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shmexsay20 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
'High School Musical' is definitely one of Disney channel's best original movies up to date. I've seen numerous other ones - Pixel Perfect, Twitches, Go Figure, Stuck in the Suburbs, etc. - but none of them compare to this one. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Troy and Gabriella are adorable together, and their chemistry is more believable than the chemistry I see in many major motion pictures; Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel as Sharpay and Ryan are laugh-out-loud funny; and the other students, along with Troy's father and Ms Darbus, are perfect.

What really blew me away and made this movie stand out from the other Disney channel original movies, however, was the music, singing, and dancing. I loved the songs, especially 'What I've Been Looking For' as sung by Sharpay and Ryan, 'Breaking Free' by Troy and Gabriella, and Gabriella's solo, 'When There Was Me and You'. I was impressed by the vocal skills exhibited by the four main actors and actresses. The dancing sequences are also fun and well choreographed, and I loved how they were right in sync with the music.

Overall, in comparison to other Disney movies, this one is a 9/10. As a Disney channel movie, it inevitably has several flaws, the most obvious of which is the cliché, cheesy plot between the two main characters. I was also disappointed when there was no kiss between them, but that didn't really take away from the movie too much.

Whether you're a 10-year old or a 30-year old, I highly recommend seeing this sweet, funny movie.
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Can our current generation handle such cheeriness?
missmessabout1 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(SPOILERS of ending, kinda...) It's just so…. Disney! And yes, I spit that word out with more than a small measure of contempt. Featuring that wholesome, straight-to-video nonsense we've come to expect from the Olsen twins, "High School Musical" is an impossible blend of the following:

Attractive, talented, athletic and brainy teens who learn their own lessons in acceptance and find a way to cross the boundaries of high school politics.

The villainous, Uber-competitive Ryan siblings, Sharpey & Ryan: They clearly have years of training, parental support and funding. And yet they still live in Albuquerque? Their stage-mom never moved them to LA to get them into toothpaste commercials?

Singing voice-over doubles for… how many of the cast? At least movies like Centre Stage, when choosing between actors who could dance or dancers who could act, opted for the latter.

Intelligent "nerd" characters with gorgeous faces and hip clothing. As a former high school nerd myself I say "since when?!"

Ms Darbus, the musical producer, who just wishes she was Glenn Close. Better luck next time, casting directors.

Finally, the mega happy ending, where even the villains show their human side and join in the congratulations and celebrations with the "goodies". Am I too cynical in remembering that even the villains of "Home Alone" got smacked in the faces with steel pipes a few times to get their come-uppance? At least in the 70s, cheery musicals with happy endings (Grease) were cool. Welcome to the Naughties, where they are not.
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Campy, Corny and ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!
uptownrn21 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
High School Musical is one of those rare movies that makes you laugh at it's absurdity and love everything about it at the same time. The plot isn't complex, Troy meets Gabriella at a New Years Eve party, and they sing a karaoke duet together. Neither has ever sung before, and they find the experience exhilarating. After midnight, when they almost kiss, Gabriella runs away, but not after exchanging phone numbers with Troy. A few days later, Troy returns to school, where he is the star basketball player, just before the "big game." Also about to occur, casting for the school's "winter musicale." This is where we meet Sharpay and Ryan Evans, a brother and sister musical star team. It is soon revealed that Gabriella is a new student at Troy's school. After a lot of deliberation, Gabriella and Troy audition for the musical, much to Sharpay's, and their friends', dismay. I won't divulge how, but all end up happy, and celebrate in a fantastic closing song "We're all in this together!"

It's the simplicity of the movie that makes it so wonderful. As a fan of musical theater and an amateur performer (I played Mrs. Paroo this fall in The Music Man! HEHE!) I loved every moment of this film. It is the essence of musical theater, parts of it were corny and over acted, but go to see any show on Broadway and you'll notice the same, it's a characteristic of musical theater. Other parts were heartfelt and lovely, without being overly sentimental. The music was beautiful and well sung overall. The actors didn't necessarily have the best voices, but they were all fully suited to their roles. Especially the girls. Ashley Tisdale is perfect as dive Sharpay. Any one who has been in a high school show recognizes this girl, there's one in every school. Vannessa Anne Hudgens is lovely as shy, intelligent Gabriella. She is practical and grounded but can't help wanting to do something as seemingly frivolous as singing in the school show and fall for the popular jock. The first time you see her smile you realize how adorable she is.

