Biohazard 5 (Video Game 2009) Poster

(2009 Video Game)

Allan Groves: Ricardo Irving


  • Ricardo Irving : [sees Chris and Sheva while about to blow up the oil field]  Splendid timing! You's two are just in time for the fireworks show! BOOM! Hahahahaha!

    [leaves on his boat] 

  • Ricardo Irving : [Chris and Sheva have managed to get onto his boat]  Won't you two just die already? You're making me look bad! Who do you think got this entire operation off the ground? Research like this doesn't fund itself you know! Yet everyone looks down on me.

    [holds up injection tube containing a Plaga] 

    Ricardo Irving : Well not anymore...

    Sheva Alomar : Don't do it!

    Ricardo Irving : [Irving injects himself with it and starts transforming] 

    [He falls to the deck in pain as tentacles erupt from his back] 

    Ricardo Irving : I'm far beyond anything you could ever hope to become!

    Chris Redfield : [Chris tries firing at him but the tentacles throw him off into the sea] 

    Ricardo Irving : [after a long moment, Irving re-appears as a huge monster, his body is what looks like the creatures tongue]  I just had an extreme makeover!

  • Ricardo Irving : Spledid timing! Youse two are just in time for the fireworks show! Boom!

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