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Quit whining
tamstrat7 November 2005
I hoped to like this show, I truly did. I like Chris Knight, always watched him as Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch and so I anticipated this show. Sorry to say it hasn't impressed me much. Adrianne Curry is a whining baby as far as I am concerned. She is 22 years old and acts 14 years old. Mr.Knight is more than twice her age and has 2 failed marriages in his past so I can certainly understand his reluctance to marry this child and make no mistake, that is what she is. I am sure she is great in bed but sad to say we all have to get dressed and get out of bed sometime sooner or later and I really feel if he marries her it will be a disaster.

This show is the same episode over and over, her whining about him not wanting to commit and him telling her to move out and grow up. Boring!!!!!!! Chris, go with your gut dude and get with a mature woman who will not pressure you!!!!!!!
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This is just sad...
banegron30 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This show was very painful to watch. There is a total lack of decorum, courtesy, manners and insight as to how the real world works. Chris Knight looks like her father. Adrienne is okay but when she refers to herself as beautiful, it is so laughable. The limo at hand is also comical, they take a limo everywhere, please, real celebrities don't do that. They are always drinking and drunk. They can't seem to have a sober real moment. Adrienne behaves like a spoiled child who cries, rants, and raves when she doesn't get her way. She has a one track mind, and is limited in her intellect and topics of conversation. Adrienne is too desperate to get married and tries to manipulate every outcome. She has serious psych issues that are so apparent. Chris isn't thinking with his brain or heart. I'm not sure which one is more in need of a mental health provider. How embarrassing for both of them, I hope they were paid a substantial amount to make fools out of themselves.
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I'm getting off the reality TV bandwagon after watching My Fair Brady.
bjwasilko30 November 2005
To my shame I must admit I have watched a few episodes of My Fair Brady. I'm not one to watch mindless television buy I was a fan of the Brady Bunch and Chris Knight was always my secret crush. What astonishes me the most is not that a 22 year-old manipulative brat weaseled her way into his bed but that he is so weak that he fell for her act hook, line and sinker. I mean "come on" he's 47 and already married twice hasn't he learned anything about women? Yeah, granted she has a 22 year-old body but there is nothing else going on upstairs. Her whining hurts my ears. I don't have to be psychic Sylvia Brown to make a sure bet that this is a train wreck waiting for the next season. The only reality this show has is that a manipulative gold digging no talent can find and hook a weak, sappy moron suffering from male menopause. Chris is no longer on my childhood crush list. I will not be watching next season.
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Delightful Fun
coolbluegreen23 October 2005
I admired Chris Knight for his maturity, kindness, diplomacy, and restraint (I am impressed that he resisted the very significant charms of Adrianne Curry until he felt sure her feelings were genuine) on The Surreal Life 4. I admired Adrianne Curry for her good taste, a good taste that shows a wisdom beyond her years. Her admiration of Chris Knight shows she knows what a real mensch is, and few 22 year olds do. Sure, she's just a kid in many ways -- hey, she IS very young -- but I think her love for Chris is genuine. He genuinely loves her, too My Fair Brady is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy more of this fun relationship in the making. He should really stop asking her to move out, however. His brain may tell him that's what's right, but it's not. He should listen to his heart. He should just accept this for what it is -- true love -- and marry her. It's clear to me this is a couple that could make it. Perhaps he is wary because he is a veteran of two failed marriages. Well, I can understand that, but third time lucky and I think if he gives Adrianne the commitment she wants and deserves, she will do everything it takes to make their relationship work. I think he will, too. I like them both so much and wish them the best.
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Hopeless romantic
Blondejoy409 November 2005
I watched Adrianne on "Next Top Model" and being in my 40's watched Chris as a kid on "Brady Bunch". I would have loved these 2 to strike me as believable but i think Adrienne's mom hit the nail on the head when she told Chris he may be using her daughter as arm candy. When they sat at the dinner and read their list of things they loved the first thing he said was 'She is so beautiful" Adrianne's answers were more about feelings. I think this girl really loves him. i think Chris is, dare i say "pussy whipped"? I loved the show and I also found it hard to take Adrianne's demands and forcing of the situation. her reaction of the ring was a good feeling to any woman who ever loved a man. I really hope they make it but she better buy some stock in Viagara!
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Chris, What are you Thinking?
jamie196573723 October 2005
I like the show and seeing Chris Knight again. It's more about seeing the 'drama' between the two of them unfold that keeps me watching. I can relate to The Brady Bunch growing up in the 60's-70's myself. Adrianne needs to move out. She's immature, irresponsible, and has little class/manners about her (burping, telling anyone/everyone their personal business). She's more than half his age and I think they have very little in common other than the physical attraction. She may be nice/funny and pretty, but get real the two of them are in different places in life. He needs a mature, responsible, classy lady on his arm. Not a "girl" who could be his daughter or kid sister.
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Cute for a little it's just creepy...
jay-97630 January 2008
I don't know what it is with these Brady kids. First, Barry Williams publicly brags about having sexy with his TV sister, Maureen McCormick, then about dating his TV mom, Florence Hederson. Then, Susan (Cindy) Olsen does music for a bunch of porno movies. Then Mike (Bobby) Lookinland gets in trouble for drunk driving. Finally, Maureen (Marcia) McCormick and Eve (Jan) Plum might have had a little same-sex fling on the side. Now, Christopher (Peter) Knight is pursued by a beautiful young model in her early-20s during his stint on "The Surreal Life", which at first was fun to watch, and now they are married and in a very volatile and hostile relationship. The last episode, where she posed for a bunch of nude photographs with another naked girl for a scrapbook to give to Christopher for his birthday, was not a good move on her part. And he dealt with it in a very mature fashion, just picking up and leaving to clear his head. I think he was always bowing to her every need and now he's finally taking a stand. And I hate to say it, but I think she abuses him, verbally. The way she was torturing him for an engagement ring and the way she reams him for every little thing. Also she talks openly about having flings with other women and it is obvious she still sleeps around on him with women and men, which is not something any self-respecting human being should do when already married to someone. If this were a man talking down to his wife like that, and going out every night partying and having sex with other people, everyone would be rallying behind the wife to leave him. Why should this be any different. What started out as a cute little crush on another reality show blossomed into a huge disaster. Adrianne, as beautiful as she is, is like another Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, clearly in need of some therapy because she cries like a baby over so many silly things. I feel sorry for her, but Chris needs to rid himself of her, because he is a good man who cannot afford to be humiliated like this.
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A stupid idea.
eastcoastguyz15 February 2006
This entire show was a stupid idea. Chris, who had a web design firm which got killed along with other dot bombs it seems, with little else going on decided to do this horrible show. There is nothing "real" about this reality show. People who truly love each other, would not subject themselves to this kind of public nonsense. If with his fame, he needed to do this show to find someone to marry him, exposes him as a real loser. At 47 years old, he should have been married for many years by now, or at the very least be involved. Two semi-celebs tossed in the zoo cage so we can all see if they mate. Makes me want to vomit. No wonder neither of them have found someone, they are plastic self-absorbed people.
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Adrianne Bags a Brady!
fabians48 November 2005
I know many of you question Chris' choice to ask Adrianne to marry him, and I agree that Adrianne has a lot of growing to do, but they are obviously in love. It makes me feel good to see two people that much in love.