High School Musical is definitely worth watching. If you're a fan of musicals you're sure to enjoy it.
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Absolutely Hideous
chilipepperz918214 July 2006
Maybe I'm just a weirdo. After reading all these other reviews, I'm pretty sure that I am. Or maybe it's just because I've been performing with musical theatre companies since I was about seven, so the idea of a musical isn't something novel and new for me. But every time I tried to watch this movie, and every time I heard somebody talk about how great it was, I just couldn't help but CRINGE. Not only was this another long shot for the young Disney stars to prove their "versatility", such as it is(n't), but it was yet another show about the magical clichés and drama of high school, something I'm getting absolutely sick of. I have to go to school every day and deal with petty high school drama; why would I want to come home and listen to people SING about it? Seriously. At least REAL musicals that used those themes, like Hairspray and Grease, had actual talent behind them, as well as good songs and actual FUN. Not a bunch of pretty-boy jocks smiling cheesily and singing about how much they love basketball. The whole production was so shallow...I still haven't been able to sit through the entire movie. I've had to watch it in sections of twenty minutes, just to be able to stand it. And something that ESPECIALLY bothered me: the representations of the people in the drama club. Dude, that teacher? "Brava"? You've got to be kidding me. And then that little drama queen and her wimpy brother...so, so cliché. I haven't met anybody like any of those three since I was, like, ten. And I know, I know: it's just a corny little Disney movie playing up the clichés. And for about half a second, characters like that might seem kinda funny. Then try going to school the next day and hear people asking you if you've ever had a director like that teacher, or asking how you can possibly be a "real" theatre person because you don't seem obnoxious enough...it gets old. This movie sucked. Why do people like it so much?
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"This is the start...of unbelievable crap!"
pfs131899 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
One thing that has always irritated me as a high school student is Disney's portrayal, in its various programming, of what high school is like. For the most part, Disney gets it TERRIBLY WRONG, and this is immensely evident in "High School Musical." I mean, don't get me wrong, not a day goes by at my school without a fat girl standing up to sing about how her true dream is to dance, but, seriously, its just totally inaccurate. The characters poorly represent actual high school students in that real students actually act their age, are mature, and aren't borderline mentally retarded (Okay, most real high school students aren't immature and mentally retarded). Disney really needs to do more research on high school environments.

As for the quality of the movie: The music is...okay. Not too great, but withstandable. Its the singing, acting, plot line, characters, and dialogue that causes one when watching this movie to eat their hands just to distract them from this melting pot of caterpillar excrement. Just awful.

Many, MANY things in this "musical" made absolutely NO sense. (1) So what if someone wants to dance or some basketball player wants to bake an array of various pastries or participate in a school production and lip sync to computer dubbing? The entire school is not going to conspire to keep them from doing so by transmitting video using laptop computers and hidden cameras! What the hell? It doesn't even make sense how they were able to do that. (2) Why would two siblings (Ashley Tisdale and her effeminate brother I seriously would love to punch in the face repeatedly) EVER want to sing about how they love each other in a musical? Not to mention, not even the most socially retarded human being acts like Ashley Tisdale's character. (3) The dear sweet happy ending in which the whole school burst into song will have you emptying your stomach contents due to its unbelievable predictability. (4) FOR GOD'S SAKE, NO drama teacher is so AWFUL enough as to not let them tryout at another time for the play when they have to miss it for other things, like a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! Teachers in the real world tend to have souls, after all! Who wrote this thing? Does he have a clue of how high school works?

All in all, it's typical, Disney Channel, low-budget, shallow film that doesn't make any sense plot wise and has no qualities of a well written musical. And for the love of god, Disney, get inside a high school and see what it is really like before you spit out another "teen drama" that causes cancer of the mind when it is watched.
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What is wrong with today's youth?
bradme15 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It seems all these pre-teen girls are loving this movie trampling each other to get a copy of the DVD.

Why!? The movie was terrible! The music, the singing, the lyrics to the songs, the general writing and the old kiddy movie "We were mean to you but now we're sorry" act! I understand this is a kids movie but it doesn't have to be so cliché and terrible! Zack Effron...if I here that name one more time I will go insane. "Oooh he's so cuuuuute!" ENOUGH! He may be "cute" but his acting sucks! And he lyp synched the whole time. Check the trivia for this movie.

