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paul_haakonsen4 April 2010
Alright, this was somewhat of a joke.

First the GOOD parts; well the creature wasn't too shabby when you saw the prosthetics they made for it (although the CGI animated creature sucked horribly). The male casted actors did a fairly alright job with their roles and characters (while most of the female ones were not so good).

And moving right on to the BAD parts; the story was laughable and fairly stupid. Didn't really make a whole lot of sense all together. The dialogue was halting and often ridiculous. Lots of loose ends and events that doesn't make much sense throughout the entire movie. The scenes where the creature was CGI animated were fake and painful to watch.

Anyway, based from the cover of the movie it looked to be fairly alright, but turned out to be anything but interesting. The movie might have been scary and "up to date" had it been made during the late 80's. There is a whole sense of 80's to this movie. And it doesn't work out in favor of the movie though.

"Creature of Darkness" is good for some laughs and head shakings, but don't expect to get scared. Having seen this movie, it is not one I will return to again.
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Watch this on television for the commercials.
mrcheminee4 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not often writing reviews for IMDb, but since this movie is so high rated, I feel it's my duty to write something down as well.

This movie is the kind of thing you should see on television, interrupted by commercials, zapping to MTV and Jerry springer, or toilet breaks. As long as you're not trying to follow a story, this movie might be alright. But if you want to follow a story, just skip this one.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a 'terrible' movie, but it is 'terrible mediocre'. It's predictable, cheesy, shallow and amateuristic. The conversations feel unnatural and a lot of the made decisions are illogical. It annoys me when a group of people rather keeps screaming at each other than look for a constructive solution. It annoys me when somebody takes a tinkle right where an alien was blown up, while it is not sure at all whether the alien has died. It annoys me when his friends keep telling him how displeased they are with this stupid action, without looking out for the alien. It annoys me when a group of people decides to kill the alien and then don't kill the alien, but run away for his cripple, burnt remains. It annoys me when a girl shows her breasts and the camera moves up, if you're not going to show her breasts, then why would you put this in the script?

I think people should make movies out of creativity, not to just keep the industry working. I would give this thing 4 point, but since it has such high ratings, I give it a 1. Just for balance.
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Cheap and nasty
Stradale16 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm really not sure why this is currently clocking 8.3. I think people are having a bit a laugh. Don't get suckered in like I did on the premise it might be a hidden gem.

The setting is laid with scenes which rely heavily on scantily clad girls jiggling. The dialogue is appalling and the attempt to cement the characters as COOL is definitely going to irritate you.

When the monster action starts there are a succession of encounter scenes which simply beggar belief. Family camcorder special effects and sound effects straight from the Acme company aren't helped by a ridiculous Styrofoam alien wearing a fisherman outfit. Thankfully the cast seem too busy with the trivial aspects of their predicament to worry about the monster.

Some of the action scenes are so bad the film actually runs quite close to martyrdom as a trash movie classic but the ponderous dialogue bogs it down . You'll watch it and want it to be just that little bit more stupid so you can laugh along but it's just a boring cheap & nasty schedule filler.

It deserves a mention for the speed at which it's gone 'straight to video' but in fairness it should never have been released.
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Not worth anyone's time
bob17014 April 2010
Basically, this is a terrible movie. The acting is probably the worst part, not surprising with actors I have never heard of before. Even Devon Sawa, who I have seen in past movies and was usually an OK actor, is really bad. The dialogue is some of the most clichéd and ridiculous I have heard in a movie. In particular, the dancing scene early in the movie where the girls talk about the guys, unbelievable.

The effects in the movie are not too bad considering what I assume was a low budget. The "creature of the dark" is surprisingly good and definitely the best actor in the movie.

Not a movie I would recommend to anyone.
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Just stupid
laama-14 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was so stupid. Unbelievably horrible. CGI was extremely cheap and acting was totally lame.

