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Season 1

5 Mar. 2007
The Cave of Many Voices
While exploring the Secret Caverns to find Chomper a new cave to live in, the kids accidentally create an opening into the Mysterious Beyond that is discovered by the fearsome Red Claw and his Sharptooth lackeys. Meanwhile, an insecure Ducky implores her offbeat friend Ruby to teach her how to "talk big."
8 Mar. 2007
The Mysterious Tooth Crisis
When Chomper loses a tooth, he becomes afraid that his entire body may fall apart. Meanwhile, Cera is disappointed to discover that her special outing with Tria is a trip to a mud pool.
7 Mar. 2007
The Star Day Celebration
Ruby's first Star Day (her birthday) in the Great Valley has Ruby missing her family. But when the other kids decide to throw a surprise "Giving Ceremony" to make Ruby feel better, their secretive preparations result in Ruby feeling even lonelier!
6 Mar. 2007
Canyon of the Shiny Stones
When Cera accidentally loses Tria's favorite shiny stone, Cera is determined to go to the Canyon of Shiny Stones to find a replacement. But the journey will take them past Smoking Mountain - a volcano that, according to Petrie, doesn't like fliers!
13 Mar. 2007
The Great Log Running Game
Ducky discovers how to balance on a floating log while running. Soon Chomper, Ruby and Petrie are all trying to balance on logs - with hilarious results. But when Cera tries to prove that Threehorns are the best at the game, she gets swept away by the fast water! Can the kids' new log balancing skills help save Cera?
9 Mar. 2007
The Brave Longneck Scheme
Littlefoot's longneck friend Ali returns to the Great Valley. But her new friend Rhett turns out to be a braggart. When the kids try to prove Rhett isn't as brave as he claims, their plan backfires. Suddenly, the longnecks believe Chomper is a threat to the Great Valley!
12 Mar. 2007
The Meadow of Jumping Waters
Ruby and Chomper tell the other kids about a place where water jumps out of the ground, and they head out on an adventure to see it. Meanwhile, Petire frets that some tree stars Spike has eaten will bring them all bad luck on their journey.
21 Mar. 2007
Days of Rising Waters
When a relentless rainstorm destroys Petrie's nest, Petrie freaks out at the prospect having to move to a new nest. Meanwhile, Cera insists that Ducky take on the seemingly impossible task of teaching baby Tricia how to swim.
16 Mar. 2007
Escape from the Mysterious Beyond
When adventuring in the caves, the group accidentally goes into the Mysterious Beyond and get chased by Redclaw, Thud and Screech. An earthshake occurs, and Chomper and Ducky get trapped with Thud.
19 Mar. 2007
The Hidden Canyon
The kids stumble upon a hidden canyon filled with fruit trees. Chomper and Ruby think the fruit stinks! But the other kids like the fruit, and keep the place a secret so they can eat it all themselves. However, the secret doesn't seem like such a good idea when sharpteeth use the canyon to get into the Great Valley!
14 Mar. 2007
The Legend of the Story Speaker
When Grandpa Longneck's old friend Saro comes to visit, the kids discover that Grandpa used to be a legendary Story Speaker. But Saro is upset that Grandpa doesn't want to be a Story Speaker again. Can the unlikely duo of Littlefoot and Chomper help prevent the Great Longneck Stories from being forgotten?
15 Mar. 2007
The Bright Circle Celebration
Petrie is very excited about the Bright Circle Celebration. But Cera thinks it's silly to thank the Bright Circle for shining. Cera and her dad steer clear of everyone preparing for the festivities. But when a fire threatens to destroy the celebration, Cera and her dad try to help out. But have they arrived too late?
6 Apr. 2007
The Lonely Journey
The Time of Great Giving has arrived, and everyone in the Great Valley is excited about the big feast. Everyone, that is, except Chomper. It's pretty lonely being the only sharptooth at a leaf-eater feast. So Chomper decides to go out into the Mysterious Beyond and try to teach the sharpteeth how to be friends. But the sharpteeth Chomper meets aren't very friendly!
2 Sep. 2007
The Missing Fast-Water Adventure
When Littlefoot and the other kids try to find out why the fast-water stopped flowing, they run into their old friend Mo! Littlefoot, Mo and the other kids work together to get the water flowing again. Chomper puts Cera in her place when he proves that his little arms aren't just okay, they're good enough to save the day!
