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Sex & Nudity

  • In most of the episodes male and female bottoms are shown. Not all the episodes though. Sometimes in a non-sex way.
  • Season 1 has copious nudity, many sexual acts, and a few instances of implied (but not shown) rape.
  • Season 2 has full frontal male nudity - shown in a graphic scene that includes sexual force and may be disturbing to viewers - and topless female nudity.
  • Episode 5 contains a prolonged orgy scene in a brothel in which many graphic sexual acts are shown, both in the foreground and the background. Full graphic nudity of both sexes can clearly be seen throughout the full scene, which lasts about five minutes.
  • Several male characters are shown briefly engaging in sexual acts with female androids. We witness one female android exiting a tub naked presumably after a sexual act and she joins another man who is in bed with another nude woman. Another man is visible in a mirror engaging in intercourse with an android. Sexual movement is shown as well as nudity.
  • A woman finds herself overwhelmed by her attraction to a naked android female and kisses her passionately on the lips to which the android remains completely unresponsive.
  • Androids designed to look like humans (and played by human actors) are shown naked in a non-sexual context. A woman is shown briefly fully naked from a distance. Torsos, breasts and backsides of other female and male androids are visible.
  • One character is shown engaging in a bisexual orgy with two women and a man. The breasts and backsides of both females are visible, but only the torsos of both men. Sexual movement is depicted realistically in this scene with one of the female androids moving on top of a man.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 2 is gorier than Season 1, and includes grizzly images/scenes of people being shot in the head and their faces being disfigured, or of rotting corpses which have been shot through the head.
  • Because androids are not human and can be fixed, most of the violence depicted in Westworld does not have permanent consequences.
  • 1.1 The Original
  • Androids are killed in numerous graphic ways with blood and gore throughout the episode. Shootings are the most frequent mode of killing with blood spurts and gore.
  • One sadistic character slashes an android's throat, pours his blood into buckets, then proceeds to cut the top of his head off in order to find a symbol embossed on the inside of the android's skull. The only part shown directly is the initial cutting of the android's throat, but the rest is implied strongly with the android's pathetic screams making what is happening obvious to the viewer.
  • One android is shot through the back of the head and the viewer witnesses the front of his face explode graphically as the bullet exits.
  • 1.2 Chestnut
  • Many graphic shootings and stabbings with blood spurts and gore.
  • One man is stabbed through the hand and the camera lingers as he screams in agony and his blood pools on the table.
  • One character is in the possession of an android's scalp that he took himself in previous episode.
  • The massacre of numerous settlers by Native Americans is depicted. A scalped man is briefly visible. A Native American clubs a settler resulting in a large amount of blood spray and another man is shot with an arrow and thrown from his horse. A Native American attacks and tries to scalp a woman. Native Americans are shot up close. A woman is threatened by a man with a knife.
  • An android wakes up on an operating table with her side cut open and a graphic wound briefly visible. She slips on her own blood as she jumps off the table.
  • A man threatens an android telling him implying he will kill his wife and daughter if the android does not comply with his wishes.
  • A woman is killed offscreen.


  • Very consistent profanity throughout the series from most characters.
  • profanity throughout every episode.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In every episode characters are shown drinking alcohol. They only show a glass, with a colored alcohol in it, and the characters drink it.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is shown in every episode. Sometimes people are shown to be drunk, which tends to lead to violent activities.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many aspects of this show can be intense for younger viewers. Animals are shown in a lab where they are being made-this can seem disturbing. Humans are being reviewed, questioned, and trained by scientists in a lab, usually with darker music, which can have somewhat of an ominous feel. Every episode shows people being killed, executed, screaming for their lives, shootouts, and lifeless humans, all of which can be intense and/or frightening. Some of the beings in the park malfunction, which is shown in delayed speech, eye twitches, jerking head and body movements. These are slightly disturbing scenes.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Season 2: A female Android uses threats of violence to force a man to strip naked. The scene is incredibly graphic and may be disturbing for sexual assault victims.

Violence & Gore

  • As of season 2, the violence now has real weight to it, and there is a threat towards actual people. Due to alterations in code death has more permanence for the androids in the show (or as they are called, 'hosts'). This makes fights a lot more intense.

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