We get the stereotypical dumb guy from the stereotypical mean girl's brother. We get the cheesy love story that works out in the end through the most cliché ways.

Overall, bad singing, cheesy story, bad script, bad acting. The only way I would See this movie is if you paid me...Lots of money.
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To all those HSM fans out there!
scubabill8822 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Dear fans of HSM,

I would like to tell you to please refrain from telling me how much you like the musical or talking about the show when I am in the same room. You are probably wondering why I ask this, well I'll tell you. I HATE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! Now before you decide to not read this blog just listen to the major things that were wrong with this so called "musical". First off, it wasn't a musical in a sense that the songs were too "poppy" for it to be a musical. It should have been called High School Popical. I know it sounds corny but it's the truth. I have seen and been in many musicals and never have the songs that I have heard sounded like the ones in HSM. This brings me to my next point, the singing. Gabriella, a.k.a. Vanessa Anne Hudgens, had a weird voice that just plain out annoyed me. Sharpay, a.k.a. Ashley Tisdale, had such a bad voice that in the song "What I've Been Looking For" her brother Ryan, a.k.a. Lucas Grabeel, had to sing higher than her so that you wouldn't have to hear her sing. In almost all duets between a girl and a guy, the girl usually sings the higher part. The worst of them all was Troy, a.k.a. Zac Efron. Why do I say this? Because he was DUBBED!!! Zac would sing the first two lines in each song and magically his voice would change. If you don't believe me then listen closely to "Breaking Free". 27 seconds into the song his voice changes from terrible to good. In the credits on IMDb.com they had credited the singer that actually sang the songs but don't go to check now because his name has been taken out of the credits. Disney payed the people at IMDb to take his name out of the credits to cover it up. That is why on the soundtrack it says that Troy sang it because if they put the singer's names legally they would have to put Andrew Seeley's name on it. Now on IMDb, Andrew Seeley, the voice of Troy, is only credited for writing the song "Getcha Head In The Game". I hated how the brother, Ryan, had to be gay. Not all actors are gay, including myself, and Disney just had to put on more stereotypes of stage actors. To Disney, all stage actors are gay, have crazy directors, have huge egos (that's true for some people but not all), are the most feared in the school, and make a huge deal about auditions. Auditions last three days normally but in HSM they lasted forever! Also the plot was borderline retarded! In the end Troy got to win the championships and get the lead in the show. That's just Disney making the impossible work in the end. That could never happen in real life. In fact basketball player's can't even sing. If you don't believe me check out Shaq's album. And the star basketball player was only 5'10", that's pretty stupid. Also I have been to Albuquerque and it is a lot dirtier in real life than it is in the movie. Well now that you know the facts please consider not buying the DVD because Disney will make more of these filth ridden movies in the future and that's the last thing I need.

-Theodore Roosevlt
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Oh, Dear...
aemartell22 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
There was something that made me avoid watching this movie for some time after it came out, when I usually gobble up DCOMs like cotton candy. But one day it came on, and my little sister talked me into watching it with her. From the opening scene on, I was wishing that I was anywhere else than there. Gabriella was the too-gorgeous dork, which was obvious from the first scene. Troy was the obligatory supposed-to-be-good-looking male lead who was into sports, but really searching for something else.

So, my first thought when watching the movie was, essentially: "Oh, dear." By the time my brain cleared enough for another, it was time for "What a 'Grease' rip-off!" After vacation, it turns out that the girl moves to the guy's high school, where she is exactly who she was during their "moment," while he is the one who is constrained by his social role.

A play-by-play of the movie has already been given in a few other reviews, so I'll side-step that. Instead, I'll point out the things that made this movie horrible.

To start things off, we have the character of Gabriella. She is gorgeous, skinny, brilliant, and shy, but possesses an amazing voice that makes Troy fall for her almost immediately. Even though it is implied that she's quite modest, she uses the word "genius" when describing herself to her mother--and even though she doesn't want to be "the freaky genius girl," she is more than ready to correct the teacher in class with a smile that was too smug for my liking. Reality check: no matter if the teacher is wrong or not, the people who are truly shy and don't want to be thought of as a "freaky genius" don't speak up. Trust someone who's been in that situation.

