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Season 4

29 May 2008
Make or Break
Things are in chaos at Miami Ink. To put things back on track, Ami gets onboard with Nunez's plan for a new shop, and Darren's surprise return from an extended trip to help out family adds to the good vibe.
26 Jun. 2008
Tim's Pinups
Married life has put Yoji under a lot of stress lately, so Ami helps him out by babysitting Syd for the day. Yoji takes the opportunity to go for a quiet lunch with his wife Bridgett, but his nerves get the best of him.
15 May 2008
House Hunting
Yoji comes down with a nasty skin condition, needing medical attention. Garver tries his hand at fixing Yoji up, but the job calls for professional assistance. A mysterious odor overtakes the shop, and the guys put Baby Dre on the job.
22 May 2008
Ami Animates
Ami teaches an art class at Miami Children's hospital and brings the kid's drawings to life through animation. Baby Dre takes Yoji shopping for some tight, tight jeans and Ami and Nunez can hardly believe the results.
5 Jun. 2008
Blast Off!
The crew's on the move. Ami, Nunez, Darren and Dre head out to Cape Canaveral to see the space shuttle launch, discovering that traveling in an RV isn't exactly "luxury!"They almost miss the launch because Nunez points them in the wrong direction!
12 Jun. 2008
Dre's Stylin'
Nunez gives back to mom, buying her a house and helps out with the move. Ami has a lesson in Jujitsu with a group of young martial artists. Garver tattoos an admirer from Italy. Tim and Nunez give brothers some matching scars.
6 Feb. 2007
Yogi's Big Move
Yoji moves his family into a bigger apartment while Kat gives A.B. Quintanilla, a black and grey portrait tattoo of his big sister, the slain pop-sensation Selena.
10 Jul. 2008
Dre Demands Respect
Dre's been feeling left out and wants her name put up on the shop window to feel like she's part of the team. Nunez and Damaris share a similar taste in cars, but not in tattoos.Darren helps Andrea deal with the loss of her husband with an unusual tattoo.
6 Mar. 2007
Bella Boot Camp
When Ami's dog Bella gets out of hand in the shop, Nunez and Yoji pay to have her trained. Nunez has a fan in Jamee, who comes to him for a tattoo that will put the past behind her.
14 Aug. 2008
Hanging with the Hiradas
Yoji takes Bridget and baby Sidney to Japan so he can introduce his Mom to her granddaughter for the first time in the hopes of rebuilding family ties. Meanwhile, a doctor asks Darren to use his artistic skills to help out a young patient.
21 Aug. 2008
And Baby Makes Three
Ami jumps into producing a mixed martial arts fight night, and quickly finds himself in over his head. Nunez helps a cancer survivor gain some balance.Darren and Talea make some last minute preparations for the newest addition to their family.
27 Mar. 2007
Kat's Cooking
Kat comes up with a design that's a tribute to extreme sports, gets a cooking lesson, and is visited by her mom. Garver creates a design for a woman in the style of a 1940s-style pinup.
3 Apr. 2007
Yoji's Dilemma
Yoji decides to put together a punk-rock band. Garver resumes work on Nunez's back tattoo after an eight-year hiatus. Ami continues his detail work on tattoos of a pin-up girl and a motorcycle.
24 Apr. 2007
Ami and Nunez Buy a Bar
Ami and Nunez's bar may not open as scheduled because of problems with their business partners.
8 May 2007
Tensions Rock the Shop
Kat's friend, Mike flies in from L.A., and Ami gives Mandie an old school tattoo. Darren helps Lucy mourn the passing of her little brother.Tensions continue to run high in the shop between Ami and Kat. What will happen to Kat?
1 May 2007
American Chopper
Ami and Nunez pay a visit to the guys at American Chopper to settle a beef and do some tattoos. Ami gives Paul Sr. a portrait of his dog Marty. Nunez helps Paul's girlfriend Beth celebrate her 50th birthday with her first tattoo.

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