Hopefully she will see just how some of the things she says and does looks by watching the episodes herself, and she'll learn how to correct herself. I hope so or her new fiancé will be in for a hard time if she doesn't grow up, or she may even lose him if she doesn't make some changes.

He had a good idea that made everyone happy; "Yes, please be my wife. Now will you compromise along with me?"

I can't wait to see them getting married AND having children, which Chris wouldn't have been able to do with someone his own age.

When I was watching the season finale, I was crying along with Chris and Adrianne in the final scene. Good luck Chris and Adrianne!
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Be Careful What you Wish For...
websurfer5218 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The very stunning Adrienne Curry finally gets her wish...but the old saying "Be careful what you wish for" may end up being the outcome of this whole series. Beautiful women become accustomed to getting their way because of the way they look and I have a feeling that's what happened here. I agree that Chris may have been much less motivated to give her a ring had she been agreeable to living with him indefinitely without a commitment, however, I can't shake the feeling that forcing someone to marry you by way of an ultimatum is probably not the best way to get a husband. In spite of all this, I have a gut feeling that they really do love one another and that this marriage has a possibility of being least I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them. The premise of the show was rather lame, but it kept me entertained every week, so I'm not complaining. Hopefully, without the cameras present this couple will be able to maintain what appears to be a complex relationship with a challenging future. GOOD LUCK CHRIS AND ADRIENNE!!! If the marriage lasts long enough, you guys should have some GORGEOUS children!
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Really pathetic.
MovieAddict201629 October 2005
It's sad to see reality TV continue to spiral downwards. "America's Next Top Model" was bad enough, but now its winner - the not-so-beautiful Adrianne Curry - has her spoiled face on television again as the lover of ex-"Brady Bunch" castmember Christopher Knight. You may remember know...he was one of those annoying bad actors who played one of the boys in the show.

"My Fair Brady" is about their honeymoon and basically is just an excuse to follow around two washed-up "stars" who groan with one another and are content only when they are bathing in their own materialism.