Stupid alien looked a bit scary on first sight, but they repeated closeup scenes of that rubber mask very often so it just got boring. That alien was so slow during whole movie, but at the end it jumps like a whitetail deer. Also scene where alien sticked axe handle into his cutoff arm was ridiculous. It reminded me Planet terror. It was like "ROAR, I'm ugly big alien and I will slice you into pieces with my artificial axehand!" :D

The guy in with red ribbon on his head was absolutely stupid douche-bag, his role was irritating and he died first, I think director cannot stand that person too. What a moron, nobody liked him anyway, he deserved it. He just blew up two of those 4wheeled motorcycles (dunno how its called in English), and then during argue said "just shut up, I apologized for that".

Girl in white shirt deserved few face-slaps, her reactions to everything what happened freaked me out.

Everyone of these young people made so stupid decisions, like let's kill that alien from your nightmares with javelin to make you sleep peacefully again. Or let's connect these 2 old cellphones with couple of red wires to create remotely controlled bomb because alien does not like UV rays. They also ran from camp and came right back so many times just made no sense.

...And whole story about abducted uncle.... just no comment.
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Lame Movie
claudio_carvalho10 March 2013
A group of teenagers camps in an area nearby a military base. Soon they are chased by an alien that hunts them down. The disturbed Andrew (Devon Sawa), who is haunted by nightmares, recalls the words of his uncle, Major Victor Devorshak (Matt Lattimore) that was a pilot that claimed that had been abducted by an alien called The Catcher (Phil Van Tee) and ended his days in a mental institution. Andrew tells that The Catcher kills humans to stock them for the winter. Further, his uncle had advised him to never go to that area during the night, but his friend Esther had convince him to come to the place to get over his nightmares. Now they have to fight back to survive.

"Creature of Darkness" is a pathetic movie, with lame story, direction, screenplay, acting, special effects, makeup and location. I am a fan of B-movies, especially from the 50's and early 60's, and I expected that "Creature of Darkness" was this sort of movie when I bought the imported DVD. Unfortunately, the plot is and awful rip-off of "Predator", but with unpleasant characters and stupid situations. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): Not Available (fortunately)
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Alien vs the dust bowl
thinkinaboutit15 April 2010
I had to sign up just to warn people about this awful movie.

This is a bunch of idiots with a dune buggy, some ATV's and dirt bikes kicking up dust and screaming; throw in an alien creature. I'm surprised no one died of silicosis in the filming!

If your looking for some cute gals running around in shorts and bikinis you'll be entertained for a few moments before you realize no one can act. Of course the horrible script and directing didn't help them. The best actor in the whole movie is the animated monster and it wasn't that good.

I realize this is a low budget film but this movie was filled with corny lines, overdone screaming and ridiculous gestures. Low budget doesn't have to be that! I felt sorry for the actors, even though most of them couldn't act, period.
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One of the worst films I have ever watched!
i_am_rogue15 April 2010
As well as being a film student and independent filmmaker, I like to pride myself on being a huge film buff. I'll usually watch anything, any genre, any budget, anything I can either enjoy, learn from, or hopefully both.

I must admit that sci-fi is a huge passion of mine, and so I was excited to find a title that not only had I never seen before; but it had an interesting sounding synopsis and had received some positive reviews on IMDb.

After watching this drivel I can safely say I did not enjoy one second of this movie. Not even one frame. The acting was terrible, the directing was worse, the dialogue was pathetic and nauseating, and the CGI was so bad, that anyone with at least some computer graphics skills could make similar quality effects in windows paint.

Have you ever seen a movie that was so bad, it was actually kind of good? Alas, this movie was not even one of those.

If you want to waste 80 mins of your life, plus whatever time it takes procuring this obscure indie title, then go ahead and watch this film. If not, you have been warned!
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Needs a writer and director
HEFILM7 May 2010
The director, whose biography on the DVD would have you believe he's either Kubrick or Orson Welles, has credits and awards for nature shows. You know photographing animals in the wild.

Sure great, but in this case that doesn't mean he can write a scene or stage an action scene to save his, or any cute animals life.

The plot is a predator rip off deal. It's poorly shot on HD, the black levels and colors and focus are all problems from time to time.

The action scenes just don't cut together at all. Slow motion is used once in awhile for no good reason. The sound job on the movie is awful some of the stereo effects seem to come from the wrong side of the screen.

