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Team Behind 'Hornet's Nest' Doc Launching a Pair of Military-Themed Films (Exclusive)

Buoyed by the DVD success of The Hornet’s Nest, the team behind the war-zone documentary is launching Strong Eagle Media, a production and digital media company that will focus on military-themed films. Industry veterans Bert Bedrosian, Christian Tureaud and David Salzberg, who previously collaborated on the baseball drama The Perfect Game, are putting together their debut slate, which includes two documentaries — Citizen Soldier and Danger Close — that are fully financed and will be released in 2016. Sources say the trio has lured high-ranking Obama administration alum Wendy Anderson to join Strong Eagle Media. Anderson served

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‘Hornet’s Nest’ Filmmakers Form Strong Eagle Media

Branding specialist Bert Bedrosian is joining forces with producers David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud (“The Hornet’s Nest”) to form Strong Eagle Media, Variety has learned exclusively.

The company will focus on producing inspirational military stories. John BrenkusBase Productions will serve as co-production partners in military film projects. Strong Eagle will also produce sports and action adventure programming for TV and digital networks.

Bedrosian, Salzberg and Tureaud joined forces for the 2014 military documentary “The Hornet’s Nest,” which followed U.S. troops battling in Afghanistan and grossed $312,706 in the U.S. It is the only film to ever be enshrined into the National Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning, Ga.

The company has already begun production on its next two films in its military hero series. Both films are fully funded, have worldwide distribution in place and are slated for 2016 release.

Prior to “The Hornet’s Nest,” Bedrosian, Salzberg and
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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: 9 Steps To Create The Perfect Game

Paul Kidby

A flat, round planet carves through the eternal ether, supported by four colossal elephants, on the back of the Great A’Tuin – space turtle extraordinaire. This is the complex imaginary world which plays host to one of the most highly regarded fantasy book series’ ever devised, Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Perhaps not as widely popular as the Harry Potter novels (but then again, what is?), Pratchett devotees tend to consider themselves a more discerning bunch. We see the Discworld series as literary art, not Rowling-esque pulp fantasy. And we devour anything Discworld-related with rampant hunger – books, maps, board games, figurines, if it says “Discworld” on the cover, we’ll buy it. It’s a vast empire, the Discworld metaverse, and we all want a piece of it.

One realm which hasn’t received fair attention, though, is Discworld’s representation in the gaming world. We’re on
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10 Best Skyrim Mods That Make It The Perfect Game


The single greatest benefit of owning The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC is the plethora of modding opportunities available to you. Nearly every facet of the game can be altered in some way, which practically washes away any possible flaw or issue you might have with it.

Felt the game was too easy? Add a difficulty mod, making your experience more akin to Dark Souls. Feel there isn’t enough content in the game? There’s dozens of free expansion packs available. Want the game darker, brighter, prettier, more immersive? There are mods for all of those things too.

These mods can radically alter the experience, crafting an RPG that meets the needs of any individual player. Looking for mods to install is like going to the store for your favourite game and finding hundreds of Dlc packs tailored specifically to you. On sale. Like for free. Forever.
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Kylie Minogue Joins Dwayne Johnson's Next Action Movie

Kylie Minogue will star in San Andreas - The Hollywood Reporter The perfect Game of Thrones/The O.C. mashup - HuffPost Entertainment Get a peek at the second episode of Pll - Pretty Little Liars Find out which Oitnb star "auditioned" for Magic Mike - Moviefone Jurassic Park plot holes that will haunt your dreams - Cracked Get some fresh spoilers for The 100's finale - BuddyTV How many of these soccer movies have you seen? - Rotten Tomatoes Jenny Slate does a really solid Arnold Schwarzenegger impression - Splitsider Celebrating the geekiest father in pop culture - Popsugar Tech
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SXSW Film 'That Guy Dick Miller' Gets North American Distribution (Exclusive)

SXSW Film 'That Guy Dick Miller' Gets North American Distribution (Exclusive)
That Guy Dick Miller, which made a splash after its world premiere at SXSW in March, has been picked up for North American distribution by Canada’s IndieCan Entertainment. The film is slated for a theatrical release in the winter of 2014/2015. Photos: The Scene at SXSW 2014 The documentary -- directed by Elijah Drenner (American Gridhouse) and co-produced by Drenner and Lainie Miller (The Perfect Game) -- follows the life and career of character actor Dick Miller, from his childhood, to his first big onscreen role (Bucket of Blood), to his artwork. Miller’s career spanned six decades with more than 175 motion pictures, four TV series