It surprises me that this hasn't been canceled yet. Between this and "Breaking Bonaduce," Bonaduce's show is at least interesting to watch because it's so unpredictable and Bonaduce is unlikeable and he doesn't try to be likable. None of the people on "My Fair Brady" are likable - the sad thing is that they don't seem to realize it.
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Made me sick to my stomach
chibirubygurl18 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I loved Adrianne Curry before this show. I thought she was great on Top Model and was really glad when she won. I also liked Chris Knight, he seems like a great guy. But this show just made me SICK! I'm so angry at both of them for what happened on that show. I don't care that they were different ages, I know age can't stand between love. But Adrianne, you had been together for ONLY SEVEN MONTHS. It didn't surprise me at all that he hadn't proposed. And I don't see the appeal of forcing someone to marry you before they're ready. If it's meant to be, then why not just ENJOY each other's company and love each other, and let it come naturally? Turning a wedding ring into a ball and chain was completely unnecessary, it's stupidly obvious that Chris loves you, with or without a ring. And Chris, shame on you for breaking down and proposing to her anyway! You've been through two failed marriages, how could you rush into another one just because she pitched a fit? I hope the relationship lasts, but I really feel that the marriage was rushed and for all the wrong reasons. Maybe now they can take a breath and find the right reasons to be married from within the marriage.
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My Fair Brady
pommomtoo2 January 2009
I have only recently come across this show but I am so disappointed in Chris Knight. First he lets this woman push him into a marriage proposal, something he himself admits is too soon. Sometimes you have to listen to your own feelings and if things don't work out, there was probably a reason. They have not known each other long enough to use the "L" word. As the show indicates they have many obstacles to overcome all of which show that Adrienne is a spoiled rotten brat who is determined to get her own way at any and all costs. Come on Chris wake up. If someone truly loves you they want you to be as happy or even happier than they are. She wants that too, but all from Chris to make her as happy as she can be not caring how Chris feels. The other thing that is a disgrace to the industry is their counselor who obviously is not a real counselor because why doesn't she see what everyone watching the show sees? Instead she jumps all over Chris for not giving in to Adrienne's "demands". Wake up world. I'm shutting this one off and waiting for Chris's next fiancée when this one blows up the first time Chris holds out and doesn't give in to Adrienne's demands. Grow up Adrienne!!!! This is the real world, not your little princess world. The fact that Chris on several occasions has mentioned ending the engagement is the only times he has shown himself to be a real man. Make her grow up before getting yourself into something that is going to cost you in the end. know that this is a mistake, please listen to your conscience and stop listening to the wrong head.
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Just removed from Tivo recording list.......
skippydmb3 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw the previews for this show I thought it was going to be great. After watching the first three shows, I realized that this was going nowhere at all very slowly. Watching two people go back and forth about moving in or moving out and buying a car. I will not be watching the rest of this series and I do not care what happens at the end.

It seems that they producers were so hard up for anything interesting that they turned the car buying into a two show ordeal. This was something that would not make it on most other "reality shows".

Save your time. Watch something else or go for a walk.
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Future disappointments are bound to be for Chris
short_sweet_5413 November 2005
Well to say the least I have been young also and looking back I sure do wish I would have had better judgments and respect instead of thinking of myself and sex. Chris I really feel you have found a new jewel what will glitter until you start being a senior and then the glow will leave and you will be a personal mess and have lost more than your heart. You will be thrown away for a stud that will fulfill her fantasy and sexual pleasure. I had so much respect for the Brady Bunch and the family value it brought. Any one could watch it and see real daily life. But your show was about as close to watching a PORN flick as it could be. Can you really think that you want the world to see your wife the mother of your children displaying her naked body to the world and using profanity which is a true test of ones intelligence. I have seen a lot of what your profession can do to people and am so sorry it has lead you into PORN and laughing at a HOO, Hope we don't see your demise on TV also. You two just don't understand you are killing your Soul and putting trash living in front of young minds. OK if you want a sex slave playing in your bed room then leave it in your bed room not on TV. I am very disappointed you can do much better but then you need to have better self esteem. Wonder what your business world and friends will think of trash mouth.
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Divorce 3 yrs
moicherri-125 July 2006
I give this marriage 3 years and thats stretching it. Adrianne Curry is fouled mouth, spoiled, controlling, loud, and her bi sexual past makes me laugh. She tells Chris he has an image to protect and must avoid strip clubs. He married her. Chris has low self esteem and from a different time warp. I have nothing against Adrianne Curry but this combination is not gonna have a happy ever after ending. Her mother said he was an old rooster and thinks this is his last attempt to recapture his youth. Here 2 very good people who are gonna end up in a nasty divorce. I don't think his old " Brady Family" is gonna fit into his new life. I see them being shut out. Chris said his friends were more important than his family. The supported him and was there for him.
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Hot Model + Hot Pete Brady = Good TV
kkjones6 November 2005
I love this show! I watch it faithfully. Adrianne came from a crap town and look what she has done for herself. She is an amazing woman. And being only 18, I used to watch Brady Bunch faithfully on Nick at night. Chris was a good actor back then, and is a stand up guy now. He may be confused about women, and sometimes acts like an idiot, but he's a good guy. Those two are CUTE together. I can only hope in the finale they get engaged. They both deserve happiness. The only thing about this show that bothered me, was when Florence Henderson came to town and didn't like Adrienne. What the heck! Flo was being kinda, rude. guess I never thought that Mrs. Brady could be so unloving, unwelcome, and unfriendly!
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Predictable but Watchable
brynaw12 November 2005
Yes, the reality dating show thing has been done before and is predictably formulaic (episodes on breaking up, making up, meeting the parents, haggling over marriage, "surprise" guest visits by celebrities, etc. Even so, I think there's enough real(ish) chemistry and personality to make the show fun & watchable. Adrianne Curry is pretty spoiled & annoying though.

