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Fear And Loathing In Raccoon City
Cuckoo_For_Caca11 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Goddamnit, we've been stuck in this city for 7 years, we need to get out! Have Capcom run out of ideas and are milking Raccon City for all it has? Who cares...

A slight improvement on the first Outbreak game, File#2 has better everything - smoother and sharper graphics, extra items, better enemies (zombie Hyenas!), better weapons... This game is also much harder, too.

As with the first one, the level design is simply great. A zoo full of zombiefied animals, a subway station, an abandoned hospital, and ol' Raccoon City Police Station - yes, it gave you nightmares in 1998, you were scared to death revisiting it in 'Nemesis', now see the RPD building with state of the art graphics and be truly terrified. All four scenarios are unlockable from the start, plus one you need to unlock by completing the other tasks.

The enemies in this game are a lot more horrific. In Outbreak what did we get? Zombies, Lickers, Hunters, a Tyrant - not many new enemies, really. Here we get zombie Lions, Elephants and Hyenas. Remember the horrible Leechman? File#2 has it's own seemingly unstoppable enemy - an axe-wielding psychopath that will stop at nothing to hinder your efforts at revealing the secret. There's also the usual Hunters and Zombies to contend with, watch out too, some Zombies are lightning fast. Mr X even makes an appearance.

This game is far from perfect, and many will see little point in buying it. As little more than an add on, a full-price tag is very steep. This game offers hours of entertainment, and you really will struggle to unlock all the secrets due to the measly point system - this time they're not just giving things away.

If you liked the first one, this might appeal - it's nothing majorly new, but if you couldn't get enough of Outbreak, then this is for you. Might just feed our urges until we get RE4...

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Another relaxing visit to ol Raccoon City...again
The_Condemned9 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
No matter which way you look at it Resident Evil will always and forever will be my favourite series of survival horror games, yes better than Silent Hill. I won't comment on the movies because lets face it they can't hold a candle to the games.

As a long time follower of the series I was quite intrigued to see a Resident Evil game that lets us play as a series of survivors with their own uniqueness stuck in everyone's favourite zombie infested hell hole...Raccoon City. Well the original outbreak had its flaws but on the whole it was somewhat refreshing to play with completely new characters and stories set during the events of the first three.

Now along comes the sequel and well...we are still stuck in that place and nothing at all has changed really. We still have the same group of characters, same moves, weapons etc. What has changed though and about time is the variety of enemies affected by that nasty virus. Zombie elephants, zombie lions, zombie hyena' I ain't joking they have them and for good reason. As much fun as it is wiping out zombies they just get bloody boring (excuse the pun) so these new batch of infected mammals is a nice change of horror pace...and I use that term literally.

Apart from the new enemies not much else has changed really. The graphics seems to have had a touch up which is good, and more story has been added as the original left things unanswered. Sadly though the A.I of your fellow survivors is still pretty poor as they run around for no reason or just stand there when being attacked.

As a Resident Evil on the whole though its great to play as there are too many imitators out there that have ripped off what Resident Evil started. Basically if you want to relive the glory days of Raccoon city then by all means pick this up and have a visit.
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