up Entertainment's Gali Gali Chor Hai directed by famous screenplay writer-turned-director, Rumi Jaffery releases today, and this is his second outing as a director after Salman Khan's God Tussi Great Ho. Starring a not-so-hot at the box-office actor, Akshaye Khanna, the film can still manage to spring a surprise and emerge a success and we will list the reasons for our belief. First and foremost, the film is very topical and deals with the subject of corruption. It is
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Can Gali Gali Chor Hai spring a surprise?

One Up Entertainment's Gali Gali Chor Hai directed by famous screenplay writer-turned-director, Rumi Jaffery releases today, and this is his second outing as a director after Salman Khan's God Tussi Great Ho. Starring a not-so-hot at the box-office actor, Akshaye Khanna, the film can still manage to spring a surprise and emerge a success and we will list the reasons for our belief.First and foremost, the film is very topical and deals with the subject of corruption. It is
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Gali Gali... was written two years before Anna movement

Gali Gali Chor Hai is up for release and Rumi Jaffery, the filmmaker who has directed the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Govinda and Priyanka Chopra in films like God Tussi Great Ho and Life Partner, can be heard singing praises about Akshaye Khanna who, as per the director, was always his first choice to play Bharat."Believe me, when I started this script I could only think of Akshaye. He is a very good actor and the kind of expressions he gives undoubtedly makes him
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Salman Khan’s London Press Conference Exclusive Report!

Salman Khan. He made his acting debut 23 years ago with a minor role in Rekha starrer Biwi Ho To Aisi, had his first commercial hit with blockbuster Maine Pyar Kiya a year later. Salman Khan has gone on to star in some of Hindi cinema’s most successful films such as Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya, the National Award Winner Dabangg, and the recently released Bodyguard. Ahead of his schedule in Dublin and fresh from his surgery in America, Salman charmed the London press that had gathered for a special round table conference with him. Dubbed the Bad Boy of the Indian Film Industry by the press, all I can say is the media present was putty in his hands.

On his surgery

“I am sick of speaking about how I am feeling” was his first line for the evening. I can understand why. Only Salman Khan
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Salman Khan: 'Sohail Khan would make good bodyguard'

Salman Khan: 'Sohail Khan would make good bodyguard'
Salman Khan has revealed that brother Sohail Khan would make a good bodyguard. The actor told Digital Spy that Sohail is able to handle difficult situations better than him or elder brother Arbaaz Khan. Asked who would make the best bodyguard, the Partner star responded: "I think Sohail would. He knows when to be diplomatic. "He knows when to get out of a tight corner. He knows when to be diplomatic. When Sohail is with me I have no fear." Sohail and Salman have collaborated on a number of acting projects together, including Salaam-e-Ishq, God Tussi Great Ho and Veer. (more)
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When actors slip into mediapersons' shoes

Bollywood stars often complain of intrusive questions from the media and controversies created by their reporting. But actresses Divya Dutta and Shahana Goswami say their respect for mediapersons has grown manifold after playing journalists on screen. Divya and Shahana are playing journalists in the forthcoming movies 'Monica' and 'Game' respectively. 'Playing a journalist in 'Monica' helped me see a very interesting facet of being a political journalist wherein you get to enter the corridors of the political setup of the country and ask about anything! It made me realise what a powerful zone the mediapersons are in,' Divya told Ians on phone from Mumbai. 'I've always looked up to women journalists like Barkha Dutt, who are strong and intelligent. But I respect them even more now,' added Divya, whose character in the film is extremely ambitious and bold. Shahana, who is essaying a crime reporter in Abhinay Deo's thriller 'Game',
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Salman says "I am Hariprasad"

Salman Khan’s career seems to have taken an upswing for the better after the super success of Wanted and Dabangg. He has numerous projects coming his way, and one of his upcoming films is Prem Soni’s I Am Hariprasad.

Soni, whose directorial debut Main Aur Mrs. Khanna (Mamk) was a disaster, seems to have made a good enough impression on Salman to cause him accept his second venture as well. But the buzz is definitely around the female lead of this film. Priyanka Chopra was the first actress considered for Mamk, but after she refused, Kareena Kapoor was given the role. Reports also stated a tiff between Sallu and Piggy Chops for this reason. Now the news is that Soni is still keen on Priyanka and would be signing her up opposite Salman. And this time it’s not a love story he has to offer. I Am
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Commentary: What's wrong with remakes?

Hollywood is in the throes of remake fever. So far this year, we've seen the release of 'Clash of the Titans,' 'The A-Team,' 'The Karate Kid,' and 'Robin Hood.' Other remakes on deck or rumored to be in the works include 'Red Dawn,' 'Footloose,' 'Private Benjamin,' 'Conan the Barbarian,' 'Police Academy,' 'Romancing the Stone,' 'Slap Shot,' 'Arthur,' 'The Birds,' 'National Lampoon's Vacation,' 'Creature from the Black Lagoon,' and 'Total Recall.'

