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A Glimpse Into A New Series That Was Short-Lived & Before It Could Even Launch.
Dawalk-113 July 2010
Somehow, I missed out on this when it originally aired, but I managed to discover and catch up on this less than three months ago on Youtube, which made up for it. And I just have to say I'm really glad I did excavate this lost gem, I love it. Had this been expanded, this would've become another one of my favorites, not only of the Nicktoons, but also all cartoons in general. One of the other genres (or one of the sub-genres) of this featurette is also known as steampunk, which I wasn't even aware of until reading about it on Wikipedia a while back and now that's got me so captivated I've actually been thinking about buying my first book in the sub-genre eventually. I believe what could still be considered as the pilot had infinite possibilities and such great potential that had it continued it definitely would've surmounted most of the Nicktoons that arrived on the air in the last decade (the majority of which have been crappy from mostly the negative reviews I read about a few of them (such as Fanboy and Chum Chum, which I've never seen, but again, read the reviews about it on this and the TV website). I'd consider this to be what would've been one of the better Nicktoon shows. It's a conspiracy and an unjust injustice when superior programs like this fall by the wayside for inferior shows like the aforementioned F&CC. If I had my way and it were up to me, Constant Payne would've kept going. Haplessly, it got dropped due to scenes featuring flying vehicles crashing into and partly destroying buildings, and the drop was inspired in the wake of the 9/11 incident. I partially think that it's a dumb reason because if that's the case, then that means all action movies featuring crashes into buildings would have to be cut. And have any of them been cut at all, post- 9/11 incident (which I'm not even entirely so sure of)? But on the other hand, I still can somewhat find that understandable and I'm almost ambivalent about this (but I'm still also leaning more towards the former). But at least luckily Avatar: The Last Airbender compensated for that and I rather watch, and can be offered this and Avatar over the Mighty B any day. I have no idea what happened exactly to the people working at Nick after the early 2000s began (as my Nick watching had lessened and I hadn't been following as much by then or even by the very late '90s, but I'd return to that or get into Nicktoons Network to an extent by the very latter half of the first decade of the 21st century), but when will they learn from their mishaps with certain, other series and start turning out even more first-rate material more often again? I'm sorry for my long speech/rant on this, but I just had some things on my mind that I just had to get out in the open right away while I'm still thinking about them and I'm disappointed/miffed that this didn't carry on and I wish it had regardless of the tragic event. This reeled me in and had me intrigued.

Anyway, more about the featurette. Well, it's a pseudo-anime that has to do with a man who goes on some sort of expeditions to keep malevolent forces at bay. But his daughter wants to tag along for the ride and her morning adventure ensues. For those of y'all who may be reading my review and haven't seen it yet, I beseech that y'all do so and keep supporting top-notch programming. I definitely recommend this and on which it's not to be slept.
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