Of course, I was a big Brady Bunch fan when I was a kid, so I'm probably biased. :-) Btw, "My Fair Brady" (season 1) is NOT about their honeymoon --it's about their courtship.

Agree about "Breaking Bonaduce", though --very unpredictable & at times riveting to watch.
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em78657 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I thought My Fair Brady was GREAT... I actually was hoping that they would do another season of it. It was the perfect relationship that no one wanted to see. That is why there are more bad comments. But I like the way they didn't care about there age or the camera, and they were real. So what they farted, and burped.. but i thought that is was made it great. My husband is 23 years older than me, so i'am happy for them, and hope it all works out. You can't help who you fall in love with. Adrianne is so great, i love watching her, and what she is going to do next. I guess their relationship reminds me of me and my husband. I'am the crazy young one, bring him out of his shell. I hope that this show airs again in the future. It was so rebel, and real.
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More like Brady Bagged a Nag!
gbeach101023 January 2008
I do not watch much television and came across this show. Reality show? I sure hope this is not for real. If I was a man and had such a nag and was married to someone so snotty, It would be grounds for divorce. I think she sets a bad example of how a person should treat a person they love. That is one thing that is wrong with our world now, so many people in bad relationships, selfish and do not know the meaning of what it is to truly love another. It is self sacrificing and not something that should be on merritt. That does not give one a very good feeling, to watch what should be in private counseling. If his personality on the show is for real, then he deserves someone much better that would show real true love and care for him and appreciate him for who he is. Is this show a reality or made up for ratings???? I really would like to know. Sincerely, GB
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Two thumbs down for Adrienne
Raj909622 November 2006
Adrianne, should really get a life-without Mr. "Brady". She nauseates me, and has been one of the main reasons why I know longer tune in to the show. It's pretty brainless show, and every little argument or disagreement seems to be put under the scope and analyzed to death. This makes them look/sound they are anything but ready for marriage, and yet, I know these disagreements are all part of life. I guess to some people this is entertainment. If this happens to fall into next season I will feel sorry for anyone who has nothing better to do with their life but watch this trash. Though I would not be terribly surprised. can't even stand the commercials for this show anymore! I hope they're getting enough money to constantly embarrass themselves in front of a camera week after week. However, the "A" girl has one heck of great butt!
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My Fair Brady Is the show!!!!!!!!!!
mzsauzy8519 July 2006
I love the show My Fair Brady. I look forward to seeing It every Sunday night around 9:00. I use to and still do watch the Brady Bunch all the time. I could never stop watching that show. I also still watch the marathons that they still have of the Brady Bunch. I never get tired of them. I do have to say I never missed a single episode of the first season of My Fair Brady and I haven't missed a single episode of the second season of My Fair Brady. I hope after they get married and all they will come back and do more seasons because I really do look forward to that show every Sunday. They can't take It off the air after two seasons I would be so disappointed. I do have to say that Adrian and Chris do make a really cute couple. All I have to say Is please don't take the show off the air after two seasons. Your number one fan of the show!!!!
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Adrianne's too good for him
loveangel9211 December 2005
Adrianne is a beautiful, sweet, kind, and amazingly HONEST woman. She is much too open and honest about her inner feelings. Christopher Knight really seemed to enjoy it when she cried. She wrote such a heartwarming letter at his demand, while he wrote three short sentences in return. Everything she did was because he told her to, including wearing a dress HE picked out. She is a person, not a doll. Besides the fact that he is much too old for her, he doesn't deserve a woman who gives a 110% of her emotional and mental self. She needs to keep part of her soul for herself. She will learn that as she grows older. I hate to say this part, but this marriage will not last. I am a happily married, middle-aged wife and mother. I've been through it all. I know of what I speak.
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