My second reason: the high school cliques. Let me first say that I took part in many activities that related to a certain clique: music, agriculture, and Academic Decathlon. But none of the people in any of those groups were immediately willing to make me an outcast because I did more than one thing. If you want your kids to be brainwashed into believing that they will be shut-out in high school for trying to do more than one thing, please let them watch.

Something small that doesn't make the movie bad, but certainly made it worse was that Ryan and Sharpay, a brother-sister combo, are perfectly content to sing love-laced songs to try out in a musical. It's as if they couldn't find anyone else to sing with, which I find hard to believe.

The movie can't even strike a balance between the "randomly bursting out into song" moments and the "the characters are singing and they know it" moments. Most of the moments seem as if the characters know that they are singing: the karaoke scene, musical try-outs, and probably even the end number of the movie. But Gabriella randomly bursts out into song (complete with over-the-top 'dancing' maneuvers) when her feelings are hurt by Troy while staring into the camera lens in the way that no individual in a movie should do for extended periods, unless the're looking "beyond" the camera. And the basketball team manages a 'brilliant' musical number that none of them would ever willingly submit to. Pick one or the other, one or the other. But please, not both.

Perhaps the last issue I feel ruined the movie is how everything is catered to fit the plot. No real drama teacher would (1) let two kids trying out for a musical move the date to a day that conflicted with the only other two kids trying out, or (2) refuse to move it for the second two kids for something as important as an Academic competition and a play-off basketball game. No kids would hook up a computer to elaborately blackmail their friends just to keep them from trying out for said musical. The list of things that are too ridiculous, but are included because they fit the plot goes on and on for eons.

True, if your kid is under thirteen, this is the only high school musical available to them. If they're older than thirteen and want to watch a musical, have them watch "Grease" (not my favorite movie, but far better than this). Little kids should watch "The Sound of Music" or perhaps "Singin' in the Rain," while people mature enough to watch a true portrayal of high school cliques should tune in for the ever-classic "The Breakfast Club." Just stay away from this one if you have any taste in musicals and any level of common sense.
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A Musical Delight!
NikkiSweet20 January 2006
"High School Musical" was a movie that can pick you up and make you "dance". The songs were great especially "Get your head in the game". With some dance moves, the movie also added great humor,"love",and for those jocks out there BASKETBALL! The actors rocked the stage and just made the movie a teen can watch and who knows maybe one or two can relate to "Troy"(Zac Efron),"Gabriella"(Vannesa Anne Hudgens),or even "Sharpay"(Ashley Tisdale). Disney has proved itself once again as the movie magnet! Like other movies "Right on Track", "Go Figure", "High School Musical" is a great movie which you can sit with family or with friends and enjoy and you never know when you might be singing along!
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emmad0420 January 2006
This was a overall good movie by the Disney Channel's standards! I, being 18 years of age and sitting at home on a Friday night to watch it, am happy to say I sat through the entire thing happily! This movie is for adults and kids and also brought me back to high school even though it was only a year ago! The music brings meaning to the story and without it the movie wouldn't be complete which is why it is called High School Musical! I hope everyone who sees it enjoyed it as much as I did!! If Disney keeps up at this rate all the new actors and actress, singers and everyone will be the new product of them! Look at Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Raven, and many others! This movie has a few soon to be rising stars in it! Good job Disney!!
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Loved It
bklynkat2320 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit that at first I was a little bit skeptical at the thought of a Disney Channel Original Musical. However, I am a huge fan of most of the stars in the movie so of course I would watch it. I loved it a whole lot!! I loved the original songs and its portrayal of how some schools still are today. You just get written into a cliché and are expected to "Stick To The Status Quo". Zac and Vanessa were great as the main characters and Kenny Ortega did a great job as a director/choreographer. I definitely will be tuning in tomorrow so I can sing along and Sunday so I can catch some more behind the scenes stuff along with never before seen footage!! I am just happy that this wasn't another cheesy Disney movie that would let me down!!
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the taliban might even approve
toreadorable29 August 2007
Romantically entangled High Schoolers who don't kiss? Students who drink milk with their lunches? A "be true to yourself" message that includes all the timidly heterosexual students (none of whom struggle with their sexual identity)? Ridiculously stereotyped faculty members and parents who can do no wrong by their kids?

As many have mentioned, this is a shameful throwback to the early-mid 20th century.