7 Jan. 2008
The Spooky Nighttime Adventure
Ruby is convinced her story about the invisible Hidden Runner is made up. But that doesn't stop the other kids from having scary sleep stories. To make matters worse, Mr. Threehorn insists the Hidden Runner is real! With the help of Mr. Threehorn, the kids set out to face their fears.
4 May 2007
The Lone Dinosaur Returns
When Doc, an older longneck that Littlefoot believes to be the legendary Lone Dinosaur, arrives unexpectedly, the kids are convinced he's there to drive Chomper but of the Great Valley. While Littlefoot tries to discover Doc's true intentions, Cera leads the other kids on a wacky journey in an attempt to hide the panic-stricken Chomper.
13 Apr. 2007
Stranger from the Mysterious Above
When Spike accidentally falls into a deep hole, a group of tiny subterranean mammals declare him "The Big Wise One" and treat him like royalty. Unaware of this, Mr. Thicknose and Mr. Threehorn argue at length about the best way to rescue Spike, without making any effort to get him out! Meanwhile, Spike discovers that he must face the Great Hideous Beast!
18 May 2007
The Forbidden Friendship
Spike's friend Tippy and his spiketail herd return to the Great Valley, but there's not enough green food to go around. The adults' tempers flare, and Spike and Tippy are forbidden to be together. So when Ducky discovers Spike and Tippy sneaking off to play, she's not sure what to do!
11 Jan. 2008
The Amazing Three Horn Girl
When Cera accidentally scares off some bellydraggers, everyone thinks that she's rid the Great Valley of them and she's a hero. Pretty soon, Cera believes it, too! Cera becomes very proud of her made-up accomplishment. That is, until everyone discovers the bellydraggers are still in the Great Valley!
The Big Longneck Test
Littlefoot's father Bron and "step-brother" Shorty return to the Great Valley! Bron is there to give Littlefoot a leadership test known as "The Big Longneck Test." Shorty is jealous of Littlefoot, and sets out with the other kids on a leadership test of his own!
10 Jan. 2007
The Hermit of Black Rock
A big wind blows Petrie and Guido out of the Great Valley and into the Mysterious Beyond. After a rough landing, the two comically bumble their way around Black Rock until they meet Swooper, a blind flier. Each using their individual talents, the comical trio work together to brave the fierce winds and attempt the dangerous journey back home.
18 Jan. 2008
Return to Hanging Rock
The "Flying Rocks of Many Nights" make Ruby concerned about her family's safety. Ruby decides she must make sure they're okay, and sets out into the Mysterious Beyond alone. But she has a hard time being alone when Ducky, Chomper and Spike decide to join her!
16 Jan. 2008
March of the Sand Creepers
Tiny, crab-like Sand Creepers have invaded the Great Valley - and they're driving everyone crazy! Ducky has her work cut out for her as she tries to protect the Creepers from all of the larger dinosaurs in the Valley. Meanwhile, Littlefoot and the other kids find themselves completing increasingly difficult tasks while trying to convince a cranky old Sand Creeper to lead the other crabs out of the Great Valley.
22 Jan. 2008
Search for the Sky Color Stones
The kids all want to find "Sky Color Stones" (geodes) - but they can't agree where to look for them! The kids split up, and soon it turns into a competition between Cera and Ruby. Even Ducky becomes crazed about finding the stones - and keeping them all for herself! But are Sky Color Stones really that important?
23 Jan. 2008
Through the Eyes of a Spiketail
In this special episode, we get to see the world from Spike's point of view! We hear Spike's thoughts - and everyone else's grunts - as the kids go off in search of the legendary Hard-Water Sweets. Spike can actually hear the sweets and so could lead the kids to them, if they'd just quit arguing long enough to follow him!
15 Jan. 2008
The Great Egg Adventure
Littlefoot, Chomper, Petrie and Ducky discover three Sharptooth eggs while trying to get away from troublemakers Hyp, Mutt and Nod. All seven kids have to overcome their fears - and personalities - as they move the eggs away from the Great Valley and into the Mysterious Beyond!

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