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Movie was funny, entertaining and I enjoyed it.
NerdLife12 October 2007
While it's no worse than much of the action movie junk that makes it to theatres, Bobby Z, originally entitled The Death and Life of Bobby Z, is a action thriller with Tim Kearney (Walker) as our hero. Kearney is a convict who's an ex-Marine and clearly not so much a bad person as one who has frequently found himself in trouble due to circumstance rather than intent. This gives director John Herzfeld, whose own career hacs been on less than an up-tick since the appropriately named 15 Minutes came and went in about that long, a premise for having a good guy hero who still fits the label of a tough convict.

The slightly convoluted storyline sees Kearney – whose life is in peril since he killed a biker gang boss in prison (self defence, of course) – offered an opportunity to walk free, as long as he's willing to impersonate a drug kingpin who happens to look just like Kearney, and who has just died. Fishburne plays the Drug Enforcement Agency cop who puts Kearney up to this task.

Before you can say 'gunfights are fun', Kearney is being shot at by the cops, manhandled by Mexican drug thugs, pursued by the bikers, and generally in demand by everyone, regardless of whether they think he's Kearney or Bobby Z. Our hero, of course, dodges the bullets, battles the bad guys, befriends Bobby Z's son (who has never met his dad) and romances a beautiful woman (Olivia Wilde) whose relationship with the bad guys is a bit hazy, but clearly quite intimate.

Filled with head scratching twists and cornball dialogue, this is not exactly a brilliant film. Yet it's got a slick look and at least a few passably enjoyable action scenes. And Walker, while never likely to be mistaken for a Shakespearian thespian, has the good looks and charisma to lead the way here. At least his character isn't loaded down with as many stupidly threatening lines as Fishburne's. Wilde also does a passable job as Kearney's conflicted love interest; she's mainly called upon to look good (which she accomplishes rather easily), but also doesn't muff her lines when she does have something to say.

Movie was funny, entertaining and I enjoyed it.
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Not too bad for straight to DVD
paramount-services17 April 2009
For a seemingly low budget film, Bobby Z wasn't too bad. Moves pretty quickly, but with a weak storyline and plot, it is clear why it was a straight to DVD feature. Paul Walker does a decent job with a character that an Actor won't be able to do much with, except go with the flow. No real surprises, or twists and turns, just straight to the point B rated action. Actually has some pretty good fighting sequences and shoot outs. Laurence Fishburne is surprisingly cast as a supporting with a weak performance, mainly due to the script and content and possibly direction as well. Bobby Z is definitely a good B movie, with a rating of 5 overall considering everything listed above. All in all, this film is definitely worth watching if you're just chillin' with 97 minutes to spare. And Paul Walker is not nearly as bad an Actor as everyone tries to make him out to be. Have fun.
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Herzfeld tries another Tarantino style movie
krachtm8 March 2013
The plot: Kearny, a loser convict,is pushed into impersonating Bobby Z, a larger-than-life drug dealer, in a hostage trade, only to find both his own and Bobby Z's enemies trying to kill him.

Herzfeld previously directed 2 Days in the Valley, a Tarantino ripoff if ever there was one. However, unlike most people, I actually kind of liked it. This movie is another attempt to clone Tarantino's style, heavy on flashbacks, stylized violence, and witty anti-heroes. Unfortunately, it's not all that great, but it did manage to keep my interest for the runtime.

Bobby Z is built up as a small-time celebrity in the local surfer scene, as well as a rising star in drug distribution. Kearney, on the other hand, is a three time loser with a price on his head. The movie compares and contrasts their personalities many times, with Bobby Z being revealed as a manipulative, egocentric jerk, while Kearney shows many admirable qualities despite his impulsive violence.

After a somewhat grim opening, the movie becomes quite lighthearted. In fact, I'm really at a loss as to why they even opened the movie with such a dark and disturbing bit of character development if they were just going to completely ignore it for the rest of the film. Oh well. Much of the movie is like this, however. Whenever anything shocking and dramatic happens, it's instantly forgotten by the next scene, where everyone pretends that it never happened. Even being shot seems to be glossed over rather quickly with some cursory first aid. It reminded me of a video game, where picking up a first aid kit heals your character of all wounds.