It's so poorly staged that sometimes it takes you a few scenes later on until you understand what happened in a sequence. It's sub amateur sorry to say there is no idea where to put the camera.

The one thing the movie has going for it is a cool looking creature head and hands. That is when it's a real prop, when it's a CG thing that too looks barely decent enough for a video game. But the real creature is coolly designed and nicely operated. Too bad the director and story give it nothing to do.

The movie seems to be cut to avoid nudity, the one semi nude scene is "timed" so darkly that it stands out against the rest of the night scene it is in. Profanity too is sort of mixed around the F word. Like the film was done to pass for screening on Sci Fi network ( now retartedly named Scy Fy) And is it better than the worst things on Scy Fy? Well no, it's probably just about as bad as their worst monster movies, certainly more poorly directed and photographed than many, on a writing level it's about par for the lousy course, aside from the real creature here which raises it above AZTEC REX, for example.

Has a pre credit sequence which makes no sense at all and is repeated later in the film, also seems like this was done to give is a punchy opening for Scy Fy channel.

Several endless scenes of people talking around the campfire slow down the middle and show off terrible writing and clueless acting. Early on there are several scenes to establish interpersonal conflict--which are bad and needless just makes you wish you'd never gone dirt bike riding.

Computer FX of airplanes and gunfire all really poor, music seems like same few cues from a sound library, but wait, there is a very "white" sounding rap song during the end credits.

They do drop a burning dune buggy out of the sky. There I've said everything nice I can think of. Really find one of the nature shows he directed and watch it, it might help you not want to kill the producer/writer/director before he makes you sit through another one like this. Hire the creature guys, fire the rest of them. A failure on every creative level involving the basics of movie making.
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Awful Predator Ripoff
JoeB1311 July 2010
Okay, the plot line is that a guy disturbed by his uncles nightmares brings his friends out to a place outside an air force base, where apparently aliens are hunting down humans for some reason that defies explanation, other than they really notice the racial differences between our racially not all that distinct characters. I mean, really, if you wanted an Asian or an African, wouldn't you actually go to those places to get one, instead of getting folks with so much European blood in their background you can barely tell.

The alien is cheap CGI, I mean, something that would embarrass a warcraft nerd. It's reasoning seems a bit silly. If it's on a scientific mission, it certainly wouldn't act like a hillbilly butcher, would it?

Just once, I would like to see an Alien/Predator kind of film that actually defines the alien or predator in ways where you understand why it is doing what it is doing, other than being just a mindless monster the heroes have to survive...
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Low budget
rds_14 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well I guess the other people rated it as a low budget flick. I'm rating it as a movie in general.

First thing noticed were the low quality graphics. The alien chip looks like it came out of a game anno 1995 or something. Same can be said for all the airborne vehicles.

Then there was the acting. Didn't seem like the people involved were actors but simply a group of friends coming together trying to make a horror movie. Lot of staring not really knowing what face to pull, lot of exaggerated jelling and screaming.

The alien intelligent enough to build and fly a spaceship covering at least 4 light-years is running around growling and cutting up people with knife like tools. At times it seemed like someone with a muscle disorder was trying to cut some meat. Made no sense to cut there where cutting was done.

If I had gone watch this in a theater I probably would have walked out and demanded my money back. Especially with a 6+ star rating.
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freefallin130917 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst movies I've ever seen. The acting was horrible, even if they had someone like Devon. I was surprised to see someone I recognized in this cheesy film, I didn't think they'd have the budget for even him.

The sound guy had to be drunk as things get cut off such as speech, a very important part to movies. You can see the people talking, but no words are heard ... what did I miss??? Probably not much considering how bad this movie was.

The special FX were cheap to be sure, but the cheesy use of the animatronic alien was deplorable ... overuse of the closeup of this bug-like beast's teeth doing the same sneer over and over reminded me of a bad video game from the 90's.

The ATV scenes were a joke, you could tell they weren't moving in a few scenes and then you get a scene where they stop the dune buggy and then you can almost hear the director shout "Act afraid!"

Just a bad movie all around.
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From Dumb to Dumber and Beyond
infernal-eternal9 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Note: I checked the 'spoiler' thing just in case but believe me, there's nothing to spoil.

