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You need to see this movie! Trust me.
simonbirch30 January 2007

Because everybody in the entire world would be able to create a better movie than this. I saw this movie because comments on this site. I didn't believe my own eyes! A drunk monkey would surely have done a better job than the writers & actors in this movie.

WATCH this movie and be AMAZED... Please do, i beg you! Actually i DARE you! Then you can say to yourself, "Hey, at least i will never watch anything this terrible again"

And people... Try to avoid hitting yourself in the head, while watching it. I had a hard time doing that.
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Crapola (his is a spoiler people)
RachelSmith459 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was the worst movie I have ever seen. First off every single character is the most shallow, worst drawn out character I have ever seen. I've seen better acting in porno's!! The movie is BARELY about basketball. Instead there are 3 times in the movie where you actually see a freaking basketball! The rest of the movie is set at the mall. The two guys, Tech and Cruise are so stereotypical it was hard to believe that was actually written and partially directed by a black man. The story line is so bad it hurts. Cruise (who you never see in school or even reading) got some scholarship to "Cal U" and its dangerous for him to play street ball (Ooooo lets all get scared). What the hell.

The worst part are the women. They have the worst one liners. "Is that true" "Its so big" "are you kidding" "is that for real . Yeah if you're going to put hood rats in your movie please don't let they say anything. The 'love story'is so unbelievable. Cruise and the better looking hood rat magically fall in love after he revels he wants to go to California and become a doctor. Less than 3 minutes later in the movie. (I think 3 days went by on screen) She's pregnant with his baby. He wants to marry her. HAHAHAHAHA. People in the movie started throwing things! (Come on now mister producer I did the math. It takes 2 weeks after sex for a women to have a baby. They were together around 3 days.)As for The ugly hood rat, she and Tech they get into an argument after tech realizes that he is a body double in a commercial and not the main man. (oh and his rival is the main man) Whatever. Then we find out that mister Dummy Tech that was the one that wanted to go to college. (WTF this dude couldn't add 125 plus 35 they're round numbers!) The plot thickens, Mister "thug" tech took a felony for Cruise, and that's the reason why Tech is so stupid and had to get his GED. (yeah so now apparently you get felony's for hitting white people and when you skip your senior year you can't add either).

Eva reveals that she is a gold digger to Cruise and only wanted him because he was going to California. (who didn't see this coming) Cruise falls off his bike (the stunt work was horrible) and punctures a lung. (he didn't even hit the ground that hard) What the hell why does that even matter. NONE OF THIS CRAP DOES. Play some basketball why don't you and don't montage it.

So in the end. Everyone breaks up. Eva (the pretty hood rat) is a ho who had a baby by the whole freaking block. And the two guys to to community college. WOW. Crapola.

The acting is bad, the script is bad, there isn't much basketball, the film is low budget. Don't see it or if you want to see some crap at least sneak into the theater through the back door.
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For all who have cried for quality urban film-making free from gangsta, thuggin, and drug related themes…keep looking.

Detroit is a city rich in culture, history, ethnicity and empowerment but in recent years has developed an unfortunate reputation that upsets many natives. Those with a voice, the politicians, the rappers, even the filmmakers try desperately to reverse that negative image much to their credit. Writer and Director Preston Whitmore II, a loyal patriot indeed, attempts an urban tale about street ball, dreams fulfilled, and dreams deferred. It seemed like every few minutes there was a needless montage of city landmarks that were not part of the storyline. A gimmick that seemed patronizing at best, insulting at worst. I too love my city and I understand patriotic sympathies. However, they simply have no place on the celluloid. If a filmmaker wants to show the good of the city make a good movie! But that was just part of my problem with Crossover. It wasn't dramatic enough to be taken seriously and not funny enough to be a comedy. The funniest thing in the movie was the main character Tech (Mackie) spending half the movie studying for his GED. The plot was mediocre and the acting simply ghastly. Wayne Brady (who said he could be a leading man?) has to prove he's black to all his critics and quite unconvincingly portrays Vaughn, part businessman, part thug who has more than a legitimate interest in street ball. The cookie monster is a scarier underworld figure. Wesley Jonathan who was absolutely priceless in Rollbounce was less than thrilling-- almost boring. And Eva Pigford's play acting of the femme fatal just ruined a character that might have been interesting.

