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I wonder why they didn't come out with this in the 90's?
lesseroftwoweevils17 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well, as a fan of the movies, I kinda like it. I mean, so it's childish. It's supposed to be. It's a kid's show. It's pure, childish fun. Like the movies, it has songs. The songs are mostly mediocre (e.g. "He's Going To Fix Your Tooth"), a few are down-right annoying ("Oops-Eeps"), but there are some that are not only bearable, they're actually kinda good ("Feel So Happy"), although no good enough not to be a little annoying. As for the new character of Ruby, while I agree she was not necessarily needed, she does add more variety, and she turns out a good choice. All in all, I recommend this show to all Land Before Time fans and little children.

Hey, it's better than Dora or Barney(and that's not an opinion, that's fact).
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Not bad
TheLittleSongbird7 September 2012
Is the series as good as the original film? No, though we are talking about one of the most beautiful and most poignant animated movies there is here. Is it better than the sequels? I do think so, I thought the first two sequels, Stone of Cold Fire and the Saurus Rock one were decent but most of the others were kind of Eh for me. This is not a bad series, and in all honesty I was expecting it to be. The songs for me were not that great, and most of them were even annoying. The animation quality is uneven, at times it is nice and colourful but there are others where it does lack fluidity. I wouldn't say that Ruby is a bad character, she has her moments but you do question what the point of her is. However, while it is somewhat childish that is not necessarily a bad thing considering the main target audience. The dialogue is simple and often sweet and well meaning, and the stories are light-hearted with touches of cuteness and fun. The characters are likable too with their own personalities, Ducky and Chomper are adorable without being overly so, and I liked that Littlefoot is the thinker and Cera- who is less of a brat than she is in the later sequels- is the one who's sceptical. The voice acting is good. Overall, not a bad show, just don't expect for it to be at the same standard as the original. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Just why??!!
Daniel Dell31 March 2017
I can't believe Universal made a Land Before Time TV series on Cartoon Network, AFTER a hole bunch of sequels!!! I love the first Don Bluth Land Before Time movie, but that was the only good movie in the franchise. Their straight to video sequels, ESPECIALLY IT'S FOURTEENTH MOVIE!!! This show is way too childish, nothing makes any sense, the characters were already stupid, they play the Adventuring song ALL THE TIME!!, And NONE of the songs were catchy. Why did they have to bring back the cameos of characters we didn't know much about just to have them as characters?? I thought this show sounded interesting, but no, it's not. This sounds like a great idea making a TV show for the Land Before Time, trying to save the franchise from sucking, but this show is so ungodly horrible, that what makes this show worse is that all the characters laugh at the end of every episode!!! I wanted to love this show as a kid, but I didn't!! Don't even get me started on how HORRIBLE the animation is!! Not only is this one of the worst Cartoon Network shows of all time, but this is also another one of the biggest insults to the original 1988 film of the same name!! If you wanna watch the Land Before Time, WATCH THE ORIGINAL 1988 MOVIE BY DON BLUTH INSTEAD!!! Do NOT EVER, under any circumstances, WASTE YOUR LIFE WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!
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