I'm not sure whether this paints a more bleak picture of the Disney operation or of a wide swath of the downward-spiraling American culture.
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Oh it was excellent!
lyrischertenor21 January 2006
It was just sooooo great! So much fun, too!! It's like every high school musical theater junkie's dream. Everyone was just excellent and the directing was superb. And I love the message this movie sends to young minds, that you explore other facets of expression other than the one that's socially acceptable. And I love the little undertones and subtleties throughout the film. And I love how all the tough mean hard guys are CLEARLY dancers in real life. I was muy impressed!! Everything and everyone was perfect. From the clothes, casting, choreography, sets.... it all looks like a dream. And in beautiful clear New Mexico. Who could want anything more!
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too cute!
michelle_janz23 August 2006
high school musical is an awesome movie and i recommend it to everyone! Zac Efron is so hot! anyways , its a great movie and the story is so cute. this movie has an awesome cast with amazing voices. the movie has awesome songs , voices - and not to mention all of the sweet dances. its the kind of movie that u fall in love with and just wanna watch over and over again. its definitely aimed at girls and its one that u can always watch with your girls and swoon over Zac Efron's hotness!there is also supposed to be a sequel coming i out during summer of 2007 so ill sure be watching it and once u watch this movie you will too! anyways , be sure and watch next time it airs or pick up a copy. p.s.- it has an awesome soundtrack too! It starts off when Troy Bolton (a basketball superstar) meets Gabriella (a pretty genius) at a new years eve party on vacation when they are chosen to sing together for a karaoke contest. when Troy goes back to school to find that she is the new girl , they must both make hard decisions- should they do what they're heads are telling them to do ( which is to stick with basketball and smarts to do what they're friends want) or go with they're hearts and sing together.
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Superior Performance
rabid_monkey20220 January 2006
I expected the movie to be good, but it's great! Each of the actors did a superb job bringing his or her character to life. The choreography was brilliant, the songs beautiful. I thought the male lead would be disappointing, but he wasn't in the least. This has to be one of the best DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies) made yet, if not the best. Watch it! You won't be disappointed! It should be made into a real stage musical. The plot line was engaging. Very much a feel good movie. I appreciated how clean it was, with no swear words or immodest clothing. Most of the time I get sick of watching all the promo stuff on Disney, but not with this movie.
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This movie was hideous.
hadertjou1222 May 2006
I can understand The Disney Channel when they try to aim toward a children's audience but when I have to listen to the awfully fake singing that is blasting from my younger sister's room as they play the movie constantly, it begins to irritate. One day, I decided to give Disney a chance by actually bearing to watch the movie. Right as it started I began to feel embarrassed for the ACTORS! It was some of the worst acting and singing I have ever heard. I tried my hardest to sit in on the whole thing until it went to the cafeteria scene (if you could call it a cafeteria, more like a Chucky Cheese cruise-liner dining room). I started laughing not because of their failure at being funny, but just how annoying the song was! I immediately turned off the TV and kept laughing. I say that Disney should stick to it's roots and stop airing shows that include ONLY high-schoolers when the viewers are between ages 4 and 12. The messages these shows are giving are either giving children the wrong idea or just going right over their heads. A 1 out of 10.
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Are You Kidding Me!!
CowsOnlyMooForSoLong5 August 2006
OK first I want to say i did NOT watch this on my own initiative! I was FORCED to watch this movie and I must say that hour and a half I will never get back! I wasn't expecting much and I was still severely disgusted that I had to watch this movie.

The movie not only features bad actors and OBVIOUS lip singers, but it also has terrible lines and terribly stereotypical characters! There is the jocks, the nerds, and the preps! This movie portrays high school a place full of cliques which is also a stereotype! Though it tries to portray a good message, the amount of stereotypes in the movie almost negates the message its trying to send! This is a terrible movie, even by made-for-TV Disney standards!