Crossover (or Crapover as I was calling it by the end) was a film that probably looked good on paper but lost its focus somewhere between the pitch and the production. I often advise urban screenwriters to beware of this potential peril. It's a death sentence to the film, but more importantly it is another unwanted blemish on the genre of film that is blemished enough.
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Fantastic movie?!?!??!
ZilchSr21 January 2007
Fantastic movie? Fantastic? Are you kidding me? This "fantastic" movie has an average rating of 1.1, with 1 being the lowest rating on IMDb after over 1,200 votes. Fantastic? Fantastic trash, maybe.

The acting was bush league, and the plot was lame. All this is is just more of this same old tired and boring urban-up-and-comer-defeat-the-odds-make-a-life-from-nothing worship garbage.

I can't believe I wasted my time with this movie.

Voters rated "Gigli" higher than this, which should give you an idea of exactly how bad this movie is.
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So Bad It's Good!
MIDDLEMYATT21 March 2007
My kids and I enjoyed this dreadful exercise in predictability and bad acting for all the wrong reasons: We playfully wagered on what actors would say next (and I use that word "actors" very loosely). It's full of clichés of all kinds. We would rewind and laugh at the scenes containing Eva Pigford's unbelievably horrid acting (please, for God's sake, stick to simply being a model!). We'd pretend to be menaced and afraid by appearances of that definitive "hood" slick guy, aka Wayne Brady ("New Jack City's" Nino Brown has got nothing on him!!!). And we were amused at how surprisingly weak the basketball scenes were. The on-the-court scenes contained lots of edits and cut-aways that marked staged shots. And for a movie about b'ball, the court scenes were extremely minimal and unexciting. On a serious note, please observe this theory of mine if you rent this film (for God's sake don't buy it): Sometimes, being surrounded by bad actors and faced with a bad script can even make a good actor bad. Case in point, Anthony Mackie. He's clearly got skills, but he had no business being in this foul of a film! This movie surely falls under the "So bad it's good" banner. If you rent it expecting anything else, you will surely be disappointed.
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ShenStyle1788 September 2006
This movie was a Crossover that is for sure. I broke my ankle on purpose just to try and get through the painful story line and horrible streetball action. If you want to see streetball just rent the And1 Mix Tape tours, even though they are a jumble of random moves, they are still better action then Crossover. This acting was not good either. The character development and personalities are cliché. And why now is Wayne Brady trying to get this tough guy persona. Ever since the Chappelle show appearance he is now all of a sudden more sinister. All in all this was not a good movie, I guess you can tell from my vote 1 out of ten, and that is 1 is just because there is nothing lower.
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Firefighter_102516 January 2007
You know what's funny? I'll tell you...this movie. Once again drum roll please....Or, should I say DRUMLINE please. Drumline type movie that bombed like all of the rest. Nothing was good about this movie except the end credits where some persons name was my name and it made me as giddy as a school girl. I thought I was renting a movie about a poltergeist, but that didn't happen. But I was wishing that I was in the grave at the end of it. It's kind of strange that director's would take on something of this crappy caliber and try to make something of themselves. Writing was dumb, actors know, and the scenes just made me want to take a bath and scrub myself from all of the bull that I've encountered.
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Crossover is Crossover
mickeyshamrock3 September 2006
Do you like crossovers? Then do I have the movie for you! It is called Crossover. When I heard they were going to make a movie called Crossover I started practicing my crossover like everyday. When the movie came out I brought my rock to the theater and crossed-over all these dudes in line, it was hilarious. Then I crossed-over the popcorn dude. I got the Producer's Pick, you know, a hot dog and a large soda, then I crossed-over that too. Then in the theater this guy started talking on his cell phone, you know what I did… Yup! Crossover!!! Shut him up real good. EDITOR'S NOTE: The basketball scenes in Teen Wolf are better than the basketball scenes in Crossover. Crossover.
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"Why this film is one of the worst movies ever?"
TheQuietStorm15 June 2008
someone asked? Hmm... Where should I start? Well, let's start with the blueprint: screenplay.