The acting was passable. It was certainly better than many direct-to-video movies, but nobody really stood out. I guess the script didn't really allow anyone to shine, though I was probably most disappointed that Laurence Fishburne was given such a bland role. Still, it's always fun to see him, even if it's in such a small and clichéd role.

If you're looking for an action movie, this will probably satisfy you, but I'd be surprised if you remembered it later or recommended it to your friends.
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This was fun
stanman900482 June 2006
I saw this movie last night at a special screening for audience feedback. Paul Walker really can act - I was pleasantly surprised. I originally thought he was only cast for his looks, but can see he has good acting abilities.

Movie was funny, worked well and I enjoyed it. The action scene in the kitchen was great and intense, kept me on the edge of my seat.

Lawrence Fishburn - as always - great! He's a solid actor and his role as the DEA Agent worked perfectly.

Paul's pretty love interest (Olivia Wilde from the OC)chemistry was lacking.

Chuck Liddell, although was only in the beginning of the movie was convincing. There was also a girl named Ashley who I would have like to see more of. She's hot!

The kid looks like he'll have a career ahead of him. The relationship between the kid and Paul Walker worked well and was believable. Not sure where I've seen him before, but he may have a promising career.

I liked the sequence of the movie - it starts with a mystery and the flashback kept me trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I liked the movie can't wait to see on see it on the big screen. Hope if comes out soon.
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An Above-Average Beer & Pizza Movie . . .
zardoz-1313 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"15 Minutes" director John Herzfeld's "Bobby Z" rates as an above-average action thriller with double-crosses, shoot'em ups, and surprises, but everything seems a little too routine in the long run. "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker plays three-time loser Tim Kearney. Herzfeld and scenarists Bob "4 AM: Open All Night" Krakower and Allen Lawrence recount Kearney's career in an amusing series of flashbacks that may be the funniest thing about "Bobby Z." In short, "Bobby Z" is a tolerable beer and pizza movie with an R-rating and about 90 minutes worth of mayhem. No,you can forget about female nudity. The hackneyed theme of mistaken identities is played out again with little to make it memorable, butthere is enough gunplay to keep you distracted. The best thing in the Krakower and Lawrence screenplay is that they keep the hero on the run, outnumbered, and constantly improvising. As for their fidelity to Don Winslow's novel, that is another question, since I haven't read it.

The plot relies on the timeworn theme of deceit. D.E.A. Agent Tad Gruzsa (Lawrence Fishburne of "The Matrix" trilogy) offers former Marine and three-time loser Tim Kearney a quick and easy way to get out of prison. Kearney is eager to take Gruzsa's deal because he has just killed a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, Maddog (Chuck Liddell of "How High") with an automobile license plate when the pugnacious thug pulls a knife on him. Indeed, Kearney slashes Maddog's throat just as surely as if he had wielded a knife. Now, the entire Aryan Brotherhood both in and out of stir demands payback. Meanwhile, a ruthless, Mexican drug-lord, Don Huertero (Joaquim de Almeida of "Desperado"), has taken Gruzsa's partner hostage. Gruzsa must produce a legendary, surfer dude with a reputation as an infamous pot smuggler to get his partner back to safety.

Of course, there is more here than meets the eye, but Herzfeld plays his aces close to his vest and doesn't reveal the surprises until the final quarter-hour. Anyway, Gruzsa and his new partner take Kearney to a rendezvous on the border where the exchange is scheduled to take place. During the exchange, Gruzsa shows his true colors and breaks out an assault rifle. He tries to kill Kearney, but he misses our hero narrowly when Kearney trips over the railroad between the bad guys and the good/bad guys. Gruzsa kills his next partner and snuffs some of the opposition before he clears out. Later, he checks in at a tattoo parlor run by Boom Boom (M.C. Gainey of "Con Air") and reveals that Kearney is out and across the border. Boom Boom mobilizes the Brotherhood, and they set off in pursuit on their bikes.