The American film industry is slated to release about 75 remakes in 2010, and while that number is unusually high, remakes are nothing new in Hollywood. Some are outstanding films—'Cape Fear' (1991), for example. And some are painfully bad—such as 'Planet of the Apes' (2001).

Moviegoers love to bemoan remakes—never as good as the original,
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Actress Rukhsar returns with vengeance - News

Her antics in films like D, Sarkar and God Tussi Great Ho got her due share of fame in B-Town. Plus the rumours about her being Rgv's favourite girl all the more added spice to her publicity. Rukhsar, who was last seen in the film Allah Ke Banday, will be seen playing a cameo in the film Thanks Maa that is already winning awards all over. It also bagged the prestigious national award recently. Though, Rukhsar was not keen to play the cameo initially, but the director of the fil...
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Salman Khan becomes a Matchmaker!

We’ve seen the hunky Khan adopt so many personas onscreen be that of a cop, doctor, singer or even a love guru! Now it seems like Salman is taking his role from Partner to the next level, however this time on a more serious note.

You all may recall the loud and scene stealing Beena Kak from Maine Pyaar Kun Kiya who played Salman's mom who also happens to be the Rajasthan Tourism Minister and a very close family friend of Salman’s. The Kaks and Salman are almost family and no one had doubts about this when they saw Salman dancing away in the Baraat of Beena’s son Ankur.

However, now Salman is playing the ideal older bro to Beena’s daughter Amrita who is all set to get married this summer to a boy who’s been chosen by none other than brother Sallu! It seems
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The Season of Salman Has Arrived!

The controversial Khan has risen to the top platform once again and 2009 just might be his year! With Wanted smashing every box office records, the actor is already turning his head to his future projects, which are as large as Wanted was.

First up will be his brother Sohail Khan’s home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna to be released October 16th. The film will see Salman pairing with Kareena Kapoor after Priyadarshan's box office disaster Kyon Ki. Fingers crossed this time this Jodi brings much more moolah back home! Sohail Khan also will grace the screen in Mamk and will be seen with his bhai again in this film as their jodi in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and God Tussi Great Ho was a real hit amongst the audiences. Accompanying the lot will be Yash Tonk. The film is to be directed by Prem Soni.

Following Mamk Vipul Shah's
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Its Salman vs Big B at Box office this october

This October 30 will see Salman Khan facing Amitabh Bachchan once again. This time however, the two will fight it out at the box office. The day will see Amitabh Bachchan’s much awaited film Aladin and Salman Khan’s London Dreams clashing in the theatres.

Salman and Amitabh have worked earlier in films like Baghban, Baabul and the more recent God Tussi Great Ho. And because of very obvious reasons, the actors had later on stopped working in the same film.

Aladin has been in the news for its big star cast including Sanjay Dutt, Riteish.
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Media may bitch about me, but my producers love me: Salman Khan

Salman Khan, who is cornered by Jyothi Venkatesh tells him that he is confident that Wanted will turn out to be a hit at the box-office.

Salman Khan who is desperately in need of a hit after quite a few films of his have successively proved to be duds at the box office, like Hello, Yuvraj, God Tussi Great Ho etc, is quite confident that his next release Wanted, produced by Boney Kapoor and directed by the ace choreographer cum actor Prabhu Deva will hit the bull’s eye at the box office.

Salman is also banking on his other releases this year- Anil Sharma’s Veer, Prem Soni’s Main Aurr.
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"People of all ages will relate to Life Partner" - Tusshar Kapoor

Success has no shortcuts, and no one knows the truth of this line better than Tusshar Kapoor. He hails from one of the most prestigious filmi families and despite being born with what some may call 'the silver spoon', the young Kapoor had to work harder than most in the industry to prove that he's got more than just his father's last name. He has made a mark for himself and proven his talent as an actor in his own right. Rohit Shetty's Golmaal 1 & 2 were the breakthrough films for Tusshar. His performance set him apart from the crowd, made him an instant favourite amongst the masses and what's even more amazing is that he didn't utter a single dialogue in his portrayal of the hilarious yet supremely adorable Lucky. Now once again the young talented star is embracing his comical nature for God Tussi Great Ho director Rumi Jafri's Life Partner.
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An acid test for Rumi Jaffrey

Now this is a real coincidence. Rumi Jaffery's directorial debut God Tussi Great Ho had released on 15th August last year, while his second outing, Life Partner, is slated for release on 14th August this year. Also, last year, God Tussi Great Ho was pitted against Bachna Ae Haseeno [Ranbir Kapoor], while Life Partner will come face to face with Kaminey [a Kapur again, this time Shahid]. Quite a coincidence, isn't it? "No, I am not into numerology," Rumi corrects me, "If you recall, Life Partner was scheduled to release in May, but the producers versus multiplexes strike forced us to shift our film to a latter date. It wasn't intentional [of releasing in August], it just happened. As for clashing with another biggie this year, let me add that both Kaminey and Life Partner are diverse in terms of content. Both can co-exist." Rumi doesn't deny that he has to get it right this time. "If your first film doesn't work for whatever reasons,
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