The dialogue was on-the-nose, predictable babbling about nothing. The jokes were even worse. The characters were less than one dimensional while accomplishing all sorts of inconsistencies, which attributed to outrageous behavior. I mean, at one point, the main character was just having a nervous breakdown for absolutely nothing, for the sake of drama. The plot was as believable as Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. And even with the absurd plot, the writing failed to be original at all levels. I mean, we saw the same subplots done before in way more superior films like "White Men Can't Jump".

The directing was Amateur night at the Apollo. He did nothing with the camera or the blocking of the actors to make me believe he has an ounce of talent in his body. And the shots were so flat and uninteresting. I hope they shot the movie on HD. I'd hate to think one can make film stock look so bad.

The acting was the worst. Inappropriate and unjustified outbursts of anger, straight line readings off the page and so much wooden actions/reactions that it started to look like a smörgåsbord for termites.

And the basketball playing was terrible, even from the actors who are known for basketball, like Hot Sauce. They made a big mistake trying to pass off Anthony Mackie as some ballplayer. He looked uncomfortable with the basketball every time he touched it. I had a hard time watching him.

Uneventful montages. Glossy cinematography looking like someone's home VHS camera. Lame jokes. Inept editing.

You know when you have watched a bad film? When you're a passionate cinephile and after watching the film, it was so bad, you're left with a temporary bad taste in your mouth for movie making since the beginning of time. This film is that bad.
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Cross Over should be CROSSED OUT
mstalltammi24 February 2007
OK.. first of all Wayne Brady should be shot for doing so terrible! Johnathan Wesley should have had enough experience to do better than he did! I mean after all he did play "Sweetness" in Roll Bounce which was only a tad bit better! Eva The Winner from America's Next Top Model should definitely stick to modeling! Her acting was so bad, that it seems like she was joking! I guess winning an award for acting is out of the question! At least it is, based on this movie! LOL. The rest of the cast, I had never seen and hopefully I won't ever see again! This movies was awful! THe plot was weak!They all need to take more acting classes IMMEDIATELY! I barely made it through the movie! This movie should have been called CrossOUT!!!!
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Way worse that all of these movies listed, by Miles
strtmanadammac5 February 2007
Bottoms Up Araf Going Overboard From Justin to Kelly Santa with Muscles Marci X Shanghai Surprise Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 I Accuse My Parents Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector Track of the Moon Beast Laserblast The Incredible Melting Man Hobgoblins Thomas and the Magic Railroad Quest of the Delta Knights Primeval Hercules in New York American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt Daniel - Der Zauberer Ghoulies II The Horror of Party Beach The Hellcats Can't Stop the Music Thunderpants The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre The NeverEnding Story III Jaws: The Revenge Chopper Chicks in Zombietown BloodRayne Teen Wolf Too Orgy of the Dead Yusei oji Captain America The Foreigner Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Demon Island The Beast of Yucca Flats The Touch of Satan Rhinestone The Creeping Terror Uomo puma, L' Police Academy: Mission to Moscow Eegah The King and I Underclassman Ator l'invincibile 2 Werewolf Beginning of the End Kickboxer 2: The Road Back Little Man Rarely have Iseen a movie this bad. It is worse than worse; it is more torture thatn from Justin to Kelly. There is just something that makes it so bad. DO NOT GO SEE THIS FILM: IT SUCKS. Period. I would rather recommend these listed films that this film, it's is that bad, and these listedfilms I absolutely thought was abhorrent, so I really hope that I am getting through to you.

0/10 no in fact, this film doesn't even deserve a zero -10/10
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Cross (Thank God it's finally) Over
PlutoNashFan19 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
*Groans*... where should we start? It feels like someone took a dump on my brain after watching this. Nick Cannon and some other guy from B2K star in absymal movie that is so bad You Got Served look like Blood Diamond. Absolutely nothing happens the whole movie yet every scene is pumping with music and slow-mo shots that speed up and slow back down again. Whether Nick Cannon is hanging out with his grandma or riding the bus or working at the shoe store, the fake urban appeal is more obvious than the war in Iraq being about oil.

