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16 Mar. 2008
Join or Die
Firebrand Sam Adams tries to dissuade cousin John from defending redcoats in the Boston Massacre, but later John changes his mind and joins the revolutionary cause.
16 Mar. 2008
After the Battles of Lexington and Concord Adams becomes the voice for independence at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.
23 Mar. 2008
Don't Tread on Me
John and John Quincy sail to France to join Benjamin Franklin as part of the American mission but Adams' blunt style is ill-suited to diplomacy.
30 Mar. 2008
Adams is able to secure a loan from the Dutch for his fledgling country as Abigail joins him in France has he helps negotiate the peace treaty.
6 Apr. 2008
Unite or Die
Frustrated in his undefined role as Vice-President, Adams is at odds with Jefferson over his support of a strong central government.
13 Apr. 2008
Unnecessary War
After Adams becomes President continues Washington's policy of neutrality between England and France despite opposition inside his own cabinet.
20 Apr. 2008
While in retirement in Peacefield, Adams looks back at his public life with some regrets and has to deal with tragedy in his personal life.

 Season 1 

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