In Mexico, Kearney is recaptured by Don Huertero's henchman and taken to his palatial estate. Kearney meets Bobby Z's girlfriend Elizabeth (the strikingly gorgeous Olivia Wilde of "Turistas") and she has sex with Kearney and knows that he isn't Bobby Z. Meanwhile, Kearney learns that Bobby Z has a child, eleven-year old Kit (Juan Villareal of "Harvest of Redemption") and the two bond when Kearney escapes from the hacienda with the bad guys hot on their trail lead by Johnson (Keith Carradine of "The Long Riders") who likes to spit every time that he meets somebody of whom he disapproves. You will be amazed at how this obnoxious character buys the farm.

"Bobby Z" is complicated enough to be interesting, but it remains altogether a little too smug to be attain the greatness of something like "True Romance." Happily, Walker doesn't play a dual role. Meantime, Walker delivers a strong, charismatic performance as the eponymous character. He plays it free, loose, and easy. Yes, there is a happy ending that seems a little too unbelievable, but then it's only a movie. Comparably, "Bobby Z" isn't as much fun as "Into the Blue" or "Running Scared."
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Beat by a loser.
lastliberal8 November 2009
To see Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) from House makes the movie a "must-see" all by itself. But there is much more promise in this film with action star Paul Walker, and the ever popular Laurence Fishburne.

Walker is playing this drug dealer and is trying to get Fishburne's partner back. You know, what can go wrong, will go wrong. Now, he is on his own.

The name of the game here is action. From the first scene, we see Tim/Bobby (Walker) getting in trouble, and it never stops. After an exciting horse/motorcycle chase, he takes off with his (Bobby's) son. He has the feds, the drug lords, and a biker gang after him. Not a good bet to survive, but he is an ex-Marine. Never bet against the Marines.

Don't expect anything more than fast action and you will not be disappointed.

Joaquim de Almeida, who you should remember as Bucho in Desperado, is the bad guy here.

I can forgive anything director John Herzfeld does in this film as I am forever grateful for his introduction of the hot Charlize Theron in 2 Days in the Valley.
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Straight to Video
netzwelter30 April 2007
There is nothing much to be too excited of at this movie, but still entertaining. I wonder why it made its way to the silver screen because it's not better than dozens of Straight to Video productions. Storywise, you will get nothing more than you'd also get if you rent a Jean-Claude Van Damme Film. Same goes for "character development". There are some nice shootouts and fights, but nothing remarkable. It sometimes feels as if you were watching a film from the seventies: there is nothing really stylish or spectacular in the action scenes. Although it feels good to see movie that doesn't use the much common and enough-seen style of today's action flicks, the way this film shows the action seems out-dated. Also the film's pace should be higher, again it feels 70s-ish. As usual these days, there are some nice twists and turns in the story. Paul Walker does a decent job, but not as convincing as in "Running Scared". Laurence Fishburne he fails to put any life in his bad guy role. I am not impressed of Olivia Wilde in the leading female role. At least she tries hard to be more than decorative. 5/10
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legendaryunderdog5 May 2008
I rented this movie thinking, "Hey, Paul Walker wasn't too bad in the fast and furious films and Laurence Fishburne is just awesome so why not get it?" Well friends, looks can and are deceiving, and I learned the hard way last evening watching this film. The director is trying so bad to keep you involved (or wanting to be involved) and for me it wasn't happening. The whole 'syking everyone out to think I'm Bobby Z' script work got old really quick, Paul Walker's acting was sub par (I haven't seen a lot of his work but I've been told by many that he's not that great of an actor). I cannot imagine what went through Laurence Fishburne's head when choosing to be in this film, he has done better, WAY better! There are way too many close up shots of Paul Walker (for absolutely no other reason than to show off his "Good Looks" and play some really lame music along with it). There is always some hot girl and a kid involved that need their lives saved, if you've seen it once, you've seen it a hundred times (just this time with Paul Walker). I suggest this film to people who only like Paul Walker and his close ups and not action flicks, because thats about all you get. Walker couldn't portray a criminal to save his life! Sorry Paul Walker fans, your boy let me down.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507826 May 2013
Isn't it funny, how the movies you really don't expect much out of, turn out to be the most fun. Bobby Z wasn't something that was high on my list of things to see, but it was streaming and fit my mood, so I watched it and what a surprise, a well written, Action film, with a pretty good plot! Bobby Z is a legendary local crime boss in Southern California. He is a very elusive man that the Mexican drug lords go to extreme measures to find. Don Huertero (Joaquim de Almeida) has kidnapped an FBI agent and will only exchange him for Bobby Z, but there's a problem, Bobby Z is dead. The clever folks at the FBI decide to find someone who looks like Z and send him in, that man is Tim Kearney (Paul Walker), and his life depends on how well he can trick people into believing that he is Bobby Z, a man he's never met. Paul Walker is the star of this clever film and he does a tremendous job. I'm not fan of Walker's, whenever he does anything that isn't a gritty Action film, he stinks, fortunately this is a gritty Action film and he was engaging, delightful, and even funny as he tried to play someone he's not. As for the rest of the cast, it was certainly a unique mix of people, but being centered around one man and one goal, really made it work. It's unusual to find a deep plot in an Action film and that's why this film was so unique. Aside from some terrific stunts and fight scenes, there were twists and turns, crosses and double-crosses, even some humor. Bobby Z was really a lot of fun to watch, and it will keep you guessing while at the same time showing you some terrific action sequences, I was more than impressed by this film and by Paul Walker for that matter. It's easy to say, well he's been playing an undercover agent in The Fast & Furious for a decade now, but it certainly wasn't the same thing. The Death & Life of Bobby Z is a wild ride, that's a lot of fun, and it will keep you guessing, you can't ask for more than that.
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Sad and disappointing - See it at your own peril
djhuckel14 February 2008
I must say upfront I found 'The Death & Life of Bobby Z' to be quite sad and disappointing. I have read a great book by the author from where it came (half read another) and I really felt let down with this effort on screen. All I can think of is that the director John Herzfeld (15 Minutes, 2 Days in the Valley) didn't get to do what he wanted to do. I am sure he loved the book, which rights for were purchased for a considerable sum.