The two main characters lose a basketball game in the beginning, meet some girlfriends, get in a fight and the one punches a fat white dude in the face. Money appears out of nowhere and you're wondering how they can afford these crazy things, apparently they are part of some underground basketball association but only play 2 games the entire movie (which takes place in about 2-3 weeks). By the way, the b-ball games consist of nothing but slam dunks - all of which are shown in angles that make the rim look like it was lowered to 5 or 6 feet. I'd rather watch clips from the video game NBA Jam.... boom shaka laka. Add in some baby mama drama, a pointless trip to LA, and some more under-developed characters and the film is pretty much summed up.

Oh yeah, Wayne Brady is in the movie, and apparently he thinks that playing rap music in his car makes him *not* look like a white black guy that appeals to women in their 40's. Yeah, keep it real man... anyway, the villain of the movie is not scene on camera, however Preston A. Whitmore manages to make your brain feel like one of those scrambled eggs from the "this is your brain on drugs" commercials from back in the day.

Buy or rent? Instead, give you neighbor's dog some laxitives and look out at your porch in about an hour.

Summary: nothing relevant happens the entire movie and you feel no emotion whatsoever for the characters. You could make a movie about this review I wrote and it would be better than CrossOver.
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Certified air ball
Newsense7 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah this movie made the IMDb bottom list for a good reason. Its stinks. We've seen this type of movie before with Above The Rim and Sunset Park but at least those movies were appealing. This movie is pretty much a brick.

Premise: Cruise(Wesley Johnathan) and Tech(Anthony Mackie) are friends who have aspirations besides playing street ball. Cruise wants to go to college and Tech wants to pass his GED and go to college as well. Along the way of hustling people in street ball, they meet up with two women(played by Alicia Fears and Eva Pigford) as well as an unscrupulous promoter/agent Vaughn(played by Wayne Brady) who does anything in his power to sign Cruise and Tech.

Opinion: The storyline is predictable and the acting is sub par. Its not like Wesley Johnathan and Anthony Mackie cant act. On the contrary they have potential but the juvenile script kills them. Cruise is a goof ball and Tech is childish and annoying. Eva Pigford is terrible but Alicia Fears shows some promise. Wayne Brady is funnier trying to be serious in this movie than his corny stand-up routines. Plus what would movies like this be without clichés and stereotypes. Tech is a reprehensible punk black man who not only puts his hands on the girl who genuinely likes him but he even comes close to punching her and Eva Pigford's character after he finds out that she sold Cruise out to a magazine. What black movie is complete without a black man who misdirects his anger beats up on women and drinks his pain away instead of taking his anger out on the people who caused his grief? Eva Pigford's character is a typical hood harlot who uses Cruise with the pregnant routine and dumps him when she realizes that he is not going to California and he is not going to play pro basketball. Gotta love the sickening portrayal of black women as gold diggers in these films by Follywood. And the scene where the hood rat was mouthing off about her no good boyfriend was to die for. You get the drift. This movie plays like a poorly written soap opera with stereotypes and clichés thrown into the mix. Then it tries to tug at your heartstrings with Cruise ending up in the hospital after an accident and tries to justify Tech coming within a hairsbreadth of punching out Eva Pigford's character after that she might have leaked the news of Cruise playing a street B-ball game with a rival basketball crew called "Platinum" for money. This film wallows in its predictability, stereotypes and clichés like a pig does mud. Yeah the edited basketball scenes are nice to look at but when that is all a movie has going for it than its a waste of precious time. Plus any movie that has Wayne Brady playing the villain is not steeped in reality. This movie is a certified brick. He aims. he shoots, air ball!
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Was This Meant To Be A Joke??
chargersforsuperbowl28 July 2008
So my friend leaves me with his little brother while he goes to pick up his girlfriend from work. His 9 year old brother decides he wants to play me his favorite movie in the whole wide world. Crossover. I get through the first 20 minutes predicting everything that is about to happen. Everything seems so cliché. I almost thought they were going off all improv but than I quickly realized that it was in fact just a horrible script.

So I make it all the way up till the first encounter with Jewelz who is played by Hot Sauce from the And 1 tapes. I then make up an excuse to go outside so I can smoke some weed hoping that the movie would get better if I was stoned.

I WAS WRONG. All the weed did was make me thirsty and laugh hysterically at the horrible acting. I feel sorry for Wayne Brady because this is a career ending movie.
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is this a movie?
fthat6913 February 2008
I don't know. I would not qualify it as one. Honestly, I am embarrassed to have seen this movie. It was not my choice, There was no legitimate plot line throughout the movie, except for the fact that there was some "underground" basketball league or something.

