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MPAA Rated R for strong language, nudity/sexual content and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Men sit in a hot-tub with Playboy models/strippers. Bare breasts are visible above water and underwater, as are male/female buttocks. It is implied that a man slept with a woman (he is talking to her while taking a bath). A man asks a woman if she'll sleep with him. A scantily-clad woman belly dances for a group of men. A woman sits with a man in a shirt, bra and panties as he caresses her stomach. Women show lots of cleavage throughout the movie. Some butt-spanking. During a party/political fundraiser, young women are auctioned off as slave girls.

Violence & Gore

  • Helicopters fire on people on the ground, and we see people and animals being struck (blood spurts or they seem to disappear completely in a cloud of dust and shrapnel). Helicopters fire on people on the ground, men with RPGs fire back at the helicopters, which when struck, explode and crash to the ground. We see a young boy in a hospital with burns on his chest and neck and a young girl seated next to him is missing both arms; we are told that children pick up shiny things off the ground thinking it is money or toys and they turns out to be explosive devices that blows up and either kill or maim them. A man describes what happened when invading troops moved into their villages: "Parents were forced to watch as the throats of their children were slashed," and "people were piled up and driven over by tanks." A man talks about an invading army "raping women and bayoneting the pregnant ones." We read that many helicopters, fixed-wing planes and armored vehicles are destroyed. A man says, "We're killing Russians." A man is told that he has many character flaws. Two men argue bitterly and one of them breaks an office window (glass shatters and drops on the floor, but no one is injured). People drive into a refugee camp where food is being distributed, they watch people fight over the rations and some are whipped when they try to climb onto the truck. A woman uses the point of a safety pin to separate her eyelashes while applying mascara.
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  • Dan Rather has a cameo in the movie.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman is shown snorting cocaine several times in a hot tub scene and then again in a limousine. People drink alcohol at a party, men and women are shown drinking alcohol in a hot tub scene, two men drink alcohol, a man orders an alcoholic beverage and is told that none are available, and several men smoke cigars and drink alcohol while watching a woman dance. Men and women are shown smoking in many scenes throughout the movie. Accusations are made that a congressman used illegal drugs.
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