The story is that DEA agent Tad Gruzsa, played by Laurence Fishburne, provides former Marine Tim Kearney, played by Walker, with a way out of his prison sentence. By impersonating the legendary criminal Bobby Z... I felt it was a little too convoluted, slow in places (read 'quite boring'), stupid too in others, and don't think Paul Walker, or (surprisingly) Fishburne clinched their characters in what should have been an action, reasonably fast paced thriller.

Please do not watch this movie. It was very woeful... It was sad to see the great Neo, the terrific Laurence Fishburne incur this. Paul Walker? Forget it...

I was looking forward to seeing this film on the power of Laurence Fishburne primarily, Paul Walker, and secondly the author of the source (book) material, Don Winslow. I'm sure this book was great, like the one I have read 'The Winter of Frankie Machine' which is being turned into a movie with Robert De Niro starring, 'The Winter of Frankie Machine' by Scorcese...

But 'The Death & Life of Bobby Z' is one of the most woeful films, sloppy piece of celluloid dross, I have had the misfortune to see in a very long… See it at your own peril.
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Macho man Paul Walker strikes again
eonianskr19 January 2007
Let me just start off by saying that i am quite an admirer of Paul Walker even thou he is not such a good actor i kinda like his style, this particular film had in my opinion a horrible script and a lot of pieces that didn't fit at all but it was really entertaining at least for my part. I gave it a 7, even thou i think i might have over rated it,the actress thou that played Elizabeth, i don't know her name yet but i will check it out after i post this comment, is a complete knock - out and i would see this film again just for another glimpse at her beauty-full face.

In an other of business i was quite surprised by the distribution of Lawrance Fishbourne in a secondary part like the one he had, i consider him a pretty good actor, a lot better than "macho man" Paul Walker.

In the end i'm just gonna say that i think they casted P. Walker just because he is a good "moaner" seeing him doing almost the same "battle sounds" in every film he had played in GrrrAAaarRRr (watch and listen closely). Cya
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Couldn't stop watching!
wamwatcher5 September 2010
I was toggling back & forth between the Wisconsin Badgers Football season opener & this movie on DVR AND IT WAS COMPELLING ENOUGH that for awhile I forgot to flip back to the game!!! So obviously I have no idea why this audience-tested badly or why people think Paul Walker can't act. Plus he's got a great cast to back him up...