So, there's a kind of 90 second introduction before the opening credits. It paints an abundantly clear picture that this is gonna be a really bad movie. If after the first 90 seconds you think that this could somehow turn into a decent movie, you must be either from the past, or out of your mind.

After the credits we see a bunch of American kids on some trip. Never mind the details like why or where because clearly this movie wasn't made to make sense. Having seen the intro, it's no surprise all the dialogue is hopelessly stupid. I don't know how old these kids are supposed to be - they look like 25 but act like 14 with brain damage. At this point I'm thinking this movie might actually be funny because of how stupid it is. Well, I was right, but it gets dumber by the minute, and in the end it's a bit too boring to be funny anymore.

Let's move on to paint a bit more of the picture. We get two military guys investigating a corpse... or at least I think that's the idea. They look like 2 actors whose script says "you're investigating a corpse," but they have no idea what that means, so they're just standing around looking dumb. As they're standing there, in their military uniforms with their military helmets next to their military jeep and a big sign that says U.S.A.F., one of the kids identifies them as "the cops." That was pretty funny. I didn't see that level of stupidity coming. To save the day comes a blonde chick who explains to the dumb lot that those obviously military guys are the military. Well what do you know, only 7 minutes into the movie and already this amusing. But that's about the peak of it.

Quickly enters another blondie who shows her breasts because one of the guys asks for it. Uhmm.... OK, they're Americans, so I try not to think too much about that one. And then I try not to think too much about the rest of the movie, which consists mostly of incredibly dumb arguments among the kids (like who's whose girlfriend and who's to blame for whatever's happening), very poor visual effects right out of the early 80's, and a pointless storyline that reaches a new level of absurdity when one of the guys starts telling a story about his uncle. But at least you learn about this Hunter called "The Catcher." Very inventive.

This is not the kind of movie where you speculate about whether the characters behave rationally or even realistically or not. They don't. You can see that. It's not up for debate. This is the kind of movie where you don't care who gets killed, because all the characters are so dumb that for all you care they can all get killed 10 minutes into the movie and get it over with. It would save you a whole hour of really bad "entertainment." If this was made in 1979, I'd give it 4 points. It being 2009, it gets 2. And one of those 2 is only because at times it was actually funny. Oh wait, was this supposed to be a horror movie? Ooops. For something to be scary it has to be at least a little bit realistic. This is about as realistic as a two-headed Yeti in your closet munching on your snack that it stole from the fridge.

One more thing. At some point I actually had one scary thought - if people in the US are actually as dumb as the characters in this movie, we're all really doomed.

This movie is not recommended to anyone who managed to read this review in less than 2 days without needing a dictionary.
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Entertainment at its best
woolybehemoth10 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, this being my first review on the site, I must say that many months ago I made a pact, a pact that if I ever were to register on IMDb, I would review this title. I am now making good on the promise I made myself so very, very long ago...

I give this movie a well-deserving 10/10. Now don't get me wrong, this movie is horrible. Absolutely terrible, actually. Alas, it is the most entertaining piece of garbage I've ever happened upon by accident.

From start to finish, I was entertained. This movie encompasses everything that makes a B-movie excellent. If you wanted to watch a piece that makes you introspective and weepy eyed, there are plenty of movies that can do that for you. This is not one of them.

Each scene is knowingly unbelievable, and that's what makes the film reach greatness. The actors act. Keyword "act". They know this is a B-horror, and that means that it isn't supposed to be scary, or realistic. It's just supposed to be cool, which this is. What's not to like? Babes, cheesy one-liners, creature costume effects 50% of monster screen time, and epically lame CGI effects the other 50 percent.

The movie had me laughing out loud, often scoffing at, but secretly admiring the lovely rubbish that this movie is.

In short, I liked it, I can see how it won't be many peoples cup of tea. This is a light-hearted old school horror worth watching if you enjoy that kind of thing, not to be taken seriously at all.

One last thing, anyone comparing this to being a 'Predator' rip-off is clearly unfamiliar with the 'Predator' franchise. This movie has as much in common with the above mentioned as any typical "man-in-a-monster-suit" flick.

