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The idea for the five-minute date that Dawn (Adrienne Shelly) goes on was inspired by Shelly's experience with them years earlier.
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Director Adrienne Shelly was murdered shortly after the film's completion. Keri Russell was called in to record a Director's commentary for the DVD in her place, recounting the on-set creative process and decisions that went into making the film.
The toddler who plays Lulu in the movie's final scenes is Adrienne Shelly's daughter, Sophie Ostroy.
The last name of Jenna's doctor, Pomatter, is the combination of three of Adrienne Shelly's favorite Yankees players.
Final film of Adrienne Shelly.
This film had a twenty day shoot.
The scene where Jenna and Earl argue in bed, originally concluded in a sexual encounter that Keri Russell described as "kind of rapey". While filming the scene, Jeremy Sisto's sympathetic delivery of the line, "You're my sweet thing", caused Adrienne Shelly to reassess her original concept of the character, and she changed the scene on-set to end with Earl quietly going to sleep.
Adrienne Shelly wrote the screenplay while she was pregnant with her daughter, Sophie.
This film is currently being made into a musical. It is having its world premiere at the American Reperatory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is directed by Tony Winning Director Dianne Paulus, and features a score by Sara Bareilles (as of 2015). It has since made it to Broadway (as of 2016).
In the film, Nathan Fillion and Darby Stanchfield play husband and wife. On Castle (2009), in which Fillion plays the title role, Stanchfield has a recurring role as the first of his two ex-wives.
When Jenna has her ultrasound scan, the doctor tells her that it is a girl. You can see on the scan picture, that a boy's scan picture was used.
Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title "Broken Dishes".
Even though Becky (Cheryl Hines) smokes, Hines herself is actually a non-smoker.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Old Joe's check was apparently for $270,450, although the cursive total is partially covered by a thumb and the digits are off screen. (If you have zoom and freeze frame you can see the first part of the cursive writing when she first starts opening the check.) The amount was obscured on purpose through these methods and quick editing, according to the DVD commentary, in order to help avoid making the film seem dated in any way. The prop department, however, never did get the check quite right; Joe's address on the check is seen as "Box 12, Rural RT. 83, Southern USA."

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