The mystery of why this was going down hooked me early & I cared about what happened to these people (at least the good guys) For the girl-watchers out there ~ Olivia Wild is jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS!! I Can't believe I've seen movies with her in them before & not noticed!!! Definitely worth the rental price if you have to go that route.
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The double life of Bobby Z
jotix1006 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The mere idea of having a man serving time to impersonate a notorious drug dealer who is in Thailand running away from justice is preposterous, to put it mildly! How do the creators of "The Death and Life and Bobby Z" ever thought, for reality sake, to be able to even think that by sending the former marine, now a con man, into the lion's den without at one point being discovered as a fake? The whole thing is the idea of a corrupt law enforcement officer who thinks he will use the former marine to get at the kingpin of the drug empire who supplied the original Bobby Z with his merchandise.

The movie is not totally horrible, as action films go. The main problem is the many plot holes in the narrative that the creators probably didn't count on, or thought their viewers wouldn't figure out how the whole mess was going to turn out. John Herzfeld directed the screen play by Bob Krakower and Allan Lawrence. The credibility gap is huge when the people involved asks us to accept things that don't make too much sense.

If you can buy the fact that Elizabeth would not know who the impostor was right away, then there is no problem enjoying this film that from all indication went straight to video.

Paul Walker is the action hero. The problem with his acting that he doesn't show any credible emotion. An uncredited Bruce Dern is the narrator that gives us an account of Bobby Z's accomplishments in that la-la land of Southern California. Joaquim de Almeida plays another one of his bad guys. Laurence Fishburne has nothing to play with. Gorgeous Olivia Wilde appears as Elizabeth, Bobby Z's former girlfriend. Keith Carradine has a small part.
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Paul Walker delivers to us a great action film once again!!!
dustinhunter7078 September 2007
I was expecting some good stuff from this movie because I am a Paul Walker fan, plus he has never been in a horrible movie and Running Scared was one of the greatest action dramas ever made. I also loved many of his other films such as The Fast and The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Joyride, and Into The Blue. Anyways back to his newest movie that I saw last night, Bobby Z. Like I said I expected some good action from this and I was more than pleased by the storyline, the numerous action scenes, and the load of stars that follow Walker in the film such as Lawrence Fishburne, Olivia Wilde, Jacob Vargas, and more. I have actually heard a few people say that Paul is a horrible actor, but they just need to keep their mouths shut because they don't know what they are talking about. Paul Walker has delivered good entertainment to the audience every since The Fast and the Furious and he's a great actor if you ask me. Bobby Z is probably one of the best straight to DVD movies I have ever seen, it delivers good action along with a tricky side that you never see coming. I give this movie a 9 out of 10 because of the tremendous action and simply macho portrayal of it by Paul Walker. He's a great actor and no one thought this movie was going to be good before they seen it so I hope they believe me now. I highly recommend this movie if you are a Paul Walker fan like me or if you are an action junkie like me. 9 out of 10, best straight to DVD rating from me ever!!!
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lots of fun
ara_hanins6 May 2007
I quite like Paul Walker, just the way he did in Running Scared and Into the Blue. Though his act is still so so, but frankly he show lots of fun in his movies. Walker done best portraying a rebellious smart-ass in his movies. Bobby Z is taken into this account. Fishburne as always, doing great. But Olivia is lack in her role, needs to show in more persuasive:). I think the director doing so well to deliver a crunchy, easy to chew, and also entertaining flick. Plus, the plot kept you eager to know the whole story, as it started with mystery and show its cover during the story goes. I can say, I'm having fun watching this flick. Thus, I can give this 8 out of 10 for satisfying the audience with fun.
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Soon to be in the 99cent sent bit!
mm-3924 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Soon to be in the 99 cent bin in a video store near you! Paul Walker is a great actor who gets bad roles. I love Paul's stage presents, mannerism, and humor which creates great acting ability. The directing and acting is excellent. However, the story is grade b junk food for the mind. Turn your brain off for this movie! A unbelievable and stupid story, balance by Paul's character who is a likable looser, which finally catches a break. A lot of eye candy for both sexes in Bobby Z, along with explosions etc. Bobby Z tries to be like Pulp Fiction, and one could call Bobby Z mini Pulp Fiction. 4 out of 10. Worth watching while drinking beers with pizza.