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Blu-ray, DVD: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: June 17, 2014

Price: DVD $29.98, Blu-ray $39.99

Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

King of quirky films Wes Anderson (Rushmore) wowed critics and moviegoers with his comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The film gathers a bunch of stars, led by Ralph Fiennes (The Invisible Woman) as Gustave H., the legendary concierge at the famous European hotel. Inspired by the works of Stefan Zweig, the movie follows Gustave’s many adventures with the lobby boy (Tony Revolori, The Perfect Game) who becomes Gustave’s most trusted friend.

Together they must hold the hotel together amidst the theft of a priceless Renaissance painting, battle for an enormous family fortune and a changing Continent between two wars.

Rated R, the rest of the cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel also includes F. Murray Abraham (Inside Llewyn Davis), Adrien Brody (Wrecked), Willem Dafoe (Platoon), Jeff Goldblum (Morning Glory), Harvey Keitel (The Last Godfather
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Game Of Thrones: 10 Ways To Make The Perfect Game


Game Of Thrones is a unique IP full to the brim with potential for a savvy game studio to tuck into and produce a magnificent beast of a game from. So far though, the attempts have been lacklustre cash-ins with barely any resemblance to the quality of tale or product seen in the books of TV show, including a rather generic offering was made on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from Cyanide with shoddy mechanics and half-baked nods to the existing mythology, while an even less satisfying browser-based interpretation is available to burn your life away through Game Of Thrones Ascent.

Of course, Telltale have recently announced their own Game Of Thrones title, but given the nature of their games, that is likely to be a character heavy and story-driven affair which, while likely to succeed, ticks another kind of box entirely, and doesn’t close the door on
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The Grand Budapest Hotel: the kid stays in the picture

Wes Anderson's new film features a blizzard of star cameos, but one character is present throughout - the lobby boy played by Tony Revolori. He talks about getting threats from Bill Murray and reveals his grand ambitions

For Tony Revolori, the scariest moment of making The Grand Budapest Hotel was meeting Bill Murray, not least because the actor was threatening to throw his dad in the hotel's swimming pool. "He was like, 'I've thrown parents in the pool before, don't make me throw you,'" says Tony, adopting a hangdog look and mimicking Murray in the lowest, most droll voice possible. He wasn't joking: according to Revolori, Murray gave a stage parent an unwanted dip on the set of Wes Anderson's previous film, Moonrise Kingdom. Thankfully for Revolori's dad, the former Ghostbuster went up to him after the wrap and said, "Actually, I've decided you're Ok. I won't
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The Anchorman Cast By The Numbers

Nearly 10 years ago the world was introduced to a stately San Di-ago news anchor who prefers the aroma of rich mahogany and has a healthy taste for scotch (scotchy scotch scotch). Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was released on July 9, 2004, proving that Saturday Night Live alum Will Ferrell could carry a movie, and modern moviegoers enjoy fight sequences that reference West Side Story.

The film largely introduced audiences to Steve Carell, arriving just before NBC’s The Office, and featured an entire subplot starring Maya Rudolph that never made it to the big screen. With the sequel currently in theaters–and promising cameos from the likes of Drake and Kanye West–we felt it was only right to look back on how far the core cast has come, as well as the film’s overall influence on pop culture to date. You know what that means…

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Afghan Doc to Skip Competition Circuit in Favor of GI Film Festival (Exclusive)

Afghan Doc to Skip Competition Circuit in Favor of GI Film Festival (Exclusive)
HighRoad Media is eschewing the traditional festival circuit for its war-zone documentary The Hornet’s Nest. The Universal-based production company behind the baseball pic The Perfect Game will instead unveil the film, which is described as in the vein of Act of Valor, at the 7th annual GI Film Festival in Washington on May 11. HighRoad duo Christian Tureaud and David Salzberg pulled Hornet’s Nest out of competition consideration from such film festivals as Toronto and Silver Docs in favor of doing stand-alone events, beginning with the GI Fest. Story: Selling 'Act of Valor': How a Targeted Marketing Campaign Led to a

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Matt Cain Inspires Our List Of 10 Musical Perfect Games

San Francisco Giants pitcher, the 22nd man to toss a perfect game, got us thinking about musical perfectos.