PLEASE!!! If someone tries to make you watch this movie do NOT give in! You will be bored, sickened and you will have severe distain for the person that made you watch this poor excuse for a movie.
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Why isn't this movie in the bottom 100?
jacobparsons-125 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay. First let me state that this is quite likely the worst movie I've seen in the past 10 years. Of course, I couldn't have expected much because the word Disney is not followed by Pixar. First of all, this monstrosity is almost impossible to follow from the getgo. All the characters in the story are crammed down our throat at the same time. The dialogue could easily have been written by any of the 13-year old fangirls whose alphabet consists mostly of numbers, and the letters O, M, and G. There is no plot or character development, and all of these supposed high-school characters seem more like kindergartens. The sappy dialogue is bested by the childish, uninspired score that simply jumps in and out without any pretext or introduction. The wafer thin plot is clichéd, and has been flogged throughout every Disney movie ever, "We were mean to you but now we're sorry so let's be BFFLS"(sic). This movie is essentialy an even more watered down version of Grease intended for an audience of 8-month olds, or teenagers with a similar mental capacity. I implore you, if the collective IQ of you and your wallet is equal to 80 or higher, please, please save yourself the worry and never watch this terrible, uninspired, and woefully overrated flop.
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Best DCOM Ever
jay-mann-120 January 2006
This was the best DCOM ever it had everything I wanted in a Disney movie.It was so just amazing and just plain awesome.I will be watching it again this weekend.Plus it had a perfect cast with Ashley Tisdale and Zack Effron and Lucas Grabeel and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. This could be better like it could have been longer. I'am going to watch the Sing a long tomorrow and the making of the movie on Sunday.I hope that maybe they will make a High School Musical 2 in the future.If they did that then they should keep the original cast.So, anyway's this movie so rocked and I'am going to keep watching it each time it comes on T.V. I hope that everyone enjoyed this movie as much as I did.(P.S so should really watch this movie.) See Ya!
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xanadu_dan19 April 2006
This can't even compare to Grease or Fame - I'd say a better comparison is Grease 2, although mentioning From Justin to Kelly would be much more accurate as to what this "film" is like. Writing that makes Saved by the Bell look erudite, songs that come out of nowhere and mean nothing to the plot, annoying stage-mother-driven kids that can't act (or sing, according to reports that singing was dubbed). No distinct look, a lack of production numbers, and the most disposable score I've heard in years contribute to this being one of the worst musicals I've had the displeasure of sitting through. Mind you, I'm sure the kids will eat it up, as kids are notoriously undiscerning in their entertainment as long as it's packaged correctly. However, if you're over 18 and don't have children, avoid this like the plague.
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Amazing movie.
kraziaznhandlez23 January 2006
Very well played, production smooth. I think one of the best Disney movies I've ever seen. The fact that their are so many talented Young Adults with a future ahead of them. They got a lot coming towards them. Perfect story line, it shows some drama, great climax point during the story. The filming was excellent. Music writers for the song has great ambition and strong, and moving. Check out the movie on Disney channel. I think the movie was well played because not only that beautiful actors were in the movie, is that because the director Kenny Ortega has been experience through all his other shows. In the movie Choreography takes a big factor into the dancing scenes. One thing that they forgot was to put more background into the 2 main characters, played by Zac and Vanessa. They should of added more about their family's, and where their from but otherwise it was amazing. I highly recommend this movie to anyone out there, if you love music, beautiful actors, great choreography this movie is meant for you!
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This movie is overrated, not worth the two hours.
caliblondie1716 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'd give this movie a 2/10, and I'm being extremely generous. This movie begins when Troy, and his father are playing some b-ball, shooting some hoops, practicing during Christmas break. (A little too dedicated, perhaps?) Troy's mother comes, to tell them that it's time for them to come to the New Year's Party, and strangely enough, Troy finds himself shoved on the karaoke stage with Gabriella, the lovely yet shy bookworm. Coincidentally enough, they begin to sing, and sound wonderful. (Very predictable) So, how Gabriella manages to not only be very pretty, but also intelligent, talented, and fashionable, not to mention how she gets the guy in the end, I can't even begin to fathom. No one has it that together, or at least in reality. Troy is the typical high-school athlete, only his father is the coach of the b-ball team. Typically enough, his father is pushing him to play basketball, but he loves to sing, doesn't this fairytale sound familiar? Didn't Chad Michael Murray's character in A Cinderella Story have a similar background? And what of Eddie in Eddie's Million Dollar Cookoff? (Another lame Disney Channel movie, but that's for another day) When they have finished their karaoke number, Troy and Gabbie watch the New Year come, and he takes a picture of her on his cell phone. (Am I hearing "CORNY"?? Oh yeah) Then we skip ahead in time, to when the new school semester begins. Ironically, (again, so predictable!) Gabriella is going to be a new student at Troy's school. The character of Sharpay is introduced, and of course, as they so typically are, she is the preppiest of the preppy, and as she strides confidently through the basketball players, shoving them aside to get through, one of the players, Chad says, "I guess the ice princess has come back from the North Pole. And back from where she always is during vacation." I hated the character of Sharpay, but why is the mean girl, once again, the stereotypical blonde bitch? I'm seeing Regina in Mean Girls, Shelby in A Cinderella Story, Kate in Lizzie McGuire, Lana in The Princess Diaries, I know this character all too well... why do they never change her? Tagging along behind Sharpay is her quiet, flashy-dressed, gaudy brother. Now seriously, are they insinuating throughout the movie, using subtle hint after subtle hint that Ryan is homosexual? There's no real closure at the end of the movie, as they never say whether he is or not, is the audience just supposed to sit and wonder? He wanted to meet Ashton Kutcher, he had rhinestones on his tee-shirt, he lets his obnoxious sister push him around... could it be any more obvious? So why no closure? Well, it IS a Disney Channel movie after all, so maybe that would explain it. I guess the teenyboppers don't care.

