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  • Yes, in Season 7 episode 12, titled "The High School Reunion" Mac reluctantly puts on his name tag to reveal his name is Ronald MacDonald.

  • The show has never come out and said this, but it has been a running joke and strongly implied that Dennis is in fact a sociopath and the rest of the gang simply doesn't realize it. In the episode "Mac Fights Gay Marriage", Dennis says "This is crazy, I'm having *feelings* again. Like a 14 year old kid or something. You remember feelings right?". Mac, shocked says "Are you saying you don't have feelings?!" to which Dennis replies "Well no, I'm saying I've built up a shell. A cold, calculating, heartless shell..." Dennis is also shown to be a complete narcissist with no regard for anyone else and thinks of himself as a "golden god" and he often implies that he has disturbing sexual fetishes.

  • McElhenney gained the weight to mock the vanity of his character, Mac, and because he was sick of seeing sitcom stars get better-looking as their shows age. He has no regrets about becoming the first actor to make a "Raging Bull"-sized committment for a TV comedy. The first part of the new season, especially, makes the most of Mac's new size. Look for his character to try to cover up in Hawaiian shirts in future episodes.

  • A street sign says Second Street. In Philly, numbers are used and not spelled out, so I am guessing it's somewhere else. The set is the Starkman Building in Los Angeles.


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