By James Montgomery

The San Fransisco Giants' Matt Cain


On Wednesday night, San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain made baseball history — and totally helped my fantasy team — by tossing a perfect game against the Houston Astros.For those who have no idea what that means, Cain faced the minimum of batters — 27 — and didn't allow a single base-runner. That means no walks, no hits, no anything over nine innings (with 14 strikeouts to boot). If that sounds impressive, well, it is: Only 22 pitchers have ever thrown a perfect game in the 143-year history of Major League Baseball, and somewhat surprisingly, the list of those who've accomplished the feat reads less like a who's who of Mlb greats as it does a who's that?For every Hall of Famer (Cy Young, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter) to reach perfection,
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New Release: Politics of Love DVD

Release Date: Sept. 13, 2011

Price: DVD $19.97

Studio: Codeblack Entertainment

It's a wash for Mallika Sherawat in Politics of Love.

Opposites apparently attract in Politics of Love, a bi-partisan romantic comedy set during the 2008 Presidential race. The movie stars Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat (Murder) and up-and-comer Brian White (of Tyler Perry’s forthcoming feature film Good Deeds).

In Politics of Love, politics makes strange bedfellows — particularly in the case of a savvy, African-American conservative Republican (White) reluctantly falling for his Democratic counterpart: a beautiful Indian-American Obama campaign volunteer (Sherawat). The inevitable sparks fly and romance blossoms for the seemingly mismatched pair of lovers in the frantic days leading up to Election Day.

Directed by William Dear (The Perfect Game), the movie also stars Loretta Devine (For Colored Girls), Ruby Dee (American Gangster) and Gerry Bednob (The 40-Year-Old Virgin).

Prior to its DVD release, the movie screened in a limited number of theaters (starting Aug.
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The Perfect Game

Crafted to be a family-friendly tale of overcoming great odds and believing in yourself, The Perfect Game hits all the right notes for the inspirational sports film. Plus, it boasts a remarkable cast led by Clifton Collins Jr., Cheech Marin, David Koechner, Emilie De Ravin, Bruce McGill, and Lou Gossett Jr. along with a talented collection of child actors. No one can say The Perfect Game doesn’t have a lot going for it, and with William Dear (Harry and the Hendersons) at the helm, the only real failure comes from its extras and its script, with the latter being the most egregious problem. Really odd pacing and lots of jumps make it a somewhat disjointed story, but the cast helps the audience ignore it.

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How Terra Nova Trumps the Butterfly Effect

In yesterdays’s TCA panel with Terra Nova cast and executives, several interesting questions came up about the mechanics of time-travel in the show and the impact that the colonists could potentially have on the future of mankind…in the distant, distant future…85 million years in the future!

The Terra Nova Portal

This has been a common question on our forums …the concept of time travel is a thorny one for most people who know anything about physics. The storyline for Terra Nova has been reworked a couple of times in order to make it less polemic among the sticklers for physics, though, in order to deal with the criticisms:

“So many people had the idea they were going back to change history, we wanted to change that,” executive producer Rene Echevarria responded to one critic’s question. Essentially, the Terra Novites aren’t going back to change the future.
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This Week on DVD: Rio, Stake Land, Eastbound & Down: Season 2

The biggest non-summer movie of the year comes to DVD and Blu-ray this week, along with a post-apocalyptic vampire flick, a religious surfing movie, and Kenny F'n Powers. The CG-animated comedy Rio currently sits at #11 on the 2011 domestic box office list and is sure to sell a few hundred thousand copies. Also hitting stores today we have Soul Surfer starring AnnaSophia Robb and Dennis Quaid, The Perfect Game starring Clifton Collins Jr. and Cheech Marin, and The Music Never Stopped starring J.K. Simmons. Genre entries include Jim Mickle's Stake Land, Quarantine 2: Terminal and the mumblecore thriller Cold Weather, and on Blu-ray we have both Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, not to mention the first and second season of HBO's Eastbound & Down. What will you be buying or renting this week? Check out the full list of noteworthy releases after the jump. Widgets