Thanks for reading.
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Devon Sawa's Face
gavin694222 October 2012
The monster of a man's recurring nightmare turns out to be real when he and his friends go on a weekend cycling trip to a remote area.

I simply could not believe how low this film was rated on IMDb, coming in at a depressing 2.8. Come on, people, this movie has Devon Sawa, the kid who played Casper and starred in both "Idle Hands" and the under-appreciated "Devil's Den". I think seeing Sawa's face alone must be worth a third star out of ten.

Okay, so some of that last paragraph was sarcastic. This film is slow, boring, and the whole story is pretty stupid. Even the title, "Creature of Darkness", shows very little imagination. This film would have been better had they intentionally tried to make it bad.
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Absolute Garbage But Not Even Entertainingly Bad
martinidry16 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is the exact type of movie that makes you want to take a hammer to your privates because that would be a less excruciating experience. I have to admit that I really couldn't make it through the whole thing. The alien or monster looked like someone bought it off the toy shelf at Target and just stuck it on some human "actor." Eventually, you really feel sorry for all of the actors in the film. It's as if there was no script at all and they took a bunch of sixth grade drama students and told them to just improvise until their characters are killed off which they do by constantly talking about who they think is hot in the group or swearing. And every once in a while until they're killed off they just get into a random fist fight just to create some motion on the screen or some female dances "sexy" in the middle of an Air Force bombing range by a campfire. It sounds from the above as if this could be semi-entertaining as in shockingly bad but funny. It's not even that. It's one of those movies that angers you for wasting $1 at the Redbox movie stand at the grocery store on this chunk of garbage and even more importantly wasting your time until you do yourself a favor and turn it off. Oh, and the positive reviews for this are fake--somebody connected to the movie. That's really a poor use of this site.
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An alien creature hunts humans.
djohns60010 January 2010
I don't know what movie "Stardale in UK" saw, but I saw "Creature of Darkness" at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara in Februry, 2009. I really enjoyed it. The audience loved it too, and more than 200 of us stayed afterwards for a Q&A with writer-director, Mark Stouffer. After hearing how the low-budget movie got made, we were amazed that it turned out as good as it did. "COD" comes from the Roger Corman school of film-making, i.e.: a shoe-string budget, an attractive cast of young actors, a creepy scifi story, a big bad alien creature, cheap SPFX, that don't always work, but serve the story well, and lots and lots of sexy action. If I have any complaint its about the repetitious canned music. The movie, about an alien creature hunting humans, stars Devon Sawa ("Final Destination") and Matthew Lawrence, who are pretty good in it. So too, are the cast of hot young actresses, headed up by Sanoe Lake (the blonde surfer chick from "Blue Crush") who become prey for the creature. The girls aren't afraid to show off their...well you know...their assets. There's a nude shower scene that is worth the price of a rental. Add to that, off-road action with cycles, ATVs and dune-buggies and you've got a fast-paced eighty-five minute story. And then there's the alien, a cool looking, bug-like creature, who stands seven feet tall. It's seen as both a CGI creature and a full, 3D, animatronic puppet. After the creature starts killing off the teens, one by one, the teens fight back using make-shift weapons, ingenuity and raw courage. While the story is a bit confusing at times, and there are some clunky scenes, it all finally comes together and the movie delivers what you expect: hot bodies, good scares, and kick-ass action. Even with its flaws, "COD" is as good as, if not better than, a lot of the films the SciFi Channel -- I mean the SyFi Channel -- runs Saturday nights.
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nogodnomasters18 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A number of young adults head out into a get away weekend near an Air Force test base. Andrew has nightmares. They decide to confront his nightmares head on with a camping trip. (Just what Mom would have us do when we had bad dreams- make us sleep outside.) As it turns out, his dream about a creature, a combination of Predator and Darth Maul (black hoodie optional), comes true as his friends become hunted. There are some internal conflicts within the group to add to the spice of the film...or not as the case may be.

The special effects were low budget, but not the worst aspect of the film. The horrible dialouge and general plot far out weigh any problems with CG effects. In one weird scene a young lady lifts her top for "inspiration" while the camera man pans her bar guys...have you ever watched a horror movie before?