Wayne Brady is way better than this, and the fact that he was in it was probably the only reason to not leave within the first 5 minutes.

I think a better description of this would be garbage on film and not a movie. If you by some reason in hell had to see this movie, I suggest getting drunk or high, thats the only way you will make it through this crap.
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You Deserve A Refund If You Paid To See This Movie
lmc326 December 2007
It is obvious that this movie was made in someone's basement with light off. It is a terrible attempt at making a movie, and the writers next project should be in a college course on screen writing, better yet Acting 099. Please do not waste your time, because I did. Time is something that you can not get back. The acting was terrible and the plot was even worse. There were many mistakes for example during the last scene the numbers on one of the characters uniform were backwards as if you were looking into a mirror. The lines from the characters sounded rehearsed as if they were being read directly from a script. I really believe that ANYONE with a good idea for making a movie has better potential at being successful than this movie. I am a movie buff and I promise you this movie is AWFUL.
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Far from the worst movie ever - FAR
Noah is a student trying to get into medical school on a basketball scholarship. However, neighborhood rivalry makes things more difficult than he originally thought and a somewhat shady sports agent taunts him with dreams of big money.

For the record, I watched this movie because it is number 1 on the IMDb Bottom 100 list. This film seems to take more flak than anything Uwe Boll has done - his movies, also bashed, are higher rated but still in the Bottom 100 on IMDb. However, I tried to watch as if I had no knowledge of what others thought it just to form my own opinion free from intervention.

The conclusion of my little experiment is the film is really not that bad. Is it stellar? No. But worst movie ever. No. Obviously Preston A. Whitmore II isn't Spike Lee or Scorsese and the film seems over edited, especially in the beginning with constant whooshes and sped up pans. Yes the script isn't a drama masterwork - it includes a pointless 'where are they now' narration/titles at the end, but that is probably more indicative of the film's budget rather than creative choice. Then the actors aren't world class, but who really cares? The story is consistent, remarkably free of profanity or other exploitation and stereotypical portrayal of inner-city life. It has, as another user wrote, "a positive overtone" while staying well clear of being preachy.

As far as being worse than Uwe Boll is another thing. Boll makes mediocre made movies with no plot. This film is better than mediocre and has a decent well-intentioned plot to it, which essentially should lift it above anything like 'House of the Dead' or 'Alone in the Dark.' But maybe people are so hungry for sensation these days that they like awful sensation over decent, if not stellar, drama. If that sounds like a drug addiction to you, well you're right, because it is. --- 6/10

Rated PG-13: minimal profanity and some sexual content
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Another of the Bottom 100 that seems to be their unfairly.
MartinHafer11 February 2010
As of this point, I have done more reviews on IMDb than anyone. And, in recent months I've taken my love for foreign, classic and independent films and set it aside for a strange little obsession--bad films. I have made it a point to try to see as many of IMDb's Bottom 100 films as I can. There is no way I can see them all--a few are not available and some are simply not available in the US. During my little experiment, I have so far seen about 50 of the films and have noticed a trend. Many of these Bottom 100 are Black-American films and some are actually pretty good--such as "I Can Do Bad All By Myself", "Phat Girlz", "Feel the Noise" and this film. This leads me to wonder two things--either I like them because they appeal mostly to 45 year-old men like me or there are a lot of people out there that seem to have it in for films with Black casts--especially urban films. I can't say what is going on, but even if these are bad films (which they aren't in my opinion), there is no way they should be ranked lower than all the films of Ed Wood, Al Adamson or William Grefe. The difference between these Black-themed films and the ultra-low budget schlock films is enormous!

The film is about two young men, Tech and Cruise. Tech is a bit of a loser. Not a horrible person, but someone whose life seems to be going nowhere. Cruise, on the other hand, has a chance to play basketball for UCLA while he works on a Pre-Med degree. Two friends whose lives are going in opposite directions. However, just because things appear this way doesn't mean there won't be a lot of surprises on the way to the end of the film.