For More Daily Movie Goodness,
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New Blu-ray and DVD Releases: August 2nd

Rank the week of August 2nd’s Blu-ray and DVD new releases against the best films of all-time: New Releases Rio

(DVD & Blu-ray | PG | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #3463

Times Ranked: 1625

Win Percentage: 52%

Top-20 Rankings: 16

Directed By: Carlos Saldanha

Starring: Jesse EisenbergAnne HathawayLeslie MannJemaine ClementJamie Foxx

Genres: Adventure • Adventure Comedy • Animal Picture • Animation • Comedy • Family

Rank This Movie

Soul Surfer

(DVD & Blu-ray | PG | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #6816

Times Ranked: 243

Win Percentage: 55%

Top-20 Rankings: 5

Directed By: Sean McNamara

Starring: Helen HuntCraig T. NelsonDennis QuaidAnnaSophia RobbKevin Sorbo

Genres: Drama • Family Drama • Sports Drama

Rank This Movie

The Final Destination

(DVD & Blu-ray | R | 2009)

Flickchart Ranking: #5287

Times Ranked: 5225

Win Percentage: 31%

Top-20 Rankings: 2

Directed By: David R. Ellis


Genres: Horror

Rank This Movie

The Perfect Game

(DVD & Blu-ray | PG | 2009)

Flickchart Ranking: #13940

Times Ranked: 28

Win Percentage: 61%

Top-20 Rankings: 0

Directed By: William Dear

Starring: Clifton Collins, Jr. • Cheech Marin • Moisés Arias • Jake T. Austin
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Blu Monday: Apocalyptic Vampires, Gunslingers, a Barbarian, and a Talking Hamburger

Your Weekly Source for the Newest Releases to Blu-Ray Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Better Off Dead (1985)

Synopsis: Lane Meyer is a depressed teen who loses his girlfriend Beth. Her given reason for breaking up is: “Lane, I think it’d be in my best interest if I dated somebody more popular. Better looking. Drives a nicer car.” Anyway, poor Lane is left alone and thinks up treacherous ways of killing himself. He finally meets a French beauty called Monique and falls for her. Simultaneously, he must endure his mother’s terrible cooking which literally slides off the table and his disgusting next door neighbour Ricky (and his mum) while he prepares for the skiing race of his life – to get his old girlfriend back! (

Special Features: Theatrical trailer.

Double Feature: Black Sheep/Tommy Boy (1996/1995)

Synopsis: Black Sheep - A gubernatorial candidate hires a wormy special assistant whose only job
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What’s All The Hulu-baloo About? This Week In Criterion’s Hulu Channel

This one is coming up late, due to Criterion jam packing a ton of releases on Friday, right while I was finishing up the original post. I think they wanted to mess with me, which is very funny. But being the premier (and only) site that gives you the best coverage of Hulu Plus movies, I don’t mind taking the time at all. I’m hoping it has nothing to do with the recent shake-up going on that Josh just reported on the other day (here), and with Hulu wanting to be bought because of financial problems stemming from multiple sources, this makes one wonder what’s going to happen to the Criterion Collection and their deal with Hulu. I’m crossing my fingers that whoever buys the service, be it Amazon, Google or Yahoo (who is the frontrunner), it doesn’t ruin the deal in place for Criterion and its films.
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Movie Review by a Celebrity: "Pair of Kings" Star Ryan Ochoa Reviews Super 8!

  • kidspickflicks
Not only does "Pair of Kings" star Ryan Ochoa love to act in movies (like 5-star Pick The Perfect Game and Disney's A Christmas Carol), he loves to watch them, too! Ryan reviews Super 8 exclusively for -- and rates it a Pick!

"I just saw Super 8, and I thought the movie was great! The visual effects were incredible, and the kids did a good job leading the entire film! I was entertained the whole time, and if you want a nice family movie to enjoy, I recommend it!

Now I'm looking forward to Transformers: Dark of the Moon! It's my favorite trilogy and looks incredible! It's going to be a really good summer 'flick!'"

Join Ryan Ochoa on the KidsPickFlicks Advisory Board! Board members are entered to win movie tickets or other cool prizes every week they submit a movie review, article, vlog or respond to a question from Kpf.
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