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Escape artists never die
raulfaust28 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Although I've never really been a fan of action films, "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" is a film that I saw when I was much younger, and it's one of the few of the genre that I can still remember of. Last night I watched it again, and I may now understand why it's so good: it has a very cool plot. This story's writers have invented a lot of messy situations in which corrupt people and criminals try to fool each other, and the one who gets away with it is, obviously, our nostalgic actor Paul Walker. He plays a convicted that needs to pretend being the famous Bobby Z, in order to escape from his certain next conviction. It feels right, for me, to state that Walker does his job perfectly, despite the fact that he looks more like a model than like a bandit. His character in here is similar to Van Damme's in 1999's "Inferno". Directing is also very well done, delivering plenty of enjoyable scenes, which end up bringing irony and fun, instead of suspense-- which is more often in action films. So, long story short, "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" is a project that proves to be GREAT, and I really want to know why it's still so unknown in mainstream.
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B Grade Movie
nefkid28 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie could have been a lot more jazzed up for its weak plot. The movie's plot as such is given away in the first few minutes. I could guess the rest of the movie in first 5 minutes. Paul Walker's acting is at its low in this movie. Lawrence Fishborne, could he even take up such movies after Matrix. This movie seems like nothing but amateur direction and production. The "real" character of Bobby Z is so weak. After all the hype about him being a legend, I mean the last few scenes he seems nothing less than a monkey on dope. Overall, the thin plot could have been thickened and the movie could have been jazzed up. I think Paul Walker did a better job in Running scared than this movie.
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A word for word scene by scene adaption of the book.
nathan-yeo25 July 2009
I bought this book in the black author section of a MILITARY PX(AAFES), So you could imagine my surprise when I opened it up and was reading about a Mathew Mc- kind-of-gay toe headed surfer drug dealer type. I read the book and this is a word for word scene by scene adaption of the book, well the crib sheet of the book. Several scenes of the book were not in it for time and budgetary reasons. A' la one of Bobby-Z's great escapes took place in a crowded theme park, and to film that with the cost of X-tras and such would have added an easy cool million. They also let off all of Booby-Z's desert storm flash-back as well. The final scene shoot-out was a down-play as well but all the characters were there. Obviously this well a well produced, they didn't skimp on the production values but they did on scenes and such. The opening desert body for body exchange should have been what pre-ceded , the post shoot-out desert scene that was in "No country for old-men." WIth the trucks and dead Mexican Mafia hench-men laying every-where. But it was scaled down, again for budgetary and time restraints. Paul WALKER was perfectly cast as a Mathew McCONAUGHEY's younger edgier little brother. A three time loser who's winning at escaping the feds, the cartel, and the bikers who are trying to kill him. I read the book, this is the book, I got what I came for PERIOD.
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Silly story and bad acting
Spaceygirl8 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Feeling, and looking, like an extended episode of CSI, "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" is uninspiring and boring. The story is silly and convoluted, involving a usually lack-lustre Paul Walker impersonating a legendary Drug Dealer, played by the deliciously floppy haired Jason Lewis. Laurence Fishburne plods along with a by-the-numbers bad guy role and Olivia Wilde as the love-interest, female lead is dull and mediocre. Paul walker is one of the worst actors in Hollywood today. How does he keep on getting work? Not very inspired but less than discerning viewers may enjoy all the running and shooting and explosions. Snooze!
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Lots of UFC Fighter Cameos
kegan8410 April 2007
It's starring Paul Walker & Laurence Fishburne, but features appearances by a gang of MMA fighters.

Chuck Liddell, Tim Sylvia, Pat Miletich, Robbie Lawler and others all are in various fight and chase scenes etc.

Even in one scene, Paul Walker is in a fight, and starts shooting for an arm-bar, than triangle choke but gets slammed out of it.

This isn't even an MMA movie!