The film featured a lot of street-style basketball. And I have to be honest, basketball is among my least favorites sports to watch--right up there with golf and lacrosse! Yet despite this, the action was exciting and there was enough to the plot to keep me interested--especially in the lives of these men. The writing, while not great (there are a few clichés here and there--especially the one girlfriend and the need to tack on an epilogue during the credits), it is very good and kept me guessing. Also, there have been a few knocks about the acting--and I can't see why. Some jujmped on Wayne Brady--who was not bad at all here. In fact, I just don't get all the hostility towards the movie. What's to hate about it?
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Good Clean Movie
ichocolat1 August 2007
First of all, if the reason you are watching this movie is to be thrilled by gunshots, fast cars sweeping by, a masked man parachuting down leaving behind a dust of smoke after a bomb explodes .. Then this is not your cuppa tea .

This is a good, clean movie, with moral lessons that is being told with subtlety, which is good to anyone watching this movie. Lessons on friendship, the priorities in lives, knowing that there will always be people that will treat you right & those that only used you for their own benefit.

The movie is indeed predictable, but only on the fact that the kids will excel in their live. Other than that, the storyline is interesting, with twists & unexpected turns of event . Who'd know that Cruise wasn't that bad after all, & that Nicole isn't what she seems to be .

Yeah, there are things that could be better, i.e Wayne Brady would have to act with more class to be a bookie instead of looking like a blur guy driving around to get the betting money. But it is quite an act, considering the fact that he's always been linked to that comedy show (Wayne Brady show) that it'll be hard to try a different genre of acting. Nice try, however.

I like the music, the slow mo shots when trying to dunk the ball, the smooth ways of faking the moves, wanting to do trick the opponents. It's cool ! With that being said, I recommend this movie to be watched. It is good clean movie, with a subtle way to send the moral message to the audience.
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Don't Expect Gold From Glitter
serinaholguin6 May 2016
Yeah okay basically, you re all haters. I love this movie more than I love most movies. It makes me laugh, makes cry, makes me think. I love to shoot hoops and I love to watch people shoot hoops. I don't really know where I'm going with this, and I don't really know why I can't seem to type anything intelligible, (surely it is because I like this movie hah hah hah no no) but the point of the matter is, this is a good movie. I'm not saying it should win an Oscar, or deserves any acclamation, but it is a good movie in the way that Stomp the Yard or You Got Served are good movies. They're not meant to be masterpieces, but that doesn't mean they're terrible.
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An underserved demographic mistreated
Steve Pulaski9 March 2015
Crossover is a film that could've brought a great deal of life and energy to the world of competitive streetball, but unfortunately settles for the lowest common denominator in entertainment. Despite having a moderate amount of energy during its streetball sequences, this is a predictably vanilla sports film, giving no new life to the genre, providing no real development to its many characters, and settling for theatrical dialog over the better, more entrancing realistic kind.

We focus on Noah Cruise (Wesley Jonathan), a basketball player, who receives an athletic scholarship to UCLA following the death of his mother. Cruise, however, would prefer using his scholarship to work towards his medical aspirations, but puts up with the deafening screams of demands and orders from people like Vaughn (Wayne Brady), a sports agent desperate to recruit. Cruise takes pride knowing he has close friends like Tech (Anthony Mackie) and Up (Lil' JJ), two that have his back at all times, through thick and thin, even as both him and Tech struggle to please their women, Vanessa (Eva Pigford) and Eboni (Alecia Fears) respectively and work to make a revolutionary basketball trip to Los Angeles count.

As stated, the streetball scenes in the film bear a moderate amount of slickness, part of which is thanks to the editing by Stuart Acher and Anthony Adler, who keep things mostly clean and coherent, and partly because of the crystal-clear cinematography of Christian Sebaldt, who knows how to choreograph and shoot a hectic setting. With that, Crossover's praise comes to a screeching halt. The remainder of the film exists in that sliver of cinema which isn't predicated off of realism nor plausibility, but conveniently-occurring, theatrical circumstances that make for nothing more than a melodramatic bore.

To begin with, for a film about the competitive world of streetball, given writer/director Preston A. Whitmore II's emphasis on eye-rolling drama and overwrought circumstances makes this feel like a daytime soap-opera instead of a compelling drama centered around characters and the sport they play. The drama we get is typical relationship fodder that isn't so much substantive or intriguing for the story's progression, nor is it very compelling to watch in the face of the greater issues at hand. Some of the best scenes come when Cruise and Tech are interacting with one another, as Jonathan and Mackie have made for strong screen presences elsewhere, but here, everything seems to grind and falter when the camera starts rolling after turning away from the prime concept of the film.

