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Tattoos as therapy and incredible art
lukabrasi22 June 2006
Miami Ink is a rare show that challenges cultural stereotypes of tattoos and shows how talented the tattoo artists really are. Shot in a documentary/"reality" fashion with shop owner Ami James' narration, the show follows both patrons (who explain the deeper meaning behind their requested tattoo)and the artists who apply their exceptional talent on the skin of their clients. Unlike other tattoo shows (Inked), Miami Ink concentrates more on the tattoo as art rather than the artists interaction with one another.

Bottom line, even if you don't have tattoos, you'll enjoy the show because of the clients' thoughtful stories and the interesting dynamic of the four artists and their apprentice.
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The real "Inked"
WrathChld22 November 2006
Miami Ink is a reality show focusing on a Miami Tattoo parlor run by a group of Tattoo Artist who are friends. All of the tattoo artists on this show are highly skilled. With out a doubt, I would say this show blows A&E's "Inked" out of the water. "Inked" has way too much drama going on. I mean, I am tuning in for the ink and not for the drama. What do you expect when it's located in Vegas? Miami Ink is a great show which shows the running of a tattoo parlor and the interesting folks that finds their way in to get inked. This show does a much better job then the other one, on capturing the feeling of the customer and the process of the artist. Don't get me wrong they do have their drama on Miami Ink too, but its focus is where it really should be ... on the ink. Drama is good and all, but that's all "Inked" seems to have. I personally believe the tattooists from Miami ink are on a far higher level than the ones from H&H.

When it comes down to deciding what is the better tattoo show to watch, there is no decision, there is only one: Miami Ink.
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Beautiful art on human canvas's
sweetbum19899 September 2008
Miami ink is probably one of my favourite TV programmes, even if you don't like or have tattoos you can still appreciate the programme for what it shows and that is beautiful artwork on living, breathing canvas's who have beautiful stories behind their tattoos. the show also shows that people who have and get tattoos come from all walks of life and get them for many different reasons. Tattoos are beautiful pieces of art (i have many!) that people get for many reasons, Miami ink shows this and also shows that being a tattooist is a hugely talented and special job. i love this show also because it has the ability to change people minds about tattoos in general and the people who have them, i get enough stick from people about mine and that annoys me as they think that I've eternally scarred myself! Miami ink shows that there's always a story behind them!
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