Fighters are terrible actors, but it's still cool to see so many cameos in one movie.

Overall, I give it a 7/10. It's entertaining enough.
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Things aren't always what they seem.
michaelRokeefe24 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Almost non-stop action. Tim Kearney(Paul Walker)is a former Marine, and a three time loser and is serving his time in prison. His life has the chance to change when a scheming DEA agent, Ted Gruza(Laurence Fishburne), needs somebody to impersonate drug lord Bobby Z(Jason Lewis), who has died of a heart attack while in a prison in the Philippines. Gruza wants to trade Bobby for a DEA agent held in Mexico. Kearney is a dead ringer and sees his chance to pull a double cross and remain a free man. Soon things go awry and he is chased by a biker gang, Mexican drug profiteers and Gruza with his own agenda. Tim gets valuable help from one of the real Bobby Z's ex-girlfriends(Olivia Wilde). Plenty of explosive action and a story that sucks you in. Others featured: Keith Carradine, Rebecca Chaney, Joaquim De Almeida, Jason Flemyng and JR Villarreal.
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crap crime thriller that has underwhelming spectacle and tawrid melodrama.
daniel-mannouch30 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Bobby Z is the halfway point within Paul Walker's short filmography. Whilst never a great actor, Walker had looks and charisma to be a star and if not for his tragic death, he would be one of one Hollywood's biggest action stars by now. He proved he could carry a film by himself such as he did in the hyperstyle headache known as Running Scared. However, Bobby Z is definitely one of his weaker films and through whatever misfortune such as lack of money or commitment, comes off as just a direct to video affair with a big ass studio budget of twenty two million dollars.

God knows what happened, but someone buried this film and whilst mediocre, i sure as hell have seen worse action films at the cinema. Bobby Z makes more sense now since I found out it was an adaptation of a crime novel. Here was me thinking why are there so many secondary and tertiary characters fleshed out for no point whatsoever and now it all makes sense now. Poor adaptation of a book that probably wasn't all that good to begin with. The plot simply does not translate well into the Smoking Aces like action film they are trying to make here.

It's that awkward combination of character and plot that works perfectly fine on paper, but if not given the right treatment, will come off on screen as overwrought. It doesn't help that the characters are all types we have seen a thousand times before and are not worth talking about. This is just another laissez faire depiction of the disastrous war on drugs that has taken thousands of lives already and it all was very coy and gay and i didn't care for it. Bobby Z is a below average crime action thriller that does not deliver in either spectacle or drama and whose only two highlights probably took up half the budget.
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Continuety issues and poor acting
nmj-301-6051674 March 2012
Expecting a Tarrantinian type of experience, I was greatly disappointed with this movie. Not even the talented Laurence Fishburne could elevate the cast's overall acting performance to mediocrity. The rest of the cast demonstrated rigid, theatrical acting in a Charlie's Angels's style train of semi-connected events. The plot suffers from stereotypical characters like the bad cop, loser-turning-into-an-honourable-"doing-the-right-thing"-man, evil latino mafia boss, and cynical drug dealer. Several goofs scarred the movie as well. Eg. when Bobby Z jumped into the water right behind the moving boat, he jumped in the white stir created by the boat's propeller. When he crawled onto the boat, it was not moving and the water was calm.
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not surprising
yorkshire_keith9 May 2008
This film is designed to appeal to a particular audience, the nature of which can be deduced from the standard of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation in most of the previous reports. (Those little tadpole like things are commas by the way.) The fact that many of them don't find it convincing despite their limited film viewing experience should be taken as a warning by the more discerning film critics amongst you. Comparing Paul Walker to Jean Claude Van Damme may seem a tad harsh at this stage in his career but if he wants to avoid the same level of career it might be an idea to employ someone else to pick film roles for him. Maybe he could "go halves" with Fishbourne who seems to be having a "blip" at the moment. I've no idea what he's doing in this. I like a good action movie as much as anyone and I've certainly nothing against excessively pretty people escaping from tough situations with never a facial blemish. But I wasn't quite convinced the cast and crew of this weren't taking it more seriously than perhaps, given subsequent reviews, they'd like us to think.
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