This kind of drama wouldn't be so contemptible if it wasn't so overwrought, however. Crossover feels like a very weak Tyler Perry film, in which so many different issues and dramatic elements are piled on characters in such a boring, ho-hum nature that the film loses its humanity. This becomes apparent especially when we see how the dialog caters to the more fabled, "exciting" realms of movie dialog than how people in real life actually communicate. After we're burdened with all this for over an hour, the streetball scenes are a too-little-too-late asset to an already lackluster film, established of nothing more than overwrought melodrama and an occasionally compelling instance in a competitive streetball game. Crossover is a poor endeavor for an already underserved demographic that deserves better than the mistreatment and shallow, human focus they've been provided with here.

Starring: Wesley Jonathan, Anthony Mackie, Lil' JJ, Wayne Brady, Eva Pigford, Alecia Fears, and Philip Champion. Directed by: Preston A. Whitmore II.
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Lol at people...
Afrobuggs8 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I had great expectations when I was going to watch this movie... Rated 2nd worst of all movies, had given me a hope to enjoy bad acting, director, music, etc...

Already in the first scene I noticed the good music(not especially "good", but proper and suitable). The acting wasn't bad at all, and the movie switched nicely between the basket playing and the street life... If it wasn't for a thin story I'd perhaps given it 8/10 or 9/10, but 7/10 will do...

I generally don't like, sorry for the expression, movies with "nigga"-talk and gangs, but this one had a meaning, and the end of the movie was brilliant... You could see how he'd learned throughout the movie, and was a dynamic person(and all you idiots who voted 1/10 or 2/10 probably doesn't know what that means...) Finally, I'd like to say that I've seen hundreds, and yes, I literally mean HUNDREDS, of movies worse than this, and only a few better... GO OUT AND WATCH THIS MOVIE, DON'T BE AFRAID OF ALL THE BAD COMMENTS MADE...
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Don't believe review hype...
CabilieraShaggy23 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
the dudes chattin crap, this is one of the most refreshing films I've seen lately. For once , why don't you look at the way the films been shot instead of all the build up behind it, or what you might see behind it , i mean, did you notice the slight hints of soft melody jazz in the scenes with less light, or where, he's talking to his mum bout food, how the music follows his words. Or How bout the way the light hits against the graffiti train, lettin you feel where you are, yet not close enough to actually get it, low budget, some of the best films are low budget man, unless you talking bout crappy thrills. This film was decent.Or how much the characters suited the parts, i guess it all bout how u see it right? makes u wanna play

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this move was the worst I've ever seen
Kevin Reilly27 March 2007
This movie was literally, the worst movie i have ever seen in my entire life

My 7 year old son( children tend to say every new movie they watch is their favorite ) said he wanted to leave because it was so stupid.

I went to see this because I got free tickets and i was bored, i didn't no much about the movie but 10 minutes into the movie i swear i almost yelled at the people leaving early to stop talking.

People were leaving early!!

This movie was soo horrible it almost made me wanna throw up.

0/10 if there was a 0
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I wish it would be so bad it's almost good
sgtGiggsy25 February 2013
Crossover maybe the worst basketball movie ever. It's really hard to understand how was it possible to write a script this bad. And how did they convince Anthony Mackie, Wayne Brady, Hot Sauce, and Kristen Wilson to play in it? The story tries to be some mix of 'He Got Game' and 'White Man Can't Jump' but its quality is far-far away from both films. The characters are shallow, and the drama is... let's say it's fine, but really badly presented. The worst thing is (and remember it's a BASKETBALL MOVIE) the basketball part of the film. The whole thing is absolutely unrealistic, full of cut-scenes, and almost absolutely lacks the trash talk which would be an important part of a streetball themed movie. I can't really decide what was the intention of making this film. For a regular drama, it's weak. For a sport movie, the sport part badly presented. The only enjoyable part of it, when we see Hot Sauce's moves in slow motion.

Save your time, and don't watch this movie. It really doesn't worth it.
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