This is one film I would have liked more if everyone died. And for the record, Einstein never predicted time travel.

1 f-bomb, no sex, nighttime nudity (Siena Goines)
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Ultimately predictable, yet wildly surprising.
miller-jmiller-jason13 November 2011
OK, first off, th acting was weak and mediocre. It jumps around erratically let's just say. There are plot elements that definitely could be much better.

I did enjoy the majority of the movie, however. The alien was shown in small increments and was also plainly CGI'd and animatronic. The way the alien "saw" was a cheesy green color with watery edges. I did not like what the alien looked like in bodily shape. (Don't get me wrong, it looked bad-@$$.) My problem is with the alien's shape being extremely humanoid. It had a head, eyes, tall, and had a mouth. It's really a bit disappointing when all the creators think up is a human-like creature.

There was a creepy atmosphere that played itself very well, I might add. The bloody effects did suit well to entertain. If you're just wanting to watch a cheesy flick with decent FX, a decent alien, mild storyline and beautiful women who are not afraid to show off their bodies, this is a good movie to watch.
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Packs Quite a Punch
DSP91918 April 2010
Not overwhelmingly original, this movie packs quite a punch for a low-budget feature, despite a superficial similarity to Predator and other slasher films. The similarity to Predator is due to the green filtered scenes presumably showing the alien's point of view. I thought the alien, with a few humanoid features and creepy claws, was truly frightening as he appeared on the crest of a hill on an October full moon night. I give the director full credit for this. The dialog reveals that October is an especially bad time to be in this area of the desert. As the film's special features reveal, the alien was constructed for maximum ugly and sinister impact. Not as physically bulky as Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, the alien catcher is seven feet tall, and lean and mean.

It is true that this is a "B" movie that has little in the way of character development, but there was a Western/horror movie last year called "The Burrowers" that was similar and that I would also recommend.

The movie is carefully constructed with about 8 20 -year- olds driving their all-terrain vehicles into a remote desert for a weekend of partying, with flashbacks to an alien abduction some time previous. The dialog is also for the most part much better than average and the characters are all good looking specimens, the better for the alien to capture. One of the male characters has had a series of recurring bad dreams regarding his schizoid uncle's stories of abduction. Part of the reason for the weekend getaway is for his friends to "cure" the dreamer of his presumed illusions. The alien also has the ability to create sinkholes which disappear after capturing their victims, so his quarry cannot escape. He has a mountain lair where he stores his victims in glass cages prior to abduction. He also spits green gobs of goo, and uses a human spine dislodged from a previous victim, and also a snake as slingshot weapons. His spacecraft looks like an evil insect. There are a number of confrontations between human and alien and eventually the teenagers ingeniously contrive to blow up one of their all terrain vehicles when the alien approaches. As one might expect, after the characters douse the alien with gasoline and light it, the alien survives, only half-alive, but with enough life to get back to his spacecraft. All in all I thought this little movie had quite a bit going for it because it's unique and doesn't carry a lot of "sequel baggage" unlike the endless repetitive sequels of the Friday 13th or Halloween films.
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Creature feature by Sam
ajscall12 January 2010
Me and my girlfriend caught the premiere of this flick at Santa Barbara Film Fest and both thought it kicked ass for a low budget job. Yeah, it had a few cheesy parts but was overall very watchable. The creature was really spooky and believable. The ugly thing spit on prey to scent mark them so it could hunt them down. Off-road machine action was cool. Story theme was similar to Predator, only this alien was hunting humans for alien science, not sport. The babes looked hot and I hated to see some of them killed off. I like that the creature was freezing them for inter galactic transport and alien museum display. Good to see Devon Sawa back on screen. I read on Fangoria that Sawa starred in another flick Wild America by this same producer. Haven't seen this Creature movie on DVD yet but I think it's worth the rental when it does come out. Don't expect a big budget studio movie and you'll be entertained. Will the world ever get tired of seeing deadly aliens hunt down humans? I don't think so. It's too much fun. My favorite part of this movie was the idea of an alien museum filled with human specimens
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