So, the auditions are being held for the high school musical, and of course, Ryan and Sharpay are the lead drama people, and "have been in every one of the school's productions." *rolls eyes* Gabriella and Troy arrive to the audition late, and Troy volunteers to be her partner. The story continues with Troy constantly sneaking off away from b-ball to practice with Gabriella, and after this, the movie just goes south. Gabriella's scholastic nerdy friends team up with Chad and the other basketball players to break Gabriella and Troy up. They succeed, and there is a time of corny sadness in the movie. Troy almost gives up, but then he and Gabby hook up again and prepare for the call backs. Meanwhile, the "ice princess" plots to destroy Gabriella and Troy's plans to come to the call back, because, oddly enough, the drama major is threatened by the nerd and the b-ball player. The movie ends typically, with Gabriella and Troy barely managing to come out on top, and a lame corny music number complete with lousy dance moves and goofy smiles. Sharpay just joins in the dancing, although she has never lost, so to some extent, they tweaked the mean girl persona, but in an irregular manner. The acting was very mediocre at best, the singing and lyrics lame and corny, and the plot was very predictable. Enless you are a teenybopper, I would not recommend this movie. The characters were all very unrealistic and exaggerated. This movie is extremely overrated and not worth the two hours.
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An all singing all dancing emotional roller-coaster.
jamie-crump24 February 2012
Before I start my review i would like to say that i found the two leads,Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have such beautiful chemistry and they really make this film the classic that it is.

The movie is packed with tremendous and fabulous dance routines which are expertly choreographed and perfectly executed, the main cast and extra's perform these with such heart it makes me proud to be a musical lover. The songs in the film are sung with such emotion especially by Zac Efron, (A star in the making) it makes me tear up very time. When the two leads are together it always reminds me of my mother and father, both really attractive and with such a spark they light up the room.

I can say with all my heart that High school Musical is my favourite film of all time and is set to be a classic, it's best to watch it with friends though as were all in this together.
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c_m_m19 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is simply terrible. If you feel the same go to the Haters Club I started on the boards. Plenty of reasons, including bad acting, singing, and choreography. Many teeny boppers enjoy this movie. Why? Is it the horrible pop songs or Zac Efron, who many think is hot? (come on kids hot!?) Or maybe the choreography which a 5 year old could come up with? The overused plot-line? What? Do kids think that is what high school is really like? Well sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not. Everybody is not going to become friends in the end like in this movie. Well this movie sure is a disappointment Disney, much like your many of your recent movies. Do not watch this. Watch quality musicals like West Side Story. I ask you this: Why, Kenny Ortega, why?
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great! read on to see why...
ivyjoaqer20 January 2006
i loved this DCOM (for those of you who don't know what that is-Disney Channel Original Movie)! I went in expecting to find Zac Efron annoying-but no! He was great! He was charming and funny and sweet! Although AShley TIsdale was a wonderful actor and dancer, she was not the best singer in the film. Lucus Grabeel was wonderful! He is so talented! He is an amazing dancer and singer and is hilarious! Although the girl who played Gabriella's voice was annoying, i guess she worked for the character. She was my least favorite. Corbin Bleu was great. The music is great and you will want to buy the soundtrack right away! The choreography was great as well! One of my favorite scenes was the one in the lunch room with all the singers and dancers. It made me want to be in the movie and be a part of that scene! This is one of my favorite DCOMs (along with the following which you should try-going to the mat, the other me, and tru confessions)!!
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