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MPAA Rated R for sequences of graphic violence and disturbing images

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman scream from inside a hut, they run out, the man holds his genitals (his bare buttocks are visible and the woman's bare breasts are seen), and the woman gags and gasps -- a man had given the man a leaf to rub on his genitals saying that it would help him father a child but it apparently burned when applied.
  • The native costumes for men are loincloth type bottoms that reveal bare buttocks and bare chests and several women are shown bare-breasted. Non-sexual or graphic, with very little detail. The movie isnt even rated for nudity, so this is very mild
  • We see a few women with bare breasts and a couple have children nursing.
  • A man is intimidated to eat pig testicles while being ridiculed about not being able to father a child.

Violence & Gore

  • Strong gory violence throughout.
  • Several men with spears chase wild pigs through a thick forest until one pig trips a cord that releases pointed stakes, that impale it (we see the blood-covered points sticking out of the side of the pig, it twitches and squeals, and one man cuts its throat and the men pull it off the spikes).
  • A man is forced to lie back on a large stone, he is held, a man cuts his chest open and pulls out his heart (we briefly see the bloody organ and the lifeless man); the man then cuts his head off and throws it down a tall set of stairs, and then the body is thrown down the stairs too (some blood spurts from the neck wound).
  • Another man is killed in the same way, his heart is pulled out, the man twitches and his head is lopped off with a crunch and thrown down the stairs.
  • Many men move into a village and begin to attack: men are tied by the hands and feet, dwellings are burned, men fight by striking each other with large clubs and with spears (we see dead bodies with blood on them on the ground), women are pulled away (it is implied that they are raped, and one woman who is dragged by two men bites one on the finger), a man pulls a knife and nearly cuts another man, a man's throat is slit (blood pours from the wound and the man collapses to his knees), and an infant is grabbed and held by the leg.
  • A man is attacked by a panther, which clamps its jaws around his face and gnashes; the man yells and struggles (tearing of flesh is briefly heard), while other men stab the panther with spears and strike it with clubs until it is dead (we see its bloody head and the man's bloody head, with his torn face).
  • Two men run, trying to get away from their captors and one is struck through the back of the head with a spear (the spear point pushes through his mouth with a crunch and with blood) and another man is speared in the side.
  • A dismembered head is thrown down a tall flight of stairs (we see blood-stained stairs where many heads had rolled before) and a large crowd below cheers; another head is thrown down the stairs and the crowd chants.
  • A boy's foot is bloody after having been struck by a large rock, and a woman uses the pincers of ants to close the cut (the boy sobs and we hear squishing as each one is attached).
  • A woman goes into labor as the cave she hides in fills with water, she pushes and the baby is born under water (we briefly see a cloud of bloody water as the baby emerges and the umbilical cord is visible).


  • 2 uses of "balls" and 1 use of "fuck", however none of it is in english

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a somewhat muted feel to the violence, which reduces its intensity. But some scenes could still be too much for viewers with low tolerance for such material, as the movie has an intense atmosphere throughout.
  • The human sacrifice scene could disturb, although the victims aren't screaming in pain.
  • There is a bizarre scene with the black apes behaving wildly at night and violently fighting each other until one of the animals drop to the pit of the well. The animal lays still, then springs a surprise attack towards the trapped character and her child.

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