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I like Oakland A's
jackthegkr22 September 2006
TO Mr. Smith: I heard your interview with Pete Rose. The discussion completely overlooked the American West front-runners, and probable winner, the Oakland A's. Every other team with a chance at the playoffs was discussed--except the Oalkand A's! Check the audio tape--I speak the truth. Even the MVP candidates you discussed excepted Frank Thomas, a legitimate candidate. And the Manager-of-the-year discussion excepted Ken Macha of the A's. Well, wouldn't you be surprised if the A's come from nowhere to be competitive in the playoffs, let alone going all the way. At least Pete Rose noted that it would be a better World Series if it weren't an Eastern one, that all fans would more enjoy a series including a California team. I'm not just a fan, I am able to analyze team quality, and I must conclude that your Eastern bias has hobbled your accuracy, your analytical ability, or maybe it is just that you are paid to shill for the Eastern teams! Better you check out the A's, cause they may surprise you later.
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The People's Champion
charles-e-daniels17 August 2006
I didn't know that we had a survey on the people's champion. Why does the media try to built this golfer up. Phil has a great game..... He's not promoting this and it only adds more pressure on him. Golf is a mental game with carrying the title of the people's champion can hurt a person. This is not a knock on Phil because he is just doing what he loves, but it's not fair to the rest of the golfer to say he is the people's champion. If he is the people's champion then what is Tiger? If Phil was black and Tiger was white would he still be the people's champion? Just a question.....Remember every time the media puts a golf up against Tiger their game catches a heart attack.I just don't want that to happen to the people's champion. But i think that rivalry is good. Who voted for the people's champ i didn't know that we need a peoples champ.
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Barry Bonds ,Hank Aaron,Jackie Robinson
gregoryhorsley12 April 2006
Hey Steven A.

Quite frankly I love your show.The media has made the steroid issue a one man show.It's about Bonds.What we do know is nobody has proof that he has done steroids.This is what we do know.A certain group of people did not want Jackie Robinson to play baseball.We forgave them.Can those same people forgive Bonds if he has made a mistake?In closing,it amazes me that Bonds,Aaron, Jackie Robinson and their families all received death threats,but nobody cares or has been arrested.Oh but of course Steven you,re right it's in the book Game Of Shadows Chapter One.Real talk.Much love Steve I'm out Quite Frankly.

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Donald Trump
Sclark2030 October 2005
I love the show "Quite Frankly" and think that it is informative and entertaining. One of the reason why I watch the show is because I like Stephen A. arrogant mannerism. He's knows sports. He's passionate about the industry and has presence in newspapers, broadcast and now cable television. ESPN2 loves Stephen A. Smith. However, I was taken aback by the way Stephen interviewed Donald Trump. You must respect a man who is of billionaire status. And be thankful that the "Don" came on 'Quite Frankly.' Now Donald is not perfect, and he sports a toupee, who cares; he's The Donald. And the yelling on this show by Stephen A., with this guest, was unnecessary! Donald couldn't finish a sentence. More respect should have been shown on this show with this guest. If Stephen wants guests of this status, or other celebrities that have imperfections to come or return to"his house", then he needs to be more welcoming.

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